It Is Hard To Understand Kate Moss

Well, Kate was photographed picking up Lila Grace from nursery school on September 22nd and then she was photographed with Pete Doherty yesterday in Dublin. He had just been released from one of his many rehab stunts that morning. I hope she knows what she is doing because he seems like a strange choice for a woman with a young child to care for. She is gazing at him with such admiration that there must be some amazing love between them I guess.

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Kate Moss

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  1. says

    i hate them inths pic
    looks kike homless people …..
    i dont know why she is a supermodel???
    isnt anyone better than them?

  2. lizschoepp says

    why not have pictures of melania and barron playing a little. he is a baby after all and we are know too well how the time goes so f ast and they grow so fast. so capture those baby moments because they are adorable keepsakes and you will regret no having them.. barron has plenty of time to enter the corporate world with the rest of his family, which by the way seem pretty down to earth except for their father.

  3. Sofia says

    Ok, uhm… I juss wanted to add.. First of all, LIke any other celeb, we need to understand what they choose for their lives, is not for us to be judging, its not our place, stars will do whatever they please, just because they can.. not caring about their reps. I like Kate, She’s beautiful… But I Must Add..
    Has anyone else noticed, she carries her daughter around a lot? .. She’s gettin of age where she should be walkin on her own… just a suggestion.. im not even a mom, but If it were my kid, I would encourage walking beside mom.. not letting the child think he or she can still act and think like a small baby or arms… Again, thats my opinion, right? who cares….

  4. Jenna says

    Also, why are so many people criticising Kate for carrying Lila around? When your rushing around in busy city areas it is much easier and safer to carry a toddler. If the paparazzi and probably numerous weirdos were following me around, i wouldn’t want my child to walk near them either.

    Although i have no idea how she does it, being so slim and Lila being 3 or 4. I am definitely a slightly bigger girl than Kate and i struggle holding my 3 year old sister for small amounts of time. She must have bones of steel!

  5. Jenna says

    God, give Kate Moss a break people! We don’t know what goes on behind her front door so we have NO right to call her a bad mother. True, she has had drug problems but she’s got help now, and she’s had so much more to deal with than most “normal” mothers. At home, away from the paparazzi Kate and Pete are probably excellent parents. The kid is well taken care of and it is obvious in pics how much she loves her mummy.

    Are you a perfect parent? Were your parents perfect? I doubt it. And anyone who has grown up in the so called British “care” system will have doubt that Lila Grace is far better off growing up with her mother.

  6. carleigh says

    Hey DOH maybe if you actually had something constructive to add instead of attempting to be destructive this site would regain a bit of integrity it once had…..if YOU have a problem w/ me you can learn to live w/ it or go to another site that you feel isn’t tainted by the likes of me. Now I suggest you grow up and stop trying to point fingers when you yourself live in a glass house. BTW……….it is about people’s comments about celebs and when someone like you for instance comes along and points a finger at another member like say me for instance…..all that does is generates another round of Babyrazzi catfighting. I will let your comment slide only because I’m not going to engage you in a pointless arguement which has nothing to do w/ the topic of this blog. Post your comments about this topic and leave me out of it that’s the only way people are going to learn to stop all this unneccessary catfighting.

  7. Doh says

    Carleigh if you didn’t bitch about people’s comments this site would be fun…!!! YOU ARE THE PROBLEM…

  8. joanna says

    i have emailed the web mistress and asked her to do something about this hopefully we shouldnt have to wait much longer for something to be done x

  9. carleigh says

    Go under disclaimer and the email address is All these ignorant people took their toll on Braydie she’s apparently gone now..I hope she comes back and doesn’t let these assholes spoil it for her. This site needs to get back to being fun w/o playing guess the handle and people making just downright sick remarks about things. It’s no fun anymore unfortunately nobody can say anything at all w/o having someone comment and then the person the comment is about (most of the time me…lol) get’s po’d and retorts back and forth. I would like to stop doing that but I feel that I have a need and a right to defend myself. I’m looped into a vicious cycle. I wrote earlier and I hope they write back because this has gone on long enough. Good luck Diana!

  10. Diana says

    Carleigh – may I enquire as to how to contact the web mistress? I would like to write and complain too. This is ridiculous. What makes me laugh is that she does read the comments on here as she took of those pics of Cindy Crawford’s daughter a little while ago so why she can’t see the idiots on here creating trouble I don’t know 😉

  11. carleigh says

    I believe you Joanna no worries. I am going to write the web mistress another email and BEG her to do something about this insanity. It’s just gotten plain way out of hand and something needs to be done to stop the new sicko’s we have on here now.

  12. joanna says

    carleigh, post 85 was not me some stupid arsehole is going under my name, just plain childish and pathetic! x

  13. Diana says

    Like I said Alice, I just feel sorry for you. My comments weren’t centered around you entirley either, however you need to be a little more sensitive towards other people. Drugs reck lives and they kill. I work with people who have had their lives recked my drugs so I wouldn’t go around glorifying them. Why did you take them in the first place may I ask? Because sadly by taking them you are only running away from your past and not focusing on reality.

  14. joanna says

    Hey carleigh don’t give me advice. If I want to acknowledge the “IT” i will. DOn’t you realize that all this started because of you and your stupid confessions?

