Yippee! Soccer & Shopping!

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were spotted at one of Isabella’s soccer games on the 16th, and then Katie was spotted at the Beverly Hills Barney’s that afternoon. Seems like a lot of time that Suri must spend with a caregiver. Hopefully Suri’s caregivers are her grandparents and not Scientologists.

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes



  1. braydie says

    Katie looks like shes taking a big SHIT! look at her face ! Tom looks like hes cheering katie ON. these 2 are such HUGE losers. I hope he loses all his money, that would be sweet.

  2. dori says

    once again Tom makes me ill. No one else is excited and jumping up to clap or cheer. He’s such a phoney. And Katie never looks like sh’e having a genuinely good time. There is this underlying tension in her face. echhhhhhh

  3. buahahaha says

    anyone notice how extremely unhappy she looks? maybe she finally realized what a psycho tom is— and now its too late to go back to being single!

  4. britt says

    who wears a blazer& a work outfit to a soccer game??

    oh yeah thats right.
    wears the mommy’s chloe bag?

  5. Sarah says

    “Hopefully Suri’s caregivers are her grandparents and not Scientologists.”

    This comment cracked me up. Um, Suri’s parents ARE Scientologists.

  6. Braydie says

    Dont worry about Jane ….shes a dumbass. FOR REAL.
    But you know what she acts like she knows everything like Tom. C. maybe shes a doctor too?? lol

  7. Lisa M says

    JANE – it doesnt really matter how old i am or not i was just writing something i have heard on the radio and i was seein if anyone else has heard it..So you just need to keep your comments to urself..I like Tom Cruise and I love Katie Holmes every since she was little..I just said if Suri wasnt his they need not hide it from Chris..So there..And by the way this is a free site and I will speak whatever I want to speak..If you come to this site you will see that everyone speaks what is on there mind and if you dont like it then dont come to this site…

  8. Psychlori says

    I just heard that the reason there was so much paparazzi at the soccer is game is because Tom’s PR guy calls them to send them out to photo op’s such as this. So, I’m not all that worried about Suri being taken out on a regular basis, the press attention will die down soon enough.

  9. TJ's mom says

    Jane…PLEASE read my comment over again and don’t be so defensive! I was actually defending him and I said that I felt sorry for the family. As far as boycotting Tom Cruise, I said that I boycott Tom Cruise! I didn’t say YOU should and when someone says puts “heehee” after a sentence, it normally means that it’s a joke! (But obviously, you can’t take a joke)
    And even though it’s none of your business, I will tell you why I have no love for Tom Cruise. I have a 4 year old son who, at the age of 2 years old, was diagnosed with severe O.C.D.-obsessive compulsive behavior. Why took him to 5 different doctors and all of them said that he needed to be put on Prozac. We struggled for months before we finally agreed to try the drug, afterall, what mother wants to drug her child? I was willing to try it for 1 month only, and within 2 weeks, he was a totally different child. He went from this narrow focused child who couldn’t play, have fun, or be held and loved to this wonderful child who now enjoys life and enjoys his mommy’s kisses! I wonder everyday if I made the right choice (as far as the longterm effects)! And then Tom Cruise, who thinks that he knows everything just because he is a celebrity, comes on t.v. and says that I’m a bad parent because I want my child to be happy and healthy and the only way I can do that is with “mind altering” drugs (as you put it!) Tom Cruise doesn’t live in my shoes and neither do you! You probably have perfect little children with no problems (afterall, they have Tom Cruise as a role model)…well, I’m not that fortunate! So…because this is a free counrty, I will continue to boycott Tom Cruise and you can continue to use him as a role model for your children! That’s what makes our country great! I hope I ended your confusion! And to everyone else who was confused about my comment, let me put it in simple words: “I no like Tom Cruise. I feel sorry for family” Can’t get more simple than that! Peace!

  10. Jane says

    #51 How old are you? You must be very unhappy in your lives to try to start a stupid gossip. Baby Suri does look like both of them and she has Tom’s eyes and very cute I might add. please stop it with all the gossip.

    #52 I will not boycott Tom Cruise that is just stupid what did he do to me or my kids??? He lives a very clean living he is a good role model to my kids and if its about his religion that is his business, which I’m pretty sure he is going to keep to himself from now on because of the media reaction. So please tell me if there is another reason I should?? There are people like Mel Gibson(Anti Semitic), Paris Hilton (porn), Robert Downey Jr(who spends most of his time in jail),celebs who go to rehab every other day and celeb who get found out for cheating on their partners and you have a problem with Tom because he says he is in love, and drugs alters our children’s mind??? I’m very confused with the world we live in now it doesn’t make sense to me.

