JLo Turns To IVF For Two Babies

Considering she is 37 it certainly makes sense that she is turning to IVF for some help in conceiving.

Jennifer Lopez has turned to IVF treatment in a bid to get pregnant.

Here she is pictured at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 13th.

Jennifer Lopez

The singer-and-actress – who is married to Latin star Marc Anthony – is
reportedly desperate to have two children and has been talking to patients
at the IVF – In Vitro Fertilisation – clinic in Los Angeles’ Cedars-Sinai
Medical Centre. A source told Britain’s The Sun newspaper: “Jennifer said she wanted to have two children. She said she’d recently started IVF treatment and couldn’t
wait to have a family.” The 37-year-old ‘Maid in Manhattan’ star, who recently said she would “do anything to get pregnant”, has also tried eating spinach to make her more
fertile. On her doctor’s recommendations, J.Lo has been eating the leafy vegetable
three times a day to boost her intake of folic acid and increase her chances
of conception. She recently said: “Since my doctor recommended it I’ve been on spinach
omelettes for breakfast, spinach salad for lunch and sautéed spinach with
every dinner. I guess if the spinach doesn’t help me conceive, I’ll still end up with
Popeye-sized muscles. Last month, Jennifer’s spokesman rubbished reports she was expecting her first child, after US pop star Jesse McCartney told a radio station she was
pregnant. The spokesman said: “She is 100 per cent not pregnant.”

It has to be very depressing for her.

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  1. says

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    • Get real says

      Ok ladies why are you acting like J – LO reads these o my gosh don’t you know that you write to your self she could care less about your comments and that’s why she never leaves one for you to read.

      Goodness have a great day

      Get Real

  2. says

    jlo i wish the best ,iwish the father was ben we are respect you person and personal life.if you wish have baby god bless you health and love we are wish the best

  3. Tiffany says

    and why would she want to steal marc anthony away??!?! there are tons of handsome, single men. i just don’t get it. why break up a family? but still it took 2. marc is also to be held accoutable. i think he’s desperate for fame and money.

  4. Tiffany says

    j.lo went SO down after getting with marc anthony. even top mags have said it. she is boring now, isn’t as sexy, looks older, dresses “old”. i want the old j.lo back! they say sales of her clothing line and especially album has gone down.

  5. Georgia says

    Hi jennifer you are a great singer and i hope u have some babies soon cos if you do then they will be gorgeous with your beautiful face and Marcs handsome looks.

    Im a great fan i have got lots of your cds and dvds and i have a memory book of you my dad said that if you do a concert in the uk then he will take me. Anyway hoppe to see some good news about babies in your life good luck
    bye xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



  7. tatianacastaneda says


  8. elea says

    I’m sure she will soon be expecting and will be a wonderful mother—but why does she NEED to have twins?—is one not good enough or something?!? to have a baby in itself is a blessing

  9. Nancy says

    Wow, it’s my first time to this site and I am amazed by what I read. It seems like half of you are genuinely concerned about J Lo and about the topic of infertility, despite her celebrity status, and the other half of you are so ignorant that you resort to name-calling and venturing to judge Jennifer Lopez based on what you might have read about her (if you can even read) in the tabloids.
    Listen, if you were living in a fishbowl and everyone knew ALL of your business, how would you like it? Actually, we do not know EVERYTHING
    It is very clear that you haters out there need to 1) spend less time blogging and more time learning correct grammar and how to spell, and 2) stop judging others and throwing stones when you yourself are not perfect, and finally, 3) you need to get a life.

    Personally, I think Jennifer Lopez is talented in many areas and has probably accomplished soo much more than a lot of you who judge and criticize her. No, she is not perfect, I am not perfect, and NEITHER ARE YOU. Now, stop your immature griping and do something meaningful with your lives.

    To all you loving, positive woman out there, it was a pleasure to read your postings. Congratulations to all of you who have been blessed with conception and my prayers go out to those of you who are still trying. Peace.

    Dr. Nancy

  10. Lashawnda cosby says

    Jlo you are not having sex on your ovulation days and that is two weeks after your cycle keep tryin that and i would say if you do that afew times bingo youll be preggers .

