Gwen Stefani Is One Awesome Mom!

Here is Gwen cuddling little Kingston yesterday. He is a GORGEOUS baby!

Gwen Stefani

Well, now I love Gwen even more than I already did! She has cited Michelle Pfeiffer’s role in Scarface as one of her muses in the creation of her fashion label! She will be debuting her spring L.A.M.B. (which stands for Love, Angel, Music, Baby) collection this Friday at Fashion Week.

“I was thinking about Michelle Pfeiffer in ‘Scarface,'” Gwen confessed. “I just think she was so chic and so beautiful in that whole film.”

The “Hollaback Girl” told us she really loves her newest role as mommy.

“It’s been really fun having Kingston,” she said. “I’ve been spending the last three months with him hanging out, but then also getting back in the studio.”

There’s no doubt everybody will be talking come Friday when the diva fashionista officially unveils her ultra-trendy spring collection, which will include a new sexy line of bags and shoes.

I am a bizarre Scarface junkie, which makes no sense since I hate violence and have NEVER actually watched the violent parts of the movie. I am no “gangsta” either! 🙂 I just LOVE Al Pacino’s brilliance as Tony and Michelle’s luminosity and demure-tigress as Elvira . But I digress! I think I’ve gone on about Scarface before…which is very random!

Here is a still of Michelle in Scarface.

Michelle Pheiffer

Gwen is awesome and has chosen to not let her awesome multi-faceted career get in the way of her pursuing the most important thing…motherhood!



  1. Adrianne says

    I personally like and enjoy Gwen Stefani’s music and individuality. From her appearance alone we can easily see that she’s a woman who doesn’t live by anyone’s standards. She’s truly unique and embraces that. And the fact that she should tone down her clothes and make-up because she now has a child is absolutely ridiculous. How oppressive is that, to try and fit into a narrow definition of how a mother should behave and look! For mother’s out there that define themselves based on their own beliefs and happiness, I applaud you.

    And for those mothers who have the time and help to plan around their children’s schedule, i think that’s absolutely great, but don’t criticize mothers who have busy and hectic lives. A working mother sometimes has no choice as to when she can go to walmart or alike. Let’s get real here. Though raising a child is a huge responsibility, it’s all really trial and error and with time it gets easier. So Miss Stefani really should not be critizied for having a sleeping child outside during the evening. I mean really is that such a crime, my god anything to latch on to and take bite!

  2. Braydie says

    REMEMBER everyone today is the day (19th) to write babyrazzi and tell them TO CHANGE it so people can only have one handle. if possible.
    EMAIL address is ….thanks everyone!!

  3. Braydie says

    I didnt have this problem witht the first one. someone told me to try tylenal pm but i did and it made me sick so I hope this doctor can help.

  4. says

    I hope so too Braydie. Ambien works well, and if you can make it a lot of doctors will let you take it after the first trimester. I hope you can get some relief.

  5. Braydie says

    kelley…yup im on at 2:45 am lol. I just cant sleep. right after i had my son I became a insomiac (sp?) so since i cant sleep and I do most of my work for my job on the computer i just get it done so my days are free. Im going to a doctor for it in a week so maybe I can actually sleep soon.

  6. courtney says

    i think gwen is such a good mommy, and her husband is hott!! haha kigston is gonna be a knock out lol

  7. says

    Braydie, I hope you are on the West Coast somewhere, and not really on here at 2:45 just because of these stupid ass morons who just want attention? I really don’t know how you do it, when I was 7 weeks preggers, I could freaking sleep standing up. Of course, like I said you may be on the West Coast. So I hope all it well. I already said on another thread but I will bring it up here for others. Sept. 19th “Write the Site” the day. “No more name abuse, no more name abuse.

  8. Braydie says

    Rose~~ get a life?? is that all you have to say? probably becuz you know im right. i thought maybe you were a adult but I was wrong.
    whats with that saying anyway? it stupid…doesnt everyone no matter how crappy it is …have a life?

