Kaia Jordan Gerber Already Following In Her Mom's Footsteps

Cindy Crawford’s 5-year-old daughter, Kaya Jordan Gerber, is seen here modelling Melissa Odabash’s childrens swimwear summer 2006 campaign.

NOTE: Pics have been removed! I was at the beach all afternoon yesterday and this morning I saw the comments people made. I would have removed sooner, had I noticed sooner. I respect everyone’s opinions, but I am amazed how much people read into the photos. I just thought they were cute. She is only 5! I know Old Navy sells bikinis for little girls…I don’t like them for my daughter, but they seem pretty mainstream. However, I had not noticed the tattoo for some reason. That does seem a little weird. Just a question for pondering….is it possible that we change our own lives and perspectives out of a disproportionate fear of child predators? The fact is that the pics were just of a cute kid wearing a bathing suit. I am leaving the comments people already made, as they brought up a lot of interesting questions and made a lot of good points. I want this site to allow open discussion. If that appears to be impossible, due to some people ruining it, maybe that will have to change. It would be a shame though, as I think so many people who have left comments have made the site a better and more interesting one. I don’t want to be a bossy censor!


  1. GrannySmith says

    It is unfortunate that nudity is so sexualized in America. If you are looking at these pictures and thinking this little girl is way too sexy, WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN YOUR HEAD? All I see is a cute little girl in a bathing suit. In Europe kids go skinny dipping and takes baths with their parents, in America if you are to take polaroids of your baby taking a bath you could be sent to the slammer for child porn. Nudity should be seen as something natural not dirty, need I remind everyone she is not even nude in these photos.

  2. Angel says

    Unfortunately, those photos were too provocative, the tattoo alone should have shown that to anyone. Face it, we live in a world where the horrible does happen, and yes sick people are out there looking for just these types of things to fuel their sickness. It’s a good thing that people cared enough to speak out on this and have the pictures removed. I looked them up and was very surprised to see them, to think that they were innocent is pushing innocence to a whole new level. Children playing at the beach is innocent, children posing provocatively is not.

    For all those who think this reaction is extreme then they should speak with child molesters and ask them what they think, then they would know that the majority reaction was extremely correct. I speak from personal experience of encounters with the mindset that allows these types of photos and the mindset that preys upon these innocent subjects of such photos. Denial is easy unless you have known the horrors of what you deny.

  3. Marina says

    I personally think people have too much time on there hands to be so critical of a cute 5 year old in photos. Like Cindy her daughter is beautiful. I’ve seen Cindy in interviews and she’s an amazing person (not just in pictures) if her daughter is beautiful and just as amazing I think she should have however many pictures of her taken. I think people should STOP reading into things. Pictures are to look at not read into.

  4. carleigh says

    It’s called hindsight and everyone at some point in time or another has wished they could take back something they said. I, more often than not around here open my mouth and insert my whole foot sometimes. We just gotta keep doing what we’re doing and keep our fingers crossed that the madness will stop. Peace.

  5. joanna says

    yes it makes sense, i know i was pretty nasty on the suri subject but some of the things i said on there werent meant to sound like they did, i know i could have put it in a better way looking back and now im pregnant again it just makes me think how nasty i was towards that baby by some off the things i said and for that iam truly sorry, at the end of the day i wouldnt like them things said to my babies, if only i could take them all back i would x

  6. carleigh says

    Joanna that’s exactly the way I feel. I think Braydie is dealing with something much bigger than what’s going on around here and felt she didn’t have the energy to expend arguing incessantly with these other people constantly. I don’t blame her a bit she’s got a son who was almost killed and then to come on here and read all this garbage was probably just enough to make her have enough. Maybe, hopefully she will come back at some point because like you said it’s about not letting the idiots win on here. I’ve been here for quite awhile and some people have said some horrid things to me and rather than ignoring it I retorted back w/ some less than stellar things of my own. It’s a natural response to attack back when attacked but at this point I sincerely hope that just ignoring the likes of the ones who are ruining this site..maybe they will grow bored and go away. Wishful thinking maybe but I am going to change the way I deal w/ them I am making a conscious choice to ignore the most of the hateful, sick and depraved comments that have been made around here. I will read them but whether or not I chose to respond is just that MY CHOICE. So I think if those of us regulars (now your included too Joanna…lol) just stick together and shut out all the other lunatics and idiots we will achieve more than by responding to them. That’s what they are seeking is attention and shock value so if they can’t goad us into responding (no matter what kind of sick pointed things they might say–don’t respond) it might take the wind out of their sails. You know from personal experience I can tell you that a game ceases being fun when one or more people stops playing….make sense?

  7. joanna says

    yep, braydie shouldnt have to leave, all these idiots will get bored eventually and start droppin off this site like flies! having a bit of a bicker was fun yes but not for it to go all over the top like this, people like rose, ALICE!, peko etc have turned this site into a shit one im gettin bored off reading the same posts from these people its just got that boring, i might decide to go, but then why do that and let the idiots win?

  8. carleigh says

    Don’t worry about it. Did you see on the other post Braydie is leaving????? She’s so sick of it she’s leaving or at least that is what she stated. I don’t blame her in a way because of all the shit that’s been stirred up and it’s hard to even enjoy this blog anymore because you don’t know who’s who or you’ve got someone ranting and saying sicko things about kids and whatnot. I hope this site gets straightened out at some point so we can all go back to enjoying the good old days of just blogging and bickering a bit…those were the days.

  9. joanna says

    its ok carleigh no im not part of these ppl what are going under different handles i dont see the point of it personally its not as if anybody knows you, someone went under my name in another topic yesterday cant remember which one it was and its so fuckin annoying coz i’ll prob get the shit then for saying something when it wasnt me x

  10. carleigh says

    Joanna if your not part of the “multiple” personalities blogger on here then i apologize. It just seems that there are to many people on here lately posting stupid things. I am chosing not to engage the obvious ones but if your not part of that menage-a-trois going on then I am sorry you were lumped in w/ those who are.

  11. joanna says

    post 52 carleigh, why bring me into this i havent been on the comp all weekend! report me do what the fuck u want, wait.. how about i report you over the way u speak to some ppl on this site. i havent said anythin lately yet im bein dragged into this, whatever. report me c if i give a fuck!

  12. Maria says

    What’s wrong with Kaya Jordan wearing a bathing suit? For cry out loud she is only 5 years old!!! I think she is soooooooooo cute! cool! I felt so bad you have to removed a picture——— Listen what’s matter with you people?

  13. carleigh says

    Alice TJ’s mom is RIGHT!!!!!!!! You’d better watch what you say on here because you fuckin’ sick bitch things can be traced. When you use a computer it leaves an invisible footprint along with your IP ADDRESS (check it out idiot!) and when traced back to it’s source will lead directly to YOU whoever you happen to be moonlighting as this week! You wanna be a cancer well keep talkin’ your sick physcho shit on here BITCH and I’ll be the CURE for your ILLNESS! Stop saying heinously sick things or you will be reported for inappropriate langauage! I can personally promise you that!

    Does anyone think that the web mistress might get so sick of this shit and all the phsyco ramblings of Rose, Unrose/Elle/Joanna/Kiana/Alice/Frank/Wolf…for brevity we will just call this blogger “DUMBASS”…….the web mistress might just pull this site down ! Then what?????

  14. TJ's mom says

    Alice- I understand that you are all over this site acting like a psycho bitch just to shock people and piss them off, but you are obviously NOT a mother because a mother would NEVER joke about liking kiddie porn! You better watch what you say! Blogs can be traced, ya know! And some people might not like your jokes!