  11. Lashawnda cosby says

    Jlo you are not having sex on your ovulation days and that is two weeks after your cycle keep tryin that and i would say if you do that afew times bingo youll be preggers .

  12. Lynn says

    With all of the MEN this Woman has been SLEEPING WITH since she has been famous – boyfreinds, fiancees, husbands – why can’t she get pregnant? She is constantly bragging about her sex life! She is 40 yrs. old – she better hurry her clock is running out!

  13. Anabella says

    Hey Jennifer one of this day’s your dream will come true to have baby’s good luck and god bless you with a baby.

  14. DIANA B says

    You know JLO, you are just like all the other celebrities selfish and spoiled. I beleive and have faith you will get pregnant hopefully naturally. All the other are correct why are you JLO never pictured with YOUR stepkids?

  15. michelle says

    i saw on US mag an article about her having a nursurey and stuff…….. so either she is pregnant or she has a nursury just in case she gets preggers.

  16. MAILE says

    humm.. i thought jen u was having a baby last i heard u was preggy gurl . dont let me find out its all lies gurlll

  17. MAILE says

    humm.. i thought jen u was having a baby last i heard u was preggy gurl . dont let me find out its all lies gurlll u crazy .

  18. Jennifer says

    Jennifer espero que que con el tratamiento de fertilidad quedes enbarazada pronto por que te beras bien bonita enbarazada y sino quedas enbarazada pronto solo tienes que darle tiempo al tiempo y comendarte en cuerpo y alma a Dios pedirle desde lo mas profundo de tu corazon tus deseo de ser madre pronto y buena suerte.

  19. Adrianne says

    Regardless of our personal opinions..we should wish the best on those struggling to have children. It’s the single most precious gift a women can ever give to her loved ones and to her family. .I myself have recently become pregnant after several losses. I hope the best for anyone with fertility problems even for a celebrity like Jennifer Lopez who may seem to have it all.

  20. VA says

    A little bit of faith and prayer will always help. We are all created from one man. Many people don’t realize that. As celebtities I hope they too realize how important faith is. God will bless them with a child when the time is right. Good luck to Brad & Jen. God Bless!

  21. Alice says

    I hope to god it doesnt work! she dont need to have kids. marc is the picture of UGLY NASTY GROSS and she just need to eat more spinish and CHOKE. I HATE JLO. I HATE ALL OF YOU!!!!!

  22. Braydie says

    Hey all the web mistress took off some of the posts that wasnt mine on past posts lol!!! awsome im happy. however I still believe this site since its so popular should have a registration to get on to it. probably why your being targeted now carliegh. 🙁 sorry girl…I’ll take em for you!!!! Take my handle, NOT carlieghs…im used to it!!!!!

  23. Braydie says

    carliegh…isnt it funny how we know if its that person or not lol. i knew those werent your posts lol. and alot of people BEFORE i even seen the posts that were made under my name said that it wasnt me too lol. lets all play the name game and just have fun with it til they change the site.

  24. carleigh says

    I just saw the stupid little posts someone left under my handle on the Brooke Burns/david Charvet post and it’s just getting to stupid for words. I don’t know if there is someway for us to ever prove who it is so I guess we just have to realize that even though we don’t personally know one another we do know after such a period of time that a certain person posing to be you or I would say things that in all actuality neither of us would ever say. This is just becoming a stupid petty childish little game and I hope at some point that people will just grow up and get some nerve and “expose” themselves and stop trying to hide behind someone else’s handle like a little scared bitch! I hate that! THIS IS THE REAL CARLEIGH HERE…………..LOL

  25. carleigh says

    Yes Braydie your right #39 and #40 were not me at all. I wouldn’t say something like that. Another case of “internet identity theft”..oh well at least most people (the ones who have a history of blogging with me on here) know that this isn’t something I would even say.

    Enough about that if I give the idiot to much attention it’s only going to encourage the cowardly poser the acknowledgement that he/she is so desperate for….pretty sad really.

