Glowing Gwyneth Paltrow Unveils Her New Fragrance

Here is Gwyneth at the unveiling of Pleasures by Gwyneth Paltrow fragrance on September 20th. She looks so radiant and relaxed. There were some pics of Gwyneth with little Moses arriving at LAX on the 19th, but it was so obvious that she was trying to hide his face from the cameras that I just didn’t feel right about posting them. Who knows? They can be found here at JustJared. Moses is a cutie!
Gwyneth Paltrow



  1. Doh says

    Yeah well you would like carleighs comment joanna cos your too stupid to think of anything yourself…..moose…LOL

  2. patadagirl says

    may goodness…give it up…maybe she’s exhaling. wow…she looks fabulous…she looks happy…she is gorgeous …we should all be so lucky to look so wonderful.

  3. carleigh says

    Well I had to say I can’t let the likes of DUMBASS Rose one up me now can I??? It’s just to easy to target her/him because they walk or should I say run right into it but opening the big mouth! LOL

  4. carleigh says

    hey Rose if I go buy some WEED KILLER would it make ya dry up and go away? Anything’s worth a try! I think your sad and pathetic and socially inept because you certainly don’t have the appearances of someone intelligence. You seem to be ill educated, ill mannered and ill tempered. Maybe you should go back to the playground again and figure out why all the other little kids picked on you?

  5. rose says

    Here is Carleigh again shooting off her big mouth and being a republican by putting down whomever disagrees with her. GEt out your BOB and chill, my friend.

  6. carleigh says

    Welcome Emma C…and I notice you had ABSOLUTELY nothing constructive to add about the TOPIC either did you??????? HHHHHHMMMMMMMMMM hello pot I think we found out kettle!

  7. carleigh says

    No I didn’t say that so why are you trying to put words in my mouth Rose? I have demonstrated several times here that I can state exactly what I think and don’t need others to insinuate stupid things like what you said above. It’s not what i said, stated or even implied so try again. Feeble at best. Better luck next time.

  8. carleigh says

    I didn’t say that or imply it so don’t put words in my mouth. I in turn asked YOU Rose what your basing your stupid comments on? You say that Heidi, Angelina, and Gwen should “take a lesson” from Gwen P?? That’s what I am wondering what you were implying. All of those celeb’s looks fab so what are you implying was simply the question? Do you look better than any of them? Probably not and neither do most mere women that’s why they get the BIG BUCKS for HOW THEY LOOK!!!!!!!!!

  9. rose says

    What’s wrong with you? You really think that becoming a size 2 six weeks after having a baby is good or healthy? Chill out.

  10. emma c says

    Hey Rose, you made a fair comment(which i agree with) and thats what this site is all about. Being able to say what you feel. If people dont like or agree with what you say then thats tough but unfortunately there are a few regulars on here who think they own this comments section. Maybe they should realise that this is for comments about the relevant subject and not a place for bitching about other people who make a comment…!!!

  11. carleigh says

    Rose I stated above how good I thought Gwen looks are can you READ??????? I was wondering what you are basing your opinions about Heidi, Angelina and Gwen??? Are you using your own personal standards as a protocol for how these other women should look??? Heidi always looks great and manages to look chic and stylish while pregnant. Angelina favors dark clothing and if you check the pic’s of her and Brad on their date night she looks fab..and check back to the Gwen at Primrose Hill if you want to reference any info I posted about Gwen. Sounds like you in your own glorified mind feel your perfect so you can sit there and say that these women in your opinion look unkepmt or sloppy or whatever phrase your now using. Are you perfect? A size 2? 5’5 and 100 lbs.? Do you have kids? How good do you look after having a kid or two? If you did you wouldn’t sit here so freely and pick apart these celeb’s that manage to looks so damn good w/ in 6 weeks of having a baby that it makes the mere mortals like me green w/ envy.

  12. rose says

    Carleigh–how do you know what i look like, and secondly all i said was that unlike some of the hollywood mothers around gywenth paltrow has some class.I don’t see her life being plastered all over the tabloids nor do i see her selling pictures of her baby to Vanity fair or People. I also don’t see her dressed like she was cleaning the garage, which is a nice change. As Emma C said, she has curves and doesn’t mind showing them off, that’s great and she looks healthy. What’s wrong with that?

  13. carleigh says

    Rose just wishes everyone looked like her and was up to her impossible standards…it’s called be an individual.

  14. emma c says

    I think she looks absolutely fabulous. It makes a nice change to see a celebrity with curves and she obviously doesn’t mind showing them off. Well done gwynnie.

  15. rose says

    Finally a hollywood mother who not only looks healthy but who has class. Angelina, Gwen and Heidi Klum should take a lesson from her.

  16. carleigh says

    I agree she looks amazing and healthy but I too concur that she kinda does look prego again and I was even thinking that when I looked at the pic’s of her carrying Moses.

  17. says

    Is she preggers again???? Does anyone know for sure, cuz you are right ladies she look slike she is, and she looks beautiful!!!! She has got some gorgous locks going on.

  18. says

    Is he preggers again???? Does anyone know for sure, cuz you are right ladies she look slike she is, and she looks beautiful!!!! She has got some gorgous locks going on.

  19. Diana says

    In the last pictures of Gwyneth I thought she looked pregnant also, but it could be that she has struggled to loose all her tummy weight. She looks wonderful however in these pictures. So lady like.

  20. Deb says

    I have to agree I think she looks fabulous. Preggers or not, I think women look more feminine when they have rounder bellies.(and some boobs!) It’s stick thin models that make us think that is the way we are supposed to look. Gwyneth looks amazing in the dress pictured above.

  21. Kristin says

    I think Gwyneth looks way better here than years ago when she was so scrawny, she looked malnourished.

  22. Jenn says

    Because there’s still interest from readers to see them, even if you yourself are not going to post them. They do that at Celebrity Baby Blog too. I think it’s pretty common.

  23. Amie says

    whats the difference in not posting the pictures because you don’t “feel right”, but then adding the link on your page so that everyone can go and see it?

  24. Sarah says

    I think I just recently read a quote from her complaining how long it takes for her to lose the baby weight, and that she wasn’t back to pre-pregnancy shape yet. And I think the dress doesn’t help hide any weight thats for sure.

    Either way, she looks gorgeous, as always.

  25. Kelsey says

    I must say that I agree with Vicki. Maybe it is just this particular dress, but her tummy does look a little rounder. After having Moses she slimmed down, so I am not quite sure if this dress is the problem or if she really is expecting another little one.

  26. Vicki says

    I swear 2 god shes pregnant !! Does anyone else think she looks it ?? I hope she is then we can see even more cutie babies !!! xxx

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