Victoria's Secret Model Laetitia Casta Welcomes A Son

Victoria’s Secret model Laetitia Casta and fiancĂ© Stefano Accorsi welcomed a son on September 21st. They have named their son Orlando. Laetitia also has a daughter, Sahteene, (who is about to turn 5 on October 19th) with boyfriend, fashion photographer Stephane Sednaoui. Congratulations!

Here is Laetitia with Stefano and Sahteene a few months ago.

Laetitia Casat



  1. Ronnie says

    letitia casta is massive on the loreal adverts here in england but trust me she looks horrible with short hair!=D

  2. carleigh says

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  4. Alice says

    this woman is super huge!! shes like the titanic. I bet this new spawnsac is just as ugly as her older devil spawn.

  5. Robin says

    she used to be in Victoria Secret USA catalogs all the time back in the late 90’s, beautiful girl but wacky teeth, although I dont think anyone looked at her teeth back then…

  6. courtney says

    well shes grogeous, still have never ehard of her but shes very pretty and i wish her the best!! oh and #11… was that all about??? i would love to know what it meant?

  7. mage says

    i don’t know any models as models, not a fashion person myself, but love preggo mamas and being preggo myself.

  8. sarah says

    i think fUny1is a bit of a freak, hahahaha. i still dont know who she is but thanks for the info guys. she is very pretty.

  9. emma c says

    #11 Could you give a very brief outline in plain english so all us normal people can understand…!!! LOL

  10. fUny1 says

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  11. Kelsey says

    Veronique, I wish I knew more foreign models too! You are right, the only models that really get a lot of publicity here in the U.S. are Victoria’s Secret Models like Heidi and Gisele (spelling?). Hopefully that changes sometime soon! 🙂

  12. veronique says

    Well you american people only know american models or Victoria secrets models… She is the most famous French model… very beautiful, very glamour… i don’t understand hoe come nobody knows her in the US

  13. Kelsey says

    Sarah, I live in the U.S and I have never heard of her before either. I think she is gorgeous (she is a Victorea’s Secret model after all), but her name doesn’t stand out in my mind.


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