  15. Alice says

    Diana…………why dont you keep your comments to yourself???? the same reason I dont keep mine to me…asshole! I am immature. AND I LOVE IT. DRUGS ARE GOOOOD>>>>>

  16. carleigh says

    To # 70 & #80…You are bright intelligent ladies….you both have posted on previous topics and I have read and enjoyed “some” of the things you have had to say. However about Alice……..this eunich is saying these things just to get a reaction…this person doesn’t care if it’s positive or negative………the IT just wants to be acknowledged and get a reaction from anyone about anything. Don’t pity, feel sorry for, be aghast at or respond to this “IT’s” incessant ramblings. Obviously the things that this IT is saying are compulsive and pathalogical and nobody should be drawn into what IT has to say. Like all things ladies IF WE IGNORE IT, it will be forced to go away….I know that you two get where I’m coming from here. Let’s just do and say nothing to IT and hope IT get’s bored. Take care and have a good day LADIES!

  17. joanna says

    alice you seem very immature, you go about running from the police, u take drugs ur parents are druggies etc…. the more you say the more im put of by u, saying all that isnt good, so many people out there have lost either a member of family or friends to drugs and what your saying is very insensitive, u should think before you speak, you’ve obviously had a bad childhood if u do drugs, bad upbringing from ur parents was it that got you into drugs? you need to grow up and get a life, getting a job would be good for a start.

  18. Diana says

    Alice – may I say now that i believe you are completely insensitive to the other people on this site who have expressed the dangers and sadness that drugs can cause in people’s lives. I would suggest that in future you keep such comments to yourself, as drugs reck people’s lives and there can be no good come out of taking them. By you coming on here an advocating them when it is such a sensitive subject for many people is just plain immature. I just feel sorry for you Alice.

  19. Alice says

    I just love kate. Her and pete should get married. I love the fact that he is a druggie… sweet. Im the president of the Dumbass inc. peko…..get it right! I love it, and I will continue to run it as long as it takes to make you people understand I know EVERYTHING! My parents are druggies so what ? that make them losers????? I THINK NOT. I grew up with a fast knoweledge of the world we live in….drug running, money management, traveling, protecting my self….and I stay in incredible shape running…from the police. I love my life…I would not have a normal one for anyhting ! so fuck all you.

  20. Peko says

    Braydie on second thought you should just tell your boys the truth, that there parents were losers and that you their mother now is an even bigger loser, one who wants to be a celebrity but instead works for the department of homeland stupidity because she’s stupid. Further, you should also tell them that you like smelling Carleigh’s DUMBASS because you are part of the same organization, the Dumbass incorporated, which you are the president. And lastly, you should let them know that you spend your free time responding to idiots like me.

  21. carleigh says

    KelleyMay the DUMBASS is Rose/Unrose/Elle/Alice or any other number of “personalities” she happens to be channeling

  22. KellyMay says

    I am seriously busting outloud with all this dumbass stuff!!! Poor dumbass whoever she is…..

  23. carleigh says

    Braydie be proud of how you are raising them to be you have taken on a great responsibility and turnedsomething tragic into something amazing and positive. It sounds like they are all well adjusted young boys growing into strong, well rounded men. I think that he is lucky to have no memory if it’s a bad memory then he’s fortunate to not remember and to be unscathed. As far as telling him only you can know when that time is appropriate and what bits and pieces of his past that he really needs to know and what is better kept in the past. Keep doing what your doing because obviously you have made all the difference they needed to have a better life and your going a great job from the sounds of it!
    Hopefully you will get your little girl this time to tip the estrogen pool in your favor! LOL…i Know it must be lonely being the only woman in a family of men. Mine’s just the opposite we are a family primarily of girls.

    To Alice………my god you sound just like ROSE…….Braydie I think DUMBASS is playing musical personalities again! lol

  24. Alice says

    I hope they stay together …I mean LOOK at them so cute…..If he wasnt already taken by her I would want him because I looooove my drugs 🙂 who cares about her kid? she should stay in the closet where they put her.

  25. braydie says

    carleigh~~~ what I tell my boys when they ask if they will turn into how there paretns where like….i tell them they can make their lives whatever they wish them to be. Its their life and no one can tell them to take drugs or do anything that is harmful to them or others. They had such a hard time when I got them…and to throw them into a stable life after what they knew…all they knew was that and they werent having it lol. My oldest decided he knew what was better for everyone including me, the middle one was so scared all the time he actually would lock himself in the bathroom for hrs. sometimes overnite, and the baby would actually walk to the fridge open it up and look at me and say where beer? they dont remember much anymore, my 12 yr old doesnt remember anything, all he knows is his parents died. I dont knwo when he will be ready to know everything but I know this isnt the right time. It takes alot to get over something, maybe even a lifetime wouldnt take it all away, I see them and im so proud of what they have become. They were raised by me….I know they wont walk in there parent footsteps…there already starting to walk in mine:) my middle boy decided he wants to become a police officer 🙂 Its where i started and Im glad he wants to do that:)
    WOW see I told ya HORMONES…………….my husband was reading this over my shoulder saying ohhh thats sweet lol. The bitch hormones better come quick lol.

  26. carleigh says

    thank you Diana it’s a day by day battle and I hope everyone who is personally touched by addiction can know strength, peace and happiness at some point. That is all anyone wants in life.

