Katie Holmes Looking Super Trim

Wow! Katie Holmes never looked super big…just healthy and pregnant, but she looks very thin all of a sudden! Katie and Tom are pictured here leaving the Beverly Regent. The wedding is reportedly still on and they are busy planning for it. Hard to believe Suri is 5 months old already!

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes
Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes



  1. megan says

    totally off the catfight subject here..but i really think that after seeing these pics it should be katie putting double chin tom on the diet for the wedding, the only thing more unattractive than a fat man is a short fat man if you ask me..

  2. SUSIE says


  3. Braydie says

    Um i can tell ya NO ONE has licked my ass. I can also tell you that I havent even posted anything since post 62 so all you people ned to get over yourselves for real. I feel sorry for all those who have to make this site what it is turning into. Its not even fun to come on here and agrue my point anymore whats the POINT ?? after this past weekend of almost losing my kid and then coming back to this bullshit im done…you want me gone well you got it. Better then reading all this crap. DONT make the mistake Im leaving cuz of the arguements….im leaving becuz of all these stupid ass people thinking they can argue them for ME.
    I loved this site when it was about making your point …having a little arguement and then being done with it….now its all this. anyone that wants to get a hold of me to talk or just to vent lol my email address is on this site somewhere. I hope the web mistress makes it so this doesnt happen to you guys anymore and I wish everyone the best.
    diana, carleigh, kelley, kellymay, nicki, and anyone else I forgot to mention. thank you for all the great advice and good laughs! Ill miss talking to you all and I hope that this site gets straightened out for you guys!!

  4. elle says

    how sad and pathetic is PEKO? u fuckin freak dont dare comment on me you first class prick and yeh u r a big fuckin asshole, u talk nothing but shit and peko what sort of a fuckin name is peko u fucked up twat! go and carry on doin what u do best, PIMPIN ON THE FUCKIN STREETS!

  5. Peko says

    IM a big asshole…sorry everyone …i should go and get to my special room now for treatments. I am the one that says things that are more important then others but I always use another name to “cover” my tracks LOL. IM the best blogger in all the world!!!!!!

  6. carleigh says

    Wow I don’t post for a few hours and this is what I come back to? TO amy, peko, alice, sue, rose, unrose, elle……wow I do have to say you are keeping this catfighting alive and well. I guess you found something to occupy your 38 personalities hey? Oh well to each their own. Olivia, Sarah,Braydie I’m not worried about someone stealing my handle anymore if it entertains them and they enjoy themselves then I have become a source of genuine amusement. Those people who steal handles are probably very mundane, boring people in real life with nothing better to do then come on here and cause shit! Oh well maybe we should see if a shiny object would suffice in keeping them entertained…lol

  7. Peko says

    HOw sad and pathetic is elle? How sad and pathetic is Sarah/carleigh to continusouly jump down people’s throats. ANd sadder still is braydie who’s just a big ol’ bully that has nothing useful or productive to say.

  8. sarah says

    elle? fuck off. “knock ya the fuck out”, how sad and pathetic are you to threaten someone with physical violence. stupid girl.

  9. dori says

    Girls… girls… haven’t we gotten a little off track here?
    Not everyone will agree what the next guy says but thats why we’re here. Everyone has a right to state an opinion and not everyone has to agree, but the name calling and swearing and personal stuff come on… lets at least stick to the subject of how lousy Tom and Katie looks in these pics.
    Don’t you think this is going a little too far?

  10. elle says

    its all a fuckin joke? carleigh u think your big and hard? id knock ya the fuck out, you come on here giving out all your shit but no ones allowed to say anything back just incase u go on one? your full of shit, bet you wouldnt act like this face to face, your just a coward who can only use her mouth over the computer!

  11. Amy says

    Oivia I agree, but it doesn’t matter what anyone says someone who keeps posting under everyone’s name starts fighting.

