Rachel Weisz With Family Near Ground Zero

Rachel is so cute! She looks to be enjoying taking Henry Chance for a stroll (in his Stokke stroller) with husband, Darren.

Rachel Weisz

Rachel Weisz

Rachel Weisz



  1. tiffany says

    why people always hatin cause they cant afford it or do it like other people.anyway i think rachel looks good no matter where she is and i just cant wait for the mummy 3 to come out.
    and her baby looks cute also.but how can she like a nerd?

  2. says

    wow looks like they both need someone to iron their clothes ,looks like they pulled them out of the ironing basket very unkempt bad hair day for her also

  3. Diana says

    Braydie – I agree with you regarding her looks. Sometimes she does look great, other times she doesn’t!

  4. Braydie says

    I think they look cute together. 🙂 they seem loving to each other. I thought she was beautiful in the mummy but then I didnt think she was in constintine. shes one of those women that change, one min they are …the next shes not so much lol.
    thats a ugly stroller …your all right. to me it looks like a wax machine that cleans floors. im happy with my 300.00 target stroller lol.

  5. BritshMumma says

    That pushchair is UGLY! It looks like someone pulled the seat of a desk chair and welded a infant carrier on in its place. Horrid!

  6. TEAM JOLIE says

    Gross stroller. What with those and the dreadful Bugaboo. Whatever happened to a nice Mamas and Papas pram?

  7. says

    I really dont get the big whoop about that stroller either. It looks like the infant seats that they put on the top of grocery shopping carts except with a shade.

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