Baby Joy For Tori Spelling!

There has been so much speculation as to whether or not Tori Spelling was pregnant! Finally her baby joy has been confirmed. Congratulations!

Tori Spelling
Tori Spelling is expecting her first child with actor husband Dean McDermott, sources close to the couple have told People magazine.

“They’re so excited,” a friend of the couple says. “They’re so happy.”

The Beverly Hills 90210 star is 14 weeks pregnant.

Spelling, 33, and McDermott, 39, wed in Fiji in May. “The feeling is overwhelming,” McDermott told People magazine at the time. “We’re soul mates.”

On their nine-day honeymoon in Fiji, “we’re going to make a baby,” McDermott said. “We want to have nine kids!” Added Spelling, “He likes to play hockey, so we’re going to make a hockey team.”

The couple met in the summer of 2005 while in Canada filming the TV movie Mind Over Murder. They were both married at the time – she to actor-writer Charlie Shanian, he to Toronto TV personality Mary Jo Eustace.

This will be Spelling’s first child; McDermott has a son, Jack, who turns 8 on Oct. 6, and a 1-year-old adopted daughter with Eustace.



  1. dori says

    joanna not to beat this to death but any married man who cheats on his wife is not a good man and one day he will cheat on you as well. It never goes well for the other woman.
    You should think more of yourself and realize you deserve better than him. A cheater will always cheat they don’t change.

  2. dori says

    I agree Tori has always been ugly. If not for her father she never would have gotten into show business. Put make up on Aaron Spelling and you have Tori…yuch!!!!!!!

  3. Shea says

    what comes around goes around. Im sure he told his first wife at one time or another that she was his soulmate too. Tori deserves everything she is going to get in the furture. These 2 will never make it.
    and joanna, didnt I read somewhere on here that your pregnant? Im sorry but You are no better then this tori is, if your with a married man, and now are pregnant with his child…actually your worse, tori and dean got rid of his wife and kids BEFORE they got pregnant. GET rid of the married man. If he hasnt left her yet he NEVER WILL!!!!!!!!!!

  4. carleigh says

    Joanna your in a no win situation because statistics prove time and again that the man never leaves the wife for the “other” woman. I am sure your a very nice person in reality but your just in a bit of a bad situation no matter what the circumstances. This man isn’t free to be with you or anyone else until he breaks off with his wife. Go out there and find someone to treat you good and give you the love, understand and attention you truly deserve and don’t waste your time playing around w/ fire…in the end only you will be burned honey.

  5. joanna says

    ah ok, its just im with a married man, there not together but just seems i constantly get a hard time about it, o well! 🙂

  6. says

    Joanna, I respect that you dissagree with me. Most of my comment is gone, and I dont know that the whole thing ever posted. I agree that woman can “get” with a man if he is seperated, thats why I was defending Angelina in it, she waited till Brad had left Jen before she took up with him. However, Tori did not take up with a man who was seperated, it has been admitted that they had an affair on a Television Made for Movie set while he was still married and was not seperated. I went on to say that if he ends up cheating on her then she deserves it. I also said that when a man does cheat it is the MANs fault.

  7. joanna says

    post 25,kelley, i disagree with you on the married man bit, if the two ppl are seperated then there should be no problem in 2 ppl gettin together.

  8. Angie in Indiana says

    Wow Lisa, I just don’t know what to say about that!!! You know nothing about me and the pain that my children have suffered. You don’t understand the first part of bringing a child into this world knowing that the man you love and the father of your children is shacking up with someone else and her kids. So did you piss me off!!! YOU sure as hell did!! Don’t think for one minute that you can pass judgment on me and my children, I love them with all of my heart and if I didn’t I sure as heck would have given them to their dad!!! I didn’t they live with me and are healthy little boys…….so you listen up and and you listen good obviously you are not a mother because there are certain “rules” that mothers abide……and telling someone that they are selfish and don’t love their kids is pathetic. It’s sad that you feel the need to pass judgment on someone you don’t even know to make yourself feel better.

