Reese Comes Out Of Hiding!

Reese has come out of hiding and is looking fabulous and refreshed!

Reese WitherspoonReese WitherspoonReese Witherspoon

In the first pic she is at the Toronto Film Festival on Friday for the premiere of her new movie, Penelope, and in the second pic she was spotted trying to go incognito to see the movie Half Nelson at a Santa Monica theater on Wednesday and in the last pic she is at a Burberry lunch party. Love the matching leopard print belt and peep toe heels!


  1. Braydie says

    REMEMBER everyone today is the day (19th) to write babyrazzi and tell them TO CHANGE it so people can only have one handle. if possible.
    EMAIL address is ….thanks everyone!!

  2. dori says

    I Love this couple and thier kids. How cute are they? Glad to see pics of her again. Where was she all summer anyway>

  3. Vicki says

    Ann-Marie I find Star the same. They just went on and on about how they were sure she was pregnant and when she hit back and denied it, they published a headline saying something along the lines of “Reese isnt pregnant its just fat” or something equally unkind !! Hope that clears things up for you xxx

  4. Ann-Marie says

    I didn’t hear what Star magazine did to her. I only buy US weekly and people. I find Star magazine full of lies. So what did they do or say about Reese.?

  5. Vicki says

    It looks like shes lost weight, i think its a shame that she felt pressurised to do that by that stupid Star magazine. She does look beautiful though, I just hope she happy xxx

  6. braydie says

    come out of hiding for what? She made those tabs that said she looked pregnant eat there words and made them look stupid. I think shes always looked great, even dressed down playing with her kids.

  7. says

    Reese is very beautiful, no I don’t think she looks pregant, I can imagine the working out the poor girl did after the last pregancy rumor tryst!! She does look fabulous and slim. Not that she was every a big girl or anything. But all I have to say is this girl is on top of her game. Good for you Reese.

  8. Ann-Marie says

    she is such a pretty girl. Does she look pregnant in that black dress or is it just me???

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