Did Britney Name Her Baby Sutton Pierce?

It is being widely reported that Britney has named her baby Sutton Pierce Federline. That would mean that both of her sons would have the same initials…cute! But, apparently this was reported via the comments section of Us Magazine’s online blog. So, until someone in Britney’s camp confirms the name it remains a mystery!

And happy birthday to Sean Preston who turns one today!

Britney Spears



  1. AaraLynn says

    Wow i can rememer when brits first album came out… i was abotu 5 or 6 but i can remember it. i wish all the rumors would stop going around about wat a bad mother she is. i personally dont kno, but i bet she is a great mother to both of her children, and i think if she has more children then yay for her. she has alot of love and so does kevin to give to as many kids as they can get ahold of. good luck in life britney and best wishes for your future

  2. nikki says

    Why don’t everyone just shut the hell up?I think shesa great mother and the nme Sutton is so cute… In all the tabloids all ou see is lil sean happy o yall need to leave britney and her family alone…luv u brit….

  3. carleigh says

    if you want a baby like Sean P Go see K-fed Kayla he’s got enough swimmers to impregnant a woman w/ a mere glance or bat of an eye. He’s a real fertile myrtle.

  4. kayla says

    Sean is an adorable baby. That picture up at the top does not look like britney . I thought she had blonde hair and she did. I wish i could have had a baby like Sean

  5. carleigh says

    Wanda obviously doesn’t get out much! Since irritating (or feebly attempting too) irritate Braydie has become her single reason for being here. WOW, now that’s even sadder than me! LOL! I think that Wanda/Rhonda/Sue are the same person just has many, many different handles and personalities! I think they’re all f*ckin’ nuts if ya ask me! LOL

  6. Braydie says

    Erin!!! dont leave because of wanda. we’ve seen people like her come and go…its the ones that stick it out are the ones that make the difference. she doesnt matter.

  7. Erin says

    Save yourself some time…no point in having a comeback to this comment…unless you’re just out to make yourself look even more foolish (I mean, what intelligent person has a comeback for someone making fun of herself???)

    I’m outta here…you gals have fun with insulting each other…I must admit, I only stayed on here long enough to keep Wanda going…and it worked! Let me just say…it takes one to know one…bah ha ha!! Gotcha again!

  8. says

    Actually it is Wanda, but probably not in the way you are using it. I have a word for you to look up, Nonsensical. I think it would enlighten you as to what the rest of think of you.

  9. says

    Oh God. Kevin Federline Jr.?????? Make me gag. Like there needs to be another one of those dweebies in the world *gag*

    Nicola, Erin didn’t fall in to that catagory. She just wanted everyone to be nice. that’s all. Not that she would probably care that you said anything. But I agree with your sentiment though. Most of them are just trying to start crap.

    Some of them may have just happened upon the site durring a bad spell and have gotten the wrong impression about the mood here and have commented on that. Which has just kept this big snow ball building and building and building.

  10. wanda says

    Blah, blah, blah. Hey kelley go see if that word is in the dictionary too, seeing as you have nothin better to do.

    Erin, if the cap fits…..Lol

    Keep em comin girls…

  11. Erin says

    oh, and here’s something about the topic…love that the babies have the same initials…better than having a jr. and leaving the other one out.

  12. says

    “Cant wait to read all your shit……hurry up cos i’m just sitting here waiting cos i got nothin better to do just like you……..Lol”

    ????Ok, so basically everything you said applies to you as well?

    Wanda……in Engish the word Regulars works. Newbies is a term, as newars would not make any sense. jJust like the word regularies doesn’t. Look in a dictionary. Regular, regulars, regulations, regularly,regularity all words. Your isn’t. Oh and FYI, newbies is. It is a slang term, but at least it is a word

  13. Braydie says

    yup your bugging me…I just cant sleep nites. get over yourself … also its sorta what people do on blogs….reply to comments….