  9. Braydie says

    rose~~ is that for you to decide? maybe vanessa sees her in a different way then you do? maybe she didnt offer the world anything , but vanessa believes shes offered HER something? people dont have to do anything heroic to be a role model. and who a persons role model is not for anyone else to decide, and they shouldnt be cut down because you dont like the way a persons role model looks or what color lipstick they wear. vanessa had a nice post about what SHE believe gwen is to her. and you cut her post down to what you believe.

  10. rose says

    Chill out, I never said she should become betty crocker, but what exactly has this women offered the world in terms of mothering or anything else super inspirational

  11. Braydie says

    ok my other post didnt come up so sorry if its gonna double post.

    rose~~~ why do you feel the need to put someone down that believes that gwen is a good role model and mother? did vanessa say that gwen is a good mother only becuz shes a great singer? i read her post and no she didnt. vanessa had a nice post… you turn it into a fashion show that you dont like. gwen has never changed her looks and why she should change now that shes a mother? what ??should she change into betty crocker over nite? Just becuz you dont like her doesnt mean you can tell vanessa not to.I love her music and I think she is a classy woman and the red lipstick looks great on her. maybe you should learn some class from gwen yourself.

  12. Braydie says

    rose …i know you wrote that last poost to Vanessa however i believe im gonna say something about it. gwen has never changed her looks. I think she has class. just becuz shes a mother now DOESNT mean she has to look like better crocker. also just becuz shes a singer doesnt make her a “bad” mother. ALL new mothers are more or less students and their baby is the teacher. we learn as we go, and by the time we have another baby were better at it. vanessa didnt say that becuz shes a good singer or celeb she is a good mother. people dont have to be a Dali Lama or pope or bono or whatever to be a good role model… If you dont like her then thats you…dont try to tell someone else not to that does look up to her.
    as you said, “let’s keep things in perspective” if something makes someone think better about themselves or if they think someone is a role model to them….dont shoot them down becuz you dont like there role models lipstick or clothes. you talk about class rose, what you did is not classy at all.

  13. rose says

    I’m glad that Gwen Stefani is your role model, and I”m happy that she’s been able to help you out in your life; howvever, let’s keep things in perspective, she’s no Bono or Dali Lama, she’s an overated commercial artist who has minimal talent, most of it on her looks–which are very subjective. FUrther, her mothering skills shouldn’t be confused with her singing skills–a good mother isn’t necessarily a good performer. She needs to nix the red lipstick and ridiculous outfits and get some class….

  14. says

    I for one am not the mother of a “scheduled kid”. Not for lack of trying. My son naps when he is tired and that is never the same time every day. I don’t need advice or anything, he goes to bed and gets upa the same time everyday but nap time is a crap shoot. Thank goodness Jaiden can sleep just about anywhere.

    I agree, when you are a mother you do things when you can, and not the other way around.

  15. Jill says

    Jane, I went to Wal-mart when I needed something. If my son needed something I didn’t wait. I incorporated my child into my life rather that rearranging everything. I’m the type of person that takes my child everywhere with me. And when you are a working mother, sometimes that means you’re out and about at nap time because that’s the only time you have to get things done. So don’t judge people who do what they have to do for their family. I see that you scheduling errands around nap time worked for you. I’m happy that it did. But that doesn’t always work for everyone.

  16. babyhates says

    Tina – the movie SCARFACE is about a cuban refugee cocaine dealer that makes it big and then get’s killed for being greedy !!! Michelle Pfeiffer plays a strung out cokehead-whore in it !!!!!!!! So now you know……. I don’t think Gwen is better then any other of these mommies somethinsg she goes over board. You know her new purse are 300 to 700 dollars.. knowing that her ans are mostly teens I think that’s not very fan-friendly……

  17. Jane says

    Jill-I was never anywhere were there wasn’t a crib for my two kids to sleep in when it was their nap/bed time. For the first couple of years I planned my life around their naptimes. It’s a small price to pay for a couple of years to have a well rested child. Besides, almost every Walmart is open 24 hours, so you mean to say that the only time you were able to go there was during his/her nap?

