Anna Nicole Smith Loses Her Son Three Days After Giving Birth To Her Daughter

I don’t even know what to say, but this just seems so unbelievable and sad.

Anna Nicole Smith

Daniel Smith, the 20-year-old son of Anna Nicole Smith, died suddenly in the Bahamas on Sunday, three days after the former Playboy Playmate gave birth to a girl, according to a statement from Smith’s attorney.

Attorney Howard K. Stern provided no further details, Reuters reports.

Daniel Smith, who often appeared on his mother’s E! cable channel reality program The Anna Nicole Show, was in the Caribbean nation where his mother, 38, gave birth to a girl on Thursday, Stern said.

A statement also was posted on Smith’s official Web site, “On Sept. 7 Anna Nicole gave birth to a healthy 6 lb., 9 oz. baby girl,” it reads. “Her son Daniel was in the Bahamas with her to share in the joy of his baby sister when he passed away suddenly on the morning of Sept. 10.

“We have yet to learn the cause of death but do not believe that drugs or alcohol were a factor. Anna Nicole is absolutely devastated by the loss of her son. He was her pride and joy and an amazing human being. Please do not make any press inquiries at this time so that Anna Nicole can grieve in peace.”

Smith, who earlier this year won a U.S. Supreme Court decision to claim her stake in the will of her late husband, billionaire J. Marshall Howard, has not publicly named the father of her second child.



  1. Braydie says

    Guess you pissed someone off like i pissed EVERYONE off lol. people that do things like this are just afraid and have no friends so they have to make some up…

  2. carleigh says

    Nope that was NOT me I don’t intentionally misspell my own handle…whoever is pulling this shit is just a worthless idiot! Wish they would have the guts to show who they really are!

  3. Cheryl B says

    Thank you for your thoughts. Not to worry, we are tough and have beaten the odds. This family is currently cancer free.

    But back to Anna, she is a unique individual; and certainly not the path I would have chosen for my life, but she did suffer a great loss and I can respect her for that.

  4. nicola says

    Cheryl B, seems like u`ve had it rough lately, my condolences 2 u and ur family. I hope things get better 4 u soon

  5. Debs says

    Thanks Kayleigh, I really appreciate that. No, I will not continue to defend myself because it just doesn’t matter anymore. I said something silly, apologized, and that’s that. I know my own heart, and I know I’m not the sick person everyone seems to think I am.

    Cheryl B., I just wanted to say I am deeply sorry for what you, your mother, and all your family and friends are having to go through. I hope you find the strength to keep on keeping on! Good luck to you and your mother. xoxoxo

  6. Cheryl B says

    you know, this past year my mother almost lost a child and I almost lost my mother. I know this sounds strange. But on mothers day I was told I had breast cancer, and had surgary in Sept. 3 weeks later almost to the day, my father called me to tell me my mother was in the hospital. She too had been told she had cancer but her’s is lukemea (sorry for the spelling). Both of us had the same odds of survival. It is hard enough to think of a parent dying so young (in her 60’s), and I can only emagine what it was doing to her thinking I would die so young( in my 40’s). But when I had to call my daughters to tell them to see their doctors (they are grown with kids of their own) to check for cancer it was heartbreaking. To think I could outlive them is horriable. That is not how it should be ever. So to you Anna, my thoughts are with you and I send you my strength to get through this time of sorrow. Open your arms to your new daughter and hold her close to your heart, because there she will find her brother.

  7. Kayleigh says

    hiya girls
    to those who are in mourning, i feel for you and wish you well.

    carleigh, of course you are unique babe. we all are, in different ways. you said ‘unless you know something for sure 100% to be true you shouldn’t be saying something to be verbatim the gospel truth’. but the girl SAID she was just hypothesizing. she didn’t say anywhere in her post, which i DID read, that she was completely sure what she was saying was true. she said she could be completely wrong, which she IS, and now she knows. so what? you also said, ‘her saying she thought there was an incestuous relationship going on between Anna Nicole and her son….that broad is SICK!’ well, don’t you think that by saying the nose picker is ‘SICK’, that you’re saying something that YOU don’t know to be ‘gospel truth.’ the girl could be a really sweet person in real life, and then you would be saying something that’s WRONG, too. so what if she said something disgusting probably late at night thinking about the mystery of the situation? i thought about all kinds of things when i first heard about what happened. i would argue that ‘SICK’ people are the ones who commit incest. NOT the nose picker.

    Debs, are you going to post here again? …i think your making the right decision to apologize and then leave this blog. i commend you- don’t be discouraged by the ppl that keep saying your sick. you know yourself, so f*** everyone else.

  8. Diana says

    Manda – we all make mistakes. It is still very sad what has happened. Nicola – I am glad you are doing a little better, keep your chin up hon x 😉 I hope that it all goes okay on Monday for you, as difficult as it will be I am sure.

