Stephanie Seymour Is Perhaps The Ultimate Model Mom!

Hmmm…I don’t know if I should feel inspired or just cry! 🙂 Stephanie Seymour (former Victoria’s Secret model) is 38 years old and is the mother of 4 children! And, in my opinion, she puts all the present models to shame! She is married to Peter Brant and resides in Connecticut with her large family. Dylan Thomas Andrews is her oldest child and is from a previous relationship with Tommy Andrews whom she divorced in 1990. With Peter Brant she has sons Peter Brant Jr. and Harry Brant. And they welcomed a daughter, Lilly Margaret on October 28th, 2004. Peter Brant (a media mogul) left his wife (with whom he had 5 children) to marry Stephanie in 1995.

Stephanie Seymour

Here she is pictured with Harry a few years ago.

Stephanie Seymour



  1. says

    Not so perfect or admirable twisting all those kids all up in adultery, divorce, multiple marriages.

    Insides count for a whole lot more than outsides, and she is sorely lacking where it counts.

  2. txmom says

    She does look great,,,,,,,,but she has always been naturally very very thin— hence getting breast implants.

  3. Jo says

    wow! She looks awesome. I am now pregnant and hope to some day be in as much shape as she is in right now! You go girl!

  4. courtney says

    so wow shes caring for 9 kids now? in which 5 arnt hers? hmm….thats crazy! and i wouldnt feel too comfortable with someone who was married and just up and left his wife for another woman..that just means if an even hotter bitch came around hed be out! that would make me nervous! but she is so gorgeous i would hope he wouldnt do that to her! well good luck to her, him, and their 9 kids…

  5. carleigh says

    She’s really beautiful. I am going to look around for pic’s of all her kids and if I find something I’ll post a link.

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