    Thanks for knowing the “real” me Braydie I wouldn’t talk to you like that. Moving on now…: )

  26. Vicki says

    Good 4 u Braydie, U say wat u think gurl !! Us regulars gotta stick 2geva And good luck with the baby !! xxx

  27. Braydie says

    also gotta address the stupid comment about looking for friendship….sorry im not one of those people that have to look for friendship, i do fine IRL….maybe your the one with issues for even thinking that???

  28. Braydie says

    carleigh ~~ post 39 and 40 doesnt sound like you. I dont know what your on if it is you lol.
    and If it isnt you…..people that use other peoples handles for there own warped use is ruining this site…not me. If you dont like what I have to say then leave….how hard is it for you to not come back to this site if you dont like what people are saying. I was asked…I didnt just throw those “personal stats” out. like I said, “honey”, dont like it dont read it or leave….that simple.

  29. carleigh says

    Braydie chill honey. I believe you should stop ruining this site for all. Let us make our comments and cease throwing your personal stats into this site. Really, honey, I believe, if you really are with child again, so soon, you need to relax, let the maid carry on, and stop with the harsh, unnecessary replies to anyone else on this side besides you with an opinion that differs from yours. If you are so looking for friendship from this site, maybe you should dig deep into your own soul. I believe you have issues that you need to address.

  30. carleigh says

    I believe Marc also has an older daughter from a previous relationship. I haven’t ever seen pic’s of him and Jennifer with the boys but I have seen pictures of them with a little girl. I’m not sure if it’s his daughter or maybe Jennifer’s niece…who knows. I’ll research..LOL

  31. Braydie says

    Deb, ever see the times im on lol? Im mostly on late nites. I have 4 in home with me now, ones in boston. It does help that I have a maid. she comes every day for 2 hrs But she yells at me becuz theres nothing ever for her to do lol. I cant stand anything sitting around. i hope this new baby is a girl cuz ive been the only girl (besides my cat) in the house for 13 yrs lol. but if its a boy ill be happy too, Im used to boys anyway 🙂 a firnd of mine just gave me a book on “irish” twins lol. Its pretty funny.
    as for marc a. and Jen L. I dont know …all i know is what I read in creditable papers or interviews. he says he sees them…maybe its not true.

  32. Brandy says

    To Braydie – don’t stress about 2 being only 15 months apart. My oldest two are 12 months and 3 weeks apart. After my panic attack when I found I was preggers again, by the way you are way more fertile immediately after giving birth my doc told me, I got used to the idea. It’s not so bad, and now they are super close b/c of how close in age they are. Instead of changin one diaper at a time, you learn to change both at once, things like that – good luck!

  33. babyhates says

    I agree with LISA, jlo & ma are always alone ! Never with there kinds ! Like I said before HE NEVER SEE’s them …. All those people that say “oh but he has them every weekend”.. no he can if he wants to !!! Court order….. I use to like JLO but she really is a selfish person and a homewrecker !!! I hope her ex husband’s book comes out and all the dirt comes out !

  34. Lisa says

    by the way Braydie

    I am jealous, I’d love to be pregnant

    Congrats and keep us updated on your pregnency/ upcoming bundle of joy

    Congrats again

  35. Lisa says

    so tell me Braydie

    how many pics do you see of these two with his children?
    How many of these two singing to eachother, on vacation alone, out to eat alone, out to premieres and the such alone.

    Open your eyes to the possibility that M A has moved on to trying for his “new family”

  36. Deb says

    Braydie, 5 kids!? Wow, you must be busy…how do you find time to cruise this board?? lol! I’m up at 12:41 am and I have no little kids anymore (cept my grandbabies!) so I can stay up late and read and comment. Congrats on the new arrival! Enjoy, it really does go by toooo fast!