  9. nicola says

    Manda that what u`ve posted is plain sick…Who the hell do u think u r???? She`s just lost her son for f*** sake, av sum respect, u nasty bitch. Ur bang out of order there…………Parents aren`t meant 2 bury their kids, she is and so r my friends parents, god rest his soul. We don`t go b4 our children.
    I`ve just added u 2 the list of spiteful,nasy, evil, sick ppl as previously posted #95.!!

    Thanks Carleigh for that, and yes things r better, not much, but gettin there, thank you. I`m just concentratin on college and my son at the moment till my friend`s funeral on Monday

  10. TJ's mom says

    The last pictures of Anna Nicole, her baby and Daniel just sold for $500,000. Who sold them? And…would they be worth that much if Daniel were still alive? We are a sick society where the price of a picture goes up if you’re dead!

  11. manda says

    It is very sad that a young man lost his life, but look what kind of role model he had for a mom. She is a junkie,a whore, and a gold digger. If my children were watching me laying around all messed up on drugs and alcohol, they would think that was the way of life. My opinion is, for the sake of her baby girl, the biological father should get full custody, and let JUNKIE ANNA NICOLE do her thing. The baby would benifit. If we raised our children that way, CPS would take them away

  12. Braydie says

    I just seen on the news that annas friend and lawyer howard k stern was in the room when daniel died. hes gotten himself a lawyer. wonder why?? i believe some one said that he was in there in one of these posts but it wasnt confirmed. there all waiting on the tox results to see if he had drugs in his system…howards got alot of explaining to do if he DOESNT.

  13. carleigh says

    Nice to see ya back Nicola! Hope things are going a bit better for ya lately. Your in my prayers.

    Kayleigh I am not like anyone else and hope that I am one of a kind or at least unique in my own ways. I wasn’t being “mean” to that nose pickin’ Brazilian girl what i stated was what I truly felt and I am not going to defend my comments. She was WAY off base and I don’t think that just because she’s foreign or unfamiliar with blogging perhaps that that gives her a valid excuse to make those kind of libelous, cruel, vindictive, evil, nasty and downright weird comments. Unless you know something for sure 100% to be true you shouldn’t be saying something to be verbatim the gospel truth. The remarks she made were guarenteed to get her just the type of reaction she got and if you can’t stand the heat then stay out of the kitchen and don’t open your mouth and spout trash and lies and mean things about someone unless you personally know it to be true. There is enough things said about this issue to cause speculation and her saying she thought there was an incestuous relationship going on between Anna Nicole and her son….that broad is SICK!

  14. nicola says

    Nose picker???? I love it……………..
    After the s*** 2 weeks i`ve had, it`s nice 2 log on2 here and read ur comments, u all brighten up my day, keep it up……………
    Debs and the Brazilian nose picker, may I just say that ur a couple of nasty, spiteful, evil women. Keep comments like u`ve written 2 urselves. U cleary av no respect

  15. Braydie says

    thats the problem with america…cover everything up. screw that…. If anyone of my family members ( wont ever happen but if it did) EVER touched one of my kids, nephews or niece. I would be put in prison for life cuz they wouldnt ever touch anything again. actually that goes for anyone that touches them. IF you know it happens…do something about it! dont say its just sad and move on….
    as for carleigh, shes a good person…she has a mouth on her but thats her. I repect her for saying what she thinks and believes. Better then putting a name you dont usually use JUST to write exactly something like carleigh writes under her own name.
    also i wouldnt brag about being a nose picker. j/k 🙂

  16. Kayleigh says

    hi girls 🙂
    yeah i don’t think that girl should have posted that. i think it was actually funny in a sad kind of way, but she should have thought about it before posting it. maybe if she said it to her friends, but not to total strangers. i live in utah, and incest definitely does happen, although it’s covered up and certinly not talked about!! it’s just sad.
    carleigh, you disappoint me. our names are almost the same, but not our hearts. the foriegn girl was obviously not trying to be MEAN. she doesnt even know anna nicole for gods sake. don’t be mean to someone who’s not being mean to YOU. why not ignore it if you don’t like it?
    to the brazilian: i pick my nose when noones watching and sometimes wear the same panties if i forgot to do the laundry. i thought what you said was kind of funny, you wrote that it was just a thought, so no harm done! stay cool foreign girl!
    oh, and anna nicole’s baby is definitely not the product of incest. so… moving on…..

  17. says

    Hi Kayleigh. You are probably new so you haven’t seen all the crap that has been going down. Braydie doesnt tell people not to talk, she is just usually repsonding to someone who has told her to shut up, butt out, drop dead (lol) so it’s no big. I am really tyring to get people to all join my yahoo group at it will give you an email to sign up. It is completely annonomous and then you can talk about off topic things from here.

  18. Braydie says

    REMEMBER everyone today is the day (19th) to write babyrazzi and tell them TO CHANGE it so people can only have one handle. if possible.
    EMAIL address is ….thanks everyone!!

  19. Braydie says

    ^ Maybe not too funny-i posted that i wore the same breastfeeding bra everyday-even AFTER i was done breastfeeding. Maybe i am just as gross as the brazilian who wears the same underwear. maybe we should get together and peel the undergarments off eachother. maybe i shouldn’t throw stones because i live in a glass house!