  15. Alice says

    I have to retract my last post…….im the cancer….I have to say that because braydie will come out of her computer and kill me.
    I think the poses of those little girls are just fine…i like kiddie porn ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Alice says

    Oh my God this woman (Braydie) is like a cancer. Whatever post I go to she’s there calling someone stupid or Dumbass. What’s up with you?

  17. Braydie says

    “elle” how exactly am I a unfit mother lol?? whats a prat??? I dont believe you’ve “puttin” anyone in any place lol. your not even a blip on this site…a nusience but not anything more. Your dumb ramblings about stupid things that DONT pertain to ANYTHING. WHAT POINT are you tryin to make here “elle” wow your just too stupid for me to even decribe.

  18. elle says

    yes its me diana, braydie is a stuck up little prat who is a complete unfit mother! i need to put my point across because her and the other psycho carleigh need puttin in there place.

  19. Braydie says

    This “elle” is a dumbass lol. It doesnt really bother me anymore , well it never has that idiots try to be me on here. just shows I piss people off and thats means im getting my point across. what pisses me off is that they dont have the nerve to be themselves. really get a clue ITS A COMPUTER, NO one knows them…. why do that ? For some sort of warped satifaction i guess. I think everyone knows by now if its me or someone else talking…and Ill also say it wasnt me if I catch it. our lovely web mistress is trying to remove them when she sees there not mine.

  20. Diana says

    I think sadly that things are getting out of hand either and that someone is using other people’s names as some kind of joke, and it isn’t all that funny, just sad really. Braydie – I am not sure whether it is actually Elle speaking to you as she was so nice to me the other week. It could be the same person that has used your name Braydie as well? But if we all stick up for ourselves, hopefully they will go away in time and realise they have no place on this site!!

  21. says

    See, now I was going to say that unrose was just upset that people raised so much fuss that they took the pics down and now her/his sick freak ass doesnt have anything to look at.

    Oh…an um….elle or whatever personality has possesion of the body this week, at least people can understand what I have written. Oh and I. Dont. Think. That. You. Can. Ever. Be. Over. Reacting. When. It. Comes. To. The. Safety. Of. Your. Children!

    Time to take your lithium now honey.

  22. Braydie says

    kinda made me wonder too when i read it. just to come on here to say that one thing and only about that. he hasnt said anything else about any other topics.

  23. carleigh says

    I actually agree Joanna. Frank is probably just that kind of person why else would he be here comment on a celebrity baby blog??????????HHHHHHHHHMMMMMM…kinda makes a person wonder.

  24. frank says

    The picture is totally normal and shows her innocent beauty. She is a toddler, who happen to parade around in just shorts (or even totally nude) all the time. I am sure she had a lot of fun during the shoot and it shows. Don’t see something perverted where there isn’t. It’s all in the eye of the beholder!

  25. carleigh says

    Don’t worry I am sure wolf/esme/elle/sue/kiana/unrose/rose OMG the list continues is just the same pathetic little person all rolled up into one person w/ many multiple personalities here….really sad!

  26. braydie says

    wolf~~~ If youv’e actually read any of my post you will see I have. i guess im a Stupid american hypocrit.

  27. Wolf says

    All this drama over nothing. Stupid american hypocrits. Go to a 3rd world country and see what they do with children there … see no evil, eh, bitches.

  28. Braydie says

    Unrose…. I believe your doing the same thing…in another way…I guess that makes you sick too.

  29. Unrose says

    a real pervert is the one that yells the loudest at something that is nothing more but a picture of a little girl. five year old usually run around naked on the beach and nobody gives a damn. only the perverts with twisted minds notice their perverted thinking and react to their own perversion, which they not able to deal with. so they have to point the finger at something that is not perverted but creates a perverted reaction within them. its clear who the sick ones are…

  30. carleigh says

    Elle is pretty pathetic trying to make herself proclaimed the bitch of this site and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. She’s doing it for no other reason than self importance and she wants to call us boring??? Sounds like she’s so bored she’s trying to stir up a big catfight or something. Poor Elle she needs to feel self important so she can “fit” into a “life” on the internet because she probably doesn’t have much outside of her little portal to the world…her computer is all she obviously has. WE don’t hate you Elle we feel really sorry for ya…can I get a group AAAAAAAWWWWWWWWW…does that help make ya feel a little better physco?

  31. joanna says

    nothin was wrong with it, i just didnt want you thinkin that i was her thats all, i would never act how shes actin shes just showin herself up to be honest.

  32. joanna says

    braydie, i hope that first bit of the sentence wasnt hinted at me lol. if it was i can assure you, im not elle x

  33. Braydie says

    Um actually “elle” ( probably someone that cant use her other million names cuz shes pissed people off to bad) you dont sound like a bitch you sound like a illiterate child. OH yeah Im so scared……. If you believe im always right then so be it. cuz No one else is saying that. Also I dont give a rats butthole if you dont like me or what I say…Ill be saying what I wish and when and if you think you say tell me off other then calling me boring ( LOL ) then you can try. Take what hint?? That stupid post you wrote that doesnt make sense to anyone BUT you. you’ll take us all to the fall???? wth….yup your a crazy bitch …we should all be so scared cuz of the fall. I can garrentee you that I will still be the biggest bitch on here lol….if all you got on us id those little no sense insults…your not a good bitch LOL…your good at being Dumb …stick with it.

  34. elle says

    everyone just give it a rest now, yeah we’ve heard enough of kaia, we know everyones thoughts and its gettin borin readin the same shit over n over n over again! blah blah blah blah blah blah blah!!!!!!!!!!!! iam the new bich off this site, braydie razzi move over, the bitch has arrived n is not goin anywhere, so dont even bother judging me no one has got nothin over me!! i’ll take you all to the fall with just one comment, braydierazzi ur borin go get a job, carleigh ur a self centered little ho, lyric ur a little shit seekin attention, n kelley ur not worth bein on here all ur comments r the same, borin! so all of u know whos the bitch on here now, not braydie, ME!!!

  35. elle says

    this site should be re named BRAYDIERAZZI! seems like everything she wrirtes has TO BE RIGHT! well no braydierazzi it isnt. im should you could invent a post on here and give us ur life story im sure it would thrill everyone to bits, not!!! WE DO NOT CARE WHAT YOU THINK! get the hint!!!

  36. Lyric says

    I had to actually look up the picture in question, which its on like a million sites…and I think the pose with the tattoo and necklass would be cute for a personnal picture…but to allow it to be splashed all over the internet, magizines or whaterever else is just wrong. to the owner of the site…You said “is it possible that we change our own lives and perspectives out of a disproportionate fear of child predators” and Yes we do…we got to or all our children from EVERY country will be victims. I can look up where i live a list of child abusers/molesters and how far they are to me….there everywhere…i look in a diferent city…same thing, I believe theres a child molester or abuser on every street…in any country. I see everyone agrees on one thing….children need to be protected. and everyone that thinks this pic was wrong…NO MATTER what country they are in….all their doing is tryin to protect this child from circumstances that might develop from that picture. Just because shes rich doesnt mean she doesnt have a molester on her street also.

  37. carleigh says

    Lauren my post would have been directed at you but I THINK I put this one directed towards post #106. So why are you putting in your two cents? Unless I had posted TO LAUREN….why does it concern you how long my posts are??? Because you like to be a nit picky little bitch is that it? WELL, sorry maybe bitch was a bit uncalled for but to keep it short bitch seems to be quite effective.

  38. Lisa Too says

    Have you seen the current photos of Kaia? She and Cindy were on a red carpet. Clearly she has bad grow-out/roots from having her hair dyed or highlighted for this “not really a photo shoot”. Cindy C. needs to get a better PR person as well as better judgement.

  39. Braydie says

    lauren ~~~~ I gotta laugh at your post. you said ” Please keep your views to yourself.” LOL what the hell did you just do that was so different then anyone else on here. why dont you keep your opinions to YOURSELF. LOL dumb. counterdict yourself much???

