1. Kalista Brat says

    What are you people talking about. This baby isn’t beautiful, she’s a bit cute, but she is NOT beautiful. Atleast from these pictures. I think Suri , Shiloh and Grier can be called beautiful babies, but not this one, it looks kind of plain. They should have opted for a professional photo shoot.

  2. Diana says

    At last some new celebs on here that haven’t been on for a while. What a beautiful couple, and even more beautiful baby 😉

  3. Kalista Brat says

    I don’t think she’s a cute or pretty baby, atleast from these pics. Come on get a face shot. I think the one you have there is fake!

  4. Ann-Marie says

    I love Matt Damon. His wife Lucy, not so much. I work at a Dental office and this girl has a lot of gum sorry gingiva showing when she smiles, yuck. Yeah his stepdaughter isn’t very cute. This one I can’t tell. Not a very big picture of her.

  5. carleigh says

    The baby is adorable. Has anyone seen pic’s of his step daughter????? She’s not so cute……at least this one had a good looking dad to start out with.

  6. Lisa says

    not so much about the genetic perfection-Matt Damon is a smart cutie for sure but his wife is a bit odd looking. The baby is quite adorable though-little cherub. I love that he and ben have little girls so close in age

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