Taylor Hanson & Wife Welcome Their Third Child

First a disclaimer…I have no idea who Taylor Hanson is! Congratulations to Taylor and his wife though!

Here’s a very cute new pic of the family!

Taylor Hanson

Taylor Hanson

Taylor Hanson, the middle brother in the band Hanson, and his wife, Natalie, have welcomed their third child, a son, the band announced on its official Web site.

River Samuel Hanson was born on Sept. 4, in Tulsa, Okla. “River is an incredible addition to our family,” the new dad says in the Web posting. “We could not be happier!”

The couple, who wed in June 2002, are also parents to son Jordan Ezra, born in October 2002, and daughter Penelope, born April 19, 2005.

When Jordan was only a year old, his father, now 23, said, “Having a baby is a life-changer. It gives you a whole other perspective on why you wake up every day.”

Hanson, which includes Taylor’s older brother Isaac and younger brother Zac, rose to fame in the summer of 1997 with their hit single “MMMBop.” According to the band’s Web site, they are now are wrapping up their fourth studio album, set to bow early next year.



  1. Xuka says

    I was cleaning up my room and I found my old cd´s, so I played it on my pc and I started to google the hanson brother, I didn´t even know they were all married and having kids, it is amazin how it made me feel old, as a kid I was a bing fan of them, I used to sing every song and buy everything I could find related to them. Oh my god I am old!!!!

  2. Barbara says

    Hi, this is the first time that I’ ve been to one of these sites where you can give your comment. And it’s nice. Now my comment. Ofcoure I’m also a fan of Hanson. I’ ve always loved the way Taylor sings. He sings so hot, if you know what I mean. And I think he’s to young to be married and have 3 kids. I mean, he’s only 23 years old. He has his whole life before him. And now he’s kind of stuck with his wife and kids. I mean, there are a whole lot of other nice girls and women in the world. Like me. I admit, I’m also yealous that I’ m not his wife. But he is to young. But I still love you, Taylor. By the way, I send you a letter to an adress i’ ve found on Google Earth and the postmen in Tulsa couldn’t find that address. And that sucked, I dind’t like that. Well, this is it. Love from Barbara from the Netherlands.

  3. Andressa says

    aaahh o Taylor é tão novo para ter três filhos! Se casar com 19 anos, nossa!!
    mesmo estando surpresa com isso, desejo muitas felicidades ao casal, e os filhos deles são lindos!

    a banda Hanson é muito boa! sucesso para eles!


    [Brasil :D]

  4. me says

    3 things that haven’t changed about Hanson:

    1: they still make GREAT music
    2:Taylor’s still HOT
    3: they are still loved by every person in america

  5. patty says

    Ahhh que lastima me quede impresionada con 3 bebes ya tan rapido ami que me gusta tanto taylor pero nimodos cosas del destino…se feliz muchas felicidades es lo mejor los hijos te lo digo por experiencia pero yo tengo 23 y solo un hijo…cuidate. 😛

  6. Joyce says

    to Courtney..

    you said:
    “mmmbop hahahahahaha im surprised none of them ended up bein gay…i thought nsync was way cooler than the hansons and nsync had a band member come out…..im shocked!!! proud….but shocked”

    I’m surprised anyone could say something like this..
    First of all: no way is NSYNC (YYYUUUCHHH!!!) cooler than the hansons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Second of all: just listen to the music of these two bands… and tell me.. which one would you really expect to be gay?! to me it’s more clear than anything that if you had to compare these two.. nsync would definately be the ALL GAY! band 😉

    The hansons might look more feminin to you because of the long hair or something.. but believe me.. in my world it takes a real man to wear long hair proudly and look good with it 😉

    and ofcourse: I’d also like to congratulate Taylor and his wife 🙂

    love, Joyce (from the Netherlands)

  7. estefania says

    hay que bonito!!!! mis felicitaciones se te ve muy enamorado 🙂 lastima que no fui yo la afortunada 🙁 todo mi amor desde argentina……….

  8. dita julia says

    I’ve been one of tay’s biggest fan since i was in junior middle school, now i’m 24 n’ registered as a stud in university). How shocking! he has 3 kids now, unbelievable. if i look back 2 d’past, i can’t believe that i was so in love with this guy, even all ma frens at skul were calling me tay and i wished that he would marry me, hahahhaa how pitty!! But that’s life, he’s getting older n’ so do i, i just wondered when will my turn for getting married comes? coz i wanted 2 have kids too as he has. CONGRATS Tay! Love ya still!

  9. Miranda says

    They surely have a handsome dad 🙂 I loved Hanson when I was 7 or 8, I had a huge crush on Zac.

  10. Sandra says

    I`m very happy for you.
    I wish you the best, Tay , I`ve been always thinking of you, I`m always thinking of you, your music makes my life a little bit happier.
    Sandra– Buenos Aires– Argentina

  11. Alaysia says

    if i was the other band memebers in nsync i would have had a couple if questions for him example(just my ezample not really true): wat about all those times on tour when we hugged ALOT?? \
    now im not hating on lance i always thought he was handsome and to get back on topic about the hanson,since when has he been over 18??i never heard about this!!!! 3 count em 3 kids at 23 wat has HE BEEN DOING LATELY???!!!????

  12. Cobi says

    Oh my goodness, i was too once a big fan of hanson of course taylor being my fave. I had no idea he was married and has 3 children. That’s shocking, and yes he has been busy. Geez, someone has been “MMMbopping” a little too frequently!

  13. nicola says

    I didn`t even know he was married wiv any kids at all. He doesn`t look old enuf 2 be married. So baby-faced

  14. Braydie says

    REMEMBER everyone today is the day (19th) to write babyrazzi and tell them TO CHANGE it so people can only have one handle. if possible.
    EMAIL address is help@babyrazzi.com ….thanks everyone!!

  15. Shelly says

    aww Tay is my fav Hanson brother! Been a fan of Hanson’s since 97 and hard to believe they all have grown up and so nicely and Tay’s other two kids Ezra and Penelope are adorable!

  16. courtney says

    mmmbop hahahahahaha im surprised none of them ended up bein gay…i thought nsync was way cooler than the hansons and nsync had a band member come out…..im shocked!!! proud….but shocked

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