  27. Diana says

    Carleigh – I am sorry that you have had to live with your father being an alcoholic. One thing about drink or drugs is that it helps to mask the real problems that you have. It makes you hide behind something just for a little while, and then when you come down from the high you want more because it helps you to escape. I work with people with drug and alcohol abuse problems and they come in to the ward I work in for detox. It is just very, very sad and I guess it is easy for people to stand on their high horse and judge, without really knowing the ins and outs and reasons as to why they have turned to drugs or alcohol. When one doesn’t satisy they go on to other things. All the best Carleigh, I praise you indeed and may you be blessed for your courage.

  28. KellyMay says

    Ugh just saw pics of Kate with a mysterious white substance in her nose…sigh and she was with lover boy at the time.

  29. carleigh says

    Jo-If you had bothered to read my any number of posts above I have a father who has been an alcoholic all my life from the time I was born. I stated above that from having a father with an “addiction” has made me swear off never having any personal addictions (although I have stated in pasts posts that i do occasionall enjoy a glass of red wine or red beer every now and again). I have also attended Al-Anon meetings and seen a therapist for counseling to help me deal with the repercussions of having grown up with an alcoholic. So to answer your question no me personally have never had an addiction. Why do you ask?

  30. sarah says

    well, well, well. i have just bought my daily newspaper ((in the uk) and i have just read that “potty pete” has been spotted buying 2 hypodermic needles from a chemist, 3 days and 15 hours after leaving re-hab in ireland. How blatent is that ????????? he will never change and proves that fact time and time again. It is also reported that the priory in north london has seen admissions of young girls go through the roof (as outpatients to anxiety classes) just so they can see their junkie hero. I am amazed at how many adoring fans that this strange and pathetic man has. KATE, WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE, IF NOT FOR YOU THEN FOR YOUR DAUGHTER. HE IS SERIOUSLY BAD NEWS……!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Olivia says

    Bingo Tonya!!!!!! I don’t think I even need to go into why I know for a fact your words are exactly Lila’s future thoughts. It makes me sick to my stomach knowing the road she will travel because of her “””stupid selfish”””” mother. Where the hell is this child’s father? I thought I knew who and where my father was, but I only confused the mail man with the cards I made for him when I was little. I did meet my father when I was 24 years old after coming out of rehab. (This is put in a small nut shell) My father said then if he had known he would have found me, however!!!!!! Lila’s father knows, where the hell is he?????? Who will save this baby from her mother and then herself if the father is too selfish also to care about her and her future. I am sure by now Lila thinks this is normal and everyone lives in strung out land. Maybe Angelina should adopt Lila. Remember months ago I mentioned Britney made pour decisions in comparrison to Kate Moss, Britney is young inexperienced and sometimes stupid but Kate Moss is cold, intentional, and cruel. The photo’s of her and Lila appear she is hiding behind the child, she is a baby for christ sakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. says

    EEEEEEWWWWW Puke and barf that is all I have to say, he looks like a heroin addict loser pig and she looks greasey and gross too. Kate can do whatever the heck she wants but I think it is time to give that sweet baby to her Daddy to look after before something happens and Kate can go to hell with Peter. God they make me sick, and it is too late to cry after….

  33. Tonya says

    Reading this makes me very sad. Especially for Lila. Addictions may be out of Kate’s control but who she chooses to expose her daughter to is NOT out of her control. As her daughter grows, she is going to realize that her mother only cares about herself. Trust me when I say that really hurts a child. That poor little girl is always going to think “why didn’t my mom care enough about me not to bring this man around?” My mother brought an addict into our family when I was young. Sure, he was a great man, when he wasn’t using. (Which wasn’t very often.) When he was using/drinking, he was verbally and phsically abusive. All I could ever think growing up was why is my mom doing this to my brother and myself. Doesn’t she care enough about us that she would get us away from this? It just drives me crazy that Britney Spears drives with her kid on her lap and has social services called on her but Kate Moss can expose her daughter to drugs and alcohol and nothing. I mean since her drug scandel she has gotten even more jobs. Tell me where the world makes any sense.

  34. carleigh says

    Sarah I am so sorry for you and what your fathers addictions have done to your family. Nobody should have to go through sexual abuse and remember that no matter what it’s HIS problem and HIS fault and not yours…you were a child and he took advantage of you.

    Lisa TJ’s mom was brave enough to share the story of her addicted brother. I think from reading her post she has realized that her brother is or was sick and the pain he caused her and her family. She hasn ‘t disagreed w/ anyones statements here and she’s had enough tragedy in her life she doesn’t need to come on here and bravely share her story only to be contradicted and shamed. That lady’s been through enough so take it easy would ya?

    TO all who have shared again…my greatest respect is with you all I know how hard it is and I understand.

  35. KellyMay says

    Ha Ha Ha I am bubbling with news!!!! I just saw the Larry King interview with Howard K. Stern, (Anna Nicoles lawyer) he is the daddy of her baby and he says that he loves Anna Nicole a lot. Ahhh that brings me comfort that she has loving arms through this tough time.

  36. KellyMay says

    Olivia, I just don’t know what that ‘something’ is? I pray that there is more to their lives then what we see but the latter saddens me…. I will think about this some more!

