Congratulations To Britney On The Birth Of Her Second Son!

What awesome news! I am in total shock that she had a boy though…it truly seemed like she was shopping for a baby girl! Sean looks so happy in this pic looking out of their hospital room window!

Britney Spears

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline have welcomed their second son together, a source close to the family has confirmed.

The baby boy, who was born just before 2 a.m. Tuesday at a Los Angeles hospital, was delivered via a scheduled C-section.

“Kevin had a smile on his face. He looked happy and upbeat,” says an observer.

The whole thing, says a source, was smooth – just as the mom-to-be had predicted back in August, saying childbirth “will be a piece of cake.”

Many thanks to Kelsie for providing the heads-up!

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  1. michelle says

    sean preston is drop-dead gorgeos as always and congrats on your little boy hope hes as beatiful as sean P (altough he probley will be!)

  2. says

    Sorry, Eric. You must be new. That was actually pretty tame compared to other things that have been typed about round here. Proceed with caution.

  3. says

    A lot of celebrities seem to be too posh to push lately. Oh well, to each their own. Im glad I didnt have to suffer like my cousin did. Sure I hurt, but I was better after a couple of weeks. Her scar kept coming open, and while she was in the hospital right after delievery she had pain and I was fine within like 2 minutes after labor. It’s not as bad as people will try to make themselves believe. I had myself ready for torture which I think is why it wasnt that bad.

  4. courtney says

    i think sutton pierce is a cute name, now the boys have the same innitials and almost the same bdays! i think its cute that she wants to raise them as twins, it will make them really close as the grow up! i wonder if she was to have another baby if it would be a girl!?

  5. Lil Halo says

    I want to see the little brother of sean preston.I would like to know alot about him.I want to know if he looks like Bitney or Kevin.I hope he looks like Britney because Sean Preston looks like Kevin.I am so exicited to see the newest baby of hollywood!

  6. Marie Angel says

    I knew she’ll have a boy. It was obvious by her belly. It’s a pity I haven’t wrote it before. But all my friends know I was right. If you want to know the sex of your future baby(or friend’s), you can just send my your photos in sideview. Better 5-7 month. 99% guarantee.

  7. dori says

    Well, I hope all is well and they will be happy. The press has really given this pair a hard time . I saw Kevin interviewed on Ellen Degeneress the other day and he actually seemed to be an ok guy. Not as bad as I originally thought.
    Good for them and good luck on the new bundle of joy.

  8. Ms D says

    Oh but just to be fair..just thinking about it..I read somewhere yesterday that the baby was delivered early for some medical reason..that even though she’d been planning another C Section later that they did it this soon for an actual REASON.

    Again, though, I don’t know.

  9. Ms D says

    I don’t know if it’s true, about the stretch mark thing..but I don’t doubt that a doctor would do it..if a mother can say they don’t want to have a child ‘naturally’ because of the fact that “it hurts” and they get a c section for it, I bet that as long as the baby seemed healthy they’d take it early too.

    But, I’m no doctor!

  10. dori says

    I heard that a lot of celebrities have c sections early to avaiod stretch marks. That rumor went around about Cher when she did it years ago. Do you think a doctor would go along with it? Is it safe to deliver a month early?

  11. courtney says

    look at sean smiling!! he is so cute, i cant wait to see pics of the new baby!! i knew it was gonna be another boy but it wouldve been so cute if she had a girl!

  12. says

    I read that celebrities have c-sections 1 month early as to avoid strech marks. The theory behind that is because a women’s skin streches the most during the last month.

  13. Diana says

    Congratulations to Britney and Kevin. That’s wonderful news that the birth ran smoothly and that they all doing well. I am sure that the baby will be just as gorgeous as Sean Preston is 😉

  14. Ms D says

    I heard Sutton Pierce too..

    Me, I’m wondering (just curious is all) whether they have some reason for giving the boys the same does SP mean something to them? It’s just that Sutton is not the most common name in the world, and to match Sutton Pierce with Sean Preston whether they have some REASON why or if they just thought it’d be cute.

    Not a fan of theirs really, but a baby’s birth is a blessing regardless, and I couldn’t help but notice that little tidbit. :o)

  15. sparky says

    damn- it cut out some of my comment…

    when u were taking tallies of boy/girl on Sept 7 (under the pic of Brit at Taco Bell)

  16. sparky says

    Team Aniston-
    hey woman, you gotta share bragging rights wit me!! i said boy too >>> thank you very much!! LOL

    I wonder how early the baby was cuz I kept reading that she wasn’t really due until October and even read somewhere November. Must not have been too early though cuz 6 lbs. is a nice healthy size. Congrats to them, especially big brother Sean– won’t be too long and you’ll have a little partner in crime!! I hope her mom stays w/ her for awhile to help out cuz I know exactly what it’s like to have kiddos that close in age…it’s tough!!

  17. AJ Fan says

    Lovely news! Congratulations to Britney on her new baby, to all of the Spears family and of course big brother Sean Preston!

  18. says

    Congratualtions to the whole Spears family, Finally its done and soon we get to see what this little sweetheart will look like! I wish them all the best and oh ya by the way….
    I WAS RIGHT, SHE HAD A BOY!!! So how long to I get to retain the bragging rights to this? Anyone who voted let me know!!!
    Have a good night everyone!!!

  19. Lucia says

    I heard that his name was Sutton Pierce but who knows if that is true. Christian Micheal is a beautiful name. And Sean does look happy in that pic…he is such a cutie pie. I wonder who this new baby looks like…in any case, i’m sure he is beautiful…congrats Britney!!!

  20. 3of myown says

    I bet celebrities dont know what hand me downs even are LOL wish I knew.congrats Britt, cant wait till my lil man is here as well

  21. 2of myown says

    Wow! Another boy! Congratulations! With only a year between those boys, hopefully they will have a close, strong bond between them! Atleast they will always have each other…no matter what! Unpack Sean’s outgrown baby clothes! Looks like little brother has some new hand-me-downs? (Do celebrities have hand-me-downs?) :)Anyway, I hope she gives this baby a “normal” name like Sean’s. It’s nice to see not every celebrity has to come up with some off the wall name!

  22. Kelsie says

    Any time, i was so excited when i heard! I also heard about a name, but i am not sure if it’s the real name or not.
    its Sutton Pierce Spears Federline

  23. Ann-Marie says

    Have they decided on a name yet? I heard maybe Christian Michael but who knows? If anyone knows let me know. Congrats Britney!!E!!

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