1. mitch says

    joanna your a liar, i saw your baby she so damn ugly, don’t compare your baby to the most beautiful baby in hollywood.

  2. Crystal says

    Suri is absolutely gorgeous -but like another person commented, I can’t help but think how Nicole must feel that although Tom’s first two children are adopted, they are nonetheless his children and you didn’t see any pictures of him or Nicole with the kids.

  3. Breena says

    All of u are supposed to be grown women… act like it atleast a little…. We all have different opinions that others dont agree with…. So be it, grow up….. This site is Suppose to be about Suri not how bad u can talk about each other…. Go Katie and Tom she is so cute….

  4. Adrianne says

    Those Suri slanderers should really avoid this forum! But I’m a firm believer in karma and someday your child will be slandered as well, so best of luck to you all, who just have to absolutely have to critize and degrade an innocent child. Where’s your integrity?. I thought this forum was for socializing and living vicarious through the stars families not for berating them.

  5. nicola says

    What`s goin on braydie, sum1 else tryin 2 be u again??? Not been on 4 a while, been ill so missed a lot

  6. joanna says

    nicola, i dont act like im the only one with a family ok?? whatever u do in ur spare time is up to you, all what i said is i dont come on here everyday coz after work i spend time with my family yeah…..the only reason why im on here now is coz im off work coz i was in hospital last night and my daughter is in nursery! hope thats good enough for ya!

  7. mahoney says

    Personally, I think that this baby is ugly as fuck! I’m sorry to all of you moms out there but you have to admit, this isn’t the prettiest baby, at a long shot!!

  8. alex says

    All of you bitches are STUPID!!!! Everyone is entitled to their opipion, so if you think that the baby is pretty, then thats what you think, but if someone says the baby is ugly, just leave it alone! It is not necessary to comment back , you know. And all you bitches that are mothers have to be ashamed!! I hope you guys don’t talk like this around your kids

  9. lynda says

    baby suri is one of a kind. she is so cute. tom and kattie if you ever see this, you both did a wonderful job. you must be so proud.

  10. braydie says

    I dont have a family but I act like MY imagionary one is more important then ANYONE elses!!!!! Joanna your not important …no one is but me and ….I cant remember their names but I ll come up with some when I stop taking my meds tomorrow. I just CANT think on them!! fogs my mind up….all I know IS IM MORE IMPORTANT>
    Suri sucks.

  11. joanna says

    nicola, for your information i don’t come on here everyday, ive started my new job, then when i come home i spend time with my partner and daughter, its not all about coming on the computer! i have to make time for my family too!

  12. Braydie says

    I aint gonna say anything bad about joanna she aint done nothing to me lately and she aint been on, Im sure she is working at her new job, and she aint messin around!! we all know mc d’s aint it, i was gonna ask for her jobs email address but she aint been on guys…. I wanted to know how her new job was going but since she aint been on i guess i aint going email anyone πŸ™ ……………………. sorry had to.

  13. nicola says

    Av any of u noticed Joanna “ain`t” (lol) been on since she bragged about her new job??????? Talkin out of her arse I guess……….

  14. says

    An office manager who speaks using the word ain’t? Hmmm… and can’t be bothered to spell the word because correctly. Sheesh. Who was that nagging me because I use the computer here at work. SO I got to thinking, what kind of company could she be the office manger for and then it hit me. Porta Potties.

  15. Braydie says

    This 2nd one is alot easier. I dont really have that much morning sickness..yet anyway, sometimes when I smell something gross i get really sick. I was in line at sears the other day and this guy was in front of me and he smelled so bad…I had to run and throw up. my husbands shampoo smell makes me sick too. so does gum thats minty. I never had this with my first one, everything made me sick. I felt like i was starting over also when I had my son since all my other boys are older. its like here we go again lol. But I love it my son just started crawling lol its so cute. my 12 yr old will get down on all fours and say come on brady this is how you do it, and my baby will listen to him lol. Im also not showing like i did with my first, I started showing right away. people told me for being how small i am i was the hugest pregnant woman they ever seen, lol. I would walk into stores and women would get this look on there face that was so sympathetic lol. he was a 10 pounder, breech and a c sec…im hoping this one will be vaginal and smaller………please god let this one be smaller lol!!!

  16. carleigh says

    K Braydie I will sub for ya till the raging prego bitch hormones hit! lol. Then I know you’ll be back to reclaim your title and throne again. How’s the pregnancy going so far? Just curious. I had mine so far apart that I couldn’t remember the first one to really compare to the second one so it was like starting all over for me between the 8 years of pregnancy. Just wondering if it’s easier having em’ back to back?

  17. Braydie says

    carleigh~~~ LOL you two are funny…. ok ….ill keep it… πŸ˜› but just for alittle while cuz hormones are kicking in and im starting to do the whole crying at commercials thing now lol so you might have to take over if i become too nice :X
    Nic ~~~ Your right about scaring off a “few” lol … but who knows if some of those were actually the same person..??
    glad your feeling better also!

  18. carleigh says

    No Bradyie you take the golden crown honey and I won’t take that from ya……’ve earned that from just having to put up w/ so many people stealing your handle and being stalkers. I will be the Princess

    Nicola glad your feeling better. I love talkin’ to you guys.