    Carleigh, Thank you so much for sharing that. I always felt so alone but once I started sharing my life with others it’s amazing how many people have their own stories and together the healing is amazing.
    My extended family wasn’t there because unfortunately in my situation there is a strong family history of drinking. My Dad is an ass, he’s degrading, mean and selfish but he is my Dad. Unfortunately I see him a lot being my husband works for their business which one day we will run. I am a very open and honest person, I like being a strong adult now rather then the scared child I was. I love that I can be an amazing mommy whom encourages my children to be the best people they can be no matter what that entails. I also do know that if I hadn’t had the childhood I did then I wouldn’t be the person I am now, I love knowing my choices make a difference a great difference.
    Again Thank you for sharing with me, it really does make a difference 🙂

  37. Lisa says

    my brother-in-law says he loves his kids, says they are the most important thing in the world to him just like your brother did TJ Mom-but the reality is that drugs are his #1 priority-any addict will tell you that. If witnessing your beautiful baby coming into this world does not ste you straight, I don’t know much that would. My nephews are so messed up right now, one will tell you “I am crazy just like my dad” at age 8. The 3 yr old did not talk when he was around his father. If you are using drugs/ always drunk while in your childrens lives then shame on you.

  38. sarah says

    i have just logged on and have read all of the sad, and heart wrenching stories. my heart goes out to all of you. my father (i have never called him dad, because he never behaved like one). is an alcholic but cannot see it. 3 times he has been caught drink driving by the police and 3 times he was banned, did that get his attention?? NO. The more he drunk the more vile and sick in the head he became, i honestly believe he drunk so much that he forgot that i was his daughter, his own flesh and blood, because on a weekly basis i would be sexually abused by him while my mother was at bingo. this carried on for 2 years. i was put into care as i told a teacher. And myself and my 2 brothers were placed on the child protection register. My mother has stayed with him throughout the whole thing and is still with him to this day, how sick and twisted are my family ??????? i obviously have nothing AT ALL to do with them and now i am a 27 year old woman with my own family to care and protect for. The only thing they ever taught me is how NOT to raise a family. Drugs and alchol ruin so many peoples lives. I honestly think that we live in a twisted and awful world.

  39. carleigh says

    OH TJ’s mom I wasn’t trying to ream you out or anything. I at least didn’t try to make it sound that way. I applaud you for sharing your story I know it isn’t easy to do that. Please don’t regret the things you have posted nobody I think is trying to put you in a defensive position here, especially me. I’m sorry if you took my post that way, it wasn’t at all intended to be preachy or bitchy or accusatory towards you. On the contrary like I said prior it’s hard for the family members of an addict to be able to forgive and say something positive. Please don’t read anything bad into what I stated above it wasn’t meant to come off in that context.

  40. Andrea says

    So….my english is not so good….but….

    Kate Moss is a dummy woman..
    They are common people….

    I really dont understand why is she a supermodel???????
    She is sooo ugly, skinny – from drog and alcohol….
    She is like a dog – afgan agar…disgusting…
    I dont like her …
    And this boy?????
    My God!!!!!!!!
    Like a homeless!!!
    How could she kiss him???

  41. TJ's mom says

    Carleigh- to answer your question, YES, I have heard that when you come out of rehab, your best chances of staying clean and sober are to stay away from anyone in your past who would be a stumbling block! I totally agree with you. Please note that I said that my brother has been in and out of rehab numerous times…he couldn’t stay away from his old friends! Ya know, I kind of regret leaving that first post, now I feel like I have defend everything I say and explain myself. I wish I would of typed in “Loser! Get a life!” instead. I just like to give people the benefit of the doubt without judging them! Am I so bad? Good luck to all those ladies who shared their story! Missymama…you are an inspiration! Love those babies of yours! This is my last post on this subject! I’m gonna keep my comments to more ‘serious’ issues like “what Reese Witherspoon is eating today!” ha ha! (that was a joke!) 🙂 Peace, out!

  42. carleigh says

    I think its unanimous around here that we all agree Kate should be making better decisions. I also think our web mistress is really going to be moved by everyone who has posted their own personal stories here. For people to be so open and honest especially in this catfighting place (LOL) says something about women in particular…we are wonderful!!!!!! Good night to all the ladies. (Yes this is the real carleigh and no I am not using and drugs myself…really I’m not. I just felt a real connection from sharing my story w/ all of you and thanks for listening—god brevity is not one of my strongest abilities! ) LOL

  43. carleigh says

    PS to TJ’s mom from your last post above…….when someone goes through rehab it’s to my understanding that they are coached or encouraged to stay away from people, situations, familiar surroundings or whatnot because that makes it more likely that they themselves will revert back to their addictive habits? Have you heard this before? I am not quoting a fact just what I was led to believe from having read some books about drug & alcohol me it would make sense? In closing Kate happens to be a “recovering” addict herself and she is still consorting and cavorting with a man who has admitted to being addicted to coke and heroin and has failed many, many attempts at rehab (and is currently in rehab from what I have read), and lastly he has been caught several times in possession of these illegal drugs. If Kate is going to manage herself and her fight against her own addictions it would make sense to think she would dump that man and get him out of her life….ya know what they say about misery and company. JMO…

  44. carleigh says

    Olivia I am not sure what that something would be? I do know that I really do feel that you have a good idea it’s just putting that idea into a reality and am just at a loss at the moment as to where to start…….any ideas anyone else? I have to think on this for a while just sit back chew on it and pick it apart. That’s how an idea starts right?

