1. says

    Since one of the ideas is to split strings not into words, but hopefully into phrases more semantically informative than the words they are made of, doing that better should mean better suggestions, and avoiding what essentially are word n-tuples should make for smaller data and slightly faster querying.

  2. Adrianne says

    Well Gwen loves old Hollywood glamour, so that’s why she has porcelain white skin, red lips and very thin brows..She’s very much into that era and likes to emulate the beauty of those days.

  3. adamBrodyrachelBilson says

    I hate her red lips, no, i dont hate it, but why is she day for day wearing red lips, i cant see it anymore, lol…..!!!!!!
    but her baby is adorable, so cute, I hope so much gwen has someday two babies, a little girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Adrianne says

    Anything to criticize Rose. How embarrassing for you! Who are you the fashion police? Seriously how should she dress? Before her baby days, Gwen was fashionably unique and no one critized her then, but oh now that shes a mother shes now unfit somehow? Is that what I gather? It seems to me that your ridged approach to motherhood and to fashion itself has made you so very uptight that you cannot see anyone elses opinions as valid unless they comply with yours. How sad for you, and how sad you waste away your time arguing about a celebrity you can careless about, so why are you here? Just to hamper away so you can somehow feel validated about yourself? It seems to me this is very plausible, since you insist that she’s most likely unfit as a mother. And how do you gather that from the pictures.

    This is not a political arena and like you say you are giving opinions about the pics, so why then are you insulting republicans? Not that I care about anyone’s stance, just that you contradict yourself here!

    I think Gwen judging from the pics is quite hands on and I think thats great. The fact that her son is with her constantly, doesn’t that speak volumes about how she is as a mother already? We could see her going places solo and what would you say about her parenting skills then? So what if she wears bright red lipstick and leopard print, who gives a damn. What’s more important that she’s within a certain dress code or the fact that she’s mothering her son the best she knows how? Or do we need to interrogate her? My god lady give it a rest.

  5. Konstantina says

    Supa cute…but I have to say her pants are very illy fitted. She sooooooooo fit…but sometimes the cuts of clothing she chooses dont flatter her shape.

  6. says

    Hey gwen you look gorgiouse holding that cutie one your holding in your arms and he should be famous when he grows up because having a good mother like you he should be happy but you look cute when you guys are spending time together and keep it up Gwen.

  7. Kittie says

    I think Gwen and Kingston look fabulous and she has always looked fabulous no matter what she is a very pretty person and I think Kingston is lucky to have Gwen and Gavin (=^-^=)

  8. Alice says

    I just LOVE gwen …shes so stylsih and cute…I hope one day i caould be gwen…..for real…i want to BE GWEN!! all you people that are judging me are fuckers!

  9. Braydie says

    Doesnt it lol. I think it fits her also πŸ™‚ lets see if i can get a high score tonight on PS2 lol my husband asked that before he went to bed πŸ™‚

  10. carleigh says

    Oh and to Rose when I need it I can get it anytime I want. You I see have nothing better to do than whine, whine and whine about everything. You really need to be medicated or apparently you are maybe over medicated I haven’t figured out which yet. Keep talking it’ll give ya something to do on your “lonely” nights alone. Glad me and Braydie can entertain you. DUMBASS (Braydie I liike that one it fits her so well)

  11. Braydie says

    hey rose….I guess everyone is boring to you huh?? LOL you need to come up with something new. oh yeah im wishing im gwen …better yet angelina ooooo what’ca doing on so late rose??? cant sleep yourself LOL. yup go to bed…im sure by yourself, and attempt to have the kind of dreams I live, I dont have to dream or wish for anything.
    SEE carleigh…. told ya she couldnt be satisfied, maybe even a jumbo wont do the job ….ewww. Rose, go get some sleep and try to come back with some better things to say. i dont sleep alot, true, but you get sleep right….and unlike me, your still a dumbass.

  12. rose says

    You are both so boring!!!!! Yawn, yawn, i’m going to bed, unlike Bradyie who’ll be up all night wishing she were Gywen stefanie or Angelie Jolie or someone else other than herself; and carleigh, well she’ll just yammer on and on about nothing in particular, maybe carleigh you can use your BOB since it seems that you need it.