    To all of you who might be scared…don’t be we don’t

  19. nicola says

    Cheers Carleigh, I think ova the time that I`ve been comin on here, between me, u and Braydie we`ve scared a few off……lol.
    Doesn`t look like Joanna`s comin bk on………LMAO
    Yes I`m feelin tons better, thank you xx

  20. Braydie says

    yea carliegh …i believe your taking over for me for resident site bitch…..IM SO PROUD πŸ™‚ cry : * >)

  21. carleigh says

    Well it seems Nicola that I’ve ticked off a lot of people around here..I feel like the friggin’ Pope or Hope your feeling better hon I know things have been rough. Chin up we luv ya!

  22. Braydie says

    MARIEL~~ um ok like it would be that easy just to go take your son to meet her?? yea shes cute and all and I dont know how old your son is, im guessing young (i hope or eww), but I dont think they would take kindly to a 6 year old stalker.

  23. carleigh says

    Oh you got into McDonalds management is that what your saying? I can email you at the Stalybridge branch? Gee congrats!

  24. joanna says

    lol, i know what my job is… management, bit different from mcdonalds aint it! believe it or not iam very brainy and just beacuse you think im a bitch on here, well u aint met me in person then you’ll see what a nice person i actually am. So sorry to disappoint you carleigh but as for me workin at mcdonalds u got that wrong, i work for a very big company where iam in stalybridge, so if you would like their address to email them and ask if its true that i got into management then feel free you can have it. Think ive said enough on this subject don’t you?!

  25. carleigh says

    Ha Ha apparently I have struck a nerve w/ Joanna!!!! Good because you seem to enjoy doing it to everyone else so it’s about time someone got your goat lady! You think I actually A.) believe that a company would promote someone of your ovbvious stupidity into management? Oh yeah maybe from scrubbing toliets to running the fryer right? Even Mcdonalds has to eventually promote their lifetime employees right? Good luck w/ that and try not to burn yourself since hot grease really hurts! and B.) Why do I care? In short I don’t………lmao you in management? Right! Don’t make me bust a gut laughing so hard here.

    Your the one who decided to make things personal so if you don’t like it or can’t take my defending myself and the other people you have insulted since DAY 1..I got some sound advice….TOO BAD GET OVER IT AND YOURSELF!

  26. MARIEL says


  27. Braydie says

    nicola, im sorry about your friend, my husband’s best friend from almost birth died last september over there and my husband hasnt been the same since. He was a awsome person just like im sure your friend was also.

  28. joanna says

    whatever ya say carleigh. cant be arsed today im too tired coz some off us mums were up nearly all of last night looking after there kids, but of course carleigh u wouldnt know seen as you prob aint got none!

  29. joanna says

    carleigh, just because i went for a job interview it means im unemployed? well no, i have a job at the minute, i had an interview for me to get into management, and dya know what…..i got it! so keep ur nasty comments to urself you might think ur right most of the time, but not this time!!! by the way i havent been slaggin braydie off AGAIN! your just tryin to be a shitstirrer!

  30. nicola says

    I agree wiv Lisa on the Bush/Troops business. I`m buryin my best friend 2day who died while out in Iraq, fightin 4 his country………………

  31. nicola says

    I agree wiv Lisa on the Bush/Troops business. I`m buryin my best friend 2day who died while out in Iraq, fightin 4 his country………………SAVE OUR TROOPS!

  32. Lyric says

    LISA, I have a question??? would IT matter to anyone if we all got in a cirlce of love and talked about the troops? Think if all the Babyrazzi posters got together and protested bush would say “OOOO shucks, sorry ladies…Ill send them right home” NOPE… LOL you suck.

  33. Braydie says

    LisaH~~~ some of us actually do things like that for a living( like me) I come on here to get away for awhile…so I hope you dont come back to this site…I dont want to hear about it here too. go get yourself a rally going on for the troops, instead of ALSO being on here for no reason.???I guess you have nothing good to say…opss i mean do also. and im sure you will be back to read this….just human nature lol.

  34. nicola says

    Who the hell r these ppl comin on slaggin us ALL off????
    Get a life and stay off this site if u`ve nothin better 2 say (LisaH) just 4 starters…I`m sick of u all, thinkin u can log on 4 the 1st time and start attackin ppl. U`ll find out that us regulars tend 2 stick 2gether so ur fightin a losin battle !!!!

  35. says

    You are all some stupid, ignorant and immature bitches. Argueing about things that really don’t matter. Why don’t you go to somewhere else and discuss important things like when will Bush’s ass get our troops out of the middle east! Or discuss something else that really matters. You are all stupid stupid stupid! Don’t bother replying to MY OPINIONS as I am not coming back on this site to read what stupid people have to write since they have nothing else better to do!

  36. carleigh says

    and as far as you Joanna LOWER yourself to Nicola’s level…what the hell is thaou obviously must think highly of yourself to say something like that..well news flash you’d be the only who thinks HIGHLY of yourself aroudn here.You apologize to Braydie and then turn around and start “slagging” off on her again…your two faced. And as for what you not stooping to this level or that level I believe you yourself have had a hand in stirring up the pot around here enough. You probably are going to bring back your alternate iana handle because you feel lonely and you know that your invented friend Kiana will defend you because you made her up to make yourself feel better didn’t you. Oh well everyone needs an alter ego when they have no other aquaintances.