  11. TJ's mom says

    #51…yes, I heard the same “gossip” about Suri being Chris’ baby. No one hates Tom Cruise more than I do (I’ve wrote articles about him to the local newspaper, I boycott his movies and I won’t buy a magazine if he’s on the cover) but I must say I feel sorry for this family and all the “gossip” that is printed about them. It’s gotta be hard reading the latest dirt about your baby! Thank God I’m not a celebrity and noone cares that my baby doesn’t look like my husband or it’s too big for it’s age, etc…etc…! Oh…and by the way…boycott Tom Cruise (hee hee!)

  12. Lisa M says

    I didnt read all of the comments so I dont know if anyone has wrote this or not but Im goin to write it again if anyone has…Okay…You know how Suri looks real big for her age and some people think she dont look much like Tom..Well I was listening to the radio the other day and it was sayin that Suri really isnt Tom’s..She found out she was pregnant after she got with Tom and he didnt want to look like a “Idiot” and say she was pregnant with someone else baby after jumping on a couch or anythin so he told her to tell everyone it was his..Well it turns out the baby may be Chris Kleins..because if you look she does look like Chris a little bit..and that would explain why she is so big for her age..I dont know..If it Chris’s baby they dont need to hide it from him..This is just what I heard on a radio station and I was wondering if anyone else has read or heard this..

  13. Alaysia says

    #2 is right wearing a suit to an outdoor soccer game is odd unless he just came from an important thingy (which i doubt ) but atleast we now know they still exist in real life instead of magazines!!

  14. Jane says

    One thing I noticed about Tom Cruise in the past and now is he seem to be private ONLY when it comes to his children and doesn’t take them around every where he goes, the pictures you see of him and his kids is always at their game and that might be because he likes them to be brought up away from the prying eyes. The 1st pics of his two oldest kids the public saw was when the girl was 3 yrs old and the boy 1yrs old so I guess why should it be different with Suri. WHY the obsession and the question why they don’t take her out? Don’t worry they do things with their children its just that they do it away where there is no camera.

  15. joanna says

    i was just wondering because i have never seen her or tom cruise out with her and it seems ashame because they are a family and should have more pictures of them all to show that they r happy.

  16. Diana says

    I am not sure Joanna, but perhaps the media do it on purpose? I know my sister in law likes to have a little time away from her baby twins now and again and both sets of grandparents then look after the babies. The grandparents like this and so does my sister-in-law and brother. It doesn’t happen that much but is nice 😉

  17. Cass says

    You know what all you people going on about how they leave Suri all the time(which they clearly don’t because the kids sporting events are once a week), i want to pose this opinion to you:

    Where the hell is their mum nicole kidman who never shows up at the events to show her support to her adopted children!?

    At lease Katie is there to show her support and cheer them on with their dad. This couple cannot win nowadays. if Katie stays at home people say she needs to get out more, and if she goes to these events once a week, she is getting criticised for leaving her baby at home, who may i just add is safe from the madness that they have to deal with at these events. if u watch the videos they are mobbed by paparrazi so why the hell would they subject their gorgeous little baby to that. Some people need to get a clue and leave these two alone. they look happy and great together. I for one think they are both fab!

  18. lala_brit says

    Katie doesnt look right – she looks sad at that ball game and doesnt seem interested at all!. Are they getting married and if so when?

  19. AJ Fan says

    And it’s unlikely that they will attract less attention if they ‘dress down’. Celebrities such as Holmes and Cruise are constantly followed and noticed everywhere by everyone. If they choose to avoid giving the photographers lots of snaps of their new baby, why should we criticise? Maybe she is better off at home, especially when so young and why are we speculating on who the carer is? And it should be noted that they went to Isabella’s soccor game, not out clubbing for the whole weekend.

  20. AJ Fan says

    Tom and Katie are at the kids game, they don’t have to take Suri out every moment of the day or justify themselves when they are pictured without her. It’s a different ball game for the celebs and HAD they taken Suri they would have been photographed double. And why can’t they dress like they want? They both look nice and it’s good that Tom is enthusiastic.

  21. Braydie says

    REMEMBER everyone today is the day (19th) to write babyrazzi and tell them TO CHANGE it so people can only have one handle. if possible.
    EMAIL address is help@babyrazzi.com ….thanks everyone!!

  22. carleigh says

    To # 28

    I am entitled to my opinions just as you are. IF on the off chance you start becoming a regular here maybe I would give your opinions some credence but ya know what…BITE ME! Tom might have just come from a business meeting SO WHAT WHO CARES! Why not dress down once in awhile??? What’s the harm in that???? If him and Katie want to appear as everyday normal people then they should “appear” as the typical soccer parents. Not dress up in Manolo heels, probably toting a Prada purse, and Tom is probably wearing a Ralph Lauren suit..what ever happened to just wearing some nice jeans and a casual shirt! Anyways what do you really give a crap what I say anyways remember…I need to get real remember! WHATEVER don’t make me laugh! (and BTW there have been some games that ONLY Katie has attended ALONE!)

  23. Braydie says

    I believe the more you take out your child if your a celeb the less the pesterazi will want to photograph them. they dont have the “value” anymore.