  20. Braydie says

    carleigh ~~~ TOO FUNNY!!!!! “nose picking Brazilian who lives in three day old crusty nasty stankin’ underwear ”
    girl your too funny!

  21. carleigh says

    Kayleigh–nobody here has said that a person shouldn’t post their opinions. On the contrary it makes this site more interesting and entertaining. However the comments about from the nose picking Brazilian who lives in three day old crusty nasty stankin’ underwear were callous, cruel, evil and designed to garner the reactions she got. You can’t go anywhere and say something so insensitive and just blatanly stupid and not expect others to lash back. Anyone is more than welcome to voice their opinions but the girl stated that she thought it was a theory NOT her personal opinion…..that’s just an excuse for her being a very sick, twisted individual. Period.

  22. Braydie says

    Kayleigh~~ i am a good person. 🙂 i also believe that people have their right to say what they think. however I have a right to say what I think about THEIR opinions also. I said i wasnt going to argue anymore on this topic and im not going to say anything else. or I will lol.

  23. courtney says
    ok people. ive been thinking about what #37 says and i want yall to just go to this website, scroll down and look at the picture of her and her son….there is in no way truth to that theory….that would be discusting! JUST LOOK AT THE PICTURE!! i bet anna would die if she read that statement….think how u would feel if ur son dies and people say he killed himself becasue he was f**king his mom and she got pregnant!?!?!??!?!!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?! horrible

  24. courtney says

    im sorry but #37 is AWFUL!!!!! that is the most discusting theory ive ever heard….i believe she married the old guy for his money, yeah but whoa… not trying to bash on ur opinions but that is just gross and i hope to god that is not the truth and if it was to be true, its not like anyone will ever know becasue if she opened up to that she would be no more!

  25. Kayleigh says

    kelley- i’m kayleigh!

    i love that term too, I don’t know where I heard it from?

    i read this whole Braydie thing with her and other people getting into blog fights… Braydie, i’m sure your a good person, but other people av a right to their opinions too. Ur not above them, their not above you. let everyone get their say without being bullied after, whatsit matter if it’s a twisted comment?!


  26. TJ's mom says

    Daniel’s real dad was some redneck that Anna married in her teens. (I saw him on some tabloid show). Anna’s new baby girl has a different father. He was also on t.v. claimimg that he was the baby’s daddy (even though no official statement has been released). Sometime you gotta feel sorry for celebrities. They live their lives under such microscopes for the whole world to see! If this same sad situation would of happened to just a regular person off the street, we (including myself) would not be sitting here making comments and speculating!

  27. dori says

    Oh They also interviewed the young man who fathered her baby girl, he looks a lot like her son. Handsome!!!!!!!

  28. dori says

    me too… I wish anna the best with her daughter. That boy looks so sweet and such a quiet young man. I saw the grandmother interviwed on 20/20 and she’s afraid it may have been drug related she said it was possible. 20 years old , just beginning his adult life.. My kids are that age and as a parent you think well, I did good… they made it to adulthood I’m almost done here and bam!!!!!!! It breaks my heart and it must have broken hers.
    And yes.. we should be free to state our opinions about any subject. like it or not we are individuals with our own point of view. Good for us!!!!

  29. Braydie says

    there is two of me out there lol but this is the real braydie…i wasnt being anything…this is how I have always talked and wrote. you just dont know me. im not “uptight” lol. I wasnt defensive. I was being me. this is a site where opinions are meant to be said. good or bad. as I sadi before dont read them if you dont like them…also i do agree with you on one thing…this is a discussion thats going on between you and I and we’ve kept it that way.
    I also agree with nicola. this post about anna nicole and her son. It shouldnt be about what we believe happened or to start up lies about her. were (including me) are turning this topic, that was bad enoughalready … into something worse. im done argueing on this topic…
    I hope the best for anna nicole and her her daughter. I hope she takes comfort in the memory of her son and i know she will do good for her new little one.

  30. dori says

    Braydie, You misunderstood. Your reactions are overly defensive. I meat to try and calm things down not start up again. Geez, you sure are uptight. Calm down for goodness sake no one’s attacking you.
    Is this the mean Braydie or the nice one cause I believe there are 2 of you out there.

  31. dori says

    I’m dori and sometimes I reply to Braydie or she replies to me It’s just that simple. Don’t make more out of it than it is.

