Victoria Beckham And Her Pill

“I would love a little girl. Our boys are phenomenal but a girl would just complete our family. But at the moment I take my Pill every morning as now isn’t quite the right time. When you’re in the public eye they expect you to pop one out every year. I mean, Cruz is still so young. One minute they’re saying I’m pregnant, the next I’m too thin to get pregnant. I can’t keep up.”

Here Victoria and David are seen arriving in Venice a few days ago.

Victoria Beckham



  1. chrissi says

    problem is these 2 thrieve on publicity to try and prove rebecca loos wrong… but it is getting old now 🙂

  2. gina says

    lol kellymay really have to agree with ya and shiloh and kingston too. they are just so….argh…when will these people just bog off. anything to get into the papers then moan cuz their personal life is on show in papers and stuff. grrr i’ll be glad when his football career finishes and she justs gets gobbled up by a pavement

  3. KellyMay says

    Her little pill, lol! She needs it, those two are like rabbits which is amazing after so many years!

  4. BritishMumma says

    Randi, dont come here if you dont want to read gossip! After all that is what this site is all about!

  5. Randi says

    Can’t we just leave her alone? I would sure hate people nosing into my life the way everyone does theirs. Maybe they’ll have another baby, maybe not, but it’s not really our business whatever they decide to do. Live and let live!!!

  6. says

    One thing is for sure. She is gastly thin. I hope she is well. I hope for her, that when she is ready to try for that girl, that she is healthy enough.

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