  12. Olivia says

    I don’t know ladies, and I use the term loosely, I have disagreed with Carleigh, Braydie, and Kelly and Kelly May sometimes too and they don’t freak out at me. Yes, I have seen some freaking out going on, but GEEZ, who wouldn’t. I can’t help but wonder which one of you is motor mouth mama who has either gotten some friends to post or who spends all the day changing her name all the time and posting as many people. What ever!!!!!!! Why do you care what they say? And why bother getting into the sick stuff? I’m thinking you ladies writing about your sexual experiences or sexual wishes is too much information for a baby web site. Geez clean it up and if you don’t like Braydie, Kelly, and Carleigh, skip over their posts in protest. and spare the rest of us your smut. Ewwwwwwwwwww I’m no prude and you have disgusted me totally.!!!!!!!!!

  13. Alice says

    It’s so obvious that #81 is you carleigh pretending to be me. It’s evident because you can’t spell for shit, which is why you are in the DUMBASS Inc group. But the more telling feature is your sentance structure which is moronic.

  14. Alice says

    I pollut everyhting I touch, AMY keep your mouth shut on the catfighting….its none of your business. this is MY site and ILL do what I want when I WANT. quit whining, and peko….I licked Braydies ass last night…She said you did it the nite before ( she said you did it the best, just a heads up )….I guess tonight is carleighs turn.

  15. Peko says


  16. Amy says

    Chill out! I guess it’s true what’s being said about you. I thought I’d give you the benefit of the doubt, but you really are something.
    I read the blogs because I was interested to see if anyone had anything to say about tom and katie, but you really do think you reign here.

  17. carleigh says

    Amy if it was all about YOU wanting to stick to the topic you didn’t even have to mention the so-called catfighting that is currently ensuing. YOU AMY could have simply said your piece, wrote your opinions and moved along. Don’t even come on here and presume to going on and then make a statement about the others involved when you obviously have little grasp of what’s been going on as of late. But if you care to get informed as to why and what the catfight is all about check around and bother to READ the blogs. Don’t come here and generalize things and pointedly make YOURSELF a part of things. AND IN CLOSING YOU DIDN’T HAVE TO BOTHER READING THE CATFIGHTING POSTS NOW DID YOU? THAT WAS YOUR OWN CHOICE!

  18. Amy says

    Is this forum for celebs or for something else. I was hoping to read something about Katie, who I think looks like crap, but instead had to read all this cat-fighting between Braydie, Carleigh, rose, unrose, Peko, Kellymay and anyone else who happens to get involved.
    Can we just get back to talking about how insanse Tom is and how awful Katie looks, and asking again, where’s Suri? Does she ever go out in public or does Tom have her locked up in the cruise complex?

  19. carleigh says

    Well you read what I posted does that mean your my stalker
    “Guess Who”..well guess what I don’t care.

  20. carleigh says

    Uh “Guess who”…..could it be ROSE?????? DUMBASS! As far as me “confessing” deep family issues what does it matter to you what the hell I say on here and to WHOM?? I don’t recall MAKING, FORCING OR EVEN ASKING FOR YOU TO READ one damn word of anything I wrote. Divert your eyes elsewhere if you see a post with the handle CARLEIGH if you don’t like what I write or my “confessions”. Speaking of confessions I must tell you that I find you to be a fucking hypocrit. To quote you “Do you think your so special that people want to read about you?” well obviously YOU read about me does that mean I am special to you????? AAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWW that’s sweet thanks…appreciate the compliment. As far as needing help well I think that would be something you would know all about since you don’t even have enough balls or guts to POST YOUR REAL HANDLE. Sounds like an identity crisis to me? How pathetic…but enjoy putting up with me because I’m not leaving to please you or anyone else.