  14. wanda says

    The fact that you are replying to everything i’m writing obviously means that it is bugging the hell out of you, which of course is my intention. LOL…..LOL

    You carry on braydie girl…..

  15. Braydie says

    yeah it is simple cuz your the one that sounds stupid. regularies???kinda funny your the only one thats laughing…. whos all laughing with you? or it is your different handles that your talking about? so go ahead and write lol to your own posts under a diferent name. I just love when people say that were neglecting our children when their also on here as much as we all are. of course your sitting there waiting for us to say something else wanda…seems you have a reply before i even push submit lol.

  16. wanda says

    Oh so sorry bradyie, forgot you were stupid so i shall explain it to you in simple terms.

    Regular(ies) as in new(bies)…..there now was that simple enough for you…….Lol

  17. Braydie says

    what the hell is regularies???? LOL

    Lozano~~~ Yes , yes you are giving this whole rubbish some resemblance of importance …but you cant help it can you… go count some more posts and let me know when i reach a million.

  18. Lozano says

    I’m not a first timer… have commented before (not that I need to justify myself) and I don’t know where me and the whole post counting thing comes from… I don’t care who comes on here and how often and neither should anyone else. Besides weren’t we all first timers once? Not a good way to welcome new names and faces to comment on the site and you don’t need to put my name in speech marks, Lozano is my family name not one I made up, if that’s what you are implying.

    God, I’m giving this whole rubbish some semblance of importance……

  19. wanda says

    Hey nicola us “newbies” r havin a great laugh at you “regularies” bitchin about people.

    Us “newbies” have better things to do than write on here all the time. U “regularies” obviously lead very sad and lonely lives to have become “regularies”.

    You “regularies” are on here so much you gotta feel sorry for your fugly kids being neglected. You should be reported to social services and your kids put into care where they wont get ignored. Lol

    I love it that us “newbies” are obviously makin you mad enough to reply to us.

    Way to go “regularies”

    Cant wait to read all your shit……hurry up cos i’m just sitting here waiting cos i got nothin better to do just like you……..Lol

  20. Jenna says

    How come nothing’s been released yet? Wasn’t it quicker before? Huh… and why did Ok! magazine have it as her having a girl? I guess no one knows what’s going on…

  21. nicola says

    These ppl who just log on and start avin a go make me laugh……………They jump on, leave a comment and when the goin gets tough u neva see them on here again.
    Their immaturity brightens up my day.
    I`m avin a really bad week, so it`s gr8 2 come on here and unwind, laughin at some of the idiots on here. ie, Wanda, Lozano, Leigh and Erin. That`s just namin a few.

    Keep it up “newbies”, ur top class……..LOL

    Name Game #16, where the hell did u get that stupid theory from about the names??? Tabloids?

    As 4 Brit, I actually think Sutton Pierce is a really cute name

  22. Braydie says

    Kelley LOL. I wonder if “Lozano” has actaully counted them. 😛 I guess people think Im worth all that time they waste on me, counting my posts ??? who does that lol.

  23. Lisa M says

    I thought this was a site to talk bout celebs and see what is goin on in there life..I got on here to see what it was saying and all im reading is crap about people on here fighting..there is other places to go and do that crap..this is not the place..we come to read bout celebs not foulish shit that others are saying…

    Congrats to Brit…#36 i seen that too in a magazine..so i wonder did she have a boy like there sayin but if so why they put it in a mag that she had a little girl??

  24. says

    *gasp* Look. Someone has finally been elected post counter around here and their sole purpose is to determine who is on here the most and put them down for posting in a “public forum”.

    Funny…..I don’t remember seeing a ballot.

    I wonder if people are taking in to account having your name used when it is not you?

  25. Ann-Marie says

    who is catfighting and why??? none of my business, but I am nosey. How do people make those happy faces?

  26. Lozano says

    We should rename this site braydie-razzi as she is on here more than anyone else (and with plenty to say).