  40. Braydie says

    Jane~~ you dont know me so dont assume im sensitive. Nice that you would want to cash in on your children.” Paid good money”….nice to know there are parents out there willing to sell there children to porn.


  41. lauren says

    gees child. Your comment was so long i stopped reading it half way thru. All i seen was blah blah blah. If I wanted to read a book, i would of bought War and Peace. It would of been shorter. Please keep your views to yourself. this is a site for celebrity babies. I think you and Bradyie have forgotten that! Get a life.

  42. carleigh says

    To post #106 please don’t insinuate that you alone represent the entire population of the UK in your pointed statement (and personal opinion)about Americans being “prudish” and “average”. Can’t you think of any better adjectives to relay your true feelings or are you just of below “average” intelligence?

    There are some very valid concerns that I had originally when I viewed these pic’s and I can see why people would tend to believe the FIRST pic was a bit risque and provocative. But this is just a 5 year old little girl we are talking about. Are you of the opinion that it’s simply being prudish that we should not draw attention to minor children and court pedophiles? To encourage them even??? I am aghast. Does that make me prudish because I don’t enjoy seeing a little 5 year old girl “posing” for a picture in a state of near nakedness? If it does then I am because I didn’t think the first picture was appropriate and that’s my opinion. I wouldn’t want my half naked childs pic splashed across the internet and then used in a national catalog being sent around the country.

    People with views like yours are scarey to me because if you have your own children what could you possibly be teaching them?? If you think it’s prudish of Americans to want to practice a bit self awareness and prevention then fine. I would much rather teach my child and have her know that such things as child predators and pedophiles do exist and have her know what to watch out for and to have her be informed. Is that me being an “average” and “prudish” American???? No I would think that any parent regardless of where they live in this world, would want to send their children (boys and girls alike here) out into the world as aware and knowledgeable about their bodies and educated about the real possibilities that exist once they are out of our sight. Going to school, on field trips, sporting events, band concerts..etc. We cannot protect our kids 24-7 so it’s up to us as parents to ensure that they have the tools and resources to protect themselves in any bad situation that they may become privy to.

    Now as for the comments you made about HIV/AIDS and George W. Bush. What exactly have YOU done personally about the GLOBAL AIDS epidemic, world hunger, homeless orphans and any other number of charitable causes that exist??? Have you volunteered in any leper colonies recently? You know being the authority that you are on what us Americans should be focusing on and all??? Well, what in the HELL have you personally done? I do my part I donate time and resources to a battered womans shelter, I read books at the local childrens library, I collect canned goods in November and December for the local food pantry and I volunteer twice a month at the local ASPCA to walk the dogs, play with the cats and I clean cages, kennels and give them baths. What have you done personally? I am calling you out and asking what do you do to make your country, town or city a BETTER place?

    As for George W. I think he’s an idiot and we personally shouldn’t be in the Middle East and there are an y number of Americans out there that probably share my sentiments. But in short we are there and this is not a war that just because I am an American doesn’t mean I wanted it. And I DIDN’T vote for the stupid uni-browed idiot!

  43. Jane says

    I saw nothing wrong with the pictures. All of you people – especially Braydie- are just too sensitive. I have kids and would let them pose like this. If they’re getting paid good money, what’s the problem? Lighten up, children!

  44. Braydie says

    my point i was tryin to get across is not that this child probably wouldnt catch a pervs eye for very long…but the fact that she is a celeb’s child WILL. I seen profiles of child rapists. Ive interviewed more then a few of them. Ive helped put alot of them away. im not saying I know all or anything…but her mother should of known better then to splash her daughter like that everywhere. I think like I do when im on a case. If they cant get to the mother…they will get to the daughter.

  45. Noelle says

    Hello! Cindy is supposedly saying that she was not “modeling” that day the were just having fun! How many kids do you know that when they get a fake tatoo they want it on their lower back????? Kids want to be able to see stuff like that! You can’t tell me this was not planned! The string bikini is outrageous! There is nothing to it and it barely covers her body. Also, the pose of Kaia in the topless one is so grown up!! How many 5 year olds turn to the camera and pose like that for FUN???? I don’t know many. I wouldn’t let my child do that or even for fun! ~~~Noelle~~~

  46. Kelli says

    To Neeltje:
    I know that it seems that Americans are prudish, but if you have not watched the news in this country you have missed out on the almost daily stories of young girls who are kidnapped, raped and murdered. And those are just the stories that make it to the national news. Where I live this happened to a 4 year old and it not only did not make it to national news they have still not arrested anyone in the case which was over 4 years ago.
    I live in a small town of about 12,000 people and there are 80 registered sex offenders. What is causing all of these people to do this? Someone should study it because to me it seems to have become epidemic. In the meantime though we will continue to watch the kids very carefully. And, people whose children are seen like Cindy Crawrford’s and other celebrities really should be more vigilant about how they are photographed.

  47. Maggie T says

    I dont know why everyone is so concerned about this picture and possibly the peodophilic feelings it may provoke. Do you seriously think that a peodophile is interested in an image as tame as that. Clearly they have, if they want, access to sexually explicit material which would satisfy their needs far more than what is obviously a modelling shot. Come on – thats the real issue here, not a picture of a five year old who, if she grows up to look anything like her mother, will do far more racy things than that.

  48. ~Lisa~ says

    OMG Debs…. Thank you…. I just hope I made my point well enough.

    And also to you Jessica Anne…. I am very very very sorry for what happened to you… And just as Debs said… it wasn’t anyone else’s fault but that sick sick man who did it to you….. I pray for your sake and any other children’s sakes that he was caught and prosecuted to the fullest extent….

  49. Debs says

    I think Lisa is the smartest person on this blog.

    If people would be more tolerant to other’s viewpoints, they would see that the people saying it is not a big deal for a five year old to be topless, are ALSO saying YES, there is a problem here. YES, we do have to be protective and vigilant. But we don’t need to cause mass hysteria because of it. We can talk about it calmly and respectfully.

    Elaine, no I did not know about this, but it does not surprise me. I’m glad those explicit underwear and shirts were recalled. I also live in the UK, but have lived as well in other countries including US, and yes, I still do believe Americans are slightly hyper-sensitive about it.

    Being hyper-sensitive IS better than being in denial, OBVIOUSLY. But I just don’t think it helps to teach children that EVERYONE is bad, and there is nothing they can do about it. They can’t wear what they like EVER, they can’t be carefree. That is also a shame.

    People, don’t you think that parents should let their children dress the way they want, as long as they carefully supervise the children 24/7? Knowing, now, that there are perverts in this world, shouldn’t we just be more VIGILANT???? Don’t take your eyes off your kids when you’re out of the house!

    Jessica Anne, I am horrendously sorry for what happened to you. You DID NOT deserve that. It was not your fault, nor was it your parents’. It was the fault of the person who did it. I hope you’re getting help dealing with and moving on from this. I wish you all the best, for now and for the future. God bless you. xoxoxo

  50. Elaine says

    Debs, regarding opinion in the UK, I am in the UK and there was recently a debate along similar lines because a chain store was selling adult type underwear, and t -shirts with saucy messages on them for young children. Ulimately the store withdrew the items from sale because because of this. Therefore I have to disagree with your original post that people in the US are hyper-sensitive. I appreciate you probably were not aware of this when you put in your post.

  51. says

    Denial, was not meant for any one specific person, it was meant for anyone who would rather poo poo the notion that you should not allow photos that are this edgy to be taken then realize that you should not do anything to help sickos, because yes, they do it anyway, but why contribute.

    Call me a prude, I DO NOT CARE> Better safe then sorry. I say the same thing about believing in GOD. I would rather be wrong in believing then be wrong in not believing, If were not concerned and turned out to be wrong, consider the alternative.

