Anna Nicole Smith Names Daughter Dannie Lynn Hope

I still can’t get over how sad this story is.

Anna Nicole Smith’s attorney Howard K. Stern appeared on Larry King Live last night and announced that he is the father of Anna Nicole’s new baby. Smith’s baby girl is called Dannie Lynn Hope in a tribute to her son Daniel and because he used to call her Mama Lynn. According to Stern, he and Smith have been in love for a long time and are planning to marry. The lawyer also said Anna Nicole and Daniel were in the same bed when Smith woke up and found him not breathing.

Anna Nicole Smith


  1. says

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  2. Camille says

    Look no mother should ever have to die before their children. I send all my love to Anna Nicole Smith and her lawyer. I love the name Dannie Lynn Hope…. I am going to use one of the names.


  3. Camille says

    Look no mother should ever have to die before their children. I send all my love to Anna Nicoel Smith and Howard Stern or whatever. I love the name Dannie Lynn Hope…. I am going to use one of the names.


  4. Camille says

    Hi my name is Camille Griffith when I heard of this story I almost cried, I love the name Dannie Lynn Hope. I like that name…. To Anna Nicole Smith all my wishes go to you and your loved ones. I am so sorry about Daniel Smith…. I would lose my mind if that ever happened to me.

  5. Camille says

    Hi my name is Camille Griffith when I heard of this story I almost cried, I love the name Dannie Lynn Hope. I like that name…. To Anna Nicole Smith all my wishes go to you and your loved ones. I am so sorry about Daniel Smith…. I would lose my mind if that ever happened to me.


  6. amanda says

    My heart goes out to nicole and her family i know what its like to lose a child i had to bury my baby 10 years ago. It is the hardest thing that anyone has to cope with. No one should ever have to bury there child. And i think its a beautiful tribute to her son. The emotions she must be going through right now .Give the lady a break no one is a perfect parent we all do whats best for our kids.

  7. nicola says

    Wow. what`s goin on here??
    Sum of u need a bit of help, how can any of u think that this kind of relationship was goin on wiv her own son??? Ur twisted, all of u. Just cos she was closer 2 her son unlike others does not mean sumthin so sick, wrong and twisted was goin on. Fair enough, Anna Nicole isn`t all there, doesn`t mean she`s that f***ed up………….. Get a life and stop bein so horrible, she`s just lost her son, no one should av 2 bury their child….
    Is there really any need either 2 go around slaggin each other off??? I don`t think so.
    Now, 2 those who seem 2 av a problem wiv me, screw u, ur childish behaviour gets no where wiv me. My 19 month old son`s more grown up than u lot !!

  8. says

    i didnt said i like her alice i’m just saying give her a brake seesh and for you to said i have my dads kid last year is nothing to joke about there are really girl getting raped by thire own father and some get pregant with his baby nothing to joke about and alice if you really did had your dad kid i see why you act like this and you know you are really dumb and ugly

  9. Alice says

    kylee ……….BLAH BLAH BLAH>>>>YOU can judge ME but I cant judge anyone else?? IF you liek her say your piece I ll say mine and you know what FUCK you .LOL

  10. dori says

    Any child raised by that trashy woman will have problems because the mom is a psycho slut. I hope for the child to have a good life but sure as Anna Nicole opens her mouth she’ll destroy this child too. DCFS should be paying that family regular visits.

  11. dori says

    obviously going to college and getting all those degree’s didn’t improve your ability to communicate. You sound young and dumb.

  12. says

    what i meant to say what is wrong with you alice thats a cold harted thing to say even if you love or hate her she just lost her son and for you to said that her son is the father you are very sick and and i have my dad kid come on sick you need a head check

  13. says

    to alice that a cold harted thing to said about a mother who just lost her son and doesnt matter if you like her or not there is something wrong with you the media labled her crazy but i wouldnt think she would do that to her ONE AND ONLY SON and that so stupid for someone to say frist it was her best friend child her laywer now her son come this baby is benig talked about and she not if a year old who dannielynn hope real daddy come on sad world and to said alice for you to said i have my dads kid last year that nasty if it was true come there are many girls benig raped by thire own father

  14. Alice says

    LIKE i said I know EVERYhting. Her son and her were ALITTLE too close and everyone knows it. I know they did something. thats probably HIS kid she just had. I really dont care though becuz I had my dads kid last year.