    I know that being the kind of person I am I hate seeing anyone suffer and if I can prevent it I do try my best. I think talking about experiences one has in life makes you a stronger, better person. I think seeing firsthand how it has effected my life even now today that I still struggle to keep a balance for my kids that I didn’t have. Kids should be able to grow up without having to endure the troubles, trials and tribulations of the bad choices that a parent makes…oh in an ideal world right?

    I hope KelleyMay and Braydie will also give their input because they too have good, strong, opinions and convictions and have much to add to this. What do you guys think of what Olivia said?

    I am kinda on the spot and at a loss here…help please.

  45. Olivia says

    For what ever it’s worth, I believe everyone has a choice in what and how they choose to live their lives. Many many addicts realize this and clean up their lives. Yes, many or most do have set backs, but a person can do what ever they choose to do and choose to live or not live lives as addicts. Cleaning up is damn difficult, but not impossible. She and he are adults and if they choose to ruin their lives, that is their choice, “””however”””, where in the hell is that baby’s father and why isn’t he stepping in for the sake of that baby? For every adult I see who has posted here due to poor choices on their parents part, my heart goes out to you, good for you not to have followed in their footsteps as so many children of abusers do. Every word you type describing the impact on your lives as children and still deal with today as adults, that poor baby is going through the exact same hell now with the world watching AND doing nothing. So again I ask, where the hell is her father and why isn’t he taking steps to get his daughter out of that hell hole nightmare? Braydie, Kelly May, Carleigh, your good at this kind of thing, is it possible for babyrazzi readers and this site to begin a something, I don’t know what, but there has to be something???????

  46. carleigh says

    Honestly there are some mental and emotional scars that no amount of therapy is ever going to cure. KelleyMay love yourself more and allow yourself to realize it wasn’t you and never was…..heal yourself by allowing yourself to be OK inside enough to forgive him and in turn you will heal.

  47. carleigh says

    I too struggle every single day. I have to keep my kids contact w/ their own grandfather limited because I don’t want them exposed to him when he is drunk or drinking. I never had a close relationship w/ either one of my parents because the more my father drank the more my mother worked and educated herself to escape the problems it created. Thank God above I had the loving, stable grandparents I had or my sister and I both could have become uprooted and put into foster care or shuffled around more then we were. My grandparents raised us, praised us and loved us enough to pick up the slack where our parents left off. ‘
    Like I said I used to be angry at the whole situation because I thought my father had control. It was only growing up and coming to a realization in my life that I saw he was very, very far from having any type of control. I lost out on having my father around for the more important times of my life like when I won 2nd place in the third grade science fair I begged my mom to take me to the bar so I could show him my ribbon because I was so proud. I think that was the turning point of my youth because I actually got to see where he was, what he was doing and how he was acting. My father is the nicest, sweetest, most loving person/father anyone could ask for………..when he’s not drinking. I have watched time and again as he has sat there and morphed into a drunken, out of control moster and I really did hate him for a long, long time.
    It has been only recently in my own life that I stopped blaming him and accepted his addiction for what it is. I tried to be a better kid because i used to think that would bring him home or make him want to be home..that’s a lot of pressure for a little kid. All I wanted as a kid was my Daddy and I would get him in short bursts when he was sober enough to take me fishing or fly a kite with me. He wasn’t the worst father in the world but he just wasn’t the father I needed and deserved.
    I think it hurts more as a girl because I looked to my dad to set an example for me as to what kind of man I wanted to find to grow old with. Now as I sit back adn realize I still might not ever find my perfect man or match but I sure as heck know what I DON’T want and i learned that from observing my own father.
    I do forgive him and myself for all the pain, hate and problems that his addiction has caused me and I can look at him today without a bit of hate in my heart and just hope and pray that he will someday get the help he desperately needs because…….I want my Daddy back again!

    And to Kelly—Kate’s obligation is to her child not a drug addict and as a mom its up to her to realize that having this man around in her life is going to cause her child pain. He can’t stay sober and has a heroin and cocaine addiction and he’s just not a proper man to have around an impressionable little girl. Kate just needs to get strong and kick him out of her life for her daughter and her own well being and safety.

  48. kelly says

    in don’t think any of you should judge until you were put into this career at a very you age. i think it is the designers obligation to stand by her i am sure they played a big part in her drug use. she seems to really love her little girl.

  49. KellyMay says

    Just yesterday my counseller told me I will not hear “I’m Sorry” until he is sober if I ever will… I do not think I will ever see the day!

    It is a small world, I am finding my way! To be honest, I was the child seeking the acceptance but yet how could he accept me when he couldn’t accept himself hence the addiction! It does affect children, immensely!!!!

    I cry to think of what could of been but it wasn’t because of my father’s addiction!

    Carleigh I struggle, I feel so sad still (as I cry)!

    I have learned from their mistakes, I love the relationship I have with my own children but I do mourn for my own…life truly is what you make of it!