  32. nicola says

    Isn`t this world full of sick individuals enough, that we av 2 av them come on2 this site and ruin it 4 every1???
    If u haven`t got anythin nice or decent about sum1 and av a bit of god damn respect then don`t say it at all……Let`s all av some respect 4 once……

  33. Braydie says

    debs…. when you start off a comment with “what i blieve might have happened” then that sorta means you believe it.
    and no you dont know so why say something so cruel and prob untrue for?? you can sit there in your 3 day old underwear picking your nose thinking that your comment about her dead son and her was justified …what becuz she might not come on this site? I also did think about your post after I read it …know what I thought? you are sick. also why would I care about your feelings when you obviously dont care about the peoples feelings YOU dont know. Im lashing out at you…well you lashed out at anna nicole. WHY say in the same sentance that you feel sorry she lost her son, but you dont feel sorry for saying she had a incest like relationship with him?? just dumb.
    people say that they wont post again, mostly becuz they cant handle what I say to them… however Im sure you’ll be back…

  34. Debs says

    “you say we all sit here and spew out trash for a real life???”
    No, I never said everyone who writes comments are only spewing trash. I said it was easy to think so, but that it’s not always true.

    “what have you been doing as you sit at YOUR comp on this same site and spew out trash? living your great life?”
    I never said I had a great life, I simply said I was highly satisfied with it.

    “maybe she did do alot of bad things to get where she is. that doesnt mean she had a relationship with her son…”
    Exactly. I prefaced everything I wrote by saying I was just hypothesizing and didn’t actually know.

    “you have a sick mind and must not have a highly satisfied life if you sit there at your comp and think of nasty things like that to say.”
    Okay, that’s interesting that you think so. You are saying that I have a sick mind. That’s a pretty “nasty” thing to say to someone who you don’t know. I never said anything personal about you.

    “i noticed that you didnt dispute that you were sick”
    No, I didn’t feel I had to dispute it. I do some sick things like pick my nose and sometimes wear the same underwear for 3 days, and I like horror movies. Does that mean I have a sick mind? I suppose that’s for you to judge, if you choose to spend your time thinking about me.

    “I guess since your “brazilian” its ok that you were gross and uncalled for…. um ok. …..”
    Does being Brazilian mean I have a right to be gross and uncalled for? Clearly no.

    I feel overwhelming sadness that people in this world have people that they love taken away from them, like Ann Nicole who lost her son whom she must have loved dearly. I, like everyone who feels any empathy towards other people, also wish her well.
    However, I don’t feel sorry for saying what I did because I doubt she comes on this site, or anyone she knows personally comes on this site. If they did, and they read my post, I’m sorry.
    The theory I posted was not done under the intent to start a rumour, or to be personally vicious to Anna Nicole or her family.

    I am sorry that people were upset by my comments, personally I think that’s silly. I clearly stated that I had no knowledge or authority on the matter to be making assumptions. I was just posting and writing my thoughts like everyone else was. Sorry my late-night pondering caused offence. Don’t worry, I will never post here again.

    Take care

    p.s. Why can’t people post things and read other people’s posts and just think about them? Why do people have to start lashing back at someone they obviously don’t know?

  35. Braydie says

    Is that all you can come up with post 70?
    BTW we are trying to get everyone to write to babyrazzi on the 19th (tuesday) to get them to change their site so people cant change their handles so easily. If you feel like this is something they should do then please write to them any time on tuesday. thanks!!

  36. Braydie says

    Dori…funny how i go off on you and a “braydie” post pops up. you just got on here with the name dori didnt you? what was it before? 2ofmyown? lol .. what are you talking about >>>peace??? i make my own opinions of the posts and comments that are made. theres no reason for a truce or to make peace?? if you dont like what I have to say then dont read them.

  37. Braydie says

    Since its my time and space ill talk about what i want. Funny how when its about someone YOU want to talk about …. post 44, you can say whatever you wish…but when someone else has a comment you believe that you have a right to tell them what to say and when to say it?? I think not…get over yourself for real.

  38. dori says

    Can we stick to the subject please and stop going off on these poersonal cat fights ? A lot of time and space is being wasted.
    The subject is the death of a sweet innocent 20 year boy. It’s so very sad and yet so curious how a young man could drop dead like that.

  39. Braydie says

    debs….hmmm you say we all sit here and spew out trash for a real life??? what have you been doing as you sit at YOUR comp on this same site and spew out trash? living your great life? w/e …do you relize that you actually insulted yourself..not only us. YOUR on here too doing the same as us. Anna nicole might not be the smartest person in the world, maybe she did marry a old man for his money…maybe she did do alot of bad things to get where she is. that doesnt mean she had a relationship with her son…give me a break . even when she was 400 pounds guys still wanted to be with her. you have a sick mind and must not have a highly satisfied life if you sit there at your comp and think of nasty things like that to say. i noticed that you didnt dispute that you were sick, like Ann-Marie said in her post….I guess you cant dispute whats true huh? I guess since your “brazilian” its ok that you were gross and uncalled for…. um ok. …..