  21. guess who says

    Well carleigh, my my, watch your language there lady, a bit nasty, might I say. Maybe you should tell your leader to call the men in white coats because according to your posts on the Kate moss site your the one who’s all messed up and needs help. I don’t see anyone else here confessing there deep family issues, only you darling. What’s that about? Do you think you are so special that people want to read about you? See, that’s just your weird desire to be a celebrity, talk about yourself instead of Kate.
    Carleigh, i suggest you get help, if not for yourself then for the rest of us who must put up with you and your foolish nonsense.

  22. carleigh says

    Peko……………who let you outta your fuckin’ cage bitch??????? I know you/ Rose/Unrose/Elle are the SAME stupid DUMBASS person it’s obvious because of how you ALL Only engage me, Braydie or KellyMay or Kelly. You pick issues with the same people. I think ALL OF YOU SHOULD TELL YOUR LEADER TO CALL THE MEN IN WHITE COATS BECAUSE SOMEONE FORGOT TO LOCK YOUR CAGE AND PUT YOU BACK IN YOUR FUCKIN’ STRAIGHT JACKET! MAYBE THIS TIME YOU’LL BE LUCKY AND THEY WILL GAG YOUR BIG STUPID MOUTH TOO! ONE CAN ONLY WISH.

  23. Peko says

    I agree. I read them and they are enough to make a person barf. Seriously, Carleigh though she was on Oprah or in a shrink’s office. Maybe that’s it she needs a shrink. But it’s obvious anyone who posts that type of personal shit on babyrazzi needs more than a shrink they need a hosptial. Carleigh, check back in.

  24. guess who says

    Hey carleigh–
    Don’t try to blame someone else for your confessions. Of course it was you because you ike to confess. Everyone should look at the Kate Moss is hard to understand posts and read carleigh’s confressions. She’s a public confessor and a DUMBASS, at that.

  25. carleigh says

    Oh wow now me and Braydie are lovers? Get a life! OMG…this is just childish and stupid and people really have shown me that THEY HAVE NOTHING, ANYTHING AT ALL BET TER TO DO THAN TO BLOG UNDER MY HANDLE…OH WELL………IF IT ENTERTAINS PEOPLE THEN GO AHEAD SEE IF I CARE! (Braydie honey was it good for you? LOL)

    #68 was NOT me……I think people know this. God it justs must really excite whoever it is to do this shit! Grow the hell up!

  26. carliegh says

    As i said on the other post, except for Braydie who loves licking the crack of my dumbass everyone else is a DUMBASS. Braydie, lick me, lick me now.

  27. Alice says

    another thing, Braydie I hate Bush and This whole country. I dont give a damn about those troops …they signed themselves up……who am I to give a damn? I love coming on here just to tell everyone to write letters to see how many people actually give a SH*T. I wished I came from Iraq better then living in this crap country. ALL you people that write on here are so foul I cant even say it in words! I love coming on here also …not to talk about babies OMG who does that? I come on here to stick my fat nose into everyone elses business because I have no kids, no husband, no job, well pretty much I got nothing to look forward to. BUT I GOT BABYRAZZI!!!

  28. Alice says

    YOu are really a crazy b****ch. And it’s no surprize that you work of DHS. No wonder the country is in the state it’s in with illiterate, foul-mouthed, angry people like you working for the very department that’s suppose to be protecting us.
    Further, it’s evident that the dead troops you see everyday really don’t affect you since you spend more time being bothered by whether someone agrees with your assessment of Katie looking like a mess.
    Lastly, I’m sure that you were bullied in school which is why you are such a loud-mouthed bully on the webpage.
    It’s people like you who ruin it for others.

