Gwyneth & Moses Take Flight

Gwyneth and Moses were snapped getting ready to board their flight at LAX on September 21st. She certainly had a busy time while in the States and is probably thrilled to be heading back to London!

Gwyneth Paltrow



  1. Rhonda says

    Why does everyone ASSUME that is a nanny with Gwyn? Perhaps it’s a relative or a friend. She does favor Gwyneth’s mom Blythe a lot, so perhaps it’s her Aunt. Anywho! And who cares if she has a nanny or 500 nannies! They can afford it. Chris and Gwyn always put their children first, as is obvious in every picture you see of them together. They are doing a wonderful job raising 2 beautiful children. God bless them!

  2. elle says

    moses what kind of name is that and apple, well god help em when they start school and the bullys come in! haha!

  3. says

    Hey, you know what. There are times that I would use a nanny if I had one. No shame in that. At least he is with her and not rotting at home like a lot of kids have to when their parents are away. I think having a nanny makes it possible for her to be the entertainer that she is and still be a mommy. Kudos to her, and to Heidi. I feel the same way about her having a nanny too.

  4. Judy says

    She probably needed the nanny to watch him in the States while she did all of her public appearances. It seems as though Apple is back home with Daddy. It does beg the question… Where was Grandma Blythe? Couldn’t she hav watched Moses while Mom worked? Celebrities are so spoiled. I’m raising 3 young ones under the age of 4 without a nanny and I’m surviving with a life!!!

  5. courtney says

    people give heidi shit for having a nanny for her kids saying “cant she take care of her own kids bah blah blah” but she always has both of her kids with her, AND she preg! but she only has moses with her so why does she need a nanny? see….but moses is so precious!!

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