Reese & Ava Enjoy Some Ice Cream Together

These two are just too cute! It is so hard to believe that Ava is now 7! Yikes!

Reese Witherspoon



  1. sarah says

    Alice called me a c**t on one comment, on the “whos babies the prettiest”. She is one person who is sick in the head, i to have read all of her postings and it seems the web mistress has taken alot off. WELL DONE ladies for reporting this freak !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. joanna says

    alice really must be gone in the head dont ya think? to think she has said she has had her dad’s baby and that she thinks gwyneth paltrow and moses should do a strip search and suri and sean prestion should do a porno 2gether? she is the one what needs repoerting, its quite disturbing reading all of her posts, its not right!

  3. TJ's mom says

    Rose-go thru this website and read the shit that Alice is posting…”she likes kiddie porn and got pregnant with her father’s baby”???…that’s NOT an opinion. That is just plain ole’ sick! There are some things that you don’t joke about! AND if you want to stick up for her…you obviously need professional help too! Both you and Alice go and get your f*cking negative attention somewhere else! Oh…by the way, are you the one they call DUMBASS??? If you are, you wear it well!!

  4. rose says

    Tj’s mommy, why you talking trash about Alice for? She has the right to her opinions just like you do. If she wants to say that then so what. Reece is a fat cow that should be eating some fruit or nothing at all. Im the one that likes neg. attention and Its my right to have it.

  5. TJ's mom says

    Casey…Alice has been all over this website talking trash! She obviously is a sick individual who needs help. She craves attention-even negative. Just ignore her! Don’t fuel her fire!

  6. Alice says

    Reece is such a fat cow. she shouldnt be eating anything she looks nasty. I just hate her and her fugly daughter.

  7. Pika says

    It’s probably fat-free vanilla frozen yogurt and there’s probably a photog that lives across the street from the ice cream stand…hence all the ice cream pics! lol

  8. Diana says

    Hi Braydie – I can see what you mean by her little girl, may be she will turn out looking like Ryan more than Reese. We will have to see. I hope that you enjoy your trip to the UK in November. It can be a really nice time of the year here in England as a lot of the towns and cities have their christmas lights up then and it looks wonderful. Although, pack a coat, you may need it as it can be a little chilly that time of the year!!! Me and my husband are going to south africa in two weeks time. I absolutely can’ wait, and then I think we will be trying for children very soon too πŸ˜‰

  9. says

    I think it is important to remember, that sites like this one are not really media outlets. I mean not serious ones anyway. The is like a blog. She talks about and discusses things that she picks up in the real media. She’s not out there like getting the scoop or anything, so apparently she just posts about what she thinks is interesting. There are other site who have a more varied group of mommies they report on. So with that I pretty much answered my own question about where are all the other mommies. Mainly the preggers one. Oh….and I still think that someone new is running this site.

  10. Marianne says

    Reese isn’t fat, she looks great. And more importantly, she seems to prioritize having a good time with her family. That’s something more celebrities should do.

  11. Braydie says

    its going great so far πŸ™‚ I hated being pregnant with my son…I really did..but I love this pregnancy lol. its going so much easier then my first. I hope my son starts walking before I cant pick him up anymore though lol. you know what I think that she looks more like ryan then reece…shes very adorable but i dont see alot of reece in her as shes getting older…more so when she was younger. I hope everyhting is going well for you too…im still going in november πŸ™‚ i cant wait πŸ˜›

  12. Kelsey says

    Thank you for clarifying Olivia! I agree with you…women like Reese shouldn’t be criticized for something as simple as eating an ice cream cone and indulging in sweets. It is frustrating that women who SHOULD be criticized (like the drug-addicted Kate Moss) are left alone and nobody pays much attention to them.

  13. Diana says

    Hey Braydie – how’s the pregnancy going? πŸ˜‰ Hope all is going well for you in these early stages. Reese’s daughter is adorable isn’t she πŸ˜‰ A little mini me of Reese. Very sweet.

  14. Olivia says

    No problem. I find it disgusting all the attention the paparazzi pay to Reese every time she induldges in a sweet ever since the big deal over her not being pregnant and calling the rag magazine on printing that she was, then the flack over them then calling her fat. I’m so annoyed they focus on her induldging over sweets with her children yet in my opinion glossing over Kate Moss, her boy friend, drugs, and her seemingly lack of judgement in who and what she involves her daughter in. Maybe reading the Kate Moss and Lila section comments submitted by babyrazzi readers will be able to say it better than I in my apparent sarcastic ramblings. I fail to understand why Reese is ridiculed and Kate Moss is all that when it comes to the rag magazines. Reese is a symbol of what I feel a woman and mother should strive to be. Kate Moss is a good example of the opposite. I do not often comment, but this just is beyond my thinking.. How can a mother in a photo with icecream be a scandle and a mother in photo’s with drugs and junkies be an oh well?

  15. Braydie says

    kelsey….um i believe shes saying what would us readers rather see…a mother doing crack or eating? i believe anyway….

  16. Kelsey says

    Olivia, I am not saying this to be mean at all, but I don’t think I get what you are trying to say.

  17. Olivia says

    Oh Gee, Let’s See———- How about evertyone blitzing the media with photo’s of good mom Reese feeding her shocking icecream addiction—–HOW SHOCKING____ We are all sickened by the site and she shares her indulgence with her children no less AND we have the photo’s to prove it too!!!!!—–While we ignore blitzing the media with bad neglectful mom Kate Moss feeding her own drug and cracked out guy addiction while her beautiful daughter suffers in silence. So here is the problem in my opinion. The media finds icecream news worthy but drug addiction only worth a small mention. What a world we live in where drug addiction and child neglect is less news worthy than icecream with your children! Better come after me too because I’m 5’2″ weigh 117 pounds am small boned and ate a dish of Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie icecream last night with my daughter, while we giggled uncontrollably at our wicked sin of spending quality momma daughter time together!!!!!!!! Perhaps this is something to consider, if readers ignore Reese eating icecream, cake, and whatever else her great sinful addiction includes and focus on Kate Moss maybe some one with some kind of weight with have a dahhhhhhhhhh moment. How does someone put a bug in Reese’s ear to have a press conference regarding this very subject. Icecream/crack??? icecream/crack??? Which should a loving good mother choose???

  18. says

    BTW, is it just me or did you all notice three days and thank heavens NO HEIDI!!!!!
    HA HA HA.
    I think the owner got the hint!!!
    Have a good afternoon

  19. Tonya says

    OMG she looks sooo much like her mom! It is so nice to see a hollywood mom spending so much time with her children. Yay Reese!!

  20. TJ's mom says

    News Flash! Reese is eating again! πŸ™‚
    It is a cute picture! But…come on, girls! Put those spoons down! Ice cream cones were meant to be licked! πŸ™‚
    (But…I guess with photographers taking pictures of you 24/7, you don’t want ice cream on your face!)

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