Tea Leoni & Her Son

Tea Leoni, 40, got a grip on her squirmy son, Kyd Miller, 4, in Malibu, CA, on September 5th. “We can get them to go anywhere as long as there’s Tootsie Pops!” dad David Duchovny has said of their two children. They also have a daughter named Madelaine West who is 7.

Interesting tidbit: Tea calls her kids West and Miller. It is tradition in their family to use the middle names as a first name.

Tea Leoni



  1. Deb says

    Just chuckling at Tea’s face in this pic. That is me with my kids and grandkids…they always seem too big and on the verge of getting away from me!! It is such a typical harried parent pose!! It’s always good to see stars with the “hands on” approach too, it would be so easy to hand off kids to a nanny or body guard. Especially with cameras around and worrying about how they will capture your moment!

  2. Braydie says

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  3. Cat says

    My almost three year old LOVES his Crocs. It’s very cute. We call him by his middle name. It was always our intention to call him by that name; it was simply that the names sounded better together in that order. It’s confusing filling out forms etc. sometimes, but who cares. He has a great name.

  4. TJ's mom says

    Team Aniston- Tea Leoni was in Deep Impact (the reporter who uncovered the meteor story), Fun w/ Dick and Jane (recently w/ Jim Carey). She was in one of the Jurassic Park movies (2 or 3), and the Family Man with Nicholas Cage (he was rich, then work up one morning with a whole family). She also had her own t.v. show in the 90’s. She’s been in quite a few movies- she’s just very low-key. Okay, my Tea Leoni lesson is now over….hope I helped!

  5. says

    Kristin, I must say I agree with you, why not just name them that, your right girl, it does tend to get confusing but oh well, their kids I guess. What work has Tea ever done? She looks like she is having a great time with her son (good for her) but I don’t recall her.

  6. TJ's mom says

    Dang! She looks like me carrying my crazy 4 year old! It’s nice to see a celebrity mom with her hands full…just like us regular folk! 🙂

  7. Kristin says

    I don’t understand why people call their kids by their middle names, why not just name them that to begin with?

  8. KellyMay says

    Interesting about the middle names! He’s wearing Crocs, I love mine! Not a fashion statement oh but the comfort!

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