Britney Continues To Be An Innovative Artist!

Does anyone know what is going on here? This is some Monday morning hmmmmm…. This is the November issue of Q. I am not familiar with the publication, but Britney has definitely taken the celebrity pregnancy pose to a whole new level! She looks great though! What I am really excited for though, is for Britney to present Sutton Pierce to the world in People magazine!
Britney Spears

Britney Spears

The Q interviewer asked Britney very few baby/pregnancy questions…mostly musical and career questions instead.

Is baby number two easier?

Oh yeah, oh my God, I think I sheltered myself with too much fear last time. Fear can kill you.



  1. Amber says

    you know everyone does things they are not proud of maybe Britt will learn from her mastakes….It isn’t right for us to judge or keep throwing her chocies in her face,Who are we to throw stones haven’t you ever done anything you aren’t proud of?Sure Britts made some mastakes as a parent but haven’t we all? Maybe what she needs is more people stand by her then behind her if you know what I mean she has had 2 kids in what a year thats got to be hard I know I have 5 ages 2-9 and it is very hard.Why not give Britt a break? By the way I think she is a very pretty woman who has what it take to flunt it let her flunt it in peace just sit back and ask whats next?

  2. Paula says

    Brittney is from my homestate of Louisiana and is from Kentwood which is only 20 minutes from where I live. The majority of our surrounding communities don’t like her and think she sets a bad example for our kids.

    I’m glad Carliegh that you clarified yourself when you said “(not saying Louisiana ppl are trashy) because just because we are raised in the south doesn’t mean we like what she does. She was raised better than that but somewhere took the low road. Why do you think she rarely comes home? Because she knows she isn’t well received here. So please don’t judge Lousiana or the south from Brittney Spears trashy ways and actions

    She does do things for publicity reasons. She can’t sing, act and I disagree with you on women enving her. No one does here. She made it big fast but she’s peeked and now I’m afraid she’ll have to come back down to earth with the rest of us. Her sleazy ways are ruining her fast and she can’t figure it out.

  3. tammy says

    I think Brittney needs to grow up, forget about her career and that so called career of her hubby’s and concentrate on being a mom! She screwed up so many times with her first child, and yes I mean she should leave the long pants and high heels at home! I feel for her two kids!!!! I hope cps is watching, because if it were a regular citizen they would have already taken away our kids for a lot less!

  4. nikki says

    she`s happy with her new baby Sutton thats what counts let her be that way if she wants its her life it`s not that nice 2 say those things at all! you should be able 2 look and act the way u want (just don`t hurt people)!!!!!

  5. Aubrie says

    OH MY OH MY This is just horrible 🙁 Ya know myself as a young mother can kind of relate to her and how difficult it was for me to go from being a teenager just trying to find myself to suddenly being a mother and having the focus be completly taken off me onto someone else. She is obviously struggling with her identity and role as a mother and wife as well as an artist and thats why to us it looks like she’s slipping. What I don’t get is in this picture she is OBVIOUSLY pregnant but they have her dressed up almost like her teenybopper days- suckin on a blow pop??? Kinda gross really….

  6. Diana says

    I don’t like Britney in these pictures at all. They are just low-life and degrading and just don’t look nice at all.

  7. BritishMumma says

    these pictures are HORRIBLE! Acting like an ‘innocent’ little school girl with a lollypop while she has a pregnant belly?!?! Disgusting!

  8. carleigh says

    Jessica I don’t think the pic’s are a fake because Britney is a notorious nail biter. Look at some past pic’s and you will see in some she has had nail extensions put on and then in others you will see her gnarled little stub’s peeking out w/ chipped nail polish and all.

  9. Jessica says

    welp.. My opion is I think these pics are fakes!.. Cause the second pic, the fingernail doesnt look well groomed like.. that sounds kinda stupid.. look at other pictures of britney’s hand, just doesnt look like it!..

  10. Carole says

    Well…..I can tell you this……where I teach 5th grade, we have a rather unique way of handling this hand “gesture”. The parents of the offending student are invited in to visit with the principal and their very own little “offender” who is asked to demonstrate this particular hand “salute” for his/her parents. They are to explain what it means and why those chose to use it. Then they are sent home for the afternoon with their parents to “think” it over. Stops them cold! Believe me, word gets around so fast you would not believe it! I cannot imagine where in Britney’s upbringing this was an acceptable form of expression. It does not matter where she is from. It is just bad form, period. She may rethink her behavior when the time comes to re-enter the marketplace of selling records and discovers there are not the adoring fans of the past.

  11. missymama says

    #9, it hasn’t even been a month yet! We didn’t see Sean P for at least that long, and her “first” sighting after Sean P was at about a month. Patience….let her get to know her baby.