    I come to this site for some gossip when I get the time and this constant bitching is spoiling the site. Open your own website and then all the arguing can carry on there!

    I like the name Britney has (apparantly) chosen but kids with the same initials is gonna give the mailman a headache!!

  27. Braydie says

    diana ~~ they’ll get bored and move on …she sounds dumb and i believe she relized it lol.
    kelley~~~ you noticed too huh lol. yea all these “newbies” just come on to say things about us not anything else.

  28. Leigh says

    again, Sean never has a hat on for pretection to the sun and when the hell is she going to let that poor boy down so that he can learn to walk

  29. says

    What a laugh. Kelley was ruse to Wanda. Maybe so, but if there hadn’t been four days now worth of people stealing names and writing hateful things it probably would have never happened.

    All of the sudden there are like 50 news names on here and all of them seem to be trying to stir up conflict….oh wait a minute, I just happened to notice, I don’t remember seeing Emma C on here before either…..hmmmmm?

  30. Diana says

    The REAL Braydie – I actually think that the vicious person who is the pretend Brayde doesn’t have two brain cells to rub together in that silly little head of hers. I don’t think she actually realises that those computer people out there could actually identify who she is by the e-mail address that is written above and if she continues to be so immature people could find out!! I support you all the way Braydie 😉 (The REAL Braydie that is) and the pretend Braydie, grow up and get a life 😉

  31. emma c says

    Reading thru all this stuff i have to say that your all as bad as each other.

    Maybe if kelley hadn’t been rude to wanda, wanda wouldn’t have written what she did(it was a bit over the top).

    Erin i notice that you are moaning about wanda not havin a link to her website but then neither do you.

    Can everybody please just write about the matter in hand. Namely britts new baby boy whom i cant wait to see a picture of.

    I suppose someone is now goin to have a go at me for writing this…..oh well you cant win them all.

  32. Braydie says

    oh and even more so since that was the only post you wrote on this topic i noticed….absolutly nothing to do with the post at all. why get involved if you dont have a say about the topic?

  33. Braydie says

    Jenna ~~ um actually since you called us all idiots your also adding to the “catfights”. this is how these all start. and your butting in where it really didnt concern you…im not bitching you out…just saying you did exactly what were doing. and probably without knowing you did.

  34. Erin says

    sorry about the repeat comment!! I typed it again because my computer screwed up and I couldn’t see the first comment.

  35. Erin says

    STS…when you’re typing your comment you can paste a link in the URL box to your website, profile, etc…it’s a great way for people to ‘see’ who they are talking to on this site. Unfortunately, some people can’t handle it and resort to really ugly behavior as you can see in the above remarks.

  36. Erin says

    STS…when you leave a comment, you can post a URL above the comment box so that when you post your comment, people can go to your website, profile, etc. It’s a great way for people on here to ‘see’ who they are talking to…but as you can see in the above posts, some people can’t handle it and resort to really ugly behavior.

  37. Erin says

    I am absolutely beside myself that someone on this site has the audacity to insult someone so viciously!!!!!!!! I noticed that “Wanda” doesn’t have a link to a pic of her or any children if she has any. How convenient…and how sad. Sounds like the green eyed monster to me…I mean, how easy is it to disrespect someone and not have the balls to back yourself up? And here’s the sick twist…she’ll probably post a link now to a pic of a pornstar or whatever else she thinks is the epitomy of envy…pathetic. One day, you’ll have the tables turned on you, and I only hope you can appreciate how badly you will feel.

  38. Jenna says

    This is pathetic. Everyone is butting into everyone else’s lives to make them feel better about themselves. You all have the right to say and feel what you want, but you don’t need to have stupid fights on this site. It’s ridiculous and sad and makes all of you look like idiots. I could care less if you want to write crap on me for writing this, but it’s the truth.