  37. carleigh says

    Joanna it’s no wonder why your unemployed because if your as ignorant and childish as you have appeared to be on here then I would say you don’t have to wonder WHY you don’t have a job. Hopefully the position you interviewed with is scrubbing toliets or something because you obviously can’t get on well with others and it’s better to have someone with your obvious issues as far away from other people as possible. Either way it’s never good to be unemployed so I do hope you manage to find yourself a suitable job soon. As far as what level Nicola might be Joanna I would think she probably wouldn’t worry too much about what you think of her given the LEVEL your obviously on….you have no class so that remark coming from you is just ridiculous.

  38. joanna says

    im not gonna lower myself down to ur level nicola. im past that, any ways gotta go n get ready for my job interview now. speak soon.

  39. says

    Joanna, that is nice that you apologized to Braydie and I am glad that she is a good enough person to forgive you. I got involved here because this is a PUBLIC FORUM, and you have beon on several other threads causing trouble, and FYI. I responded to you based on the hateful comment you made to CARLEIGH at # 149 then you started questioning other people.

    Good for you for apologizing. If you don’t care what I think then you must really not be wondering why I got involved.

  40. joanna says

    kelley, to be honest i dont care what u think. ive apologised to braydie no one else, so i dont get why u have started gettin involved in this convo.

  41. nicola says

    No problem Kelley. We`re all entitled 2 our own opinions, but sum of us take them a little 2 far, not mentionin any names (cough, Joanna, cough) LOL…………………
    We hardly eva agree wiv each other on here, but it is nice when there`s sum1 2 help out and stick up 4 u…

  42. says

    I agree Nicole, it was harsh. I have to admit though I really dont feel all that bad about it. I usually read these boards one by one and when you do that you carry over perceptions of people based on what they have done on all the threads as total. This is one such case.

    When Jo said (carleigh, we dont need u on here ur like a lost dog whats lookin for a friend but no one will have you, o well!)

    I felt like someone needed to let her know how it might feel when you begin making completely immature cracks on someone. Especially when it is an obvious attempt to make yourself feel superior.

    We can all get along here, that has been proven by the fact the Braydie Carliegh and I have all been defending each other here for days now. (we usually dont agree on much). Let me just say that I respect both of them. I have been having a verbal go with Braydie before, but no matter what we have said, I can still attempt to help her if there is something I know that she needs help on. Its called being a decent human being. These people who insist on making everything personal should darn well expect people to come back at them with guns blazing.

    Sorry I offended you Nic, but I am not sorry if I offended Jo.

  43. Braydie says

    on the other topic you did … doesnt change you wrote something here also. i appreciate the apology. really i do. I wrote post 157 before i seen it.

  44. joanna says

    i have apologised to you, if u dont wanna accept it then dont, but im gettin abit sick n tired of all this now.

  45. Braydie says

    joanna, kinda funny how another person is seeing how many personal questions you ask about others , and then use them for your own twisted game. like calling me “pathetic” because i have a 18 yr old and im 31? you have a small mind and I highly doubt IM the one that needs to grow up.

  46. joanna says

    braydie, i asked u ur age, nothin else. Thats really goin deep in ur personal life innit!! grow up for gods sake.

  47. Braydie says

    nic lol i just think were all sick of joannas little stupid questions. I dont think kelley thought it mean as much as she thought maybe joanna wouldnt ask stupid things about our personal life anymore. its one thing to WANT to know about peoples personal lives but its another when they just want to know so they can use it agaisnt you in posts…and joanna is like that.
    i know i shouldnt laugh but sorry i got to ….. kelleys post was harsh but funny since ive actually wanted to say something like that to joanna but havent…which isnt like me i gotta laugh.

  48. nicola says

    Kelley, As much as i disagree wiv everythin Joanna says, I think ur bein a bit harsh. Yeah, she`s p***ing a lot of ppl off but that`s no excuse 4 u 2 say what u`ve said. Calm it down a bit. I think it`s evil that u can attack sum1 like that…….
    If u disagree wiv sum1 then let it go, say ur piece and move on, don`t attack sum1 like u av. It was uncalled 4 and nasty………………………….4 the record, i`m not stickin up 4 Joanna, just lettin Kelley know she can`t talk 2 ppl the way she has !!

    As i keep sayin though, Suri`s adorable

  49. says

    Joanna, what grade did you drop out in in school? Joanna, were you beaten or abused as a child? Joanna did you ride the little bus to school? Joanna, did you have to pay your friends to hang around with you only to be rejected by them when the check bounced? Joanna, did your mom have to tie a porkchop around your neck to get the dog to play with you? Joanna, did your mom buy you a goldfish as a pet because he could only swim so far away from you in that little bowl? Joanna, did your imaginary friends play hide and go seek with you and you are still waiting?

  50. Braydie says

    joanna ~~~ you leave a post like post 149 and then have the nerve to ask how old I am?? If its something you really need to know im 31, not 12 like you act.

  51. joanna says

    carleigh, we dont need u on here ur like a lost dog whats lookin for a friend but no one will have you, o well!