  52. Jessica Anne says

    You think we are being over paraniod about pedophiles? My parents use to think it was cute to dress me up in these types of bathing suit, until I was 7 years old and was abducted from a beach and rapped. The dropped off an hour later. It’s not a fear – its a reality and we need to protect these children!

  53. neeltje says

    O my dear god,
    you are such average american people. So very prudish!!
    I mean, it is a 5 year old girl walking, jumping and cheering around in her bikini. Well not her bikini but the bikini of a great designer. Does it make a difference? And does it make a difference if it was a picture or a 14day holiday on the beach?
    Eatherway you can see a little girl walking around in a bikini.
    What I think is what a cute little girl, she looks like her mom and I move on.
    What you think in america is: Damn girl walking around naked and only 5 year old, how many old horney basterds will watch this picture?
    Lets face it, if there are people who like something horrible like that then they would be smarter and sit on the beach and watch it all day.
    so stop the madness about bikini’s and tattoo’s(that is mom’s decission!) and start caring about things that do care for example the HIV/AIDS crisis or your mr George Bush person that is attacing innocent countries and is lying to all of you and us around the world.

    thank you

  54. ~Lisa~ says

    I hope that the post by kelly isn’t meant for me….

    If in case it was, I am far from being in denial….. Unfortunately, it is a sad sad world that we live in that childrens photos can’t be posted without the possibility of a sicko looking at them and thinking the most disgusting thoughts ever imaginable….

    But on the other realm…. There are normal people in the world, and I stand behind the premise that the majority of the viewers are normal. My cousin was a baby/toddler model. Granted her mom, my aunt, could have not allowed this if she feared all those that look on the internet, or viewed her daughter in a catalog, but she didn’t. Instead she chose to do this FOR her daughter with the intention of saving whatever money she earned as a preliminary college fund. The only reason why the modeling ever stopped was because my cousin went through a shy period, and SHE chose to stop.

    Do you honestly think that the only child that a child predator will target is this type of child model? No… The same way that you prefer different foods is the same way (I would assume) that child predators stalk out their victims… Haven’t you ever heard of infants being attacked? I know I have. But, that’s altogether too gross for me to think about…. It’s not that they looked in a camera in a special way, or they were dressed in a particular way… It is, unfortunately, that which turned the predators interest on.

    Sadly enough, these disgusting people are in the world. All I’m saying is… Protect your children… Know where they are and who they are with. If you feel uncomfortable – trust your first instincts. We, as women, have that special 6th sense, that I know works altogether too well sometimes for me. You know who your children should/should not be around for the most part….

    With that said…. I’m done.

  55. says

    I would rather be over sensitive, and over protective and be wrong, then stick my head in the sand and be wrong any day!

    The word is denial.

  56. Braydie says

    debs. ~ i never repeated anything you said. i never said that you said we werent aware. I said we werent overly sensitive. we dont “breed hysteria” . Ive been on cases where other countries DONT care about it. Ive seen dead children, that were sold to other countries, for this purpose. SO dont try and say you have more “experience looking at countries and cultures through a wider lens”… I dont know you or what you do but If youve seen what I have you would not say oh that top pic is ok… theres nothing wrong with putting it on the web, magizines or the internet. See acouple hundred dead children from your country and see how you feel then about having experience. I do agree what you said about protecting your children. if you think im bullying you…then so what…if you cant take what i say, then say im a bully then maybe those people shouldnt read what i say.
    Louise~~ even though you said something nasty about me …..I will stick up for you on this No one has the right to use your handle. I know how it feels to have someone “talk” for you.

  57. Debs says

    ……There might be two Louise’s, you know…….. It’s possible!

    Take care everyone!
    Including Braydie, Miss “I think I have a right to say whatever I want without any basis, then bully people when they do the same thing.” I know you’re still a good person. Even if you did call me “sick.”

  58. Debs says

    Haha, I like you Louise.

    Braydie, you make me laugh. You read things that people say and take things completely out of context and misunderstand absolutely everything. Hahahaha! You actually repeated the points I made. Thanks!

    I wasn’t talking for the whole nation, I was trying to have an intelligent discussion about this theme with Tina and Patty, who I directed my post to. I definitely don’t see myself as all-mighty Mrs. Right. I just happen to have more experience looking at countries and cultures through a wider lens. I’m not perfect, but I do have some experience.

    And I said, if you would take the time to actually read other people’s posts, that the U.S.A. IS AWARE regarding paedophiles. I also said other countries ARE AWARE too. But how can YOU say that other countries do nothing about it? Hahahaha. Hilarious. You think I have no right to speculate on these matters when it comes to the US and other countries. I have lived in the US 8 years and also in those other countries I talked about. That gives me the authority to form my opinions. What authority do YOU have to say anything about other countries?

    I don’t expect you to understand anything I just said, I DO expect you to post back and “challenge” me on everything I said while having no concrete argument. Go ahead. ๐Ÿ™‚

  59. Diana says

    Elle – I do agree with you in some ways, however the pictures I find are a little distrubing. It is a shame when children are portrayed to be older than what they are, and are in poses that are provactive and over the top for such little ones. I think we live in a society where children do not say children for very long and grow up too quickly. I think sadly as well that we have to safe guard our children from such things because of the world that we live in. On the flip side of the coin children still have to have fun and enjoy themselves, but not be flaunted in front of the public in such a way as this child has. Have a good day everyone! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  60. Elle says

    I thought the pics were adorable, and Kaia looks just like her mom. There are a million child models out there, and not all of them are being stalked by terrible predators. People should calm down. Kaia was adorable and those pictures made me smile! I think that was the point. I don’t see the problem. (And I don’t want to see the problem. I like my innocence, thankyou.)

  61. Braydie says

    i dont think we americans are overly sensitive about pedophile …we just actually do something about it…. not just cover it up like it never happens. Nice that some people can talk for a whole country …well many whole countries. you say where not aware? I believe were more aware then other countries about child porn and pedophiles….. this child lives here… shes a child of a celeb…who knows what perv is out there looking at her to do something with. children can have stalkers too. Why does she have to be in more or less nothing but a tattoo? that first picture was just wrong. we gotta protect our children…in EVERY country, not splash them over the internet, magizines, or catalogs wearing nothing.

  62. stacey says

    I think Kaia looks alot like her dad Rande Gerber in the face. I don’t think she looks much like Cindy.

  63. Kayleigh says

    seriously…. so much drama!

    hey Debs, no problem. your a shortie, just like me. we gotta defend ourselves!

  64. KellyMay says

    Thanks Kayleigh for responding completely understood. I agree it’s amazing how silly some of the replies are LOL Why post in the first place?!?

  65. Chelsea says

    The one where’s she’s topless and looking suggestively over her shoulder is seriously sickening. It’s not that she’s not wearing a shirt- everyone knows that little kids run around sometimes without clothes and it’s in no way sexual. It’s the _ tone and way_ the photographer posed her and the look on her face (which was directed no doubt) that makes it sick. Why would anyone photograph a child like that and why would a parent allow such garbage? These are not innocent, whimsical pictures of children at play; they are purposefully suggestive and do have sexual overtones. I think people who do not see this have been saturated in our over-sexualized society!

  66. Debs says

    Patty and Tina, I agree with you ladies.
    I live in the UK and have lived in 4 other countries as well. I don’t think people in any other country (except for Islamic countries) would see anything wrong with those pictures, or read into it a sexual factor.

    People in the US are, as someone said previously, just trying to live, and adapt to, a world where paedophiles exist. And that means being preventative and being aware. However, isn’t it interesting that there are paedophiles in every country on earth, but only the US is hyper-sensitive about it, if you will. The US media and culture tends to breed hysteria, not just awareness.

