Heather Locklear & Daughter

Heather Locklear and 8-year-old daughter, Ava were spotted leaving a Sherman Oaks, CA toy store together with a cart full of toys.

Heather Locklear



  1. Naomi says

    My sister is in the same grade as Ava…
    Ava is a very cute girl. She’s very sweet and polite. She does not act spoiled at all!!!
    Who cares if it’s fr Ava or another kid. That’s absolutely none of our business :o)

  2. Deb says

    Too funny gang! I see only a couple of bags in that picture. One looks sort of like a big blue truck. Maybe they aren’t shopping for themselves at all, but for another kid’s birthday party…either way…a couple of toys is hardly spoiling any child!!

  3. Topsi says

    Perhaps they are shopping for gifts for friends or family ( a birthday gift maybe?). I know that’s when I am walking out of stores with bags full of toys.
    Last weekend I bought gifts for 3 different kids.

  4. Lisa says

    my sister works in a trust Co. in Palm Beach Fl. and doles out the trust fund babies allowance checks and the stories of rampant drug use, self-abusive behaviors, misuse of money are incredible. any child, whether they are wealthy or not, does not benefit by being superficially spoiled.

  5. Lisa says

    yeah and that is why Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton and the like are such well grounded self-sufficient young women-right

  6. kk_619 says

    Oh come on, every child (person for that matter) needs to be spoiled every once in a while. Im sure that Heather Locklear’s daughter doesnt really need to worry about not getting what she wants for the rest of her life anyways. Its not like a regular person spoiling the heck out of their children then letting them off on their own when they grow up and have no money to buy themselves anything. She will always have money to ‘spoil’ herself anyways.

  7. babyhates says

    Well then you know what that’s your problem…….. Most people with money give there kids whatever they want and the money will still be there when the kid grows up and can waste or invest it. But while there little who cares…….. again it’s everyones owe problem with what they choose to give or not give there children.

  8. Lisa says

    Don’t get me wrong, but I look at my daughters gorgeous little perfect cherub face and would love to go out and fill her room up with all The Littlest Pet Shps, American Girl Dolls and fairy toys possible but it does her no good if I do that expect to spoil her

  9. babyhates says

    If I had that much money my kids would buy whatever they wanted !!!!!!!! I would spoil them too…………

  10. Vicki says

    Oh lisa dnt be a spoilt sport lol maybe she just wanted 2 treat her daughter ?? Hell. if I had tht much money I’d spoil my kids a bit 2 !! xxx

  11. Lisa says

    boy is she tall for 8. well Heather is petite, lets hope its her b-day or they are donating to charity-what kid needs all those toys for no good reason

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