1. sarah says

    TJ’S mom – hi, yes im from england. its funny how knew but being an ex uk resident it must be easy to spot. lol. im glad it made you smile. I would love to move to the states. Whats it like and how long have you been there?

  2. TJ's mom says

    Sarah-you must be from England? “Mummy” “Color”-with a “U” and “Bless” Dead give away! 🙂 I’m from England, too (but now live in the States) You made me smile! 🙂

  3. Lisa says

    exercise is good, true, but my daughter when she was 3 or 4 year olds would go in her stroller if we were walking more then 2 miles

  4. Olivia says

    Whoa, looks like she may have been hanging with Nicole Richie and caught the great way too skinny virus! Ya know, that seems to be as big an epidemic in Hollywood as obesity is in the rest of the USA. Do you suppose that is why stars go tthe pin thin route, because over weight people will want to be them even more than they already do?

  5. KellyMay says

    Liv is very cute!

    Personally my 4 year old son hasn’t used a stroller since he was 2.5 but my 4 year old neice demands the stroller because she gets tired and will whine until she gets a ride. I like them to walk, the more exercise the better!!!!

  6. Lisa says

    true but i would not expect a 4 year old to walk more than a certain distance and maybe they were going out for long walk

  7. Vicki says

    Liv is beautiful but isnt she slightly too old to still be in a buggy ? I threw my twos prams out when they were about 3 so they could walk independently. Probably just me being obsessive i’m a physiotherapist lol just think its better for them… Anyway rant over, great site – keep it up !!!

  8. sarah says

    AAAAAAAhhhhhhhh, how cute is that, a dead ringer for her mummy. check out the exact same hair colour. Bless.

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