Brooke Burke Out With Her Daughters

Brooke Burke, 35, was snapped spending some time with her daughters, Neriah, 6, and Sierra, 4, with former husband Dr. Garth Fisher of “Extreme Makeover.” She is pregnant with her third child (a girl) with David Charvet (of Baywatch). I remember thinking Brooke was super funny and cute on E!’s Wild On series a few years back.
Brooke Burke

Brooke Burke

Brooke Burke



  1. Diana says

    Alice – that would explain why you are so nasty. Just be grateful for small blessings and mercies Alice. You can’t have everything 😉

  2. VA says

    She does look damn good for being pregnant. She looks good anyway 🙂 Her daughter dosen’t have shoes so what’s the big deal a little germs won’t hurt anyone. It just shows she is normal and kids will be kids.

  3. courtney says

    and wow alice is a bitch!! im sure shes just callin her fat becasue shes a jelous fat ass herself!!

  4. courtney says

    her kids are adorable, as long as they have clothes on!!! and why the hell is that little girl not wearing any shoes?? eww theres so many diseases and discusting shit all over the ground!!! ahh!

  5. sarah says

    true guys, she looks lovely pregnant but she looks like a completely different person to the pics on the beach. beautiful little girls but why no shoes??????. Alice- think you are a little nuts.

  6. carleigh says

    Brooke looks so good prego I’ll be some people wished they looked that good non-prego……(hint hint you know who you are DUMBASS)

  7. says

    Thos are cute little girls, but I never knew she had kids…I have never seen any other picture of her out with them, see I guess you do learn something new everyday!!! Even if it is silly.

  8. KellyMay says

    Brooke is so beautiful pregnant! The expressions remind me of my kiddos too, they are so funny!

    True Mumba but I think we’d all glow with a hot man like that kissing our love child LOL

    Wow, Alice what’s up?

  9. Edwina - ( Win ) says

    Brooke looks like a friend of mine from high school. And to: alice I hardly think she is fat. Just pregnant.

  10. shirley&Laverne says

    I love the first pic, that little girl is super funny making faces she reminds me of my own little clowns. Brooke looks wonderful pregnant, I wish I had looked like that when I was pregnant LOL.

  11. TJ's mom says

    Hmm…I wonder why her daughter isn’t wearing any shoes on a dirty public sidewalk! Eewww! Yuck!

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