  52. One More Unneeded Opinion says

    It is really interesting to see her little face. She has Katie’s eyebrows and Tom’s eyes (which are like his mother’s ). I think that all babies are miraculous and beautiful. Her face will change as she grows older as well, but I can see the beginnings of some serious dimples and I think that the color of her eyes, sort of turquoisey, is spectacular.

    In the end, it doesn’t matter what I think or what anybody thinks, they are obviously crazy about her as are her two siblings.

  53. Erika says

    well i think she is adorable. why would any of you say she is a demon baby? why just because her parents didnt want to show her off to the cameras the moment she was born u people have to start all those stupid rumors?? well maybe the people that are saying she a demon and an ungly baby are probably just jealous she is so gorgeous and probably they have ugly kids.

  54. nicola says

    If we all ignore the sick, twisted individuals who come on this site just 2 av a go, then maybe they`ll just go away

  55. carleigh says

    Because Joanna/Kiana are too stupid to read it! That’s why…….LOL…hang in there Braydie I am sure that you will start feeling better soon the first trimester is the roughest but you know that already. I hope you get a little girl this time!

  56. Braydie says

    joanna…i said ANYONE that has issues with me…not TO JOANNA.. email me!!! so why dont you read it correctly.

  57. joanna says

    braydie, i said ur the one with issues, not me. so why do i need to email u??? i think u need to read it bk!

  58. dori says

    The more i look at Suri pics the less cute I think she is. She’s cute but I wouldn’t call this a gorgeous baby by any means.

  59. Braydie says

    Im not too worries about anyone trying to be me lol. Its happened before and this person is just not origional. the newbies need to come up with better tactics then doing something thats been done before. I knwo you all know when a post isnt mine…just not cocky or bitchy enough πŸ˜› there just plain dumb posts lol.

  60. claire says

    well joanne it was mean of me sorry just dont be mean about innocent babies bye!ps you all take this site too serious

  61. carleigh says

    Hey Braydie just like I stated in the other posts….these little mean spirited bitches (not meant in the good way to Joanna, Kiana, and all the other multiples on here) can go F themselves. We all know who’s the real ones on here and who’s the wanna be. To all the posters who pick on little, defenseless kids…SHAME on you and you can all go straight to hell! You can pick on the parents and post whatever you want but when you take it to the next level and pick on these babies that is simply IMO just unacceptable. Braydie we may never know who’s trying to steal your identity but rest assured that WE as the group of people who are lumped together as the TRUE bitches of babyrazzi….we all know each other! We got ya back girl! Love ya!

  62. says

    You all are still here bitching like hags……How SAD. Hey Suri is still beautiful! I just wanted to look at adorable Suri again.

  63. Braydie says

    Nic ~~ all these post are mine…the real braydie…when i changed it back from me messing with it i put a capital B but it is me.

  64. kathy says

    i think suri looks like tom not kate.and she is soooo cute.i also think the baby is very pretty.i think tom is getting a bad rap for everything he does,give him a break.


  65. dori says

    I’ve got to admit this is pretty entertaining. I’m addivted to this!
    It all starts out real good everyone talking about the subject at hand and then sure enough put a bunch of women in a room and a cat fight starts.
    Don’t get me wrong I am not innocent of this myself. But if read all the posts it’s pretty funny!

  66. nicola says

    Ok, who`s the REAL BRAYDIE???????

    We av one spelt wiv a capital B and one wivout !!!! Who`s who?

  67. Braydie says

    BTW i left my email adress as someone suggested and I havent recieved any emails from any one with issues with me??? AND it was my real email adress lol. I guess their just to scared.

  68. Braydie says

    joanna~~ sorry to inform you but I believe that since you WROTE a reaction…she got one from ya. Ill tell ya how NOT to leave a re action….DONT WRITE ANYTHING LOL.

  69. saly says

    Suri is a cute and beautiful girl,She is a lucky little girl, who loves her parents dearly.Someone says she’s ugly maybe your wrong look at youourself in the mirror first ask yourself Im augly or georgeous Im I jealous or not . Suri is a beautiful little girl.But Im sorry I know how to define beauty and ugly thanks.

  70. joanna says

    claire- my personal life has nothin to do with this, n yes iam with the father of my baby, i aint no slag! ur just lookin for a reaction from me but why should i waste one on a shitty little whore like ya self!!??!!

  71. nicola says

    braydie, I know where ur comin from, don`t worry………I hate not actually bein able 2 talk 2 sum1 face 2 face cos whatever u say neva comes across the way is should, they always get the wrong idea……….But, as 4 Joanna, she can take my comments anyway she likes

  72. braydie says

    Lisa…I see your point…however if it was your child they were talking about I hope you would want us to stick up for her…I hate tom C. but theres no need for their child to be talked about like that.

    I TOLD YOU ALL THEY WERE THE SAME PERSON>>>i was trying to get my point across and messed up…I cant do the split personality thing well lol.
    diana It really doesnt bother me lol i think its funny. all you guys that know me and the way i talk know some of those other posts werent mine but I guess I should be flattered that people would take the time out to do that ….i know im making a diference πŸ™‚ lol

    nicola~ i know I was just making sure you all knew that becuz as you all know some things I say come out harsher then what I intended πŸ™‚

  73. nicola says

    Claire, sorry 2 say this, but as much as i disagree wiv Joanna and think she`s a nasty cow, I av 2 say that what u`ve posted about her #113 was very spiteful. I`d be very hurt if that was said about me. It was out of order

  74. nicola says

    No Lisa, we`re tryin 2 defend all kids from the likes of Joanne and Kiana who think it`s ok 2 go around takin things out on innocent little babies…..