  29. braydie says

    Alice~~~ yup w/e you say…I never insulted you or krista. I believe YOUR the one that decided to say something to ME. also carleigh NEVER once said hey rose I think katie looks like shit did she?? rose sought OUT carleigh and singled her out and you are trying to say it was our fault LOL. Well since yout hink I “insulted” you I think your just as big of a dumbass as rose. NO one disagreed with rose a.k.a. dumbass. I also can care LESS who agrees with whom. I would of said something to you no matter who krista or anyone else agreed with you on. also maybe you should take your own advice and write some letters to president Bush, since it seems you have some anger you need to express that has NO merit here. BTW I work for DHS if you dont know what that means , which im sure you dont…its department of homeland security. I work for Bush, the troops over there, and this country. I see dead troops EVERYDAY. your just to overwhelmed by your statistics to relize you can do anything about the troops over there. NO amount of letters will detour bush. also…..
    yes im going to sit here and cause trouble and im not going to allow others to write what they wish….OMFG your on a COMPUTER!! what am I going to do to you??? wait….im trying to hit you can you feel it?????IF your scared to say things because of me , on a computer, your really sad. also i will continue to insult or say what I think when ever I wish. so get used to it….

  30. Braydie says

    I can say whatever I want whenever I want to.
    Peko, I don’t know who the hell you are telling me to be nicer. Why don’t you mind your own business instead of coming on here and putting in your 2 cents DUMBASS. Yes you too are a DUMBASS like Rose and Alice!
    MInd your own business!!!!

  31. Alice says

    Bradyie, Carleigh— It’s true what Rose said that you are always insulting other people. Just because Krista decided that she agreed with me, you both got spastic.

    And Carleigh–The people who died were civilians, all of them. Now speaking of statistics did you know that AML childhood luekemia is on the rise, in fact it has never been so high, and did you also know that there are more girls having sex under the age of 13 than ever. It’s evident that you and your friend Braydie just like to insult people and cause trouble.
    Why don’t you just let people say what they want.
    If Rose thought that Katie looked good, she’s not alone, there are about 4 million people who agree, which is why she’s on magazine covers–she sells. So, yeah, maybe she looks bad here, but maybe Rose likes the heroin-chic look, who knows, and who cares, it’s her opinion, stupid or not, but really you should be insulting her or me.

  32. braydie says

    Krista ~~~ what do you think you are doing?? your getting into someone else’s conversation that didnt concern you but since you did it its ok??? w/e also yes I am a bitch.

    olivia~~ sorry i would of answered if I had known anything about it .. but I dont. You dont have to be left out… you can jump into the btichfest conversation…everyone else seems to.

  33. Olivia says

    G..R..O..A..N……. So, I’m feeling really left out here guys. Doesn’t anybody out there like or hate me? I’m feeling rather invisible at the moment. Madge # 41, thanks for responding to my question. The reason I asked is I was having a look see in several Tom Cruise sites and back paths regarding Scientology a couple weeks ago and suddenly my spam junk filter is crammed with beliefnet. I hadn’t had them before and hadn’t been anywhere else except Sakai Koi auction site in Japan. My normal daily morning MO. Sakai site then babyrazzi, done for the day on this computer.

  34. Krista says

    All I am saying is that Braydie, Carleigh and Kelley always have something bad to say about people and always get into other conversations. One minute Braydie is acceptable the next, holy bitch, Jekyl and hyde or what

  35. Peko says

    BTW I hate katie and Tom………..Katie deserves what she gets…shes a grown woman that can leave anytime but she CHOOSES to stay with this crazy nut. She looks like crap in these pictures and tom looks like a freak

  36. carleigh says

    And Krista and ALice go ahead and say what you want about me…you didn’t like me before, keep engaging me and you will learn to like me even less….Blow it out your asses if ya don’t like it. I’m not here worrying about how to please you two idiots!

  37. Peko says

    OMG why dont you all SHUT up!! I read the post and yes rose was in the wrong!! She should of said her piece and moved on…and not bought anyone into it.
    Im gonna give my impression of all you!