    Every mother needs to be aware of the dangers that can befall their children, and be vigilant and protective; that is why I question Cindy Crawford’s decision. I don’t think, though, that it helps to be suddenly be so hyper-sensitive about their 5 year old not wearing a shirt. That just confuses everything. It adds fuel to the fire, and makes people feel as if EVERYONE were a pervert trying to read into things. That’s not the case, either.

  67. ~Lisa~ says

    Thank goodness! The voice of reason…. To the owner of this site…. Thank you!!!

    That was my whole point. She’s just a kid in a cute bathing suit….

    Are you not going to drive your car for fear of getting into a car accident; are you not going to get into an elevator for fear of the cable breaking… There are a thousand plus instances that I could put on here, but I won’t. We all have better things to do. Yes, obviously a pedophile could view these in a way that would be sick to say the least, but c’mon now… Take the photos for what they are… a child in different swimsuits. And as far as her face on the original photo… She’s going to grow up to be a GORGEOUS woman the same way that her mom is, and I can almost guarantee you that if you looked at pictures of Cindy as a child, she has that same seductress face. Honestly people… do you honestly think that photographer sat there and said… C’mon honey – make love to the camera??

    Remember…. look at her as a normal human with no fears of what’s out there. Otherwise you will wind up fearing everything….

  68. Kayleigh says

    KellyMay, i wasn’t trying to imply you had said anything mean, babe! i know what the word ramification means, i just think the ramifications for SOME people who post are a bit silly. i agree with you about braydie, it’s not fair for someone to be able to use her identity and should not be allowed. i was actually talking about other people who say things and then get bullied afterward for voicing their opinion, however stupid it might have been. the ramifications that others get upset and say mean personal things to people they can’t possibly know, just because the person had posted what they think, IS SILLY. i don’t think people should be offended by TALK (unless it’s intended in a malicious way and being personally directed of course). people talk all the time, everywhere on earth. i personally don’t see that it’s offensive, or offending, for a very young little girl to not wear a shirt at the beach, but at least that’s being offended by something REAL!

    btw, hi other Kayleigh!

  69. says

    Im sorry Tina, I am kind of tired and I think I mis read your post. Again I am very sorry.

    Patti, if you read post number 79 you can see a reaction from someone in the UK.

    Yes, it might be sad that we look at those pics and find something wrong with them. Again though, thank god we do. We are reacting to the world that we do live in. Sick freaks will use shots like that as porn, yeah that might get it elsewhere too, but Cindy should have known better.

  70. Patti says

    There’s nothing wrong with those photos. There’s just something wrong with today’s world that would even think about reading anything sexual or inappropriate into tthem. It makes me quite sad that it’s even an issue. I’d be curious to know the reactions in Europe to these shots…probably little or none, since in general the metropolitan areas at least are a lot less puritanical and hysterical than Americans.

  71. says

    ………..and Tina, there is a difference. Kids play without shirts on here too, but printing them in ads for any pedophile to sit around at home and drool over is different. I can protect my kids image in public better then I can if it is in 100000000 magazines

  72. says

    SUCCESS! I gathered from out web mistresses statements that she gets what we were saying. Good. I even think she was eluging to the negative things that have been happening around here lately. I would like to answer her question.
    (is it possible that we change our own lives and perspectives out of a disproportionate fear of child predators?) God I hope so. We can’t identify them all, but parents and the medie (which includes this site) need to be more aware, and the fact that the majority of us here agreed on this issue shows that at least WE are in our right minds. Over sensitized or not.

  73. Tina says

    Hi all, new to the site. I don’t know whether it’s a cultural difference but little kids play in all sorts of bathing suits, underwear and naked here in the Uk and in very public places such as public parks. I agree the tattoo, over the shoulder pose was a little sexualised but kids like to dress up in the current fashions of the day – however, these photos were a bit much and they are available over the internet. Still, on the whole naked, topless, bikinni thing, I would allow my daughter to do that, when young and when I was around – and yes, in a public place.

  74. Amy says

    I was apulled when I first saw the pictures, but I did nothing but compain to my husband. I’m just reading all the comments posted now and realize I’m not the only one to have a problem with it. I’ve only read the first 30 posts and I have noticed that some people mention that it’s not a big idea to see/let 5 year old play outside or go swimming topless. I have a 6 year old daughter and I would NEVER let her play or swim topless!

  75. KellyMay says

    My interview went fabulous girls, Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ I feel confident in my profession and the case they want to assign me to would be perfect for me so we will see.

    Ugh, my little guy has croup ๐Ÿ™ I’m tired today we were up a lot last night and now he’s ‘resting’. I could bypass the fall season due to the moulds (which is the culprit to this flare). He says to me last night after we tried a few remedies at 3 am “I am so lucky to have a nurse momma, Thanks so much” followed with lots of kisses. I didn’t mind being up after that, poor little dude!

  76. KellyMay says

    Kayleigh yes ramification of their words. Definition of ramification “A development or consequence growing out of and sometimes complicating a problem, plan, or statement” This is exactly what happened to Braydie and someone whom gave a false name or identity could not be held accountable for basically posting under Braydies name. What’s is so wrong with my statement???
    I see you get my point (I think or maybe not) I agree 100% with your post and never had said a judgemental statement towards another person on this site. We are all entitled to our opinions and not one person is more right then the next. Braydie was unjustily misrepresented. No one should be able to post under our names, it’s wrong and very unfair.

  77. Elaine says

    While I agree with all the comments about how inappropriate the pictures are, I also think the clothes shown are inappropriate for children. While the bikini with the cute bows is just about OK, I cannot believe anyone would think its OK to dress a child in a string bikini. I have seen similar bikinis on Pamela Anderson, who really shouldn’t be the inspiration for childrens clothes!

  78. Debs says

    Hey #72!
    Haha, I just saw your posts. Thanks for being more open-minded than other people who comment.

    I don’t like bullies either! *whimper* I’m 5’1″ and love everyone.

  79. Debs says

    ….. I think the pictures of cindy crawford’s daughter were just cute. Yeah, she’s topless and looking backwards…. I think that was meant to be a “model” pose, not a “sexy” pose. She’s only five, I see nothing wrong with her being topless. If she were 8 years old, it’d be a different story.

    The tattoo is just stupid. It’s obviously a fake one, but what is that teaching her daughter, or other little girls who see that picture? Tattoos are one of the things people should be introduced to at a later age, I think. But, to each her own way to raise a child!

    About paedophiles, they are always going to be able to find another picture of a little girl, or (eeww) go to the park and stare at our own children. There will always be some truly “sick” people in the world.That knowledge should not make us stop taking cute pictures of our children, or letting them take their tops off at the beach when they’re five years old!!!! That’s just silliness. However, I do wonder why cindy decided it was okay to put her daughter in the limelight like that.

    And why do models and actors keep putting their children in front of our faces? There are plenty more cute little girls who could have done that ad, whose mothers are not famous.


  80. Kayleigh says

    “ramification for your words” KellyMay?
    why can’t we just say what we want and get on with it? the only people who should get ramifications on what they say is people who come on here to berate what OTHER people say.
    everyone’s allowed their own thoughts and opinions, you don’t have to like it, and you DON’T have to get angry about it either! you’re not going to change anyone or make them think otherwise, just let them think what they like and write what YOU think.
    saying “i don’t agree with you, i think THIS instead” is far better than saying “your a sick, stupid, bad person.”

    people who bully other people make me sad. and it’s not neccessary.

  81. Braydie says

    I think that the picture of the one with the tat was just the only one that was offensive. It was just too sexual…the pose, the outfit, the necklass. I dont to come on here on day and see a bunch of weirdo comments from pervs.