    Unfit mothers r we Joanna, this comes from a woman who sits at her pc slaggin off little kids???????????? Grow up bitch, get a life….there`s no room 4 trash like u on here. Go back 2 the hole u crawled out of

    Braydie, I know u meant it in a good way about us bein bitches, i was too. I was tryin 2 be sarcastic. LOL

  75. NancyP. says

    I normally don?t leave comments either, I just like to read them, but the garbage that is being said by Braydie is just ruining this website! They are just the ramblings of a woman that obviously needs help. I do believe that Braydie probably leads a very empty life and gets off on attention?even negative attention! Everyone, please JUST IGNORE HER. Don?t reply to her nasty comments. That?s what she wants! When she realizes that she?s just making an incredible fool of herself, she?ll go away and this will once again be the enjoyable website that it used to be! I know it?s hard not to bite her bait, but she?s kind of like a pesky little bug?swat at it and it will keep on coming back, ignore it and it will eventually go away

  76. says

    So I will start by saying what this site is really for and that is commenting on Suri. I think is she absolutely stunning! Beautiful! Gorgeous! I can see why TomKat waited so long to show her off…… They wanted that Heavenly adorable baby all to them selves!!!!! I can honestly say she is one of the prettiest baby girls I have ever seen. I almost want to keep a picture of Suri in my house because she is so wonderful to look at!

    Now about all these immature comments on here! YES I have read them all! Joanna, you are entitled to your opinion, no matter how much I disagree with it! For all those those others (Sarah, Braydie, Diana, etc……… you are immature for even bashing Joanna about her comment. You should have just left it alone. Kiana and Joannna do sound like the same person though. I can’t believe all of you are on here argueing about a baby. Tom and Katie, I am sure, could care less about someone they will never meet say their baby is ugly or looks like a devil child. Honestly I think Joanna and Kiana are jealous there kids are not as lovely as Suri. But again you have the right to your own opinion! Ok, I better stop now so I don’t stoop to the low level of others on here (You know who you are). Have a good day all! I am going to look at more pics of Suri!

  77. claire says

    joanna and kiana you are both hateful bitches how dare you say that about an innocent baby!she is beautiful maybe you should be a bit more grateful to tom cruise who pays his taxes for you to sit on your ass all day in your trailor park he’ll probably pay for the jerry springer show you’ll go on to find out who your (poor undeserving) childs father is!

  78. Diana says

    Braydie – forget about these people on here that have only just come on the site not long ago. They are stupid, insensitive and have about two brain cells between them. They are just silly, immature little girls who just lower the tone, and use horrid language to get over their pointless remarks.

  79. braydie says

    I wont be changing my handle to make a point anymore….no matter how funny it is. I actually went under someone elses handle by accident and feel shitty about it. so I apologize to lsyie for doing that.

  80. braydie says

    damnit! i hate changing my name, I put Lysie where my name was supposed to be. so post 107 was me , braydie not Lsyie, so dont get on her case…3 dollar.
    Lysie~~ I know THEY sound alike and write there post about a min apart from eachother. there the same person i know it.

  81. Lysie says

    2of myown ~~ lol got to you did I??? nah my man said you aint worth 2 cents let alone 3 dollars so I think your mistaken…you were with joanna/kiana’s man. WOW, i wouldnt brag about getting a whole 3 bucks for your”service’s” for real. but I guess thats all your worth….YOUR WORDS NOT MINE …. so brag away if you want 2 opps I mean 3 dollar whore…..sorry to offened, we know you need that extra buck.

  82. 2of myown says

    No…dumb ass! I ain’t no $2.OO whore! Your man gave me 3 bucks last night and said how nice it was to bang someone without stinkin’ crotch-rot for a change!

  83. 2of myown says

    No…dumb bitch! I ain’t no $2.00 whore! Your man gave me 3 bucks last night and said how nice it was to f*ck someone without crotch-rot for a change!!!!!

  84. Lysie says

    joanna-kiana, i agree…i read all these posts, its sorta hard NOT to think you 2 are the same person. Sounds that way to me. I dont believe Braydie is to far off actually.

    2of myown , you sound like you just want to fight with some one. you havent said anything about this until post 101. stay out of it , it has nothing to do with you at all. say your thoughts about suri and move on.

    Braydie , you make me laugh…keep going , i like reading your posts.

    as for Suri. I think shes adorable! she looks like a porcilan (I cant spell worth anything lol) doll. Just because she has alot of hair doesnt make her look like the devil. I have 3 girls, all 2 yrs apart and one had more hair then Suri no joke! and my other two girls were bald lol. I think all babies are adorable. even the ones people dont think are that cute or if they think there ugly even , I believe are adorable! how can someone think a baby is ugly or devil liek is beyond me and makes me sad. I hope that thier kids arent hearing this from them πŸ™ I agree strongly with post 58 (sarah) she said it all.