  37. Braydie says

    I have the article right here that says he gets them every weeekend. Just becuz in a decree it says everyother weekend doesnt mean he doesnt get them as much as possible.
    TJ’s mom no worries lol i didnt even notice.

    ty for the congrats everyone:)

  38. TJ's mom says

    Braydie…I’m sorry! I should not of said “Baby #2”. I know that you adopted your brother’s kids and they are also your “babies” (no matter how old they are). I should of said “Congratulations on Baby #5 and pregnancy #2” 🙂

  39. TJ's mom says

    Braydie-Congratulations on baby #2! Don’t let the thought of having two kids in diapers freak you out! You get thru it and you think “Wow! That wasn’t that bad!”…It’s when they get out of diapers that you start having all the problems! Uugghh! It’s amazing how fertile you become after having one baby. It’s like your body goes “Ohh…so THAT’s how you do it!” I’ve heard alot of people say how hard it was getting pregnant with #1 and after that, they started “popping” them out! 🙂

  40. Isabel says

    JLo looked so elegant and svelte while dating Ben Affleck but soon turned frumpy with Marc Anthony. I believe she is sorry it did not work out with Affleck. Marc Anthony is a step down. In my opinion, it is a mistake when people stick with their own. Bad idea!

    By the time she sheds Marc Anthony, she will be a typical “housewife.”

  41. Lisa says

    as a mother of two stepsons and one biological child a stepfamily is a family, whether J Lo/Marc are never seen with the boys or not. It is just as sad to me that I never see these two with his preschool toddler aged sons. Try being more of a father to your present children and mom to your stepchildren before you selfishly add another

  42. Lisa says

    I have read their filed divorce/custody agreement only allowes every other weekend and split holidays-not every weekend

  43. Braydie says

    they have met her. I seen pictures where they visited jen on her movie monster in law and they have the children from what marc has said every weekend.

  44. Vicki says

    I find it a bit strange tht Marcs children have never even met J Lo !! What wud happen if she does have her own baby, it would be related 2 Marcs kids yet they wouldnt no it existed = Surely thts not right !! xxx

  45. babyhates says

    Well you know Mark Anthony’s ex wife was sooo sweet and I can see why their kids don’t know any better because he was never home……….. as a matter of fact if you read J-Lo’s ex husband’s book (well the parts that have been released), it talks about how J-Lo and Mark have been “together” for years now and Mark just finally got a divorce. And yes Lisa she claims to be a great step mother but she never calls them her kids or our child …… gessss if that article is correct the kids don’t even know she’s there step mom !!!!!

  46. Rhonda says

    Marc Anthony’s ex-wife Dayanara Torres still hasn’t told their children their father has married Jennifer Lopez, the former Miss Universe tells Latina magazine. In fact, the two boys don’t even know their parents are divorced. “They don’t know much really, because Ryan is just a baby and Christian hasn’t noticed,” Torres revealed. “Until now, I’ve just kept Christian away from everything ? from TV, from pictures.

    Not sure if it is true but this was on a site. How wierd is that.

  47. Lisa says

    correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t J Lo already a stepmom thus doesn’t she already have a family?

  48. Diana says

    Joloda – I hope that you are successful through IVF and will pray for you that you are. Alexia – I do agree with you to a certain extent but it is really difficult when you can’t have children and it is nice that they can afford to go through IVF. Many cannot.

  49. Diana says

    My sister in law and her twin sister both went through IVF and conceived first time round. God bless them both x

  50. Kelli says

    Wow – I didn’t read the headline or story before I saw her picture – and I thought it was Fran Drescher!! LOL. That is an odd look for her in that pic. Anyway, best of luck to her and Marc!

  51. Braydie says

    TJ’s mom….we also were on fertility drugs for 2 years before we got pregnant. my son is 7 months old and im pregnant again without them:) Its finally sinking in that im going to have 2 in diapers and only 15 months apart. we didnt think we would get pregnant with out the drugs but ….what were you on> they put me on chlomid (sp) first for 6 months and nothing…then they tried fermara, it was a new drug and that worked.

  52. TJ's mom says

    Just goes to show you, money can’t buy you everything! I wish her well! Infertility is tough! We tried for 5 years…and just when we were about to give up, I got pregnant! 9 months after my son was born, I got pregnant again! Have faith and don’t lose hope! It will happen!

  53. Kelsey says

    I sure hope she isn’t eating spinach any more due to the current situation. I am not sure if this is an issue all over the U.S., but in my area spinach has been carrying e. coli and I think 100 people have already been affected by it.

  54. ~Lisa~ says

    I feel bad for her…. she finally has the marriage that she wants, but can’t get preggers…. Good luck Jen!

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