  50. TJ's mom says

    Shirley&Laverne- Just to clear things up for you…I have NO sisterly love for my brother. I actually hate him. He tore my family apart growing up. Living in the shadow of a drug user was tough. Growing up, I always had to be “the good kid” becuz’ he was so bad! He stole from me (and everyone else), our lives revolved around getting him help and I was generally ignored! But…as I stated, he WAS a very good father to his children. He put them up on a pedistal and wanted a better life for them than he had! “Role model”? I don’t believe I ever used those words. A loving father who would die for his children…yes! My point was that we don’t know Kate personally. We don’t know if she’s clean and sober. We don’t know of her parenting skills. All we can do is wish her and her family the best!

  51. missymama says

    Thank you. I know that I will never go back to that lifestyle. I have way too much to live for and have absolutely no desire to live my life the way I did as an addict.

    My children, my husband and our life we have built is what I center my life upon now.

    My heart goes out to those who still suffer.

  52. carleigh says

    Kelly WOW is all I can say. It’s a small world ya know what I mean? My father as well owns his own business, has many friends (most that he treats better than his own “real family”), he is functional but not FUNCTIONING. My sister and I were around this all our lives and it made me realize I wanted a better for my own kids. I never blamed my father for his addiction when I truly understood when I was able to see beyond a child’s eyes and perspective…he has no self control and has no choice in this. He can function, he can work, he can do many things which I think is why he has never ever hit his “bottom”. I lost out on many things in childhood because my father was too drunk to make it to opereta’s, plays, musical recitals, christmas programs, school functions, sports, etc., etc. I vowed to make sure if I ever had kids of my own they would have to BEAT me or KILL me before I would miss one of their functions because I know how bad it hurt me. I used to feel like my father loved alcohol more then me but as I said above that was my perception through a childs eyes. Now that I am an adult I have forgiven myself for hating him, judging him and thinking that he actually had a choice about drinking. He will only finally realize that he can get sober when he himself is ready and nobody or nothing can change that. I hate what drinking has done to my family and I feel complete sympathy and understanding for others that have had to cope and live with someone they love who has an addiction. Don’t hate them because once they realize what they have done and how much time they have lost…they are going to hate themselves more than you ever could. But that can only begin by embracing sobriety.

  53. shirley&Laverne says

    Kelley, I totally agree with your post and TJ’s I think your sisterly love is blinding you. No drug addict is a good role model or parent, no way a person on drugs is able to make the every day decisions that come with being a parent.

  54. carleigh says

    Missymama you hit it best on the head. When someone is addicted they give up their control and cannot make choices since they aren’t themselves and are in the throes of addiction. I wish you well in your journey in life because from what I know personally meth (not that I have done it) it’s powerful…good luck, god bless you and stay strong.

  55. KellyMay says

    Carleigh, my Dad too is an alcoholicand continues to drink to this day. I purposely did not post here because “if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all” applies for me!

    My Dad functions in his world, he does not realize the affect that had on mine nor my sisters. In his world he is a successful business owner… it’s funny how different our perceptions are! Through therapy I can only be the best person I can be and learn from his mistakes (and my moms she still enables him), it comforts me to read your words because I have learned the same as you.
    It really bites, I needed a father but we are only stronger people because of it!
    I pray for Kate and her decisions as for you Carleigh I know the pain, take care girl and keep on smiling!

  56. Kelsey says

    Carleigh (# 19), I just wanted to clarify that I don’t think she is a great mother by any means and I wouldn’t trust my child with her even if it were just for a second. What I meant when I said that I wasn’t judging her as a mother is that I didn’t want to voice my opinion on her parenting skills, because the last time I did that I got shot down. So, to sum up my thoughts: I am not a fan of Kate’s, I think she has a lot of issues to work through, she is not a good role model, she isn’t what I would consider “beautiful” (at least in the world of modeling), and I do worry for her child. Well, glad I got that off my chest!

  57. missymama says

    I am a former addict of meth. I have been clean for 8.5 years , am married and have two children, a 3yr. old and a 10 mo old. I can tell you first hand how difficult it is to get sober. While I was an addict I became pregnant. Thankfuilly for the child I misscarried. From my experience I can tell you that it is a very powerful drug to overcome. I was disowned from my family and canned from every job I tried to keep. I hope for the sake of Kate’s daughter she is not caught up in this, but from what I can see she looks like a user, of coke, meth, something. The modeling world is harsh, such a demand to stay thin, no wonder these women turn to such extreames.

    To those of you who have never had to battle addiction, shame on you for saying what you would “choose”. When your an addict, there is no choice. You are sick and logic reasoning is not available. An addict cannot choose between say their child and their drugs. The drugs will always come first. Only after the addict has hit rock bottom can they choose what lifestyle they want to live….A life of drugs and jail or a life amongst the rest of us, clean married and raising healthy, normal children, working for a living.

    I have never posted before, but felt I could contribute.

  58. carleigh says

    Thanks for sharing your story about your brother. Addiction is something that doesnt discriminate no matter who, what or where you are or how much money you have or dont have. I believe that sharing a story also strengthens a person in a way if one person can learn or take something away from what you have said than so much the better. I wouldnt ever make light or fun of someone with this kind of disorder because there is nothing funny or good. Only pain and loss comes from losing a parent, partner,spouse, sibling or loved one to the clutches of addiction it is an evil and ugly situation. Bless your brother and family and I pray for his strength to overcome his demons and stay clean that is the hardest and most important thing.