  40. Debs says

    Number 61 Ann-Marie, Hi!
    It’s easy to think people who say unusual, morbid or disgusting things on a comments page are stereotypically these monstrous women sitting behind a computer screen spewing out trash on a blog for want of a real life.
    However, despite the fact what I said was actually pretty gross and probably uncalled for, I’m actually a 23 year old Brazilian gal who lives in England and is highly satisfied with her life.
    Thanks, take care 🙂

  41. nicola says

    Thanks Diana, i was cheerin up till I saw the local paer 2day with my friends coffin on the front page……I`ll get ova it in time, he was such a special person.x

  42. carleigh says

    Sue this site is an OPEN FORUM and it’s not subject to the discretion of a moderator to monitor what’s being posted. If your grandaughter comes on here then it’s up to you to MONITOR what’s acceptable and what’s not acceptable for her to read or see. It’s up to anyone in a guardian/caregiver position to maintain constant vigil as to what one’s child/grandchild is exposed to. You can’t censor me any more than I can censor you..however we can take control over what our young ones are privy to seeing and reading.

  43. Diana says

    Nicola – it is a shame that the world is so messed up isn’t it, and very sad. For me as a Christian I hope that God comes before it gets too bad…. and I think that things will only get worse and worse as time goes on. I hope that at least some of the nicer posts on here can be a welcome distraction for you in your time of grief. I hope this little smile will cheer you up a little 😉 x

  44. TJ's mom says

    Oops! Spelling error….I meant to say “I hope Daniel is AT peace now”….not “A” peace! Sorry…it’s 4:00 in the morning! My kid finally just went to bed! I love being the mother of a child with a sleep disorder! Uuugghhh!

  45. TJ's mom says

    Hmmm..I heard that Howard K Stern (her lawyer) was the 3rd person in the room. My goodness…this story just gets more and more bizarre everyday. Oh well…I also heard that no more information will be released until October 23. I also heard (Wow! I hear ALOT)… that Anna named her baby Hannah. Anna and Hannah! Hmmm…very interesting! I hope little Hannah has a somewhat normal life with Anna Nicole as her mother. I watched her reality show and poor Daniel really didn’t have a chance! I hope he’s a peace now!

  46. Braydie says

    I think this site is enjoyable. people need to actually leave comments about the topics at hand and not others that do post.
    to answer your question… sue….. see when you ask questions people answer and not ….what did you say? stick to leaving a comment and nothing about your personal life?? I dont care if your Gdaughter enjoys the site. Ive NEVER heard of a “moderater” in blogs and If you dont like whats being written…dont come on here. was post 56 about the topic?? no . so dont leave me messages stating I should stick to leaving a comment and not to post anything personal, when your doing the SAME thing.

    I guess police have someone. I heard though the grapevine at work. 😛 Anna, I heard, told police that IT WAS the person that was in her room that nite, she identified him, and he had no reason to be there and he wasnt a staff of the hospital. Next thing she knows her son is dead.

  47. Sue says

    This site used to be enjoyable. Something needs to be done about the comments. My granddaughter enjoys this site. Isn’t there a moderator such as on other sites to delete the garbage before it’s printed ?

  48. dori says

    It will be interesting to see cause of death.
    Deb your comments are very interesting.
    I never liked Anna Nicole Smith and there’s nothing normal about her.
    Do you think god had a hand in this? Anna gets her money and Anna gets her baby but the price is the loss of a son????
    I don’t mean to sound inkind but this woman has done some inscrupulous things in her life.
    This is just a question don’t get all crazy on me ok?

  49. Leeanna says

    I feel so bad for Anna,
    I know my heart goes out to her b/c people are probably going to blame it on her mothering skills, Very Tragic!!

  50. nicola says

    Thanks Diana. No, not feelin any better. Havin quite a bad time this week. I come on this site 2 occupy my mind, instead what do I get when I log on? Ppl slaggin each other off. Isn`t there enuf of all this in the world wivout turnin this site in2 the same way as the world is???
    This world`s f***ed up as it is and this site`s goin the same way thanks to those who abuse it and can`t keep their nasty comments 2 themselves

  51. courtney says

    this is so sad……i feel so horrible for anna! i cant even imagine the hurt she feels to have brought a beautiful baby girl into the world and wanted nothing more than her son to enjoy his time with his new baby sister only to find him gone… thoughts and prayers are with u anna!! she just needs to push all the love she has towards herself, her family, and her new baby and try to keep her mind at ease….

  52. Diana says

    I agree Debs and Nicola. Things are getting out of hand on here, its a shame cos it could be fun posting stuff on here, rather than it getting unpleasant. But I will stick up for Braydie as she is getting a lot of stick at the moment bless her 😉 Nicola, hope you are feeling slightly better !

  53. Kim says

    well ….this is another post that has a bitchfest going on …really about nothing. Good to be back!
    I hope anna is doing well after all this. I watched her show and she wasnt all that mentally stable to begin with.
    Debs, OMG why would you even write something like that. GROSS. Im sure she didnt have a “relationship” with her son.
    I seen today that they have someone for his death. Their not saying anyhting else though. News said anna woke to find someone in her room by her son and the person left when she asked is everything ok? she thought it was a hospital staff memeber. Turns out it wasnt… so Its kinda a mystery now on why he died and who that person was.

    I also want to say that I believe If people would stick to saying their opinions and not just coming on a blog to say bad things about other posters. i.e. post 43. that person did not even say ONE THING about this topic. Just came on to say a nasty comment about a poster that did. It didnt even concern her either…why post anything?