  15. carleigh says

    KelleyMay this Alice person is who I believe to be the same as Rose/Unrose/Elle…and just pick any other number of handles on here recently. I believe it’s the same person. If this person doesn’t stop their juvenile, sick bullshit I ‘m going to report them for inappropriate conduct. On the Cindy Crawford topic this Alice (Asshole) posted that he/she enjoys child porn so I truly believe that he/she is a cowardly little poser posting these sick things on here for shock value alone and maybe a portion of it might be true who really knows! The person is just a complete sicko phsycopath and needs to be removed permanently from this site because all he/she is doing is spewing around sickening hatred.Nothing positive!

  16. KellyMay says

    “and another thing….hes was always giving her a look like her wanted to do more then smile at her…..anna was a very lucky woman to have that kind of love from her son. so lucky. ”

    That is just to wrong Alice! Wow, I question that post….shock value perhaps or truly corrupt?!?

  17. Alice says

    and another thing….hes was always giving her a look like her wanted to do more then smile at her…..anna was a very lucky woman to have that kind of love from her son. so lucky.

  18. Alice says

    Nicole should be sterilized! She is not a good role model for druggies let alone a newborn. They should take her baby away from her. I know everything so no one argue!

  19. Debs says

    TJ’s mom, I’m getting the gist of the vicious cycle going on here… You’re going to come on here and say “OMG, I can’t believe you called me rude” or something to that effect. I did NOT in fact call YOU rude. You might, like me and everyone else on the planet, say some rude things sometimes. But I don’t know you, and I’m not trying to say that you ARE rude. I’m sure you’re a lovely person.

    Take care X

  20. Debs says

    Miss D, you sound like a cool lady 🙂 I actually (unfortunately) made the same comment about her baby being her son’s on this website (and was almost crucified). It is all possible, isn’t it? And very sad. I just hope she can get on with her life in some way, and hopefully her “marriage” to Howard is honest and loving and they will be happy together. EVERYONE deserves to be happy.

    TJ’s mom, I know that I can say anything I want. I know you can say anything you want, and I know that EVERYONE else can say what they want……… I didn’t mean to say “righteous” in a patronizing way at all. I agreed with you that calling someone a whore is a bit mean, and have no argument with you for pointing that out to Nicola. It just seems to me that ppl are getting all riled up for absolutely no reason. Everyone’s making comments and being scandalised by everyone ELSE’s comments. To be honest, I just see absolutely no point in ppl trying to reprimand others that they don’t know and can’t even have a “proper ” conversation with. They are going to continue to say what they want!!!

    Blogging tends to drive ppl apart rather than unite them. It’s impossible to have a regular conversation on the internet. We assume SO MUCH about ppl from reading 5 sentences they’ve written. SILLY!

    Please don’t get defensive or upset about what I say. I NEVER mean to be rude to you guys, or to suggest I am right and you aren’t. I have never said that. There is no such thing as “right.” I just wish ppl would remember that; you cannot judge someone’s heart or soul by what they comment on a silly BLOG!

    Nicola, I think the way you spell looks kind of cool. I hope you don’t care what other ppl say to you on this website- they can be quite puritanical and, in some ways, righteous. Calling someone a whore is never a nice thing, but I’m not going to sit here and write angry posts to you because of it. Hopefully you understand that she might NOT be, in actual fact, a whore. But again, it’s possible she is! Who knows? I personally don’t care what you, or other ppl say about her.

    Something to think about: the ppl who reprimand others about saying rude things, a lot of the time, are rude themselves!

    Take care everyone. X

  21. TJ's mom says

    Debs-you CAN say whatever YOU want and I CAN say whatever I want! It’s called an opinion! Nicola called me “sick”…I defended myself. Someone called Anna Nicole a “whore” All I said was it wasn’t nice to call someone a whore while she is grieving the loss of a child. I’m not trying to be “righteous” as you put it. I’m glad that you like the way Nicola spells! May b u ppl can b budz!

  22. Ms D says

    I agree with post #27 about some things. I think their relationship seemed a little ‘odd’ too, still it is such sad story.
    And actually I heard yet another creepy theory about the baby’s father..someone told me that they thought the baby was her son’s! Oooh, ick! Now I’m not saying I agree with it, but it is an interesting (though SICK) theory.
    Especially with two different men CLAIMING to be Danilyn or Hannah or whatever her name is’ father. Like almost rushing to prove who the daddy is.

    To top that off, I just read that Anna Nicole and the lawyer just “exchanged marraige vows” on some boat together or something, and though it wasn’t legally binding, they made some kind of a vow to one another. The whole thing just sounds really fishy to me.