  13. Braydie says

    rose ~~unrose~~~sue~~…damn W/E your name is these days…do you really believe in your little minded head that you belittled us in some way?? If im classless lol your in the getto….which im sure you are anyway. still trying to “make” yourself look all high and mighty? well your not and Its really showing. also you werent disagreeing….Dumbass. You think its ok to tell someone who or who not they can have as a role model, that celebs just from pics dont look like they would be good mothers? you said she was boring… how do you know? like you said we dont know from pics if shes a good mother. do you know her to be boring …or is it becuz you dont like the way she wears her makeup and clothes?? So what your REALLY saying is that if we disagree with YOU then its not ok ….But WERE the ones that are in the wrong for not agreeing with you? omg your just too stupid to relize what your actually saying.I also havent said any curse words in my last couple of posts…if you think dumbass is a curse word then so be it…I dont but yup im gonna probably curse somemore…since thats the only way you seen to understand things, dumbass. as for “lowering” yourself….LOL you do JUST FINE with out even talking to or about me.
    carliegh~~~ im sure rose has enough “bobs” but you know …they dont go up to her “standards”. nothing makes rose happy, not even bob. maybe she should try a jumbo bob……….8>>>>>>>>>>>>>O

  14. carleigh says

    Oh well we could all chip in and get Rose a BOB (Battery Operated Buddy) that might help her not be so darn cranky! Poor Rose.

  15. carleigh says

    Oh Ok Rose since I am the first one to read your drivel yet we go…..! To quote you and I have to because this one is just to priceless “Carleigh and Braydie, Neither of you are worthy of any type of reasonable, human response”……….so if we aren’t worth a “human response” Rose since your so witty and a candidate for MENSA here…your responding by posting above what does that exactly make you here Rose??????? A complete and total idiot that’s what!!!!!!!! I have not used one curse word in post #46 or #49 but since I’ve been accused of filling my posts with curse words I will say YOUR A COMPLETE DUMBASS! To use one of Braydie’s apt descriptive words she nailed you on the head w/ that one Rose. As far as being overweight..well if I worried about that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy eating and sitting on my fat ass to retort to a DUMBASS like you now would I?? You shouldn’t throw stones when you live in a glass house dear and as far as a limited vocabulary…….I think your post #51 shows your no Rhodes scholar yourself. Yes, you succeed dear Rose you got me to lower myself to YOUR standards and I had so much fun and took great pleasure in doing it….have a nice night! PS……guess there were no takers at the bar tonight hey? LOL

  16. rose says

    Carleigh and Bradyie–
    Neither of you are worthy of any type of reasonable, human response, as you both have a limited vocabulary, consisting of nothing but curse words, and you both clearly do not understand what it means to be a part of an on-going blog, as though with whom you disagree are immediately dumbasses. I am happy, however, that i can provoke you to lower yourselves to the catagory of classless or maybe that’s just what you are…..

  17. Braydie says

    rose ~~ dont use my sleeping habits to be a excuse for YOU. also It is none of your business.whats the use of telling anyone to get a life?? everyone, no matter how it is …has a life dumbass. also where would you get that I want to be a celeb? I wouldnt wish that on anyone…even people that do want to become one. I have a great normal life that doesnt include watching oprah or being overweight. what you NEED to get is some self help books on how not to be such a dumbass… so a) read those books and 2) mudsling??? who says that? and 3) stop wishing you were smart. I dont have to dignify your stupid fat joke with a answer becuz all you did was say something bad about over weight people and thats not close to being funny even if I was overweight lol I bet i would be prettier then your drugie fat ass. I do eat chips though…yummmm

  18. carleigh says

    Hey Rose I like what kelly said awhile back….why don’t you go hump YOURSELF since you probably haven’t got a man in your life. Maybe that’s why your so jealous and critical of EVERYONE not just celeb’s but the people who blog on here as well. Now why don’t you hush and go down to the corner bar and try to get some victim oooooopppppsss…i mean man to take pity on you for the night. Maybe after you have release some of your obvious tensions you might come back and be a bit more civil and even gain some fresh perspective. I know when I don’t get mine I can get a bit cranky too!

  19. rose says

    Honey, you need to a)get a life and b) get some sleep and C) stop wishing you were a celebrity. YOu want to mudsling, well here goes: all of you are probably overweight, miserable housewives who watch oprah and eat too many potato chips. GET A LIFE and YOu braydie, GET SOME SLEEP, it may help your brain distill some of the celebrity fog that’s clouded it.

  20. Braydie says

    yup I believe that she was. Kinda not funny rose…your my fave word for the week…DUMBASS. get your other personalities in check or they will get you into troublllllleeee. LOL

  21. carleigh says

    Hey Rose my political inclinations have nothing to do with my personal opinions of your “simply” stupid ramblings. You think nobody can look good enough by your perfect standards and I am asking you do you even look 1/10 as good as Gwen on your best day and Gwen’s worse….unlikely. Obviously you have no sense of style or you would realize Gwen is wearing something that if Kingston happens to puke on she could take it off and wash it. No harm-no foul! Yes I happen to think that pic’s of celebs with their children does tell a lot about how they are as a parent. Most celeb’s don’t even bother to bring their kids out in the open for photo op’s but Gwen doesn’t care obviously spending time w/ King is more important to her. Are you admiting that the post from UNROSE WAS you on drugs BTW????