  54. braydie says

    NancyP.~~ such a origional post you have there…and nothing to say about the posts at hand…did you leave that same stupid post in all the topics. wow Im glad you waste your time for me….
    also…i said a perfectly nice post about anna. when someone comes out namecalling …i will stick up for myself.

  55. nicola says

    4 god`s sake, all the other posts av ended up in a slangin match, but please, this woman`s lost her son. Put urself in her shoes. This is a terrible time for her……..Could just this 1 post not av any bitchin posted on it???? Let`s av some god damn respect

  56. NancyP. says

    I normally don?t leave comments either, I just like to read them, but the garbage that is being said by Braydie is just ruining this website! They are just the ramblings of a woman that obviously needs help. I do believe that Braydie probably leads a very empty life and gets off on attention?even negative attention! Everyone, please JUST IGNORE HER. Don?t reply to her nasty comments. That?s what she wants! When she realizes that she?s just making an incredible fool of herself, she?ll go away and this will once again be the enjoyable website that it used to be! I know it?s hard not to bite her bait, but she?s kind of like a pesky little bug?swat at it and it will keep on coming back, ignore it and it will eventually go away

  57. says

    Again, this site is for commenting on the celebrity subjects not for immature commenting, cursing and argueing with other posters. Agian the same immature people doing it.

    Anna’s situation is very rare and extremely sad. I have 2 sons and could not imagine how I would feel if one of them died (especially having a newborn to take care of!) I am happy for Anna’s new baby girl and deeply sorry for her lost of her son, her first child. VERY SAD! My heart and sympathy goes out to you Anna!

  58. mage says

    They are looking at bringing charges, so I don’t think it was suicide.

    How aweful to loose a child, expecially one you basically grew up with. Role model or not, she was his mother and he her son. And now he is gone while she has to keep things together for her new daughter and recover from major surgery.

    So sad.

  59. pagal38 says

    I Just Think Its very sad ,He was So Young & Regardless what anyone thinks of Anna Nicole, can not even imagine experiencing first joy of a new baby girl & then death of your only son that must be devestating!And happening so close together only 3 days apart . Hopefully she has a lot of support from family & friends . That is Just awful! Best Of Luck Anna Nicole & Deepest Sympathy If you Would Happen To read This .

  60. Jennifer says

    Debs that is a really unusual theroy. I think sometimes when you have such feelings about someone it might be best to keep them to your self. Saying things like that could turn into some nasty rumors and anna has enough to deal with. Reguardless of how his life was, or how their relationship was, a mother lost her son and a sister lost her brother. I am pretty sure that at the age of 20 he knew better than to have relations with his mother, even if anything happened at a young age, by 14 or 15 I would think he would have caught on to this being inapporpiate. Although I am not a fan of anna’s, I wish her peace in her mourning and joy with her daughter.

  61. Debs says

    Anna Nicole might be an amazing, great good person, and I will never know… But, without trying to offend anyone, this is what I believe *might* have happened:

    When a very young woman gives birth, she doesn’t neccessarily feel like a “mother.” In many cases, women who had a male baby at a very young age, eventually end up having an incest-like relationship with their son.

    It seems to me this may have happened with Anna Nicole and her son. I might be COMPLETELY wrong, but it just seems she used to hang off of him, use him as a crutch. He was always there, submissive and quiet. Not many people seem to think she was a very good role model as a mother… I wouldn’t know, but also with her marrying an extremely rich, and extremely elderly, man it just seems to reinforce my theory that she was having an incestual relationship with her son. Maybe they were both in on her marrying for the money; and she enjoyed a sexual relationship with her son who was young and not all wrinkled.

    If this was the case, my final point is that the baby she just had might be her son’s. It would be both his baby and his sibling. And, therefore, it would be logical to conclude that he killed himself. He might have waited until he knew the baby was born alright, and then to cover it up or because of the guilt or shame, he committed suicide.

    On the other hand, the whole situation could have happened completely differently. No incest, no fraud, just a heart attack after watching his mother go through pain.

    Who knows? Certainly not me.

  62. Jill says

    braydie, I’m not sayign you said anything hurtful about Anna Nicole Smith. What I said is how would you feel if this story was about you and your children and some people, instead of leaving condolences or expressing sympathy, started fighting and saying hurtful things to each other. Ya’ll want to fight, by all means, be my guest. But just not on this story and it’s comments. Please. I’m not putting anyone down, or fighting with anyone or trying to say what you should or shouldn’t do. But I am asking, take the fighting to another coment spot. Or do it in email. Or wait for another good story to fight on. This one should just not have any fights over it. A mother lost her child. We should all feel her pain with her and be thankful and hug our babies because we still have them and are not having to bury them.

  63. Diana says

    Nicola – it is good to keep those good memories that you had of your friend and to cherish every moment that you had with him. When my Uncle died of Motor Neourone Disease it was so hard, and it is still hard now but all the family try and imagine what it would be like to still have him around and the jokes he used to make and it does make it a little bit better for us all then 😉 Keep smiling.