  85. braydie says

    2of myown ~~ where do you actually get that from?? really who said i was a idiot besides you. still not reading all of what the posts say huh? so if you think that then i guess you think suri is ugly and looks like the devil too?? cuz that is what this is all about….IF you actually read the posts dumbass. I really laugh every time i see your name….I just get ….2 dollar whore from it.

  86. 2of myown says

    Dang, Braydie…after reading these comments…I guess that I’m not the only one who thinks you’re an idiot, huh?

  87. braydie says

    nicola I wasnt calling us all bitches in a bad way. just so you all know. It was in a good way lol:)

  88. braydie says

    were unfit mothers now…..but i see Joanna/kiana is on here just as much as we all are lately. yep i guess im a unfit mother since i only come on here when my son is napping or at nite when i have me time. but Joanna/kiana you really wouldnt know what a unfit mother is since you dont have kids.
    as for taking your opinion…where do you want me to take it? If you meant we dont like to hear other opinions…I believe your wrong on that…why cant you write a post w/o cursing?? for real…you write like a child and you sound like one too.

  89. joanna says

    nicola i think ull find my spellin is right, ur all a bunch of fucked up little kids who cant take other ppls opinions! so im gonna go n see to my kid now unlike all those unfit mothers on this site!

  90. nicola says

    OK, we get the picture now. Us regulars r bitches, that`s a compliment…..Joanna, i think u`ll find that dick and Knob (spelt wiv a K) r the same thing. I think ur the one who needs 2 go bk 2 college or rather than waste their time tryin 2 teach u, just buy urself a dictionary…………
    No1 speaks about innocent kids like u do. U obviously need help……ur sick. I honestly feel sorry 4 ur kids, if u do indeed av any

  91. carleigh says

    She “brought” me into it because she made those comments about the baby..and to the one who said the baby looks like a devil! How evil is apparent in your own remark! Go find someone else to pick on kids are off limits!

  92. carleigh says

    Originally it was that I told Joanna/kiana that she was a few choice explatives because of the negative nasty comments she made about an innocent little baby. I can’t stand TC but I hate it even more when someone who is as blatantly stupid and Joanna/kiana comes on here and brings me into things and then says hateful, mean things about a child…she’s a stupid bitch! SORRY I don’t mean that bitch expression in the same way that I say I myself am an opinoinated bitch…LOL.

  93. carola says

    she sure is good looking she has katie eyes, what nasty comments from people just because she was not advertized by tom and katie when she was born, handicapped eh how nasty —again little miss cutie go tom and katie

  94. sarah says

    braydie, i have been having disagreements with kiana oh sorry…….i mean joanna all day. she is a prize idiot who obviously hasnt got 2 brain cells to rub together

  95. braydie says

    Dont like it when people say nasty things about you…well no one likes to hear it about babies…thats the fact…Take your insults to a Suri hater blog.

  96. braydie says

    OK NOW i dont know about the world huh lol. These are MY opinions…like you said you have a right to yours….i have a right to mine, even if its about you… the only people that say go back to college are the ones that never went. also i believe Im very worldly. I go to at least 10 to 15 diferent countries in a year. so I believe I’ll stay…..thanks. If YOU dont like what I have to say then dont read it….OH but you cant can you, you have to read what I say about you. Which is kinda sad.

  97. braydie says

    LOL all the people that have been on this blog for awhile KNOWS i defend little kids/babies…so no im not trying to “fit in”….. yep i got no brains, but your the one thats stupid.

  98. braydie says

    What am I?? a dick or a nob?? I do believe what I want and I believe you and this other person are the same people…so thanks for the permission for believing what i want…..i guess.

  99. braydie says

    kiana…damn i keep doing this…I mean JOANNA…I wouldn’t love to meet a baby hater like you. I would end up drowning you in a gutter. πŸ™‚

  100. joanna says

    ur a dick, i do have a child, me and kiana are not the same person, believe wat u fuckin want, ur a nob!

  101. braydie says

    I think I pissed you off lol. I believe I can take a negitive comment since Im NOT the one cursing and calling names. maybe its you that cant take it….YUP its you.

  102. braydie says

    Diana~ I know these two are the same person…Just a feeling. She needed someone to back her up so she made her. I dont believe she has a child either. mothers dont talk like this about other children after they have one.
    OMG were boring her now….I think its becuz she has run out of insults to say…..cry πŸ™

  103. joanna says

    i dont get pissed off, u cant take negative comments, ur a first class bitch, god help ur child with a mother like u!

  104. braydie says

    you wrote all calm and understanding in your other posts kinda funny your not now. Am I pissing you off kiana errr i mean joanna? Yup If you think that you can talk about a child like that then yes i will defend him or her. Oh i can take Negitive comments….as you can see. so dont worry about me. Where can I go kiana….opps i did it again…joanna? I really want to know where I can go ?? Think before you write….wont make you sound so stupid.

  105. Diana says

    Braydie – well said!! I actually think it is great that we can stick up for one another. We may have differing views on subjects, but it is good fun!! I just think it is plain cruel to call babies ugly and like the devil.

  106. joanna says

    right so just cos i said summat u dont wanna hear then im a child? not all opinions have to be that shes cute, not everybody is gonna say that so u should be prepared to accept negative comments if not u know where u can go! simple as!!