    Rose, gotta agree you ARE a dumbass.
    Braydie, I agree alot with what you have to say, however you could be alittle nicer.
    Elle, wth was your post about…if its NOT about the topic why is it there??????????
    Kelley, I believe EVERYONE should take your advice on ignoring people that are just looking to fight.
    Carliegh, You sound like a sweetie and dont let people like rose get you to fight with her just because she has nothing better to look forward to in her day but that.
    Alice , OMG your on here too! dont give advice if your doing the SAME thing!
    Krista , WHO are you to talk bad about braydie? what has she done to you?? I dont see NOTHING on this topic that has been said TO YOU. you are a shit causer too. what the hell do you think your post was about??? balloons???
    EVERYONE has their right to state their opinion on the topic at hand. NOT ON OTHER POSTERS> ROSE did call carliegh out for absolutly NO REASON! YOU ALL are a bunch of idiots. The only one I see thats NOT in all this crap on THIS topic is CARLEIGH. SHE was the one that actually had a RIGHT to say anything to rose for what she did.

  38. carleigh says

    HEY ALICE— Did you post one relevant thing in reference to Tom and/or Katie other than to say this site or blog is about them??? NO you didn’t so shut up and keep to the damn topics you meddling hag. As for the 40 people who died in Iraq today do you know their nationality, whether they were military or civilians, innocent women and children or terrorists? Do you know anything personally about the 40 souls that were lost in Iraq? What are you doing besides pontificating a statistic? Do you know the infant mortality rate is Angola is 185.4 and the average life expectancy is 38.4 years? Do you know that prenatal, maternal and nutritional deficiences kill more people world with than STDS, Infectious and parasitic diseases, Tuberculosis,Hepatitis B & C and various other causes COMBINED!!!!!! If I want to hear depressing facts I can look at any of the local or national media outlets for that info I don’t need your stupid ass quoting the FACTS for me!
    TO Krista- do you really think I care what you think or say about me??? Probably not….don’t come on here and try to start your adolescent mud slinging towards Braydie, Kelley and myself because your far outmatched and really have nothing to ADD ABOUT THE TOPIC!
    Ladies (Krista and Alice–I use the term ladies loosely here) In closing don’t come on here slinging your trash towards anyone your new and obviously instead of commenting about the PICTURES AND CELEBS You’d rather try to stir up shit. Unwelcomed and unsolicited…GROW UP AND BE THE LADIES YOUR MOTHER’S RAISED YOU TO BE.

    As for far as Rose she’s just a dumbass and she’s on here own!

  39. says

    Yeah, gotta admit though, somtimes I still like yelling at my husband *wink*, lol.

    Occasionally people like to come on here and ask why everyone is wasting time arguing here when people are dying in Iraq. What is the point? I mean really, who are you to tell anyone here where they should be focusing their attentions? Does it occur to you that not everyone who comments here is even from the US? There are people here from other countries, who are not participating in the war there, and would not give a hoot about it.

    Even though I am sure, that many of us here are in fact very interested in it (there are some who even have husbands there) this is not what this site is about. Given, it is not supposed to be about hurling insults at each other either, but the simple fact that you logged on long enough to check a post that was printed 48 hours ago and took the time to read the comments you yourselves are in fact doing the EXACT SAME THING. Thats the rub of the whole thing, you are here, you are typing, you are thinking and responding and are in no way a better human being then anyone else is.

  40. Braydie says

    Krista ~~~ did I ever say I run this site or are better then anyone?? IF you SEE us that way ….so be it.. get over yourself. say what you want and move on. next time you assume that what you said IS WHAT I THINK ….you’ll have me on your ass as well.

  41. Braydie says

    Alice!! hey I have a thought…MAYBE YOU could go out and do that also….but since your not and your ON HERE TOO. maybe you should shut your mouth….hows that ?? also I work for them I do that everyday. Why dont you go do something for your country.
    also all you ladies seem to not read the posts do you? why dont you re read them…them come back and say something. carleigh had a perfectly FINE post…not directed to anyone….about the same as all these other hateful post…and DUMBASS desides she can jut go off ON ONLY HER for saying katies looks like shit. so take your judgements of me and whomever else and shove em. you all dont have to worry about me leaving cuz Im not going til IM ready to leave.
    kelley~~~ dont worry about me hon:) this doesnt bother me at all. just a computer. better then yelling at my husband 🙂

  42. Krista says

    By the way, I can’t wait until you have your baby. Maybe you will be preoccupied and to busy to try and cause shit for everyone on here. Just because you were one of the 1st people on here, doesn’t mean you run this site or that your any better than anyone else. That goes 4 u 2 Carleigh and Kelley.