    If you will notice we were talking about women in general at first!! I was saying that MY pain would be the same with kids or without!!! That was not being selfish, egocentric or self absorbed….the topic was about adults in divorce not the children, if you think for one minute that my little guys don’t suffer and that I don’t know it you are wrong. So here is an idea take your low-life, judgmental, narrow minded, self and don’t post if you are going to attack people that you don’t even know.

  9. Lisa says

    anyone breaking up with you is terrible for sure, but it takes a pretty egocentric, selfish, self-absorbed person to state that havings kids involved make it no worse. Wake up- any divorce is harder if there are little people who are dealing with the loss as well. having to deal with custody, visitation and explaining to little ones about why everything is changing add many more terrible layers to a split. I guess some parents just think about themselves and their own feelings first

  10. minkysmom says

    I hope the baby doesn’t look like the man either, looks like something is wrong with one of his eyes!!!!

  11. says

    I don’t really care for any woman who would mess around with a married man. I initially held a grudge against Angie, but to me I think she did show some respect/restraint with regards to hooking up with Brad. When Brad and Jen broke up they had just gotten back from a trip where they must have broken up friendly because they were holding hands when they came back the BOOM

  12. Angie in Indiana says

    Carleigh, I totally agree with you and your situtation. I should have been more clear (ugh, I seem to be saying that a lot) What I meant was for example obviously Brad and Jen were going to have a pretty quick divorce or close to it, but he ran off and was with Angelina while he was still married…..we aren’t talking about 2 1/2 years of a divorce…..he got involved with someone before he was legally seperated from his wife… point is that until you take the proper measures to leave your spouse you should keep it in your pants. A legal seperation and a long drawn out divorce are 2 examples that I would say would be alright to move on to bigger and better things. I just hate it that since the spirit moved him he can just leave and start a whole other family while he was still obviously married to Jen. Everyones situation is different…….but I totally agree with your statement above!!! (wow I think thats the first for us!!! …lol) 🙂

  13. TJ's mom says

    #16 “Babyhates”….You wrote “homewrecker this, hoewrecker that” Was that a type-o? or did you just call Dean a “hoewrecker” (If so, would Tori be the “Hoe” in question)? hee hee! That made me laugh! 🙂 I’ve never heard of that term before! If it was indeed a type-o, I do believe that you have coined a new phrase!

  14. carleigh says

    #20 what are you talking about? Eustace is Dean’s ex-wifes last name which you mentioned. Then you stated it’s just not nice? You kinda lost me there…lol

  15. carleigh says

    Angie in Indiana there are always circumstances as to why people stay together or split up. I agree w/ you in theory on one of your points about leaving a marriage and not making a third party the reason to do so. (I’ve been down that road myself and two wrongs don’t make a right out of a bad situation.) However the staying faithful until the divorce is final??? Who would you be being faithful to? A cheating spouse? I don’t think I neccesarily agree with staying “faithful” until a divorce is final. I met someone who is now the love of my life 8 months after leaving my ex and filing for a seperation. Due to circumstances beyond my own control my ex dragged out the divorce and it took 2 1/2 years to finally have it become finalized. Sometimes you just don’t know what’s going to happen in the scheme of things and I didn’t expect to meet this new man either it just happened to be that way. If I had remained faithful till the bitter end I would have prolonged and possibly missed out on finally for once being happy in a loving, stable, secure relationship. I didn’t cheat and this man was NOT a part of the reason I left my ex and had nothing to do with it but I am lucky to have met him at all and I thank my lucky stars I did.

  16. Angie in Indiana says

    I wasn’t stating that having kids and not having kids doesn’t make a difference when cheating is involved. I was saying that it doesn’t make it any worse if kids are involved. Its bad no matter how you look at it. I was 7 months pregnant with my second son when my X left me for a lady at work……believe me I kinda know what I am talking about on the subject. It would have been still painful if I didn’t have any kids!!! If you don’t want to be with someone, fine, but there are certain things that you should do to leave your X and in my opinion you should stay faithful until the divorce is final….call me old fashioned but thats my opinion…..

  17. Ms D says

    I agree with #2..and #15 too, mostly.