  18. Jill says

    Jane didn’t you ever have any where to be when your child was sleeping? Babies sleep. Mine used to sleep at 2 in the afternoon in Wal-mart. Besides, we can’t be sure it’s not 8 and just dark out. Why judge that shes out with her baby at night instead of looking at the fact that this celeb mom is a full time mom, not a mom when it’s convinent like most celebs seem to be. Most of play where do we leave the baby this time. It’s like watching a soap. You ever watch them and notice that everyone with babies on the soap never have their kids with them. And nobody ever seems to know where the are. Same thing

  19. Jane says

    If she’s such a great mom, why is she out at night with the baby while he’s sleeping? He should be at home in bed!

  20. Braydie says

    Carleigh, Vanessa and Carran…. that wasnt me. it was the person who wants to be me…isnt that sweet.? everyone knows i love gwen and I think her son is the cutest celeb baby!!
    also ANN~~ why post that in 2 diferent topics? Im talking about post 17. I see you wrote it in another post and if you DONT want any backlash from the real braydie…(me)… then once would be enough. How many other topics did you copy and post to? wow get a life.

  21. Carran says

    How could you not want to have Gwen as a role model? She seems to be an amazing mom, to go along with her highly successful fashion line, stable marriage, awesome band and solo career. I think every girl or woman should have Gwen as their role model. I know I do!

  22. Vanessa says

    Gwen Stefani – is the best influential, role model, and
    leader I have ever had in my hole life. Thank You, Gwen

    Congratz on the babe, I know you’ll be the best mom!!!!!!

  23. Ann says

    kelley- did you see the comments Braydie mad to the JSJD person. Something on the line of “whore” … is that appropriate?

  24. says

    I don’t think you have to be a “fan of Bradie” to not want to see someones name used like that. I also don’t think anyone should ever “go there” against someones children which is what happened.

    I want to come on here and see the posts and the blogs without having to scroll through line after line of useless profanity. Especially when they are for no other purpose then to smear someone elses reputation. Nothing htat was said deserves that.

  25. Ann says

    I have a comment to make – if you read the post between Braydie & JSZJN (tom cruise post) – the people who are sticking up for Braydie – well, I don’t get it. It seems as if Braydie said some pretty mean spirited things to JSZJN and everyone could care less. I agree that the “poser” needs to stop. All the “poser” Braydie stuff started after the little “tiff” they had … probably that person getting even. Anyway I will remain annonomous – I do not want regular backlash from the fans of Braydie & Braydie herself.

  26. Ann says

    I have a comment to make – if you read the post between Braydie & JSZJN (tom cruise post) – the people who are sticking up for Braydie – well, I don’t get it. It seems as if Braydie said some pretty mean spirited things to JSZJN and everyone could care less. I agree that the “poser” needs to stop. All the “poser” Braydie stuff started after the little “tiff” they had … probably that person getting even. Anyway I will remain annonomous (sp?) – I do not want regular backlash from the fans of Braydie & herself.

  27. Erin says

    I LOVE Gwen and Gavin even before Kingston…and he is the spittin’ image of his hot daddy. They seem so happy.

  28. Diana says

    Rose – I guess we see Gwen with Kingston a lot and she seems to be a doting mother to him which is nice. It looks very well loved and cared for too which is wonderful 😉

  29. BritshMumma says

    What has happened to this site? It used to be great! I know the web mistress has her own life but her neglect the website is going to be its demise… It seems people are already becoming bored of the actual topics and instead insulting each other for entertainment.

  30. rose says

    Well it’s nice that all it takes to be an awesome mom is toting around your baby. How do anyone know whether she is awesome or not.

  31. Babyhates says

    Oh wow ! I love her sometimes but really her LAMB after SCARFACE ?????? Oh real classy ! Please !!!

  32. Lilac says

    I agree with Jill in comment #2…Gwen is a great momma and always has her little bundle of joy with her like the rest of us non celebs and that is sooooo awesome and rare to see. =)

  33. Dawn says

    Thank you for this site! It brings a smile to my face to see these talented moms loving their beautiful children.

  34. Jill says

    Yea!!! I get to eb the first one to comment. He is such a cute baby. And I am loving Gwen being a mom. She’s acting like a “normal” mom, not something many celebs do. Every where she goes she has her baby with her. She just ignores everyone else and goes about her life working and being wife and mother like us non celebs. It’s so nice to see someone not playing who can i leave the baby with now.

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