  82. Braydie says

    to braydie: maybe if you USED your real name we wouldnt have to do this. its becuz of people like you why we should. I dont have to be “nicer” you people that use different handles have to grow up.

    KellyMay~~ good luck at the interview!!

  83. Lisa says

    tean Aniston

    from my post did you somehow get the drift that i was Ok with these shots-because I am not

    The person who runs this site removed the pictures but practically stated that she did not see all the fuss- I was stating that it was the way these little ones are being presented-its gross. i allow my daughter to wear bikinis but the are full coverage and she never goes topless or has a back tattoo

  84. kayleigh says

    i have to admit i was shocked looking at these pictures, anybody could go on this site and look at them pictures, espesh these perverts what r around now a days! its just not right photographing a five yr old girl with a fake tattoo on her back it gives these perverts something to do then! who ever posted those pics should have known better and knew the majority of ppl wouldnt be happy about it!

  85. says

    Fine Lisa, we are not talking about a “family” photo album or a picture taken in YOUR OWN backyard here, my 3 yr. old wears those sport tankini with boy shorts swim suit, no there is no problem with them in general, but this is a topless and running on the beach AD CAMPAIGN. The whole world will see them, Cindy should be slapped in the face and talk to these little girl models who have had “things” happen to them, it is not pretty but it is reality.
    AAAGGGHH, I am not directing anger at you Lisa but this whole situation makes me so mad!!!!!

  86. Lisa says

    little girls in bathing suits (1 piece or 2 ) are fine. see it all th etime in catalogs, etc… but the topless, looking over her shoulder coupled with a back tattoo and necklace was too sexualized for me. inappropriate my daughter loves bikini (shes 7) and wears them, i have many pix of her at the beach, none like these

  87. Diana says

    Websmistress – a very good move I think! Thank you! I think that it is a shame when children’s innocent is exploited and removed with such appalling images. Unfortunately I do believe also that it is the sad world that we live in is the reason why we have to protect our children from the outside world, however in this case, I believe that it is necessary. Cindy Crawford should know better. It is appalling that she is exposing her daughter for her own gain in these pictures.

  88. Diana says

    Kelley – thanks for your support! I must admit I felt a little victimized there as well! !;-) I was simply putting my view across, but would never come down on people for what they do or don’t believe. That is their choice. Have a good day Kelly! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  89. Sam says

    Cindy Crawford should be ashamed of herself. These pictures do nothing more than sexualize a little girl.

  90. mage says

    No matter how cute any of the pics are, if it were any of us trying to develop these pics- do you think we would not be investigated?

    The pictures themselves show the talent of the photog, the girls are adorable. But in this day and age, everything is suspect unfortunately.

  91. says

    I wrote in Braydie and I shot an email to the photog too. Do you guys think we should write some of her advertisers and let them know what we think? They should be concerned that is might negativly effect our perception of their products? I am going to do it. Here is the email I sent her:

    It’s called http://www.typekey.com. Take some time to protect the people who visit your site and your sponsers. (I am emailing some of them too.) I come to your site for entertainment and it has become too easy for people to steal your name and sully your reputation. Please do something about it.

    ALSO, those pics of Cindy Crawfords daughter are sleezy and one steop away from child porn. I am considering notifying Child Protective Services on everyone involved.

  92. says

    Oh lord. Are we going to have a religious argument on here too? OK, so your an athiest? That’s your problem. If you have a right to point that out then she has a right to mention her religious views as well.. OPEN FORUM…that means you can say whatever you like, even you can say you are an athiest. So back off Boo. I would rather be wrong about there being a God then not think there is and be wrong.

  93. Diana says

    Boo – I was just commenting, as I believe that you can do on this site, and I was just saying that I agreed with KellyMay and Alexia. Apologies if you are offended I was simply commenting. I would just say it is very sad that people’s minds are so corrupted and such photos I find disgusting and peverse.

  94. Diana says

    All the best for the job interview KellyMay. I am sure that you will do great!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ It was nice to read another comment about the power of Satan in people’s lives. Just very, very sad. Have a good day KellyMay and let know how the interview goes!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  95. Diana says

    All the best for the job interview KellyMay. As they say you can only do your best, but I am sure you will do great ๐Ÿ˜‰ It is also nice to hear another comment about how Satan grips the minds of so many people, and it is just very, very sad. Let’s hope it doesn’t get any worse.

  96. Boo says

    What’s being a Christian got to do with anything Diana? This is a site about babies not religion. I’m an aetheist and am also moral. I’m a liberal and moral. Christianity and morality aren’t synonymous. I agree the poses are too provocative… though kids should have the freedom to be kids and run around as they feel comfortable – so long as the parents are there to keep them safe.

  97. Diana says

    All the best KellyMay for the interview. I am sure you will do great. All you can do is do your best as they say ๐Ÿ˜‰ Good to hear another person who speaking about how satan can rule in young lives and can get a grip on all of us if we are not careful. Just very sad ๐Ÿ˜‰

  98. KellyMay says

    Good morning girls I will be emailing Babyrazzi this morning ultimately to protect all of us. I personally applaud Braydie, it is so easy to post under an anonymous handle and voice your opinions without ramification for your words. She has a strong opinion and posts her opinions feeling confident and standing behind her words. To often as you scan posts people say nasty things but hide, but really isn’t this why our world is corrupt no one being held accountable?!?
    Kudos to you Braydie for the strong woman that you are. If we all had the same boring opinion then this would be a boring site!

    Alexia, wow I shuddered when I read about Dakota. How could that not affect her as a child or her parents! I will be praying for them, money is an evil thing and when we allow it to cloud our better judgement then Satan reigns ๐Ÿ™ Thank you for posting that article.

    Mumba I appreciate the email to the designer, I will be emailing them as well. We need to protect our children.

    Lastly I do agree with the others that the first picture especially needs to be removed.

    Wish me luck girls off to do a job interview ๐Ÿ™‚

  99. Donna says

    Let’s not forget that the mother of this innocent child is the same woman who does a drunken lap dance (albeit for her husband) in public. If she is into voyeurism, whatever, but leave this little girl out of the sick limelight.

  100. Diana says

    I am totally appalled that such images are even on this site. It is utterly degrading and terrible and Alexa I agree with all your comments. It is a very sad world we live in. Disgusting and websmistress should have known better than to put such images on here.

  101. Momma UK says

    I was appalled at the insinuation behind these photos – very much “hello boys” esp in photo 1. As a mother of 3 I would never have allowed inappropriate pictures like these to be taken and then used for magazines/internet publications. I agree with Lisa in that they look like a taster for a top shelf magazine !! The CHILD is 5 not 21 and is therefore totally reliant upon her parents making decisions that protect HER ! not violate or abuse her trust and leave her vulnerable to paedophile tendencies.

  102. To Braydie says

    I wont be emailing babyrazzi, I dont see why I should do anything for you, maybe if you were a nicer person people wouldnt use you name and there wouldnt be a problem.

  103. Daze says

    The one of the two girls hugging is cute and appropriate. The others are just not. The crochet string bikini appears about to be falling off and that is just not enough coverage for a small child. The topless one with the back tatoo and the provocative pose borders on kiddie porn. The child is cute and makes an excellent model but the poses and the swimsuits are far too sexualized for children. Shame on you Cindy to let your 5 year old baby participate in this. The swimsuit designeer and photographer need to change up a little bit too. Sure sex sells, but when it involves minors, it becomes criminal and immoral.

  104. Braydie says

    REMEMBER everyone today is the day (19th) to write babyrazzi and tell them TO CHANGE it so people can only have one handle. if possible.
    EMAIL address is help@babyrazzi.com ….thanks everyone!!