  43. Krista says

    Good God, Ladies, GROW UP!!!!!!!!! and I am talking to you, miss Braydie who is 31 and who’s husband makes soooooooo much$$$$. Carleigh and Kelley, get a life

  44. Krista says

    Good God, Ladies, GROW UP!!!!!!!!! and I am talking to you, miss Braydie who is 31 and who’s husband makes soooooooo much$$$$. Carleigh and Kelley, get a life

  45. Alice says

    Hey bradyie, Rose, Carleigh–
    While you were all cat fighting and calling each other all sorts of names all becase Rose said that Katie looked good and you all disagreed, did you know that 40 more people died in Iraqi yesterday? If you really want to find a good place for your anger, why don’t you start writing letters to the president to stop the war?

  46. Alice says

    Hey bradyie, Rose, Carleigh–
    While you were all cat fighting and calling each other all sorts of names all becase Rose said that Katie looked good and you all disagreed, did you know that 40 more people died in Iraqi yesterday? If you really want to find a good place for your anger, why don’t you start writing letters to the president to stop the war?
    I think that

  47. mage says

    Olivia- I do most of my comparisons with belief.net they aren’t afffiliated with any religeon (per them, “Beliefnet is the largest spiritual web site. We are independent and not affiliated with any spiritual organization or movement. Our only agenda is to help you meet your spiritual needs. ”

    But before I even found that disclaimer, I have found them to have an accorate explanation of various beliefs and practices I could understand.

  48. SUSIE says

    I Think Carliegh, Braydie, & Rose need to grow up! my gosh how imature! are you people 16 years old? or just have nothing better to do? This is about Katie & Tom not you guys!! Get a life

  49. dori says

    Katie does look terrible in these pics thin and gaunt. Hers eyes look bad too. But as you say it could be the lighting. What does she see in Tom Cruise is what I don’t understand.

  50. sarah says

    I have just seen another pic of katie taken at the same place and she looks a damn sight healthier in it. I think the pic posted here is an awful one, the lighting is terrible and it takes pounds off her. the pic i saw of her looks much healthier.

  51. carleigh says

    btw Braydie hiya girl I hope your sleeping better and things are going good w/ the bun in oven…,that’s so cute. I read what you wrote to dumbass and it made my morning humorous…,good job I couldn’t have done any better myself! You go LIL MOMMA!

  52. carleigh says

    Kelley…it’s hard no to make a mockery of Rose when she comes on here begging and screaming for it and makes herself such an easy target. I may or may not engage her it just depends on my “mood” for the day and whether or not I feel like making a her a laughing stock. Today after having worked all night I am not much up for responding to her stupid ass rants because I have better things to do like sleep, eat, laundry, etc. But………..ya never know what tomorrow brings right? LOL..I know I know but sometimes I just can’t help myself.
    I don’t think Rose has the brainpower to outwit or upset Braydie I think Braydie enjoys usurping Rose every chance she gets I know I do because sometimes it’s almost too easy. But I am sure as my stars that Rose doesn’t have the capacity to do anything really detrimental to raise Braydie’s bp or whatnot..if anything I am sure that Rose has high entertainment and comical value and the worse that’s gonna happen to Braydie is she may fall off her chair laughing and bruise her bum1 lol
    BTW………..Did anyone notice TOM’s nose and forehead merge into one slope??? He has no profile his nose and forehead mesh together like a beak or something..JMO Katie needs to hot foot it to IN-N-OUT AND GET A BURGER QUICK SHE LOOKS LIKE SHE’S STARVING. ( I hope Suri doesn’t have her daddy’s forehead………….eeeeeeee gads!)