  107. braydie says

    joanna~~ AGAIN your posts are back to back. Did i say you have to satisfy me? no but if you want to believe that you have to, then so be it. If you opinion is that a innocent child is ugly then keep it to yourself. This child might not be as cute as other children but shes not ugly by any means. You ACTUALLY are that sad….you and her say the same things….also…when you act like a child….no matter how old you are…you’ll be treated like one.

  108. braydie says

    yup she is a bitch…like i am…like carliegh is….like sarah…like diana. we all are bitches and if you continue to say negitive things about children, you will see how big bitches we can be.
    “learn to keep her mouth shut” LOL you actually said that LOL….take your OWN advice girl.

  109. joanna says

    braydie- i have a 19 month old daughter, i was sayin i dont find suri cute at all, im 24 so that makes me a child does it?????? not all ppl have to write the same comments just to satisfy you! ive said my opinion couldnt care less what u think, n no me and kiana are not the same person i wouldnt be that sad!!!!!!

  110. joanna says

    braydie- i have a 19 month old daughter, i was sayin i dont find suri cute at all, im 24 so that makes me a child does it?????? not all ppl have to write the same comments just to satisfy you! ive said my opinion couldnt care less what u think, n no me and kiana are not the same person i wouldnt be that sad!!!!!

  111. braydie says

    Kiana and Joanna~~ does it make you feel better calling a baby ugly?? You both sound like the same person….hmmmm. Sorta funny your posts are back to back. I doubt you have children….you sound like children yourselves.

  112. Diana says

    And to call babies “devil kids” is just horrible. You have no idea how they would probably hurt Tom and Katie if they heard that. Although, Tom and Katie probably wouldn’t care what you think of them anyway. Especially after making such comments.

  113. Diana says

    Kiana and Joanna – you are two horrible and insensitive girls for thinking that Suri is ugly. Every child is a gift from God and Suri sure is that!! I pity you for being the way that you are so say such things about a child. Any good comments to say?

  114. kiana says

    i still agree with joanna, and if ppl hate me for it then so be it, im entitled to my opinion and i will have it i dont care what anybody else thinks, i think that baby is hideous. no wonder tom and kate wouldnt release any pics of her when she was born and its clear to see why!!!

  115. joanna says

    no i wasnt a bully, iam not sayin all of this to be spiteful, it seems the rest of the comments made are by ppl following each other and cant say things of there own backs. i cant help it if kiana feels the same, can i?

  116. sarah says

    joanna, you obviously lack intelligance like your little friend kiana. Not because you think little suri is not cute, because you are entitled to your opinion, but it is plain to see by your previous comments that you are only happy when you are being spiteful to little ones. My guess is, is that when you was at school you was nothing but a bully.

  117. joanna says

    sarah- well if ur daughter looks like suri then i guess not, thats just my opinion, i dont think that baby is cute what so ever, i have a 19 month old girl now she is what i call beautiful she looks nothin like these devil kids and if u think suri is cute, then u all need help!!!!

  118. joanna says

    u all must lead very sad and pathetic little lives if u all have to follow each other in what u say, its clear none of u can think for urself! nicola u need to get a life, ur obviously a sheep!

  119. sarah says

    kiana, little girl? i am obviously more mature and much more intelligent than you because i would not take cheap shots at little babies.

  120. nicola says

    How would any of u mothers feel if some1 said ur kids were ugly???? Put urself in Tom and Kate`s shoes..

  121. nicola says

    U sick, sick ppl. Does it make u big and clever slaggin off a baby who can not defend herself. God help u if any of u av kids. Ur disgustin. If u haven`t got anythin nice 2 say about any1, don`t say anythin at all. Keep ur nasty, heartless opinions 2 urself………..Used this site 4 ages av u joanna????? How come i`ve neva seen a post from u b4?? Get a life, grow up

  122. joanna says

    sarah, we are not bitter we are just expressin our opinions, and yes i do have a little girl n she looks nothin like suri, thank god, shes beautiful!

  123. sarah says

    joanna and kiana you two obviously do not have children. why so bitter? if you have nothing nice to say you should keep your nasty mouths closed. my daughter looks similar to little suri and think you both need to have your mouths washed out with a big bar of soap!!!!!!

  124. kiana says

    joanna is right in everything she has said, the baby is ugly and ppl obviously must be blind if they cant see it! carleigh, you need to grow up dya want to be a no body all ur life?!!

  125. joanna says

    i have been on this site for a long time too, i will not leave carleigh alone, just because she cant take other ppls comments she has too be a first class bitch?? she is a no body and needs too realise that! and the baby is ugly!

  126. Diana says

    Joanna – there is no room on this site for people to swear like you do and to say such horrible things about a beautiful baby. That baby was purely created by God and is an image of perfection. Leave Carleigh alone. She has been on this site far longer than you have, and you have only come on here to say horrible things from what I can tell.

  127. joanna says

    carleigh, you are the stupid bitch! go and get ur eyes tested she looks like the fuckin devil! u stupid cow!

  128. braydie says

    Im all for posters being entilted to there opinion and i hate T.C. however what i really hate more is people that think they have a right to make cracks at innocent children. This is a baby that has no idea that her father is a crazed couch jumping PPD hating lunatic. Its not her fault. Stop blaming the children for their parents faults. joanna ~~~ keep opinions about babies that havent DONE ANYTHING to yourself. and Suri is not ugly, no matter how much I cant stand Tom I think his baby is cute

  129. Rhonda says

    JOANNA: ALL children are beautiful. I hope you don’t have any kids. Why say hateful things about a sweet, innocent, defenseless baby? Tacky. Really tacky.