  105. Braydie says

    I seen a interview where dakota said…well i dont mind it …its not like it really happening…
    NO 12 yr old should be even be “pretend” raped. I agree her mother isnt a very good one if all she is seeing is dollar signs$$$$$

  106. Mumba says

    I am so enraged by these pictures I went to Melissa Obadashs official website and have noted down an email contact address so I can put my opinion across to them about these highly inappropriate pictures. If anyone else would like to do the same, the email addy is enquiries@odabash.com

  107. ME says

    That’s really sad about Dakota Fanning. I would never EVER let my daughter do a child-rape scene even if I thought it would win her an Oscar – her mother needs to be slapped!!!!!

  108. carleigh says

    My god Alexia I tried and tried to read your post and I am not saying you don’t have some very valid points in your mini-book here. However, your points while I am sure are both interesting and informative…I can’t read that much…sorry.

    I think the first pic is very provocative considering the age of Kaia, the attire (or lack thereof), and the fact that she is “posing’ for a swimwear ad not only means that these pic’s are circulating the internet…they will be sent out in a catalog….so it’s just not the internet Cindy Crawford should have considered.

    I have two daughters and have never allowed them to “play” topless no matter where, who was around or what the circumstances were. You never know who could be watching like pedophiles, perv’s and sicko’s. It’s not the 60’s anymore.

  109. girls mom says

    my husband about flipped when he saw this page he thought i was into some porno site i wouldnt even show my 10 year old daughter

  110. says

    she five years old come on aleast put her in a one piece swimsuit and not only that but read THIS –

    The mass media not only can devour vulnerable children who are merely the partakers of entertainment, it also can completely consume many young people working in the entertainment industry.

    Recently, the news reported several heartbreaking stories of young actresses who have fallen victim to the terrorism of the mass media by being swept up into the hedonism and moral decay that Hollywood and celebrity too often offers.

    The loss of Lindsay Lohan

    Lindsay Lohan, a talented, young actress whose family-friendly movies include: “Herbie: Fully Loaded” and “The Parent Trap,” has been the topic of several controversies recently.

    Once known as Hollywood’s Teen Queen and the next ”It-Girl,” Lohan is now considered to be the town’s top party-girl who misses film shoots due to both alcohol and drug-induced hospitalizations.

    This past month she came under-fire from the CEO of Morgan Creek productions who said that her absence from the movie set (due to partying) cost the production hundreds of thousands of dollars. He also wrote a scathing letter calling her, ”discourteous, irresponsible and unprofessional.” Lindsay herself has been more than vocal about the effects of the media in her own life, saying that the four characters from HBO’s ”Sex & The City” had ”changed everything for me, because those girls would just sleep with so many people!”

    About her personal love life, Lindsay states that she wants her boyfriend to be a one-woman man, but she hopes to keep fooling around. She said, ”If I’m going to give my body to someone, I’d rather them not be with other people. But, I want to be able to if I like someone else.”

    The saddest story: The downfall of Dakota

    Another young woman who seems to have lost her way is Dakota Fanning, a promising young 12-year-old whose credits include wonderful movies of hope and faith like “Dreamer: Inspired By A True Story” and “I Am Sam,” both of which have won Movieguideยฎ “Teddy Bear” Awards for family movies.

    In her latest movie, ”Hounddog,” however (which comes out this fall), Dakota reportedly appears ”semi-naked” and has even shot some ”child-rape scenes.”

    Dakota Fanning is only 12! This is simulated pedophilia promoted by Hollywood!

    Even so, her agent says the movie is challenging her as an actress, and ”not just the rape scene … [But] in every scene she gets better and better.”

    Where are this young girl’s parents? Where are her protectors? Well, Dakota’s mother reportedly has said that Dakota’s ”gritty performance” will win her an Oscar.

    What a tragedy that this bright, young, innocent child has been sacrificed to the golden statue of the Academy Awards!

    This story is repeated time after time. The casting couch has gone from behind closed doors to being filmed in Technicolor for the next movie. Many actresses whom I commend in interviews for performing in family films tell me they want to play a prostitute in their next movie or that they just did such a part. Once they stoop to sleaze, their career usually craters, and many are ostracized by Hollywood after they have demeaned themselves for the craven god of being a ”cutting edge” actor. Some are so shunned after they stoop to conquer that they end up shoplifting or overdosing to survive the embarrassment. These were promising actors who felt the Hollywood pressure to get down and dirty.

    Why do their careers crater?

    Quite simply, their peers in Hollywood have lied to them. Performing sleeze offends American teenagers, who are the largest group of moviegoers. A new entertainment poll of 12- to 24-year-olds in the United States has found that a high number of teenagers (58 percent of boys ages 12 to 17 and an amazing 74 percent of teen girls) are offended by sexual material in movies and TV programs.

    Melina Erkan, 12, said she’s not watching MTV and VH1 as much because of all the scantily-clad women. “Sometimes in the music videos these days, the women they have dancing in the background, they dress really cheap, and women don’t really look like that and act like that … When I see that, I change the channel to something I like.”

    A story on the poll did not give percentages for ages 18-24, but Hannah Montes, a 21-year-old college student in Missouri, said she has stopped watching TV because of all the vulgarity she saw.

    “I get tired of hearing all the cussing and the sexual innuendoes,” she said.

    The poll was conducted this summer by the Los Angeles Times and Bloomberg. The 1,650 qualified respondents to the poll included 839 minors age 12-17 and 811 young adults age 18-24.

    The golden age of Hollywood

    During the Golden Age of Hollywood, the Entertainment Industry understood the value of a star’s reputation. Good wholesome young stars were groomed to appear that way in every movie so that they would be seen as celebrities that moviegoers would admire and want to see again and again. Now, Hollywood chews them up and spits them out like the used prostitutes on the streets of Bangkok. This is reprehensible.

    Protect innocence

    Parents and grandparents everywhere need to open their eyes and become media wise โ€“ young stars like Lindsay Lohan and Dakota Fanning have a tremendous influence on their children and grandchildren.

    We need to pray for both Lindsay and Dakota so that they will be gripped by the Hand of God instead of the Jaws of Satan. Their lives need to be transformed by Jesus Christ so that they will not seek the rewards of men, but so that they will seek to win for the Lamb of God the rewards of His suffering


  111. Mary says

    Doesn’t anyone realize that they’re predators out there who love these types of pics? Im sorry but these pics make ME uncomfortable. Shame on any parent who poses their kid in sexy poses.

  112. says

    THAT IS DISGUSTING….THIS MAKES ME SO LIVID…F@*! ARE CINDY AND RANDY STUPID. With all the child molesters out there doesn’t she think. Kids should be kids and treated like ones. Not taught this young how to act like a skank. (The child is not a skank, not what I was implying) I am just saying that teach your kids how to play with Barbies and horses, not how to “over the shoulder, provactive topless look” for the cameras!!!!
    GOD CINDY AND RANDY GET A CLUE!!! Then god for bid when something happens, ( I have seen it first hand) they sit there like a sack of potatoes crying “I don’t understand how this happened” I could just slap them……Okay I am so mad right now I have to go. This is the most disgusting thing I have seen in my life!!!! WHATS MAKES IT WORSE IS HER STUPID MOTHER IS PROBABLY SITTING THERE EGGING HER ON, “Good job honey you look great!” Just becasue Cindy is a HAS BEEN, does she really have to throw her daughter into it????????? AAAAGGGHHH.
    I have to go…good bye.

