Fabulous Photos Of The Brangelina Bunch!

More photos from the magazine Gala! Four-month-old Shiloh is so cute!

Shiloh Pitt

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie



  1. Brangelina Fan says

    Just want to say that after reading all these comments I did agree with a lot ,but was disguisted by some. I know everyone has the right to their own opinion, but damn yall don’t even know these people and some of you are talking like you have known them forever. So what if Brad cheated on Jennifer, I mean he is a man and is intitled to make mistakes just like the rest of us. The only reason why it is such a big deal is because he is famous. And who cares if Angelina is a home-wrecker, she is still human. I mean some people on this site act like you have never done anything that was not moral.

    “On God Can Judge”.

    What makes anyone on this site better than Brangelina and gives them the right to judge- .

    No one ever knows what they are capable of doing until they are in that situation, so until then please allow this beautiful family to live their lives in peace. I wish them all the best and happiness till eternity.

    And for Jennifer , girl you are beautiful, talented , and smart and wish you happiness also with whom ever you find it with. “Remember what doesn’t kill you will only makes you stronger.”

  2. Lolitha says

    No No No shiloh is not cute at all. sorry but with the anticipation of the child with the best genes in showbiz she turned out to be a flop.something wrong with her mouth and she done have the cute baby eyes like Violet Affleck

  3. Alice says

    Brad pitt should be sterilized. Angelina shouldnt be able to adopt kids anymore. Wonder what they do with all those kids….

  4. Sarah says

    Baby Shiloh is the cutest baby ever, except for my own of course, but I might be a bit prejudice about that one. Angelina and Brad or two of the most beautiful people in the world, so it makes since for their little girl to be so beautiful. Maddox and Zahara are very cute also and together they make a very lovely family. Tom Cruise is kinda funny looking, but Suri pretty like her mom but in an odd way. She looks much older than she is.

  5. cb says

    Shiloh is a beautiful baby. Why do we have to compare one celebrity baby to another? Can’t they just be who they are?

    People have feelings, famous or not and one day their children maight read some of this stuff. Should they be punished because some people didn’t learn the basic manners like “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”

    So sad!

  6. says

    i think shiloh and mia rebecca are the cutest celebrity baby out there and for Suri is unusual looking with very mature features for a 4month old.

  7. Alaysia says

    Shiloh is such a pretty name and it fits her perfectly!!! Once she is about 5 or 6 there will be ALOT of talk about her she is gorgeous!!(and she was born with her mom’s very full lips!!!)

  8. Linda Murat says

    I think that all these babies are so adoreable. I don’t think there is anything that extraorinary about Shiloh. I really feel sorry for her having Angelina Joile for a mother. She has just too weird of a personality, which she admits to. I don’t really like Brad Pitt anymore for being involved with such a person. It’s also very nice that she helps people in other countries, but what about the US? The most adoreable baby is Violet.

  9. Beatriz says

    I must say, i dont like angelina and brad very much because of the “affair”.. I love Jennifer Aniston… But they are both good looking people and i had no doubt their baby would be as stunning as them… She def. is the next Gerber Baby…
    Also, i need to say Suri is just as stunning as Shiloh… They are both very beautiful babies… And NO!!! I dont think they air brushed Suri, she will show all of you how beautiful she really is when she gets out of the “baby stage”. Just incase you dont see how beautiful she is already…..

  10. Olivia says

    Oh My Gosh, I so thought so too! I think she looks much more like Chris Kline than Tom or Katie. Sorry to say, she is a baby, cute, but in an unusual odd kind of way. I too find it difficult to believe she is the age stated. It is all just too odd and much to secretive and confusing. AND, no one has commented on my asking about tom and katie giving different reasons to different interviewers at different times about the ultrasound he purchased. One ot them lied in either People or Vanity Fair and if they lied once, more than likely they have lied many times. Lies tend to trip a person up when you tell one too many and get confused about what you said

  11. says

    Shilloh is as cute as they come. Cuter than Suri. And by the way, dosent suri have an uncanny resemblance to Chris Klein? That baby looks like she was born 6 months ago! Very strange indeed and Iam sure the truth shall come out sooner or later. You can fool some of the people some of the time but you cant fool people all of the time, mark my words!

  12. says

    i think she really cute for a baby her age she really look like brad pitt i think suri is a ok baby but she dosn’t look like a 3 months baby girl but insted of a 1 year old boy i think shiloh and aurora rose {triple h baby girl} are the custes little bundle of joy

  13. love BAMZS says

    Shiloh’s eyes and nose look like her father and her lips look like her mother(in my opinion),how pretty she is…

  14. KellyMay says

    Shiloh is a very cute baby!