    And I would never go so far as to call her a whore, as I don’t truly know her–but to me, when guys are saying “the timing is right for ME to be the baby’s father”, I’m like, how many possibilities are out there?!? But I guess I’m just a bit of an old married prude. 😉

    But really, I have to look at the guy is her lawyer and the other one is a paparazzi guy isn’t he? I mean, who really gains here?

    I just hope the little girl can have a good life no matter what the ultimate outcome.

  23. Debs says

    Oh, and about Dori calling Anna Nicole a whore… No, it’s not nice to call someone a whore, but at least she did not say that TO Anna Nicole. It’s not neccessary to get so righteous on a “celebrity” stranger’s behalf. Besides, I thought it was an insightful comment- it’s most likely true he did not have a proper mother or good role model, no matter how lovely a person she might have been, or how much she clearly loved him.

    Look, we all obviously wish Anna Nicole the best. Why can’t we take that as a given, and be allowed to say whatever we want?

  24. Debs says

    Haha, TJ’s mom, you’re funny. No one who calls anyone else “sick” would be a good psychologist, quite right. I think that girl was one of the ppl who called me “sick.” I certainly did not appreciate it, but I’m reasonably stable enough to try not to be bothered. If she knew anything about Psychology, she would know that calling ppl names is hurtful, no matter how much you may not like the person. And how can you dislike a person you’ve never met anyway?

    But seriously, it’s extremely silly to be bullying her about the way she writes on blogs. Who cares? I think it’s quite cool. I agree it doesn’t automatically lend to you thinking she is intelligent, but to judge someone’s intelligence by the way they write is irrational anyway.


  25. TJ's mom says

    By the way, Miss “I have 3 degrees so I is smart” …you spell “apologize” with a “z” not an “s’…as you typed it! Or were you just “breaking it down because typing an “s” was easier and quicker than typing a “z”? Just wondering?
    Was it in your “psychology” class or your “sociology” class that you learned to call people “sick” because their opinion differed from yours? Gee…I’m sure your going to make a great psychologist one day (with a high suicide rate!) Hey! maybe with your Criminology degree you can fly to the Bahamas and find out what really happened to Daniel? Just a thought…since you’re so smart and everything!

  26. nicola says

    Oh yeah i 4got…LACK OF INTELLIGENCE IS IT??? I`ve just got a degree in Psychology, Sociology and Criminology….accordin 2 my results, it doesn`t say anywhere that i`m thick

  27. nicola says

    4 all u who av a problem wiv the way i type, here`s sumthin 4 u……`s called breakin down a word so it`s easier and quicker. U only av a problem wiv it cos u can`t understand it.
    Oh and guess what, i`ll type how i want when i want, so screw u !!

    Jewish religion is it???? As far as i know Anna Nicole isn`t Jewish, if she is then i`ll apologise now

  28. TJ's mom says

    The above comment was totally uncalled for. The woman just lost her son…no matter what he died from! I pray that the same never happens to you! No one should be called a whore while grieving for a child that has died! That was just plain ole’ mean, whatever your feelings are about Anna Nicole.

  29. Debs the "sick" Brazilian nose picker says

    Well, I was the one that said Anna Nicole’s relationship with her son was not completely normal. Then he’s sleeping in the same bed as her? I mean, look at the picture on this article… Anna Nicole seems trying to be sexy, and Danny seems to be mesmerised by her.

    I don’t care what all you ppl say, I still think there was something weird going on, and that Howard’s not the father. Say whatever you want about ME being sick. At least I didn’t marry a 90 year old and God knows what else.

    I only hope these people (Anna Nicole, Howard, the little baby) go on to have HAPPIER lives.

    God Bless.

  30. dori says

    On the news last night it stated Daniel died of combo of drugs including methadone which is a substitute for heroine. The poor young man had some addiction problems. Growing up with a whore is not easy.

  31. mage says

    depends on the type of jew- some forbid naming after the deceased, others require it. quite facinating to me actually- naming customs.

  32. dori says

    The article says Anna Nicole and her son were slepping in the same bed. He was 20 years old for god sakes Isn’t that a little weird???

  33. dori says

    Nicloa In the jewish religeon children are named after dead relatives out of respect and tradition. IT’s not sick at all.
    And for god sakes learn to type english It only shows your lack of intelligence.

  34. says

    the news people said that daniel died of drug overdose cuz he mixed too much medicton at once i think it very sweet that she named her daughter after daniel but very sad at the time that he wont be there to watch her grow up

  35. Tess says

    According to the most recent edition of In Touch, (October 2 edition, page 18) the baby has been named Hannah Rose. She had considered naming her Daniella but changed her mind. “She did not want the baby to be named as a reminder of something so tragic” according to a statement by her lawyer.