  39. Braydie says

    Rhonda~~ i just read what you wrote in post 26…it wasnt up there when i left that last post…i didnt know you apologized. im sorry for jumping on you, i hope you come back and see this. I feel bad but what can I do when this ass was trying to be me and leaving all these dumb posts and no one knows whats going on. all the regular girls know me, how I talk , etc. and I just seen all the posts that was to me and I never even posted lol. I hope that you do come back. 🙂

  40. says

    WHY DOES IT SAY IN USWEEKLY (yes I read those stupid mags, my guilty pleasure he he) That Brit had a girl?
    I read that she named the baby CHRISTIAN MICHAEL.

  41. Leeanna says

    Does anyone know if Britney’s baby’s name has been posted in the media? I thought it was strange he was born a couple days ago but no one is confirming anything. Has it even been confirmed the baby is a boy? I wish her well, she’s had a rough pregnancy.

  42. nicola says

    Wanda, u r bang out of order. How dare u log on2 this site and start slaggin ppl off and speakin 2 them the way u do. U nasty, evil, spiteful, immature little girl.
    We don`t want ur sort on this site. Go back 2 the hole u`ve crawled out of.
    Ur sick, i think u may need help, either that or u just av some sad issues

  43. Braydie says

    Rhonda ~~ well i didnt take it off…and Ive never heard of a comment being taken off before. I dont think you can take back a comment.
    I love when people are so dramatic.

  44. Rhonda says

    First off I am only one person I am not pretending to be you or anyone else. Earlier today there was a comment on this posting that said “who cares she’s a skank” is was before #3 that Diana commented about and now it’s gone. I don’t know who thinks that they are funny messing with the site but they need to get a life.

    I do you all a favor and not come back to the site the news is days old and the people leaving comments act like this is High school and pick apart everybodys comments and are rude!!


  45. Braydie says

    Rhonda and wanda. excactly why would you say anyhting about me since I didnt write anything on this topic before post 22 yet I was being talked about for NO reason. get a life I think you both are the same person you really dont fool anyone. I also think your 3 bucks to own opps i mean 2ofmyown and pretending to be me. whatever name you wish to go by people know its not me, so your plan didnt work. your sad lol.

  46. Rhonda says

    For the REAL Braydie- I will say I’m sorry to you if it’s not you leaving the rude comment about everybody. It just sucks to come to the site to leave a comment and see somebody trashing someone they don’t know.

    For the FAKE Braydie- GET A LIVE!!!!!

  47. Braydie says

    post 23 wasnt me and I gotta say….. what?? ok your imitation of me isnt getting any funnier which im sad about there just dumb now. if your gonna try to be me…then try to be a little funnier ok… not so …not funny.

  48. Braydie says

    Rhonda and wanda….this is the real Braydie and If you have anything to say to me I left my email address on acouple of past posts. BTW I am having another child…found out today. im 6 weeks along. I can truthfully say people like you are the ones that should be sterilized for real! and WHO has a ginger haired kid lol??
    To The person thats trying to be me….you dont sound like me nor are you origional. Its been done before…did it piss me off then?? nope. just shows your a child and cant come on a site/blog with out being a total jackass. I piss off alot of people and when you do something like this it just shows I was right. why dont you be a grownup and say what you wish on your own name? or is it you can some up with anything smarter sounding then bitch this bitch that. get over yourself, your not funny and its really not upsetting me in the least. everyone that matters …like diana kelley, carleigh, kim and who ever else that actually has good points and opinions are the ones that matter and I think it pisses you off that when you did come on with your own name people thought you were a stupid idiot….which you are showing is the truth.

  49. esme says

    After reading all the crap that has been written forgot to say that sean p is a beautiful baby and sutton peirce is a great name.