    I agree 100% Suri Cruise is gorgeous, she is a very beautfiul baby and is a perfect blend of her parents.

  15. EDITH says


  16. Brandy says

    Shiloh is a beauty. I don’t feel I have the right to judge this couple – married or not, affair while married to Aniston or not – they BOTH really seem to love and cherish every moment spent with their children. In my book I wish all children were loved as much as those 3. I know mine are, but many out there are not. GO BRANGELINA! Live your lives raise your family!

  17. Diana says

    Jessica B – Teddyandmoo.com is really good for the latest celeb pictures and you can go and look up a lot of the latest celebrity pictures on this site as well. What a beautiful family they all make! God bless them all! 😉

  18. anne says

    The magazine in from Germany. The Title means “against all the nasty rumors!” You can find the complete translation somewhere on justjared.

  19. TJ's mom says

    Hi…Was surfing for Britney baby info…came across your website…luv it! Does anyone know what language is on that magazine cover? Boy! The Jolie/Pitt family doesn’t spend much time in the good, ole’ U.S.A. do they? I wonder how well behaved those kids are traveling to all those far away countries? Mine drive me nuts going an hour to Grandma’s house? Anyway…Shiloh is a precious little baby…very classic looking!

  20. Nicki says

    What a beautiful baby. She looks like both of them, more so Dad. Zahara is so pretty. Another website had Maddox showing in the pic, and he is getting so big. Such a beautiful family. I think Shiloh looks like the Gerber baby, maybe but with chubbier cheeks. Nice looking family.

  21. Kalista Brat says

    I still think suri cruise is gorgeous, shiloh looks cute, but she looks like many other babies i’ve seen before. Suri Cruise is like Elizabeth Taylor, with the dark hair and blue eyes, not many babies are born with those features. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and i say both babies are cute, but Suri Cruise is prettier, for sure.

  22. says

    Shiloh yes is very cute, as are all babies, but that sweet little Suri takes my breath away, I love Suri’s dark locks and big blue eyes, it is a very striking combo. Suri is a sweetheart.
    I feel sorry for poor cute little Shiloh…but what can ya do. You have to go for a test to drive a car but ANYONE I guess can have babies.

  23. says

    have you no brains at all suri pictures were air brushed she has a lot of hair that all she has and for you people to compare beauty shiloh looks like a baby suri look like a kid that shoud be your first clue she looks too perfect and groomed just like the cruises to do shiloh will be a beauty and i can gurantee that suri as she get older without being air brushed will be an average looking kid

  24. Jessica B says

    I was wondering if any*1 else knew of any websites of celebs?.. I love keepin up w/ the latest hollywood gossip!.. Thanks!

  25. Marti says

    It’s nice to see a recent picture of Shiloh. She is so beautiful!! Little darlin’ has no idea what a stir she caused, huh? Same w/Suri and I hope the press doesn’t hound these children ,all the days of their lives, but we know better then that, don’t we? 🙁

  26. STS says

    I think Shiloh is adorable … I do agree Suri is a beautiful baby though. It will be interesting to see what they look like in 20 years. I have a feeling that both of them will be georgeous.

  27. shiloh says

    shiloh is the cutest baby ever as well as her parents she and her sister zahara and maddox are the most cute babies ever

  28. ~Lisa~ says

    that child is the epitome of a gerber baby!!!!!! she’s absolutely as breathtaking as her parents….

  29. Donna says

    Whether you like Brangelina or not, you can’t deny Shiloh is one cute baby…love those rosebud lips!

  30. jen says

    Shiloh is very cute. Chubby little cheeks!
    OK, not for nothing, but i very quickly clicked onto this site
    and looked at the pic of Angelina a little too quickly and
    hahahhaha i though it was Britney Spears! you know, the black long hair and the shades. lol sorry angelina!
    gimme a break,
    Sean preston has chubby cheeks as well

  31. dori says

    What a gorgeous baby! What a nice blend of 2 beautiful parents. So delighted to see close ups of them. Now there’s a happy family!

  32. Braydie says

    You all know i cant stand brad or angelina…however that little girl is adorable! FOR REAL… I might be just baby crazy today but shiloh is a gorgous baby. i gotta admit.

  33. babyhates says

    There both babies !!! They are all cute little bundles of joy !!!! I love how Brad is always holding these babies like a proud papa !!!!!!! I love BRANGELINA !!!!!!! I know all the haters are going to have something mean to say but it’s a family and we need to move oh…..

  34. Leonie says

    Lovely!!!!!!! Ithink that they are very happy together, and those kids are completely loved. Little Shiloh looks just like her daddy (in my opinion). Zahara is a little stunner!!!

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