  36. TJ's mom says

    Nicola- I’m sorry, but just because I personally would not name a baby after a dead child does not make me “sick”. That would be like me saying your stupid because you don’t know how to spell!

  37. says

    I saw Howards interview on Larry King Live and I have to say, I don’t think he is the father…it really seemed put on, like he was asked to take the responsibility. He was uumm and aaawww but it seemed put on.

  38. dori says

    dannie and hope it’s a lovely tribute to her son.
    My concern is any child living with her isn’t getting a normal home life.
    The pics of Daniel I’ve been seeing. He looks glassey eyed and high.I think the kid was on drugs. When granma was interview on the insider she said she would not be surprised if it were a drug related death.
    If you remember her show she was loaded drunk and possibly on downers all the time. That was not a normal home he lived in.
    All the lovey dovey pics of them together were posed.
    What young beautiful model kisses an ugly wrinkled up 90 year man ? Some people will do anything for money.

  39. sexy olivia says

    ahhhhhhhh i’m falling off a cliff ahhhhhhhh help me help me, i’m falling baby falling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Amy says

    I think it is a sweet and loving thing. I’ve named my children after my mom, dad, and the kids’ dad. If my husband past while I was having another child I would name him completely after his father. This way Dannie will remember her brother and hopefully feel wonderful for being named after someone who really loved her deeply.

  41. kk_619 says

    I think its a sweet gesture that she named her daughter after her son, but kinda weird at the same time.
    You would think that every time she says her little girls name she will be reminded of her son because it is pretty much the same name. But oh well, maybe it is something that will really help her through this hard time as well.

  42. Braydie says

    howards the father….ok I thought she told a magizine that some other guy was the father? oh well. I dont think its a big deal that she named her daughter after her dead son. I, on the other hand, would not of. I agree children should have their own name. But its better then some names celebs have named their kids.

  43. says

    Actually, I think most other sources are confirming the name to be Danilynn Hope. Not Dannie Lynn. It’s all one word. I guess we will see sooner or later. I saw the video of her attorney/baby daddy claiming that the child is his, and that he does not “need” a maternity test. He also seems to be either high or drunk IMO, which I hope is not the case, because God knows this little girls is going to have enough bad stuff around her, with all her b-day coinsiding with Daniels death anniversary. It’s all just too sad to comprehend.

    OT, did you all see where Run D M C’s wife had a c-section and the poor thing died shortly after birth? Her ***Disclaimer turn away now*************************************************************************************************************************************************************************her orgnas were on the outside. So many bad things here happening recently it breaks my heart.

  44. says

    I know Anna’s heart was in the right place and I feel so bad for her but
    Post # 3, your right it is going to be bad enough being reminded of her poor brother’s tragic death all the time but this sweet little girl needs her own idenitiy.
    I feel for this family but doing that won’t bring back her dear son, it is going to give her sweet daughter a COMPLEX! Especially since we all heard how much her son meant to her, Dannie will feel she could never measure up. I know Anna will love her to death too no doubt but a tribute like that will blow up in her face, and its very sad.
    The whole situation, I feel for this family.

  45. Stephanie says

    I don’t think it is creepy at all … she is naming her daughter in memory of someone she loved dearly … poor Anna )o:

  46. Pika says

    It’s heartbreaking that the birth and death will be forever linked. Can you imagine the little girl hearing “your brother died the day you were born” (or close to the day).
    I’d read that the baby’s name was originally Hannah…a name perilously close to here mom’s name. I thought that was a little strange.
    But I agree with TJ’s mom…”Dannie” is just a little too creepy for my taste.

  47. TJ's mom says

    Hmm…what do people think of Anna naming her daughter after her deceased son? Personally, I believe that her daughter should have her own identity. A middle name? Perhaps. But…a first name? No.
    Howard Stern (lawyer) the father! Daniel in bed with Anna, not in a chair. The story changes from day to day! But…the fact still remains that a mother lost her son. It is tragic! I watched the Anna Nicole Show. Howard seemed to have his head on straight. I hope he can help Anna thru this and be a good role model for little baby Dannie!

  48. KellyMay says

    I just posted about this on another thread! It brings comfort to know that she has Howard. Any release on the cause of death yet?

  49. carleigh says

    This is so sad and something I wish no mother had to go through. I was out shopping this morning and saw the photo’s of Daniel, Anna and Dannie on the cover of In Touch magazine. I didn’t buy it but I did see it and it about brought me to tears. My heart really goes out to any mother who has had the unfortunate tragedy of burying a child. May God be w/ Anna Nicole and her family during this time and heal her heart.

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