  22. sarah says

    I love gwen, she is FAB. She always looks good, my fashion icon, and she is a very hands on mum with her adorable little boy. GO GWYN !!!!!!!

  23. Diana says

    Rose – you are just jealous. Leave Gwen alone and realise you are in the minority here love!! πŸ˜‰

  24. Braydie says

    rose ~~~ there you go shouting your mouth off again on things you dont know just becuz you don t like her. your such a dumbass…its unbelievable.

  25. rose says

    Maybe you’re the one on drugs. Admit, she looks a bit haphazardly dressed in the photo. NOw, let’s get something straight, you’re saying that pictures of celberity mothers with their children make them good moms. Carleigh, Carleigh, how naive you are….Grow up, and keep the personal insults to yourself. This is a site for simple stating opinions about the pictures NOT cutting others down for posting their opinions. But, perhaps, you are a republican, for they are the only ones who cut people down for stating opinions.

  26. carleigh says

    See I was right nobody but Rose can satisfy Rose. How can we base our personal opinions on the fact that we only see Gwen carrying her little boy around? When we don’t know her personally??? Well everytime we have seen her except maybe once or twice in pic’s w/ Gavin on date night she has been seen toting her little boy around. If she looks sloppy to Rose/Unrose did you ever stop to think she’s wearing comfortable clothes and looks well put together for a day of shopping…she’s not strolling the red carpet or anything. As far as a $1000 dress (to quote from above) have you Rose/Unrose ever been spit up on????? Wouldn’t it kind make sense to wear something comfortable and WASHABLE in case the baby spit’s up??? I couldn’t even understand half of what the UNROSE stated above..maybe it’s Rose on drugs or something who knows. Gwen looks pretty comfortable and happy and when your a NEW mommy those two things take priority over anything else…I salute the fact she appears to be a very loving and hands on mommy and is able to spend this precious time with Kingston and still look FAB!

  27. Ms D says

    Now I think he is a total doll! I swear he gets cuter everytime I see his picture.

    I also think Gwen looks like a normal mommy. Doing whatever she needs to without feeling the need to ‘dress up’ all the time. I doubt she looks at trips out with Kingston as just another moment to ‘be seen’, you know?
    And I’m with you, Braydie–if she’s a sloppy mess, I want to be one too!!

    And about the stroller–isn’t it also possible that she was going to be doing something that would just take a few minutes? True, I know nothing about “Primrose Hill”, but even if it’s a shopping area, she might not have planned to be there for very long–hardly worth dragging out a stroller, IMO. And if he’s light enough, why not?
    But even so, I think it’s great that she doesn’t have someone following her around all the time to hold her baby. (Not that she hasn’t got a nanny–I’m sure she does–but the fact that she is so often seen carrying him around, well, I think that’s great!)

  28. rose says

    Wow, all these touchy people. YOu’d think that you were all in the picture or that she was you best friend whom you needed to defend. Yes, the girl in the picture is sloppy. Look at her shirts and her jeans.She is not tailored nor clean cut, that’s it. Seconldy, I”m glad that you all base your mothering skills on how often one is seen holding their baby. It cracks me up that you all state “she such a good mother, and they are such a great family?” how do you know this? Where is Mr. Gavin?” How often is Gwen seen alone with the baby?
    If being seen holding your child is the number one criteria for being a good parent, then we all need to rethink our standards, it takes a lot more than being photographed (and a celebrity) to be a good parent.

  29. halmoni13 says

    Gwen is so pretty and that baby, daddy look-a-like, is so precious but it kinda scares me that she carries him so open like that. I was thinking when I saw the picture how easy it would be for some nutjob to grab him out of her arms. I wish she would put him in a sling or something. I guess I’m just overprotective.

  30. TJ's mom says

    #34 “Unrose”- Are you also the #27 “Anonimo” post from “Pregnancy Baywatch Style”? Hmmm…just wondering!

  31. Braydie says

    I just want to know …how exactly does she look sloppy to you??? her hairs done, makeup is on, clothes are alright, jewerly on and kid dressed, what more you ass’s want from her? to wear a 1000.00 dollar dress shopping??

  32. Unrose says

    oh, lets not note anything that does not please those others. because when Rose says she not likes girl in picture then other foreign people in the internet come here to this page and say oh no, dont not like this picture. then i must add that not liking the not liking of the picture of the girl is just put there as a personal remark about the picture and those reacting to Rose have nothing else better to do but to look for somebody posting something that is a contradiction to what they post. they dont react to the picture, they react to the reaction, which is different from their own interpretation, so actually they have no opinion but that other opinion is wrong. internetpeople are other-opinion-hunters, because only in the internet it is where they formulate their opinion, while in real life thea either shut down or locked up. thats what they have to live with. and yeah, this girl on the picture is a sloppy slobby girl, trying to make up for something. but i still love her, because she rocks. like the roll eh, years of partaking substances in the vip of crazy clubs and hotel rooms in foreign countries with foreign medicines. you know, you internetpeople you.

