Kate Winslet With Mia In NYC

Kate Winslet was snapped out with daughter Mia, 6, in NYC.

Kate Winslet

Kate has a movie coming out called Little Children. Little Children has a couple of nude scenes, about which Winslet jokes, “That’s it! I can’t do it again! I’ve had two kids!”

She continues, cheerfully, “I suppose it will be quite good to look back on when I’m 60, and I can go, ‘Aha! Look what I did! And I’d had two children at the time!’

But I remember walking in to do it, thinking, ‘How am I going to pull this off? The belly is certainly not what it was. The boobs are certainly not what they were.’ You do think, ‘Oh, God!’ but at the same time, I was playing a mother, and it’s so important to me to have those things look as real as possible.”

Kate, who turns 31 in October, has a 6-year-old daughter, Mia, from her brief first marriage to Jim Threapleton, and she and husband Sam Mendes have a 2-year-old son, Joe.

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  1. Allie says

    My fav movie of Kate’s is the Titanic she’s a realy good actor i watch that movie like every day i love her red hair keep the great work up your the greatest no lie!!!

  2. says

    I love kate winslet so much. She’s really made a difference. She’s a kind and caring person. Hope fully some time I get to meet her. I would also want to write to her, If I knew how. I just can’t stop thinking about how grand she is. I wouldn’t want anything for Cristmas or my birthday, I just want to meet her. That would change my life alot. Sometimes I’ve even cried, because I knew I was never gonna meet her. Hopefully, my dreams will soon come true.

  3. Peter says

    It’s ridiculous that people who have never even met her think that she is “nice”. I don’t see how she’s necessarily a “wonderful mother” either. Her job entails ignoring her children for weeks on end – has that occured to you? Is that the sort of mother you would like to be or want to have?

    You need to be able to distinguish between what’s said about people and what they say about themselves, and how they might actually behave. I’m not necessarily knocking her, but some of you seem to be living in a fantasy world.

  4. Samantha says

    Kate is sooooo nice!She is a great mom and Actress but having a career like that and having kids is usually very dificuilt and you sometimes neglect your kids but Kate is such a good mom to her kids.The kids are VERY lucky to hve a mom like her.Everytime I write a new story I always picture Kate as the main character because she is so cool.Don`t even get me started on Kate in Titanic,she was FANTASTIC even though I`m just 10 years old she is my celebrity icon and I can only hope and pray that she`ll write me back.

  5. aspa says

    hi well kate is awesome i just read the last comment and i diddnt understand anything sorry but jim threapleton wrote to kate about mia and kate answers?i dont understand…..anyway kate you are fabulous and i would like to speak with you one day……if you read this comment ever plz write something to me….anything i dsont mind plz i will appreciate it and kate you have a wonderful child mia i love also joe but mia is very cute i olike her face i have a sister you know in the same age…..anyway i hope you are fine now thank you in advance aspa

  6. says

    dear cutty,
    how are you, how is mum, mia, dad is also care for u da, mum is so cute, and careable to u, dont avoid mothre words, study well, eat food correct time da,i need ur happy mia, dad live this world only one reason thats u da.this six years dad meet how will terible da, but dad dont care about that da honey, i need your good feature life. u dont care sam words, ur mother live only ur happy, that same this dad. mia, one day dad will meet u, i want u became a good doctor. u have done it. this is only one your dad s desire da.
    i love you mia,


    how are u, how is ur health now, thanks u care about my daughter, i dont do any thing to my baby as a father of mia, but i dont do any one her, i feel it, but i will do it big one to my child.

    kate dont hate this request, i want my child became a doctor, dont creat her mind acting life, please, just enough acting life to uou only, i want my daughter became a doctor,
    please kate do this one
    i love my child, my soul live this world only one reason my child mia
    k take care my child mia
    and take care ur child george.

  7. Diana says

    Alice, you have finally said something nice about someone. She sure is a beautiful English Rose!!

  8. courtney says

    titanic…lol i swear any time i hear her name thats what i think of! haha but shes a great mommy….

  9. carleigh says

    Now this is a woman that all real women can relate to. Kate is stunningly beautiful, has her priorities in line and still maintains a sense of normality about her. She’s awesome!

  10. BritishMumma says

    To me, Kate represents everything a woman should be… not one of those horrible stick insects you see in the media every day. She is beautiful… and so is her little girl.

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