  24. g says

    To #26
    It doesn’t matter I they would dress, you would probebly have something else to say about it. And beside I you ever thought that he was coming to the game after a business meeting. What if you were at work in your business cloths and you did not have time to go home and change , What then? Should you be put down on what your wearing?? If TOM was not present at the game you would have said… look TOM did not make the time for the game, he’s a bad guy… pick your battle or better yet, don’t say anything at all, street cloths or not … get real

  25. carleigh says

    Tom is still weird but Katie is looking a lot better than in recent pic’s. I would like to see those two just dressed in “normal” street clothes it’s a kids soccer game not a fashion show. Maybe if they dressed down a bit they wouldn’t attract so much attention..JMO

  26. says

    The woman next to Tom is wearing a nice turtle neck, and Katie IS wearing Jeans. I think they just like to dress that way, so I don’t see any big thing in it personally.

    # 18 I don’t think the solution would be taking her out more. Gwen has never hidden Gavin and it seems like there are new pics of her and him every day. I have even commented before on a pic of them where poor little gavin looks terrified and it seems the razzi were way to close. Same thing goes for Britneys son.

    Keeping her at home most of the time seems like a better idea. Also, we broached the subject once before. No matter how ill advised it is, they are not immunizing her, so it is necessary to keep her suquestered until her own immunities build up more.

  27. KellyMay says

    Oh and my kids soccer games when they score I am often the only one cheering too. It’s for them no one else, and they will thrive on that! Way to go Tom!

  28. KellyMay says

    My Gosh these two can’t escape the negative press! I’m glad to see they are yet again at another of Tom’s children sports games!!!

    Ha Ha, I’d wear heels anywhere, I like how sexy I feel in heels, my hubby loves them and it’s a fashion thing! I do notice a mom next to Kate is wearing heels as well. I didn’t wear them before I had my monkies because I had never tried them and had developed a idea about heels. We went to a wedding shortly after DD was born, wore heels because I read that they could enlongate the leg making overall appearance slimer and fell in love! All my boots have heels, my sandals and the only thing without is my runners LOL I’m weird! Could you imagine your midwife showing up for birth in heels, I may have to refrain then.

    Kelley I have been here since the site started in Mar 06 and have noticed a nastier tone myself?!? I do think she screens post hence the delay I notice…

  29. Lisa says

    looking at the monster heels next to Katie too looks like this is a LA thing at my daughters soccer games would look so out of place

  30. Psychlori says

    The paparazzi would stop caring so much if they just took her out. Unless big sister didn’t want the baby to steal her thunder!

  31. Lucia says

    no, it’s better they keep Suri away from the paparazzi. can you imagine!!! the chaos, the shouting, the yelling, the pushing and all those flashes going off…that would scare me! I think they are doing great by keeping her away for know anyway. And it’s great that they support the other kids in their interest. Way to go katie and tom! they are good parents.

  32. Braydie says

    kelley…i also agree that our web mistress has been kinda mean lol. maybe im rubbing off on her who knows 😛 but i agree …why isnt anyone else clapping, no one else seems to think anything good is going on and why is he wearing a suit to a soccer game… I dont think katies looks happy at all.

  33. courtney says

    i think their cute, suris adorbale, and as weird as tom is….hes a good dad….i just hope all the kids dont grow up to believe in this scientology stuff….

  34. says

    ……..I am also wondering if this Domain hasn’t been sold to someone else. Braydie Carliegh you have been coming here a while do you remember her being as nasty as she has been these past few days?

  35. says

    I just noticed….isn’t funny that not only is Tom the only one interested in that last shot of the game, but he is the only one clapping. I wonder if maybe he might be trying too hard?

  36. Elaine says

    Why does the web mistress assume that when Katie went out shopping in the afternoon, Suri was with a care giver? Is it not possible that Tom went home to look after her? Mothers are allowed out without their offspring, and fathers are capable of looking after children.

  37. Jenn says

    wow! she looks great! i am not the biggest fan of those two, but they do look happy. good for them, and their family.

  38. Helen says

    These two are looking great this days and I like Tom Cruise now that is becoming more like the old Tom we love before the whole Brook thing, which he has apologized. Imagine if they did take Suri with them with all that paparazzi waiting at the game, then web mistress will be saying they’re using their baby for PR. It seems to me Tom and Katie can’t win whatever they do with babyrazzi and the media. But I’m glad they keep her out of the since she is just a baby.

  39. says

    Out of a whole post, OMG. is the only thing that printed. Maybe because I insulted the site owner.

    They are allowed to go out without the baby. They are not bad parents for going out and not subjecting that small baby to the razzi. I know other celebs do it, but they choose not too and kudos for them. I mean God forbid, they act like that have other kids in that family, and God for bid they go shopping. Katie stayed hidden for three months, at least she is getting out some.

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