  64. braydie says

    2of myown ~~ i mean, 3 bucks to own~~~( sorry forgot you charge 3 dollars) it wouldnt be the first time someone tried being me. why is it the only thing that you have to say is cursing? not really a opinion just dumb stupid remarks? HOW many times do I gotta tell you people IM A BITCH. you really dont have to tell me….now stupid….thats you to a T.
    and Jill…wouldnt that be nice . I never said anything hurtful about anna ….that would be a certain person saying “wouldnt it be wierd if he faked his death??? I dont think he did but if he did it would be wierd” thats just the dumbest comment ever! Im not ashamed for saying what Ive said about her and her sons death. I never said anything bad. also you really think shes gonna come on this site and read what is being said good or bad? no. I wish the best for her and her new baby. I feel for her losing her son. I know about loss and I dont think I would stay together if one of my boys died. If you read my post you will see I never said one hurtful thing about that family, on this topic anyway.

  65. Jill says

    Ya’ll can we stop the fighting. This story is about a tragedy, one none of us moms ever want to live. Women should bind together and support one another in a time of need. How would any of you feel if this story was about you and your children and people started fighting in the comments and calling each other hurtful names and putting each other down instead of doing what they should be doing and offering condolences (sorry if this is misspelled, i am the worlds worst speller). This story is about a grieving mother, who instead of being able to fully enjoy the birth of her daughter has to instead mourn her son. Ya’ll should be ashamed of yourselves.

  66. braydie says

    Obviously youre on here alot more then you think. Just becuz we havent seen this name before doesnt mean you dont come on a diferent one. My kids are well taken care of thanks …no need for you to assume they arent. I also believe you have made time to make “stupid comments” or you wouldnt be STILL going on and on… actually making comments is what a blog is for…..i guess i am smart If i know that. I also believe I have made smart ass replys….maybe your not smart enough to understand them?……
    people like what you write is why theres so many arguements on here. what you wrote wasnt you opinion…it was just some stupid thing you said just to try and start a rumer. ME get a life?? I have a very nice one…dont need another. however YOU need to get a backbone and stop the hurtful remarks…cuz their def. not opinions. yup go back on stephanie or whatever that other name was you answered to and it wasnt the name i called out.

  67. 2of myown says

    Braydie-Oh…so I “change like the wind” and can’t make a comment because you’ve never seen my name before? I didn’t know YOU owned the rights to comments. Maybe you haven’t seen my name before because I have better things to do with my time then make some stupid comment about a celebrities baby! YOU need to get a life! I hope you spend as much time worrying about your own kids as you do about everyone elses! Okay…go ahead and make a smart-ass reply! Obviously, you gotta make some comment about everything! Why should now be any different! Well…I gotta go and change my name again! Shoot! You sure is smart!

  68. dori says

    So tragic, to give birth to a child and then loose a child. My heart goes out to her. How very very sad.

  69. braydie says

    2of myown … I wasnt really defending her…there wasnt anything to defend. just saying why would you or anyone else say that her son faked his death…just stupid thing to say. and i re read your post and i dont see how its wierd at all that hes dead after her having her baby? she had a baby..He died… whats so wierd? I havent even heard that before you said it so why say it for??I guess I cant be nice after someones child DIES, huh??? I dont like her …still…. however I dont think me being mean to her atm is the nicest thing to do. speaking of changing with the wind…i dont recall your name ever being on here….unless you changed it.
    Nicola~~ sorry about your friend! my husband lost his BF gary last sept. it was hard as hell.

  70. nicola says

    Thanks so much Diana, that means a lot 2 me. We were friends for 10 years so 2 hear of his death has left all of his friends and me in complete shock. He was 2 months away from comin home. He was engaged 2 be married.
    Not sure if i`ll eva get ova this properly….He was my best friend.
    Like u said, i`m proud of every1 who av fought 4 their country. But, all i av 2 say is, PULL OUR TROOPS OUT!!

  71. 2of myown says

    Braydie…if you would of read my comment correctly, I DIDN’T say she faked the death of her son! I just said it was weird! Funny how you defend Anna Nicole now, but I see that when the news of her pregnancy was first reported back in June, you supported someone’s derogatory remark towards her. Funny how some people change with the wind!

  72. Diana says

    Nicola – I am so sorry to hear about your friend. That is terrible. It really take my hat off to those people who put their lives on the line to fight in battle. I pray that you will be able to come to terms with it more and more as time goes on and remember the good times with him also 😉

  73. braydie says

    2of myown ~~ im sure she wouldnt fake her sons death…who would even think that??
    I also had a c section and i believe that if one of my sons were laying there dead in front of me damn right I would try to do cpr. women can be alot stronger then they think they are in a crisis.