  53. Aly says

    Tommy boy looks like he has packed on a few extra lbs, while Katie looks like a walking stick…..tsk tsk tsk

  54. Lisa says

    I just think weight aside her hair looks unhealthy, her skin tone looks unhealthy, her hair looks frail, she looks in the need of nutrition

  55. says

    Braydie and Carliegh. I think it is time that we literally start ignoring and not responding to people who call us out personally. I think all it ends up doing is infulencing other people who are weak minded to jump and make themselves feel good about themselves by joining in the bashing. I know I am guilty of jumping in to other peoples battles too, but that is just my protective nature and it drives me nuts to see someone put words in you guys mouths.

    Now, I said ” I THINK” so please consider it to be just a suggestion. I know with your insomnia it may be entertaining for you, but I worry about it and I pray that it is not really upsetting you or raising your blood pressure or anything. If that is the case and you want to keep on then have at it girl. I’ll leave it alone and you just let me know. Carleigh the same goes for you hon, if it is just for the sheer amusement of making these people look like total tards then cool. But if you are game, then I will do the same and not rebut to them either.

    Joanna, so far this week, Rose is totally beating you on the argument starting this week.

  56. Leeanna says

    I forgot to mention, has anyone seen pictures of britney spears baby? Do you think they will do what Tom and Katie did and wait a couple months to release photos maby to boost her rating?? Just wondering!!!!

  57. elle says

    that was a yummy little thing in my mouth tasted to perfection, hidee ho little campers, dazzling elle has to go and get pampered, well i have to go and get hair redone, my nails done, iam booked in for a massage, pedicure and head massage, so i shall leave you all now by attending to my very busy day, dont miss me too much even tho i know u all will, get the tissues out i can see you all crying sad tears for me now to come back but just hold them in i may be back on laterz. all say ur love for me, thankyou i felt it in good spirit. bye bye babes!!!!!!!

  58. helen says

    You know what there are lots more pics that are taken the same day but as usual when it comes to these couple the web mistress choose to show the worst pics.

  59. Braydie says

    dumbass.~~~ of course your awake you cant WAIT to read what I write to you. at least I have a medical condition that makes me stay up…you just have a mental condition that is keeping you up. get used to it dummy, insults are always going to be coming at you from me. No matter if it was to me or not. first I gotta say… katies not pretty………I have a wonderful ,hot, loving husband that has alot of money, i dont need gavin… and I have a brain….and I LOVE who I am ….jealous lol? you on the other hand need to come up with some better material. your getting boring…well I guess youve ALWAYS been boring and dumb, dumbass. but its just showing more after all the same things you write over and over again, almost verbatum….like you repost everything you say…. sad really sad. dopey is so much better then dumbass lol …… oh no dont call me dopey its just not right….noooooooo…its hurting my feelings……..noooooooo…………………..LOL!

  60. rose says

    I’m awake waiting for you to hurl more insults at me, waiting to see the stupidity that rolls off your tongue. You amuse me because you are so ridiculously absurd.
    Keep it up and keep wisihing you were anyone but who you are. Don’t you wish you were pretty like Katie? Don’t you wish you had a husband like Gavin? Don’t you wish you had a brain? Bradyie, what kind of stupid name is that? Hey dopey, that’s your name, dopey.

  61. Braydie says

    Rose….oh you really want to do this again dont ya. I believe YOU, yes YOU rose shot off your mouth FOR NO REASON. Im a very nice sight actually, . Im sure your not….. isnt past your bedtime rose, unrose, sue, elle oh damn ill just call you dumbass from now on, whats you doing up so late omg! Dumbass.

  62. rose says

    I can only imagine what a sight you must be. And talk about having to shoot off your ridiculous mouth!

