Britney Spears Selects Same Photographer As TomKat Chose For Their Vanity Fair Spread

Britney Spears has reportedly asked famed photog Annie Leibovitz to take the first public shots of her newborn son, Sutton Pierce. The popstar was such of fan of the images Leibovitz took of Suri Cruise for Vanity Fair that she approached the celebrity photographer to request her services. “She went gaga over the photos Leibovitz took of Tom, Katie and Suri,” a source told a British paper. “She thought they looked like the perfect family and she’d love the same.”

Britney Spears

Britney, Sean Preston, Sutton Pierce and Kevin will undoubtedly make some GORGEOUS photos! I hope they appear soon!

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  1. says

    i think that K-fed should stay at home and help Britney with her two boys because she can’t really cope on her on. He shouldn’t be going to Las-Vegas partying all the time like he’s doing now.

  2. KARLii says



  3. says

    Quite simply TJ’s Mom I would have most likely been referring to the post that started out like this one, pointedly directed at someone by addressing them by name. Sheesh. Why would you even think I was referring to you? I even put the number of posts in there to make it more specific. I can’t win.

    As for Babies r Us, I am highly offended at any company that makes money off of the forced inslavement of wild animals, and I think their sister company needs to set Geoffry free! LOL> now I suppose someone will be offended by that too.

  4. Stasia says

    Congrads to brittany!!!! we were all wait for u to grow up and maybe 2 kids will help!!!! lol She sure isnt that popstar little girl princess anymore!

  5. carleigh says

    #18 What kind of question is that? How am I supposed to answer that? I have had my kids pictures taken at JC Penny, Olin Mills, Sears……..does that answer your question? I don’t know if that was meant to be a personal stab at me but I surely don’t care if it was……….I made a comment about a topic and am not going to revert it back to something personal.

  6. Ms D says

    TJ’s mom—I took the 20th comment as referring to the 18th post..the one before yours.. 🙂

  7. babyhates says

    I heard Brit Brit new song today and I can tell you ladies first had it sucked !!! it was about VOO DOO and she sounded like pink on crack !!!!!!!!!!!! Britney needs to hire a new everything !!!!!

  8. TJ's mom says

    Kelley- I hope you are not referring to my “personal” comment (#19) about getting my kids picture taken at Babies R Us? If so, I do apologize! It was made in humor. You must work at Babies R Us if it offended you so much that you had to make a “personal” comment on it!

  9. says

    wow…..we actually made it to 17 comments before someone had to make it personal.

    I think Anni will do an excellent job. If there are family portraits made Im sure she will make them the best she can. I didnt like the cover of People when Sean was featured for the first time. To me it looked staged. Angelina and Katie both looked very natural (im referring to the makeup and hair) in all of theirs.

    I also don’t think that Katie and Toms looked staged. I think she spent several days there (which she did) and had her camera at the ready (which she did) so she able to catch real life moments that also happen to be excellent poses.

  10. TJ's mom says

    I just got my daughter’s 2 1/2 year old pictures taken at Babies R Us (Kiddie Kandids). It might as well of been Tom Cruise’s photographer! It cost me $103 just for 6 sheets! Rip off! Oh well…I guess it’s back to Walmarts for me! hee hee!

  11. carleigh says

    Or the pic’s could end up proving the old can’t make a silk purse from a sow’s ear…we’ll just have to wait and see how it turns out.

  12. carleigh says

    I think Shiloh’s pictures were more natural while Suri’s were obviously done by a well reknowned photographer and therein lies the signifigant difference. Shiloh’s pics were made to appear as candid shots while Suri’s photo’s were obviously posed and staged. I think Britney may have made a better choice in having the first pic’s of Sutton professionally done after all look at all these stupid things she’s done while promoting herself unprofessionally. Britney really needs to overhaul herself and maybe by posing for some flattering professional pic’s might be the first right thing she’s done in a long time. I look forward to the Lebowitz pictoral because this woman takes exceptional photo’s which I am sure will be beautiful and tastefully done. Unlike other pic’s Britney has done lately. JMO

  13. Ms D says

    OMG, TJ’s mom –I am so happy to see that someone else has had the exact same thoughts I have been having!

    I thought when Britney first came onto the pop scene, she was kind of cute, kind of talented..and then POW! Suddenly she had to re-invent herself in the hopes of being the next Madonna (Who, did anyone else read, she just adopted a baby from overseas–is that going to be Britney’s next move? LOL!) Whether you ike Madonna or not, I just don’t see it happening, Brit. You aren’t her. Or Demi. Or Angelina, or….

    I mean, I lost my taste for her when she started acting, IMO, ‘trashy’.
    I had a problem with her catering to the young girls..barbie dolls and all that..and yet dancing around half-naked with a snake. I just don’t think that that kind of behavior proves you’re “All grown up”.
    That and all her talk, talk,talk, about being a virgin. And she wasn’t. Do I care? No. Do I think you should make SUCH a big deal about being so pure, when truthfully, it was a lie.
    Maybe she just runs her mouth too often.

    And now every time you turn around, she wants to be like someone else. You hit the nail on the head.
    Can’t she just be HERSELF, whoever that is??

    Now if she liked the pictures of Suri, great–I can see why she might ask that photographer.
    Now personally, I think Tom and Katie’s kid was more anticipated than Britney’s, but maybe that’s just me.
    But I do get the feeling every time I read something about her that she is trying to MAKE herself as famous as these other people. She has her own fans..why try to prove you are as ‘impressive’ as these more famous celebrities?
    For me, it just ends up coming across as FAKE.

  14. babyhates says

    Yes it was sooooo photshopped !!!!! They looked fake !!! I love AJ and I love Annie’s pix ~

  15. Kalista Brat says

    Well, when i saw the cover of the Vanity Fair mag with Suri, I thought it looked too photoshopped, cause her eyes looked too unnatural. You’re right BABYHATES, i do think Shiloh’s pics looked more natural, but Annie Liebovitz recently shot some photos of Angelina Jolie for Vogue. So it makes me wonder if the fact that she shot the photos of Suri Cruise has impressed Angie and Brit so much that they would want to shoot their photos. I know for a fact Annie shot photos of Angelina for the upcoming issue of Vogue. I saw them on Just Jared last week.

  16. TJ's mom says

    Let’s see…Britany took on Madonna’s religion, had a reality show like Nick & Jessica, posed pregnant like Demi Moore, talked about giving birth in Africa like Brad & Angelina, and now she’s using Tom and Katie’s photographer? Does this girl have an original idea in her head?

  17. babyhates says

    I can tell you it’s because Shiloh’s pictures looked natural and sorry people but Suri’s looked staged ! I think there nice but Annie is not know for casual pictures !

  18. Mellie says

    After Annie L. shot the photos of Suri for Tomkat she’s gone on to shoot Angelina Jolie and now is gonna do Brit’s baby? It’s funny cause thanks to Suri’s photo’s she’s gotten more attention. I mean, the photographer who took Shiloh’s photos didn’t get this much attention!

  19. says

    …..yeah Carleigh. Seems to me that’s about all he is good for. I can’t wait to see the pics, I’ll bet he favors Sean a lot. Sean has that sweet little cupie doll face….I just love that.

  20. carleigh says

    I agree Danielle they do make some pretty babies and it’s the one thing hands down that K-Fed is really good at! Impregnation is his number one job skill…lol

  21. says

    I can’t wait to see the newest addition to the Spears family. As much that is said about Britney and Kevin, they sure do make cute babies 🙂

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