  74. 2of myown says

    If it is true, I feel sorry for her…but you have to admit, it is really weird! I saw pictures of Anna Nicole “supposedly” 6 months pregnant. She didn’t look pregnant to me. Has anyone seen pictures of her pregnant? Just wondering! I’m not saying that she’s faking the death of her son. I’m sure he did die…noone, no matter how crazy they are, would fake that. I just think the whole thing is strange! I heard she had a c-section and “desperately attempted to revive her son”. I had a c-section & there is no way in hell I could of performed CPR 3 days later! Hmmmm….?

  75. nicola says

    My heart goes out 2 her at this difficult time. I know it`s not the same, but I lost one of my best friends on Thursday while he was patrollin a buildin in Iraq. I can only imagine how she`s feeling

  76. Diana says

    A mixture of grief and job, what a terrible time for her. I didn’t know a lot about her son though. What did he do?

  77. TINA says

    oh my god, how sad, i am so sorry for her loss but yet happy for the brth of her daughter, i cannot imagine waht she is going through or feeling right now, so sorry for her

  78. braydie says

    WOW…This would be soooo heartbreaking to me. I couldnt amagine how she is feeling right now. I agree with Jill i hope everyone from the press and tabs. just leaves her alone. all us mothers know how hard it is with having a newborn. but then having to deal with the death of another child right after having one…I hope she has a support system there for her, From what shes said in the past she isnt that close with her family.

  79. Jill says

    I can not imagine how it would be to be her right now. Having a baby is supposed to be the most joyful experience of your life. My prayers go out to her in her time of need. I just hope that everyone in the press can let her grieve in peace. Nobody would hound a “normal” parent, so please let her be.

  80. says

    Very sad, I feel bad for anyone who has lost a child. I hope she can find some way to see her way trough the grief for her sake and the sake of her daughter.

  81. KellyMay says

    How tragic, my prayers for them at this awful time… I would be so torn rejoicing in the life of my new daughter yet moruning the loss her her dear son! Wow, life seems unfair at times. It makes me wonder if he had an underlying heart condition which caused this?!?

  82. Alana says

    How sad of a tragedy this is. She does have an odd track record of things happening with her life but who doesn’t when all the things are put in the spotlight. Im sorry for her either way. Let her grieve in peace, let her child be her savior in sorrow in these days to come and let us hope truly this does not cause her to relapse into anyways that could bring shame upon her family name and her sons memory. Poor child to not know her brother. My brother was 19 when I was born and he died when I was 11, sadly she wont get the precious years I was lucky enough to get. God bless you poor Anna and child.

  83. Marti says

    This is just so sad, I don’t even know what to say or think. 🙁
    I can’t even imagine how she must be feeling right now .. joyful to have a new baby, yet so sad & heartbroken over losing her first-born. It’s mind-boggling!! My sincerest sympathies to Anna Nicole and her family.

  84. says

    Details: He died from a massive heart attack on the maternity ward floor. Anna made a desperate failed attempt to revive him. Anna and the baby were snuck out of the hospital by seperate exits while the camera and press crews were brought in to a press room having been promised a statement. They took his body away from the hospital in a herse.

  85. Emily says

    I guess we’ll see if drugs/alcohol were a factor. Hmmm, probably think so. And to Lisa M comment, yes this is weird, Anna is weird. She was just a drunk on her tv show which her son had to deal with and she was not a “mom” her son could look up to, hopefully Anna doesn’t go back on the alcohol bandwagon because of this incident with her son and she can be a role model for her daughter, but again, time will only tell.

  86. babyhates says

    This is sooo sad… I love Anna Nicole and all her kraziness but to lose a son is sooooo sad and I hope her and her baby girl are happy in the long run 🙁 Poor Anna !

  87. Lisa M says could you say that this another wierd story for Anna Nicole..This is a very sad story there is nothing wierd about this..What kind of track record does she have??
    I couldnt imagine having a new baby brought into this world and then have one of your others taking out of this world..Very sad..Wish Anna the best…

  88. Farrah S. says

    I feel so sad for her and her family i wish her the best, i hope that the joy of her baby girl helps her deal with all of what is happening,

  89. jen says

    that is so wierd. i feel badly for anna obviusly, but knowing her “track record”, this is just another wierd story in her wierd little life

  90. Vicki says

    Awww how sad 🙁 I agree that no parent should ever have to bury their own chid, I dont think I could ever manage it… xxx

  91. says

    Its really sad that her great joy was accompanied with a great lose.
    I pray she is able to grieve and continue to be healthy for her new baby.
    So Sad.

  92. Jenn says

    This is so sad. I am so sorry to Anna, going through a loss of a child id the worst experience that could ever happen. My sorrow goes out to her.

  93. Kristin says

    I could not imagine what she is going through. No matter what you think of Anna, nobody deserves to go through losing a child. I do wonder what happened though. Maybe the joy of her new daughter will somehow help her get through this difficult time.

  94. Lisa says

    this is just too sad, too weird. He was always so quiet on her reality show, how sad : ( 🙁

    the joy of a new baby daughter!!! but so sad to hear of her loss of her son


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