Heidi Klum Is Interviewed In Self Magazine

Heidi was snapped here in Beverly Hills looking gorgeous as usual!

Heidi Klum

And she appears on the cover of the October issue of Self magazine.

Heidi Klum

She sat down with an interviewer and talked about many things.

On getting creative with 3-year-old daughter Leni…
We paint with pencils and brushes. She can’t really paint anything yet. She says what everything is, but it’s all just circles. I wonder if she really sees something.

…And why it’s important to have family dinners
That is how I grew up. Not watching TV, but sitting around and talking. One-year-old Henry eats everything that we eat. He has a little blender, you put it in there with everything in it, with pepper and salt. It’s not like it has to be just boring carrots with no flavor. It’s a normal thing to sit around the table. For me, it is more abnormal if people don’t do that.

On nutritious snacking…
David [Heidi’s trainer] would always say, you know if you’re hungry, just boil four or five eggs and keep eating the whites. So you can eat tons of egg whites. It fills you up. It is good for you. It’s protein but you don’t have all the fat that the yellow has.

…and her favorite indulgence
My favorite thing is fries. Sometimes you have to have what you want.

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  1. thegrinchiscoming says

    She is looking super healthy and beautiful as usual. I looked like that in my first pregnancy, I mean healthy and glowing, not like a super model, however i was 100 pounds when I got preggers so the 25 pounds I put on didn’t look like a big deal.
    The second pregancy…..let’s just say there was no glow. I could never lose those punds and it’s been 4 years now…ANYWAYS Heidi looks beautiful!

  2. carleigh says

    She is so beautiful pregnant it makes me want to have another baby…alas I know I can’t look like she does or I would be making the big bucks! LOL

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