  63. Braydie says

    OMG rose….alot of other posters said how nasty katie looks…which she does, but you gotta call her out dont ya.. you are one dumbass CURSING?? I guess “crap” isnt a curse word in your vocab huh? Did carleigh say ONE freaking word to YOU??? all you are is a dumbass that needs to stop making sure SOMEONE fights with you huh?
    katie and tom BOTH look like CRAP. Tom is thinking he’s back in risky business and katie looks like she needs to get off whatever “vitiamins” Tom is shoving in her mouth. Tom is a weasel.

  64. rose says

    Hey carleigh–
    Katie looks fine, just as good as angelina. What’s wrong do you need glasses. Why do you look any better? Why do you always have to curse? Hey if looking like crap looks like Katie, then maybe it looking like crap isn’t so bad.
    Carleigh, how do you look?

  65. says

    HOW DO THEY DO HONESTLY, is there like some pill or something they take??? Katie has always been and will always be one of the most beautiful women in the world she is so beautiful, BUT REALLY HOW ARE THESE STARS LOSING WEIGHT SO QUICKLY????? Share it so the rest of us can be a size two months after we have our kids…Not Fair!!!!

  66. Kathi says

    Tom looks like the cold-hearted jerk that he appears to be. Katie, on the other hand, looks tired from being a new mom but other than that, looks wonderful.

  67. Diana says

    I do agree with Rhonda ,I think the pictures are not all that flattering of Katie, as she does look really thin. However, in other pictures she looks okay to me. She is beautiful and I don’t think she needs help just yet. However, if she does, good luck to her. My best friend had anoerexia for ten years and it is a real battle if you are conscious of your body. Olivia, I am not sure about the website as you have noted, but I am a christian, and a really good website to look at if you want to know more is http://www.bibleorg.net, or something along those lines.

  68. SUSIE says


  69. Rhonda says

    I think that she looks thin in these pics because she has had her hair in her face for months and now it is pulled back. Just my opinion.

  70. charline says

    Give it a break people, she isn’t too thin, Nicole Richie is too thin, Katie holmes has always been skinny. She’s just losing all that weight cause she’s probably going to make another movie. She was skinny before she was preggers too.

  71. Cass says

    Katie has always been quite thin anyway, she is naturally thin. I just think it is a bad camera angle but like carleigh says she doesn’t look really thin at the soccer games, she looks healthy. i like Katie, and i think that both her and tom are unfairly criticised all the time. She isn’t scarily thin like nicole and kate bosworth so leave her alone guys!

  72. Olivia says

    Does anyone know anything about belief net.com and what if anything it has to do with scientology? I’m one step above moron when it comes to searching out things on the net. Mostly because I get easily sidetracked and never actually get to what it is I am looking for to begin with. I have a theory I’d share if I’m sure that is scientology site.

  73. carleigh says

    Katie looks like crap in these pic’s hopefully it’s just a bad angle or bad photography because she was looking pretty healthy in the soccer game pics. She looks stoned in the last pic.

  74. AMy says

    She looks like HELL. It makes me feel better about how I look after seeing her! Can’t Tom get her some food? He looks like super nerd, as usual.

  75. says

    Oh My God, I really hope this is bad photography. It is one thing to look a little rough if you are feeling bad, but come on Katie. Nicole Richie called and she would like her look back.

    Her little “wedding diet” she is on need to quit pronto or they are going to have to prop her withering corpse up on a pole for the wedding photos. Things just seem to be going worse and worse for her.

  76. Looking says

    sorry but they both look aweful. She’s fallen under that belief that you must be super stick thin. Not a good look for her (or anyone) too bad Suri has to have that type of influence from a mum. Getting into healthy shape after a baby (and before a wedding) is one thing, but she looks like shes going the Nicole Ritchie route. And Tom – get a hair cut or at least a style, you are not as young as you once were, the hair wont change it bud.

  77. Donna says

    And what’s with Tom’s goofy new hairstyle? Is this supposed to make him look younger or hip or something? It’s not working!!!

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