Kelly Ripa Frolicks In NYC With Lola

Kelly Ripa, 36, was snapped frolicking with daughter Lola, 5, in NYC yesterday. I can’t believe how old Lola looks in this photo! I thought she was still a toddler! And Kelly looks super cute in her capris and strappy flip flops.

Kelly Ripa



  1. Deej says

    Apparently she is the web mistress as someone announced it 2-3 days ago, funny how she has now posted a pic of herself and no one seems to know her. She looks good to me anyway, if I looked like her I’d stick myself on too!

  2. Lolitha says

    Just did’nt know she had a daughter,i see her in All my children,it is flighted here in South Africa

  3. carleigh says

    she also does those highly annoying TIDE pen commercials where she and her hubby are in the restaurant and she see’s a spot on his shirt grabs her TIDE stick and starts singing real loud! i HATE that commercial. Sometimes she is really annoying.

  4. Tami says

    You guys are not nice!
    I think she’s great at cohosting, and she seems like a very down to Earth Mom. She has a great sense of humor! Be nice…or did you miss the day that that was taught in kindergarten!

  5. JOJO says

    she looks like a toothpick and she needs to gain weight she always thinks that she is so pretty and all that

  6. AJ Fan says

    Those shows Danielle mentioned are US shows and have not shown in the UK, to the best of my knowledge.

  7. Olivia says

    That is so funny the frist posts had never heard of her. And JOJO is right on target, she is so annoying and she struts her skinny stupid stuff as though she truly believes she is all that and the world adores her. Ad to that a skinny geeky little wimpy husband she bosses while he “yes dears” her. It is pretty funny because it is so gaggy. She appears to think she is pretty cute and so darn funny. Wow, this doesn’t sound like the normal me, must be moving in on PMS.

  8. Ann-Marie says

    No, I am from Canada and they have those shows here as well. I love Kelly, she is super cute, and super tiny

  9. sarah says

    Danielle, thanks for the info. But i have never heard of those programmes either. Are they only broadcast in America?

  10. says

    I love Kelly Ripa. She’s on Live with Regis and Kelly, was on Hope and Faith, and used to be on All My Children, hope that Helps sarah and joanna!!!

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