Denise Richards & Sam Hit CVS

I love Denise because she ALMOST looks like a normal Mom…she is dressed in comfy yoga/pilates-esque practical clothing and her daughters are just too adorable!

Sam looks so cute being Mommy’s helper carrying the CVS bag so earnestly!

Denise Richards



  1. Nicki says

    Sam looks cute in this pic, but she is definatly her Dad’s spitting image. Kids love to help, even if it takes longer to get it done, you let them, lol.

  2. carleigh says

    I believe Maggie G. is due next month they had some pretty pic’s of her just taken for a mag in this month’s issue of Cosmo and she looks so cute prego!

  3. says

    She hasnt had it yet, I think she still has a couple of months. Some other sites have her and jake out shopping together. She made some really negative statements about people being obsessed with pregnant celebrities, so that may be why she isnt getting very much attention. Denise look really at peace now adays.

  4. Dia says

    ya they look really cute! babyrazzi shud post some pics of maggie gyllenhaal during her preg stages too cuz she looks pretty cute!

  5. kelsie says

    I agree with #4, She is a great mom. There are very few hands on mom that i see. I think Jennifer Garner, Courtney Cox,Denis Richards, and Reese Witherspoon are all great momsI do think Sam looks like her dad,but i think Lola looks like her mom.

  6. pagal38 says

    I Have to Say This Mom Is Always With Her Kids Hands On . Denise Richards Has Got To Be One Of the Best Moms In Hollywood & Shes Raising Her Girls As Normal As Possible ,Good For Her! Both Sam & Lola Are Sooo Adorabley cute ! But I Think They Look Mostly Like Their Dad.

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