    I don’t like her either, and I don’t think it’s right to cheat on your spouse and then quickly marry the other person, (probably already pregnant, IMO) and expect people to applaud you for it. I could never blame the baby for being born, but sadly, I also can’t say I’m, oh-so happy at the pregnancy. I do wish the best for the baby, but couldn’t care less about mom and dad.
    Just my opinion!

    But since it was mentioned…I also don’t condone what Brad and Angelina did..I lost loads of respect for both of them when that whole thing started. Dumb or not, I feel a lot differently about them now. I’m not rushing out to see any of their movies, either. Like I said, dumb or not, that’s how I feel. And the only way I feel better about my distaste for certain celebrities is by doing what I can do, which is not spend my money on them.

    It’s none of my business I know–but since everyone here was voicing their opinions, there’s mine! 😉

  18. babyhates says

    homewrecker this and hoewrecker that ….. really if the marriage was great the person would not go looking for someone else ! JUST BEING HONEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s life and people cheat every day, doesn’t make it right but it’s life ! I don’t like these too but whatever I think she got preggo to get money from her fathers estate !!!!!!!!!!

  19. says

    Yes your right #2, babies no matter who’s they are, are a blessing. But I am sorry I can’t stand this spoiled no talent ugly frog eyed woman!! She is the same white trash with money as Angelina, she is a homewrecker, they were both married when they started this affair. I am sorry good luck with the baby but not good luck to you TORI or DEANI!! Women need to learn to control themselves and men need to learn to go shop in singles stores!!!!!

  20. says

    Yes your right #2, babies no matter who’s they are, are a blessing. But I am sorry I can’t stand this spoiled no talent ugly frog eyed woman!! She is the same white trash with money as Angelina, she is a homewrecker, they were both married when they started this affair. I am sorry good luck with the baby but not good luck to you TORI or DEANI!! Women need to learn to control themselves and men need to learn to go shop in singles stores!!!!!

  21. Lisa says

    If a marriage is not working and their are no kids involved versus kids involved that is a huge difference, a huge difference unless you are an egocentric, selfish parent.

  22. TJ's mom says

    Too bad that Tori’s dad, Aaron Spelling, didn’t live long enough to see his grandchild! and rumor has it that Tori and her mother are feuding! Children need loving grandparents!
    I’m no fan of Tori (not because of her personal life-the girl just can’t act!) but, I wish her luck (and hopefully for the baby’s sake, she keeps THIS husband around alittle longer!)

  23. courtney says

    thanks angie in indiana, carleigh i wasnt saying u couldnt state ur opinion i was just sayin how it doesnt make sense that its ok for certain people to do horrible things and then other people get ragged on about it….ur opinion is fine, and i know this is not angie and brads topic but i was making a point

  24. Angie in Indiana says

    I’m with ya Courtney!! It just seems so acceptable that Brad Pitt can cheat and leave his wife. Yes kids make it worse, but when you step out of your marriage vows nothing makes that less or more….it is what it is!!! Seems like the norm these days!!!

  25. carleigh says

    Courtney I dissed on Tori and Dean because that’s why this topic is about Tori and Dean. I stated how I felt because that is my opinion. This isn’t the Brad and Angelina topic blog it’s Tori and Dean.

  26. courtney says

    wow, see i love how people diss on certain people for bein cheaters and leaving their wife/husband for other people but when its someone like brad pitt, no one cares, everyone eggs it on….he was married, had a home, “in love” and he screwed around and got angelina PREGNANT!!! i mean geez!!! how come no one feels the same about everyone….

  27. carleigh says

    Hopefully if it’s a girl it WON’T look like her. She has such a long face she looks like Mr. Ed. I just don’t like these two as a couple at all. She’s a homewrecker and he is a cheater who left his wife and little kids to be with her…….I don’t wish them anything bad but I don’t wish them anything good either. Their behavior doesn’t need to be rewarded but either way I hope they have a healthy baby in the end.

  28. courtney says

    everytime i see her though the first thing i think of is scary movie 2 and her being so stupid in that movie!!! haha but i still think shes gorgeous

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