  59. TJ's mom says

    Carleigh—Thanks for disagreeing with me like a mature adult! 🙂 You didn’t call me “stupid or dumb or a b*tch” (like I see some people do!) I appreciate you respecting my opinion and sharing your story! Good luck to you and your family!

  60. Stephanie says

    Babyhates- I was agreeing with you earlier – I have seen her in person as well – she is yucky … and the only reason any of her pictures/ads look as good as they do is because of photoshop.

  61. courtney says

    and i think she USED to be pretty, before the drugs starting taking their effect on her…that face says meth, crack, and coke all over it….the teeth, the dents in her face, the way her eyes look like bug eyes, im sorry but i wouldnt do that shit just by knowing what it makes u look like……trash…..and its sad that she has a beautiful daughter that has a mom that doesnt care enough to quit..and doesnt care enough to leave that sack of shit shes smiling at….hes no good….

  62. courtney says

    hahaha #14 i thought the same thing the very first second i saw the pic….i was like “whoa is that the rock…nah!!” hahaha funny……so anyways…ugh i hate kate moss!! and her freakin boyfriend looks like a crack head, hes so ugly! eeeww!!!!!!! shes ugly too though so its cool….u know theyll be doin all that shit again here pretty soon….u can look at the both of them and tell their druggies!

  63. says

    I have never been addicted to anything except ciggaretts. I gave them up the second I found out I was pregnant. I truly have to question a person who stays addicted to something. It can be beaten. IF the person doing it is willing to commit to quiting. Carliegh, I am sorry that happened to you and TJ’s mom, the same to your brother and his kids, but if I were a kid with a parent that did not give up an addiction, I think I would be damaged just by that. As a child we look up to our parents, and even though young children may not understand, one day when they are older they will, and it would be hard to forget about a parent who valued an addiction over their child.

    Kate needs to straighten up. Give Pete some spaca, and if he stays clean, then fine. However, I still believe that there are rules for AA and NA people that tell you that you should not be involved with another addict. I think that is a good rule. If one of you slips you both will probably fall. I feel for her little girl.

  64. babyhates says

    Stephanie – I’ve seen her in person and she looks NASTY !!! She look sgross in more then half of her pictures !!!!!

  65. Nicki says

    I hope for her daughters safety she doesn’t allow Lila around him. He has a child himself and isn’t allowed anywhere near him. That’s a smart Mom. The man was a junkie, shooting up not smoking a few joints here and there. That is a very dangerous habit to expose a child to.
    He doesn’t even have to be doing it around her, just needs to drop one of his needles, and by the looks of him, ( I’ve seen video footage of him high) he wouldn’t care if they were clean or not. I hope he does stay clean, but he just got out of rehab, what……3 or 4 days ago? He has been in rehab more than once, thats his track record.
    I don’t think she is all that pretty, but people pay her lots of money to model thier stuff, so there must be something there.

  66. carleigh says

    People who are taking drugs and alcohol to “cope” aren’t facing life and reality. They are escaping and not dealing with their problems. Addicts aren’t being the sober equivelent of themselves.

  67. carleigh says

    TJ’s Mom,
    I am glad that your brother was able to get the help he desperately needed and was able to recover completely. I was raised w/ an “functioning” alcoholic for a father and he still drinks to this day. The reason I stated that a person with an addiction can’t be a good parent is because of what I have learned from therapy myself. My father is an alcoholic and will more than likely be that way until the day he dies…there is nothing I can do to stop him, fix him or make it better for him. It’s totally his decision and he hasn’t so far in 35 years made the decision that his addiction is a real problem .
    I don’t know what your brother happened to be addicted to but I Know that I can only draw from my own experiences. People with any kind of addiction are caught up in something they can’t control and just because a person/parent may not practice their addictions around their kids doesn’t mean that alleviates or rectifies the situation. My father didn’t always drink around me but I knew he did it and it did effect me greatly. People with addictions are not being who they are meant to be, they are basically practicing a form of self medicating to make their own problems go away but in the process cause damage and problems for those who love them. You can have your own personal opinion that you think your brother was a great father to his kids and that he didn’t practice his addictions around his kids and that’s fine but from personal experience….I disagree strongly. If my father had been sober during my formative years I would have had a real father and not an alcoholic. I would have had a father who could have been a SOBER, loving and complete father not hidden behind the addictions of alcohol and all the crutches and problems that come a long with it. I do not drink to this day because I will not have my kids being robbed of me being the best mother I can be and when your practicing an addiciton I am sorry your not the best person or parent you can possibly be and that’s what kids deserve.

  68. Stephanie says

    babyhates – she looks awful in person – photoshop can do wonders for anyone after a professional photo shoot

  69. Stephanie says

    There are tons of reports that they will be married soon – lets hope not )o: I have no respect for her … the love and care for a child should come before anyone or anything!!!

  70. babyhates says

    No offense to any Kate Moss fans but I think she’s ugly and don’t know how she’s a model. She is also a druggie and her choice to be with a DRUG ADDICT is worse. For all those who defend her…. get real !