  12. carleigh says

    Carole no matter what age we are as mothers and role models I gotta hand it to ya I agree with 100% everything you said. If one of her “fans” of the younger generation does this they would be taken to hand and if done at school would be facing possible suspension or expulsion. What was she thinking after all she has two young boys that are going to be looking to her for guidance and what is this message telling them? Another episode of the Federline brothers “Yep that’s my mom alright! ” Sad very sad.

  13. Carole says

    Well…..I hate to go back to the middle finger picture BUT this is far from the first time Britney has been photographed using this particular “hand pose”! I would have been horrified if my children should have ever come across a picture of me in such a pose…which they would not have because there are none!! She should be embarrassed but more than that, she is sending out a very negative message to her “fan base”…if there is one left! This is not cute or even funny. Where in the world is HER mother? Mine would have had a heart attack at such behavior; I would have been a less than happy camper if my own daughter did such a thing; and, I know she would be furious at her own children if they pulled that in a picture. Showing my age here but this girl needs a serious talking to!

  14. Leeanna says

    Thanks # 6 & # 7 for answering my question!! I agree with everyone on here! She seems to be dressing and acting the way Kevin wants her to. Such a shame, I know women who posed while pregnant and it was classy but I think this is horrid.

  15. carleigh says

    PS..I have to make one final quote about the title of this particular blog “Britney continues to be an Innovative artist”……how long has it been since she has released an album first off? Second off I didn’t know being an “innovatitve” artist consisted of constantly posing naked and making obscene hand gestures? Maybe if Britney decides to ditch music she could always use her talent for porn? If she doesn’t clean up her sleaziness that’s about all she’s going to be good for in the future.

  16. carleigh says

    Britney has never been upper class before. My god she hails from Louisiana and she’s always been a down home kinda girl (not saying Louisiana ppl are trashy) she’s just a simply raised girl from the South. When she became famous she was “cool” because she could dance, sing and she had a smokin’ hot body. Guys loved her and women envied her. Since she’s been with Kevin she’s let herself go and it’s not just because of the excuse she’s had two kids. I’ve seen plenty of celeb’s w/ more than one kid and still manage to keep it together. Britney has lost whatever luster she once had and she’s on a collision course with disaster if she doesn’t do something quick. She needs to take some courses in MISS MANNERS, ditch the incessant gum chewing, quit dying her hair every color under the sun, dress age and situation appropriate (she’s a mother now and she should be dressing to suit her role as a mother–i.e. no more tits hanging out during major interviews–save the diva gear for the stage) be more mature and stop making herself a target. She should stay home and keep her mouth shut for awhile and just give some select interviews that will show her in a different light. Right now she has an opportunity to comeback with a modicum of dignity and a new attitude with some strategic planning on her part. No more incidents that draw her bad press is a good start and whoever encouraged her to do these trashy, flashy, icky pic’s needs to be drug into the street and flogged.

  17. courtney says

    shes pullin a tomkat by hiding the baby!!! UGH SHOW ME PICTURES BRITTNEY SHOW ME PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. missymama says

    she has sold the 1st picture rights to People Magazine. We should be seeing pictures of Sutton Peirce soon.

    I agree with everyone, she is the epitomy of white trash. What happened to her?

  19. babyhates says

    Number 3 – Britney fired her publisist and she is doing her own PR now…… not doing a good job !!!!!! & Number 5 – she is trashy !!!!!! She’s been trashy for like 2 years now !!

    Britney Spears needs to realize that people don’t really like her anymore. She tries to make herself teh victim but honestly how can you feel bad for this media-wanting-woman. Everything she does is for attention and now she’s trying to act like the tomkat’s not letting people know about there kid ! Whatever she’s doing is dumb. She’s needs to make a new cd before people stop remembering why they liked her !!!!!!!!

  20. sarah says

    I have felt for Britney in the past but ladies this is a nasty photo shoot and she looks really trashy.

  21. jenster says

    you know, I KNOW she’s a mess and all, but I can’t help to root for her sometimes……not this time, those are the two
    most unflattering pictures ive seen in a while. ugh, she’s a mess.

  22. Leeanna says

    I find it kind of odd that they have not released pictures or released anything for that matter. Her publisist won’t return anyone’s phone calls or make any statements. For her to be so outgoing I just find all this strange. Any one else??

  23. Carole says

    I have always wondered WHAT in the world these “celebrities” must tell their own children when they reach the age of asking a lot of questions! For instance, I wonder what Britney will say should she be called to the office of her own kids school is they are caught “shooting birds” all over the place in first grade! Somehow, I do not think the parents of other children are going to think lightly of that! How in the world is this girl going to guide her children properly? Wonder if she even KNOWS this type of behavior is really not the accepted norm all the time!?

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