Heidi Klum & Children Touch Down At LAX

Heidi is seen here arriving at LAX on September 16th with her children. I love Leni and Henry’s groovy shirts!

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum



  1. says

    Our own personal Idaho’s I guess. The rich and famous are always running on about how hard it is to be working parents, but they have all this help, it makes me wish I had their talent (or looks what have you). Some people see work time as a sort of break from their kids I guess, personally I would l.o.v.e to have a nanny to follow me around and bring my kid with me to work everyday. I miss him so much durring the day that I could cry. Luckily I work pretty close to his daycare, so I go there durring my lunch hour three times a week so I can get a dose of him, tee hee. I’m soooo jealous.

  2. Lisa says

    NO a nanny/ daycare/ babysitter to me is for when i am not able to be with my child (work, gym, etc..) not when I am out shopping with my kids, at the park ,etc… I raised my own child and paid a lot of money when she was younger for quality daycare services when I worked. I get such a kick when these famous woman talk about how hard it is to be a “working mom” These women have no idea

  3. courtney says

    and plus heidi is always out and about with her children, they go to games and parks and walk around..what do u mean “take care of ur own kids” ?? plus if she didnt have nannys and she had to work…then what!? well shit ud be sayin “get a nanny” then huh!? no ones perfect

  4. courtney says

    well im sure she can handle her own kids but shes a busy woman! shes got people always around her and her family trying to take pictures, god forbid someone snatch one of her kids up! shes got 2 and carrying a 3rd so im sure shes just like WHOA! plus when u travel as often as she does shes got to have someone help with the kids so she can make sure all her stuf is being properly taken care of and everything…im so glad im not famous id die if people said the things about me that they say about all these people who entertain us…i think people forget that these famous people go through SO MUCH just to give us shit to read about and pictures to look at and movies to watch and music to listne to and everything!!! they have no source of a private life and then they have to deal with poeple talkin shit and spreading rumors…good god!

  5. dianna says

    Why does she need TWO baby nurses…or nanny’s??? Can’t these girls manage at least their own kids on their own?????

  6. Jenn says

    I totally agree with you Courtney, we all just come here because we are bored, nit to check and see if our stocks went up, not like it is life and death people! You complaine when our mistress dose not put anything up, and still complaine when she dose, you are too hard to freakin’ please! Lay off her people.

  7. courtney says

    ya we see a lot of her but gees yall its still something to look at…the only reason im on this site everyday is bc im bored at work and i enjoy loking at all the new pics no matter who it is…..not being mean or anythign but its really not that big a deal…

  8. babyhates says

    Again with the only new pictures are oh HIEDI……. gessssssss is there no other celeb mom out there ??? Also she looks like she has big feet

  9. says

    HONESTLY ENOUGH OF HER!!!!!! TELL US WHEN SHE HAD HER BABY BOY AND BE DONE WITH IT…..I am sick of seeing her here everyday, are there no other celebrities out there with babies????? I know you are the owner Heidi but sorry we are sick of looking at you all the time. Put someone else in!!!!

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