  33. carleigh says

    Rose you actually think Gwen is a sloppy mess? LOL….wow I just have to sit and wonder what you would consider to be impeccable and pristine? WOW….you must have inconceivable standards for you own self then right? Gwen takes the time to put herself together and take care of herself and she looks radiant and happy as a mother and her son as we can all see is the center of her universe. So I don’t think that Gwen is doing to bad a job and maybe she could be a model for other women in the process. She’s happily married, has a beautiful son, a DDG hubby, a successful career…and yet she still hasn’t superceded Roses’ standards…WOW that sounds impossible.

  34. joanna says

    rose, ur probably a sloppy mess who knows it and is probably so down about it u feel the need to call it someone else just to feel good about ya self. i think gwen is beautiful and kinston is so gorgeous its unreal! x

  35. Braydie says

    gwen is fine the way she is. sloppy mess? i wish i was a sloppy mess then too …half the time when i have a day off i dont even wear makeup or lol brush my hair. shes a good mom you can tell. and she is much to be desired….she has gavin as her hubby!!!

    rose your just jealous. jealous you look like a 33 yr old woman and your only 18. and u dont have to comment on that cuz it wasnt a question….

  36. Olivia says

    Whoa, I certainly think that was a rude statement. She is by no means sloppy!!!!!. Good Lord, she looks like a normal mama, not all goo gaa full self importance phoney too busy to hold her own child. Caring for her child instead of frantic over baby weight and starving herself to get back to her pre baby body. I say good for you Gwennie! Love that precious baby as the wonderful mama you have shown to be and who cares what others say. You have never been a crowd follower and it seems the world adores you, well. except for Rose, but OH WELL!!!!!

  37. rose says

    Carleigh–it means exactly what it means, she leaves much to be desired. Half the time she looks like an 18 year old undergraduate instead of a 33 year old woman. She’s a sloppy mess and her bleach blonde hair and red lipstick have got to go. She’s boring.

  38. carleigh says

    Kingston is totally adorable and you can tell he is very loved!
    Gwen loves him so much she doesn’t want to put the little pea pod down for a sec and when they are that age it’s really hard to do!

  39. Vicki says

    awwwww πŸ™‚ Bless his cotton socks lol. Ya know I think Kingston might have even overtaken Sean Preston as the cutest celeb baby !! xxxx

  40. BritishMumma says

    There are not very many woman who can carry off the bleach blonde- red lippy look without looking trashy and Gwen is one of them. Still curious to know wheter she actually owns a pram at all? I hope she doesnt buy one of those hideous Stokke xplory’s like Rachel Weize (sp?)

  41. Diana says

    Gwen is the epitome of a glamorous and beautiful mother. I love the way she looks so glamorous out and about during the day, and I know that some people don’t like her lippie, but I think she suits it so well πŸ˜‰ Kingston is one beautiful boy also!

  42. TJ's mom says

    Hey Braydie…you think baby gear is heavy now….wait until baby #2 comes…hee hee! πŸ™‚

  43. Braydie says

    kingston IS the most adorable baby…I cant get over how much he looks like gavin !!!!! I never carry my car seat. Ive learned thatits so much more heavier with the car seat. and I also gave up on purses lol, I have a wallet in the small baby bag carry. I find it much easier to do it that way.
    (also she might be carring kingston but im sure a nanny is carring everyhting else) πŸ™‚

  44. TJ's mom says

    I love Gwen (really, I do!)…but when my kids were that young, I had them in a baby carrier like 90% of the time. It was too hard holding a wiggly baby, diaper bag, purse, phone, etc. (example: Britney Spears almost “dropping” SPF #1). I’ve seen one picture of Jennifer Garner holding a baby carrier and I think that’s it. Do celebrities not own them? or do you think they kind of like the attention they get from holding their babies so everyone can see them? Just a question? …and yes, little Kingston is adorable. Glad he wasn’t in a baby carrier where I couldn’t see him…haha! πŸ™‚

  45. Kelli says

    Ahh Kingston is too adorable!! I’ve always liked Gavin and Gwen, and Gwen seems so devoted. I wish there were more pics of him and his daddy! Oh, and, they’re not really my style, but I love Gwen’s jeans!

  46. Jen says

    I love that he’s looking right at the camera. He is one cute kid and she always looks so well put together.

  47. Khristina says

    I think by far he is the cutest celeb boy baby out there!! I agree with you Kelsey, it is refreshing to see the mother actually be a mother!! Thumbs up to Gwen!! He is gorgeous!!

  48. Kelsey says

    I just love how hands-on Gwen is! I don’t think I have ever seen a picture of Kingston being held by a nanny! She looks like such a loving mama and I wish her all the best!

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