  50. Jenn says

    You know we have all been pissed off at what others have said on here, but that is too stinkin’ far! You should NEVER insult someones child! WHAT NERVE! You can tell you are not a parent, because if you were you would know better then to say such ugly things. Sure Carleigh could have been a little nicer, but that is not really her, and i try not to get in other peoples STUPID FIGHTS!!!!! but I had to say something here. By the way that is what it is, and all the other people bickering about NOTHING. Only one here that could have any reason to be upset is Braydie. Get a life, and use some tact next time, don’t stoop so low as to insult someones kid, you are pitiful.

  51. wanda says

    Kelley, braydie,carleigh whatever your stupid name is at least im not a fat cow with a ginger haired looking moron kid. If i were you i would get sterilized so you dont have any other fuck ugly kids.

  52. name game says

    They are choosing these names because when you contract some of the letters from Sutton PiERCe and Sean PRESton, you get spears-federline, which is a traditions in Brit’s family(ie..Jaime Lynn is a combination of both parents names)

  53. Nonyabizness says

    Why don’t everyone just shut the hell up? There is nothing on this site about any of you, so just shut up!! How is it anyones problem what kind of parent Britney is or how her baby is dressed, os what she names her kids. The key word is her kids!! What she does is none of yalls buisness!! I was simply going to leave a comment telling Sean Preston Happy Birthday. Damn, yall bitches on here make people not even want to look at the website anymore. Get a life, and don’t worry about others!!! Thanx

  54. says

    Why dont you Wanda I mean Rhoda I mean (insert 50 other stupid names here) Its called a PUBLIC board you dumb cow, that’s why Carleigh and for that matter me, can comment on any damn thing we please. Most of us who come on here a lot do not appreciate having our names used for pure amusment by someone else.

    I’m not going to stoop to your level and tell you to leave because as I said it is a PUBLIC forum and you have every bit as much right to be here as any of the rest of us. But if you think the regulars are going to stand by and listen to your crap and not say anything when it is all coming from random names that we never see then you got another thing coming.

    Grow Up!

  55. wanda says

    Carleigh i dont give a toss what braydie says I was just wonderin which one it was. What the fuck has it got to do with you anyway. go find your own argument…….for that matter why dont you do us all a favour and just walk infront of a bus….

  56. carleigh says

    And to Rhonda why don’t YOU go away since you seem to be the BITCH trying to gang up on Braydie why don’t you take Wanda with you! Oh or is it Rhonda aka Wanda here???HHHHHMMMMMM..if the shoe fits why not stick it in your big mouth chew on it and leave yourself!

  57. carleigh says

    Wanda why do you worry about what Braydie says? She’s entitled to her opinions and if YOU happen to not like what she has to say..TOO BAD don’t read it or don’t blog here if it’s that much of an issue for YOU! Get a life!

  58. wanda says

    #6 Why thankyou soooo much for pointing that out to me oh masterful one. Dont you think being patronising is a very distasteful habit….

  59. KellyMay says

    Sean P is adorable!

    Ha Ha I just realized their initials are SPF (sun protection factor), LMAO! My sister both work for Hawaiin Tropic so I hear that a lot. I wonder baby bubs will have rosy cheeks like his big bub!

  60. Nikki says

    Sean Preston is such a peach! He reminds me of my son and, in some ways, Brit reminds me of me. We’re the same age actually. Anyway…I’m very happy for her and her family. Kinda bummed that she had another boy although a baby is always a blessing!

  61. Rhonda says

    Braydie- why do come on here and comment and read the postings if you hate everybody that is on here. I guess you have alot of time to add comments about everything. Because your such a BITCH you probably have no friends!!!!!!!

    GO AWAY!!!!!

  62. Diana says

    Wanda – I think it is all quite sad that somebody could be like that towards the real Braydie. It is so obvious it isn’t her!

  63. courtney says

    oh my goodness look how cute sean is!! hes gettin to be so big!! i know all the mess theyve made about brit bein a bad mommy but i think shes awesome, she cares about sean so much and now she has another baby to give the same amount of love to!!!! so cute

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