  71. TJ's mom says

    I don’t want to argue with anyone (really) but (like I said) my brother (in & out of rehab) was a good father. You can be addicted to drugs and still go to work everyday, make logical choices and be a loving parent. I’ve seen it first hand. My brother’s kids were the only good thing in his life. He would of died for those kids. He loved them, spoiled them, and kept his habit away from them. They are both very well level headed teenagers today (thank God). Drugs are an addition (just like cigarettes, drinking, pornography or food) and we shouldn’t judge those who fall into that trap. It’s only by the grace of God that any of us didn’t smoke one too many joints, or drink one too many shots and become addicted! Yes, this is my opinion and everyone is entitled to one. But I’ve seen it first hand. It’s sad and yes, it does rip families apart, but I don’t think judging people (who we don’t know personally) will make the situation any better! I wish them luck and the strength to deal with their additions and I hope that Kate always puts her daughter first…no matter what! Peace!

  72. Braydie says

    I have in the past been a kate supporter, not of her drug use of course but of her being a recovering addict. I cant see how she would want to have that man near her or her child. He looks like he needs to stay in rehab by the look of this picture . What is she smiling about? For real? The “amazing love” as our web mistress puts it …should be with her daughter not that guy. eww he just creeps me out.

  73. carleigh says

    Kelsey she’s an admitted drug addict herself….is this someone you would trust your own child with? How can she even be trusted to make good judgements when she consorts with a know drug addict himself who has had multiple rehab stints and failed everytime?

  74. carleigh says

    and one final thought just because a child isn’t directly exposed to a situation doesn’t mean that they aren’t intuitive enough to pick up on things. Little kids are smarter and brighter than some think and just because she might not be witnessing her mother or her mothers’ bf sniffing coke doesn’t mean at some point when she gets older that she won’t gather what’s been going on w/ her mother. This man needs a one way ticket outta Kate and Lila’s life! He’s a worthless druggie!

  75. Kelsey says

    I won’t judge Kate as a mother, but I will ask the question how in the world is she a MODEL?! Most of the time she looks like crap!

  76. carleigh says

    You can’t bue a wonderful parent while on drugs because your:
    a.) not making choices in the best interest of your child/children
    b.) when someone is on drugs they don’t exhibit the behaviour of a parent they are behaving like an addict!

    I don’t know too many people who would be too keen on leaving their kids in the care of a drug addict!

  77. carleigh says

    Kate obviously is making decisions based on her “own” personal needs rather than what’s in the best interest of her daughter Lila Grace. Men can come and go everyday and obviously this one needs to GO, GO, GO and never look back. Kate better get her shit figured out and get herself some help or she’s going to lose her daughter. Where is Lila Grace’s biological father when all this is going on? Someone needs to put their foot down and give Kate an ultimatum that she can have her druggie boyfriend or her kid but she can’t have BOTH! Lila Grace deserves a better life and a mother who puts her first.

  78. Vicki says

    Sarahs right you know, we’ve never seena pic of Pete with Lila. She might never have met him and what she doesnt know cant hurt her. I personally dont like Kate but I believe she does love her child xx

  79. Diana says

    Kate should get her life back in to some form of sensible state. She is in no fit state to look after her little girl whilst hanging around with a chap like Pete Doherty. However, on another point I think it is very sad how Pete has turned out really. Such a young lad with a huge talent and that is now wasted.

  80. courtney says

    she looks liek she son meth in that pic with him…..hes bad news and watch we’ll hear some crazy shit about him or him and her in not too long….all im worried about is that poor little girl!

  81. sarah says

    pete is in the papers every day in england and only 4% is about his music, the other 96% is about him and kate, him in rehab, him out of rehab, him in rehab, him taking drugs, him supplying people drugs while in rehab, him out of rehab ……….and so on, (you get the picture). He is a waster, i have never seen a pic with him, kate and lila.

  82. Elaine says

    I don’t think Lila needs Pete as a father figure – she already has a father who by all accounts is closely involved in her life. I don’t like Kate Moss at all, and I just don’t see how she is held up as a great style icon all the time, as I think she looks a mess most of the time. Am I right in thinking the only reason anyone knows about Pete Doherty in the US is because of his realationship with Kate and not because of his music?

  83. Lisa says

    my brother-in-law is also not allowed visitation with his two boys because he is a druggie. His sons do not need that around them until he cleans himself up. When you father or give birth to a child some people can not stop the selfish self-destructive behavior and in many cases they will screw these kids up beyond repair.

  84. Sick & Tired says

    How much does she care for her child that she would want that thing around her? I guess having to choose between her man and her child is too much for her.

  85. TJ's mom says

    Some women just like “bad boys”. Let’s just hope, for the sake of her child, that Kate keeps little Lila Grace away from any lifestyle that may be inappropriate.
    On a personal note, my brother had 2 kids and also had a drug problem (he was in and out of rehap numerous times). He was a great father to his children! We can only pray that what happens behind closed doors is not the same behavior that Pete portrays in public. Good luck to this “family” (for the sake of Lila Grace!)

  86. Lisa says

    she should get with that buff looking bodyguard instead of that chicken-little looking druggie wierdo

  87. sarah says

    what is this woman playing at?????????? she has a beautiful little girl who deserves a better father figure than “potty pete”. She has AWFUL tase in men. I dont like her one bit.


  1. Donna…

    \”…Scientists, addiction specialists and even former addicts are at pains to explain how addiction is a \”lifelong affliction\”, that full recovery is difficult and, for some addicts, impossible…\”…

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