  113. Lisa M says

    there is alot i agree with and not agree with..i for one would not let my 5 year old little girl model like this..Some people are saying “well other little girls play topless like this all the time” Yes I do agree but we are not taking pics of them and putting them on the internet like this one is..the way she is posing and the little tattoo is too much for me..and if she is modeling a swimsuit why not put the whole thing on the her not just the bottom..Im only 23 and i have a 4 yr old girl and i would not let my little girl play outside without a shirt on let alone go swimming at the lake or beach without one on..to many pervs in this world..and the string bikini NO WAY THAT IS WAY TOO MUCH…HER MOTHER AND FATHER NEED TO BE SLAPPED FOR BEING SO STUPID…

  114. says

    That first shot is not appropriate! The tattoo, whether real or not is the first thing that bothers me. It is for sure an adult pose. Yes, Jon Bonet comes to mind.
    This girl is beautiful but whats good for adult advertisement is not good for kids ads.
    I’m sure Ms. Crawford is there with her daughter at all times, but pedofiles & sexual deviants use pictures for all sorts of things.

  115. Suze says

    BritishMumma – good call on removing the pics!! I too would like to see at least the first and third pictures removed from this site.

  116. rose says

    The two bottom pictures are adorable, but the first one iis extremely disturbing. The child is 5 not 18. And we wonder why we are a society replete with pedophiles.

  117. katie says

    i haven’t read all the posts, but really i think that these pix are not appropriate! a little girl is often in just her bottoms when she is around her family or maybe a few similar aged friends and parents, but should NOT be paraded on magazine pages for all to see! this is just gross. on top of that, really i don’t think that bikini swimsuits -string style- are OK either!

  118. BritishMumma says

    I 100% agree with the majority of these comments, the first picture is completely innaproprite for a 5 year old. In fact I would like to see it removed from this website.

  119. Ms D says

    I’m actually glad to see that I wasn’t the only one that noticed the same things about those pictures. I didn’t read all the posts yet, but the first couple were enough for me to see that I wasn’t alone.
    Sure, she’s a cute kid..but I don’t like the pictures. A little girl in a bikini is cute I suppose..but I don’t agree with that string bikini or the topless shot. I think she’s a little young to be advertising that way, at least for me and my opinion.

    Having your own child dress like that, and even taking pictures of it at home is one thing..but not for the world to see, IMO.

  120. courtney says

    i think cindy crawfrd is a very talented woman, very gorgeous, great rolemodel….but why in the world she would allow these people to potograph her child half nude just shocks me and i think its so sad when we have to read about little beautiful girls get raped and killed and we wonder why……if u dont want anything horrible to happen to ur kids….dont expose them like this, keep them young!

  121. Lisa marie says

    I agree w/ almost everyone. while, yes she is 5, and alot of kids her age play topless, and you dont think twice about it, also, most of those kids arent in pictures for magazines and such, posing, in a NON 5 yr old pose. and that fake tatoo sure as hell doesnt make it any better.
    I dont think she thought this over before having her daughter do this ๐Ÿ™

  122. KellyMay says

    I am the only person that noted the age 7 and it was in reference to my own daughter whom is 7, she feels uncomfortable being topless. That is clearly stated in my post ( possibly you just skimmed it) I realize Kaia is only 5, either way she should not be posing topless?!?

    I blame the parents too, we ultimately are responsible for our children and should always be held accountable, too many parents blame the child when they can’t look at themselves. Sad ๐Ÿ™

  123. babyhates says

    What is wrong with these sicko’s!!!!! That to me is disgusting !!! She is 5 years old and should have on a swim top not naked !!!!! Ahhhh sick freakin’ poeple I blame the PARENTS !

  124. Lisa says

    my prior post is not meant to say shes only five-let her go topless-was correcting a previous poster who said she was 7

  125. says

    I think there is a huge difference between letting your kid wear a bikini and letting your little girl who you are supposed to protect, to be photographed and published looking that provocotive.

  126. KellyMay says

    Wow, I too do not like the ideas these pictures are putting across. Especially when I just read why the first ‘ass antler’ tattoos were developed (totally a positioning thing if you catch my drift) Not appropriate for any child.

    Lisa personally I would not encourage my daughter to go topless (and it’s legal for all woman to do so here in Canada). I don’t feel comfortable about it and nor does she Thank God (at 7 years old), 100% for her protection and my peace of mind. Children with clothes on plant ideas in predators heads, I don’t even want to imagine what the latter does….

  127. Lisa says

    too highly sexualized for me with the tattoo on the small of the back and the necklace, the look is wrong too

  128. Lucia says

    i agree with Kirsten, Mage and Braydie and most of all with Courtney…. why force kids to grow up so fast and then people complain about it. I want to know where the rest of that swimsuite is as well and yeah, my daughter (if i had one) would NOT be wearing a string bikini. Can you imagine all the sickos that are going to that website and getting their kicks off on looking at these pics? no, you need to protect your child and not expose them to those sickos…bad enough they are watching without you even knowing…why help them along!

  129. Psychlori says

    As a mom of a cute little girl, love cute bikini photos, but the topless tattoo one creeps me out!

  130. says

    the other pictures are cute, but the first one i do not agree with because it just looks wrong. and the fact that they put a hopefully ‘temporary’ tatoo on her back just shows that thier trying to make her look older. Let kids be kids!

  131. courtney says

    o i didnt read all the posts before mine about the jonbennett thing….but hey its a good point to everyone who mentioned it!

  132. courtney says

    ok……where do i start…..a: very adorable child…..but b: NO!!! doesnt she know about the jonbennett ramsey case!??!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!!? there are DISCUSTING people out there and these are the pics of little innocent children that make them wonder….i think its great that shes gorgeous enough to model and have good shoots but cover that poor innocent child up!!! she couldve done the same shoots in a one-piece. its different to let ur kid wear a bikini when ur at the beach or whatevr, the pool, but for all of the world to see not knowing what creeps are out there printing off those pictures…..ugh i need to stop! all im sayin, is little beautiful girls liek johnbennett wouldnt go through the things they go through if they didnt make these 5 yr olds so “sexy” and revealing

  133. TJ's mom says

    Kristin- your comment about JonBenet wasn’t posted yet when I made my reference to her! I see that I’m not the only one who thought that!

  134. TJ's mom says

    Whoa! Didn’t people learn from Jon Benet Ramsey? There are alot of sick people out there! Let kids be kids! I must admit, though, she is a very pretty little girl. I’m sure that she would of looked just as cute in a one piece bathing suit splashing in the water!

  135. Braydie says

    i think that top pic looks like child porn. if its about swimsuits wheres the rest of that suit in the top picture?

  136. Kristin says

    I would have to agree with all of you who think these poses, and tattoo etc are a bit too perocative for a little 5 year old. Does JonBenet ring a bell to anyone???

  137. Suze says

    I agree with anne…topless is fine, it’s the pose that’s a problem…and is that a low back tattoo on the first one??!??

  138. mage says

    She is a cutie, but now i know whose swim line to avoid. Kids grow up too fast- no need to hurry it along.

    But I guess I am a prude, none of my money will go to a string bikini no matter what the age of my little girl.

  139. anne says

    To me its not the fact that she,s topless, its the way she is photographed that seems totally inapropriate to me. I just cannot understand why her parents alloyed the photographer to take this first shot.

  140. ~Lisa~ says

    Give me a break people… She’s 5 for God’s sake…

    How many times has your 5 year old gone around with just shorts on… I know plenty of 5 year olds that have been paraded around with just shorts on at the beach… and her back is turned to you! If it was a full on frontal, it would be a different story….

  141. says

    Cindy’s daughter is a cutie, but I do not like those shots. The one of the two girls hugging is cute, but the one with no top on is not cool. Something about the last one bothers me as well. I don’t want to sound like a prude, but the bottom on it is too small and seems a little to suggestive. What was wrong with little girls playing in the sand? How many scary predators there are out there that will use this as their “smut”? This is just too much IMO.

  142. ME says

    I’m sorry but I do NOT agree with letting a 5 year old pose in a string bikini let alone topless. What is wrong with people!!!!!!! How sad.

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