  130. Momof3 says

    Joanna is entitled to her opinion. Three of my co-workers think she looks weird but six of us also happen to think she is gorgeous. She is a great combination of both parents. The last picture is oh soooo sweet. I bet TomKat are wonderful, hands-on parents.

  131. carleigh says

    Joanna your a stupid bitch and your probably so ugly your fat face cracks mirrors when your ass walks by! Your a hateful person! Get a life!

  132. Sebrinna says

    Congrats to Katie and Tom, very beautiful baby girl. Nope no denying that little doll.
    Awesome baby pics.

  133. Lucia says

    I’m so glad to finally read some pretty nice comments about Suri. She really is adorable and so cute. Tom and Katie must be SO INLOVE with her, you can just see it in their face how much they love her. What a great family and to think NO MONEY WAS EXCHANGED!!! How great is that!

  134. Hana says

    She is so adorable …since I saw her pics 3 days ago I can’t take her face off my mind. What a cute family. Can’t wait to see her again and can’t wait to see tom and Katie on the big screen too. All the best to them.

  135. Alison says

    I think she is absolutely beautiful! Why is everyone making such a big deal of this? They are just a normal family with a new baby….I love the name!

  136. Kalista Brat says

    Suri Cruise is so beautiful, and so cute, i wish i could meet her in person and play with her, and carry her in my arms, but i doubt her parents would let me do that, what a gorgeous little doll she is, that is one gorgeous baby, no doubt!

  137. jacquie says

    Hi i am o mother of a 23 years old daughter and she is pritty too but tom and katie baby is pretty and i think people need to get a life and stop spreading all these nasty and hatefull thing about gods gift to people like tom and katie if you dont have any thing nice to say dont speek read a book and stop been so nasty

  138. jacquie says

    Hi i am o mother of a 23 years old daughter and she is pritty too but tom and katie bay is pretty and i think people need to get a lif and stop spreading all these nasty and hatefull thing about gods gift to people like tom and katie if you dont have any thing nice to say dont speek read a book and stop been so nasty

  139. Margie says

    I`ve been waiting for this moment to come that Tom and Katie will soon share the face of Suri…how does she looks…sooooo cute!.. it`s very…very cute!..tumbs up to the couple for the next long journey of baby Suri.

  140. says

    I love that last pic of Tom and Suri…it is so cute, thhey both look like that is where they belong, very sweet daddy/daughter pose. Good for them.

  141. Kalista Brat says

    Suri Cruise is so beautiful it’s scary, she looks like a doll, a porcelain doll, and she’s got this hypnotizing look about her. She’s certainly a gorgeous baby! Some people are saying she’s the antichrist and that she looks like Damien with the gorgeous blue eyes. I don’t think she’s the antichrist, but she is Gorgeous!

  142. sparky says

    I can’t believe after those snippy comments about Tom’s 2 older kids yesterday that she didn’t include the rest of the family pic. Shame, Shame!! It’s such a gorgeous picture, too.

  143. Kristin says

    Beautiful baby, she looks like BOTH her parents, I don’t care what anyone else says……

  144. says

    I wonder if Chris Klein is sitting around somewhere kicking himself for letting Katie go? Wondering about how that could have been them by now? Hmmmmmm!

  145. Angie in Indiana says

    She is pretty stinkin cute!! Did you hear that there was NO money exchanged for the pictures. Vanity Fair did NOT pay Tom and Katie for these pics. I was shocked!! Good for you Katie and Tom!!!

  146. brandi says

    You mentioned the other day that the other kids were not mentioned, but in the caption of that black and white one, it looks like they were in the original shot, but maybe were cut out by the people who scanned these.

  147. Jo says

    That baby sure has a lot of hair! Wow! And her features are so distinct already! How old is she now?

  148. Ariel says

    I agree Christal, i think Suri Cruise is striking, Like, she doesn’t look like a lot of other babies, but that is a good thing, cause that makes her hard to forget. I mean, that makes her so unboring to look at. I kind of hope the paparazzi will get more pics of her, cause I want to see her again, she’s such a cool looking baby!

  149. Christal says

    I find these pics are hypnotic! she is a gorgous baby, but beyond that, she does not have the look of the “common baby”. My son gets the “gerber baby” comparison all the time…Suri, definitely does not look like any other baby…and so adorable with all that dark hair and beautiful blue eyes!

  150. GoogooGaga! says

    I like these pics, i think they did a good job in picking Vanity Fair, cause it’s a classy mag and they got some beautiful photos. Suri Cruise is too gorgeous to be on the cover of a tacky magazine, The people mag, i don’t think is so tacky, but not as classy as Vanity Fair.

  151. Zoe says

    Yep that’s one GORGEOUS BABY! She came out looking nothing like the composite pics that were made. Beautiful baby, so cute, so pretty, so little and sweet, i’m in love!

  152. Desiree says

    I can see why Leah Remini said she was so jealous and Penelope Cruz saying she is so beautiful. She really is, that’s one beautiful baby, I want one just like her, Aww!

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