1. Ash says

    Gee im only 16 and doing a research on kate moss for a school project and i found this page. That photo is a cool photo and her kid is so cute and probably cuter then any of ur fugly snotty nosed kids. I came on her to do a project and collect photos but u guys are absoultly losers and have nothing else to do then pick on ppl, hu u dnt even no and have nothing to do with them at all. So what if she does drugs probably 97% of people do but they just dont have paparrazi following them 24/7. Get ova it u thickheads

  2. Braydie says

    I was there when the story broke and It was all over the news there. I thinks its sad that…you know she was doing drugs …i knew she was…omg everyone knew …. but no one did anything til she got “caught” makes me sad that no one would intervein (sp) to help her off them before her name got tarnished. I have such respect for the celebs that know they have problems and get help right away and arent afraid of the backlash. robin williams, ben affleck, and many more. I also hate the way celebs do get off the hook your right there. even Wynona got off easy to be honest lol, If you or I did that we would of went to jail for sure….It still was funny though lol.

  3. says has a real thing out for Pete. He posts something everytime he is busted for something. As recently as 8/2 he was in rehab…again. The fact that he is in rehab is good, but the fact that he was ordered there usually means he is not commited to the therapy. I hope he is though. I also don’t think she is using anymore. Frankly other then the picture they never proved she was doing to to begin with, I think she owned up to it later. I was only ever angry that she did not have her daughter taken away as publicly as they would in the US? Even regular people get splattered in their home towns on local TV (atleast they do in NC) I get really disgusted by the way famous people are let off of the hook. DUI’s and fights and drugs and they usually get a million chances before they get punished. It’s just sad. Then they choose to make examples out of people, and it is usually the no A listers, remember Wynona and her stealing problem, lol?

  4. braydie says

    Diana~~~ trip planning sucks lol but im going in middle of november so i cant wait!!! I dont know how much ill be able to do since ill be there for only 5 days and i gotta do a ton of work but im hoping to be able to see somethings i didnt see last time:)
    kelley~~~ no doubt hes messed up. I havent seen any pics of them recently …Do a search you wont find any…just old ones…. Im sure NA is the same as AA ..where you shouldnt be around people doing those things. But on the other hand if shes around it and NOT doing it still…good for her. Im sure in her business she still sees it and im sure its not easy for her. all I was saying was you’ll all assuming that shes still doing drugs. which is fine becuz people put a label on something and its hard to take it off. But she isnt doing them anymore, to my knowledge. Give the girl a break, In my heart I believe shes trying.

  5. Diana says

    Braydie – that is really good how you adopted those children, and is such a worthwhile thing to do!! How is your planning for your trip to the UK going? I hope all is going well for you at the moment. I am sure you make a great mum 😉

  6. says

    Pete Doherty is messed up. He should not be around Kate’s daughter and she should see to that. Also, I wonder if she was an addict? I believe that she was doing drugs, and I believe that she is clean now. But, if she was an addict, isnt there something in NA (narcotics annomous) that says you should not be around users when you are trying to stay clean?

  7. Diana says

    Braydie – you must be very proud of your children that you adopted, and what a wonderful thing that is for you to do that!! How is your trip planning going to come to the UK? 😉

  8. braydie says

    as you said yourself he took drug tests every 2 weeks…. kate has taken them every 30 days since she got out of rehab. I dont dispute that who you bring into your kids life doesnt affect them, however she might not be bringing him into her daughter life. The last picture ive seen was on a tab. at the store and it was a old one from like 3 years ago. when i say I know for a fact she isnt on drugs its becuz I know for a FACT. I work for DHS (Department of Homeland Security) and we screen people like this all the time that come into the US. All her drug tests have been Negitive for drugs.
    I have 3 boys, that i adopted because their parents were druggies. I know how messed up kids can get. I was just saying that there are alot of people that CANT get off drugs and If she has which I believe she is off them, then we should appuld her, not shoot her down. and im sorry but i dated alot after i adopted my boys ( give me a break, i was only 18)and they only met the ones i wanted them to meet. which was maybe 2 and i married the 2nd one. I dont agree with what you wrote…
    “Once you are a parent the decisions you make (who to marry, date, sleep with, etc…) do impact more then just yourself. ” I would agree with that if you were a slut or a drug addict and bought home every single person you went out with home for a quickie and a blunt. but most of the ones ive met that are single parents arent like that.
    also… that was your story…this is kates and she isnt like your brother.

  9. Lisa says

    I thought I did see pix recently of her with Pete Doherty and the rumors were swirling that they were engaged. If so, I had voiced my opinion that who you bring into your childs life does reflect directly on you as a parent. Once you are a parent the decisions you make (who to marry, date, sleep with, etc…) do impact more then just yourself. My brother-in-law is a junkie and he has lost all visitation rights to see his 2 sons. At first he could have visitations supervised as long as he passed weekly drug tests, but he has screwed up so royally that he lost those and my 2 nephews are so messed up and confused because of him that their mom had to fight to get them back to some normalcy. Its sad to say that I agree with him not seeing them until he straightens out. I hope that Kate would want more for her beautiful girl.

  10. MP says

    I like how “she likes to do everything herself” somehow makes her an amazing supermom….ummm, isn’t that what regular moms throughout the world do EVERYDAY!??

  11. braydie says

    Whos to say she hasnt quit drugs? all of you people that are so quick to judge her, have not DONE ANYTHING that was in bad judgement?? I really want one of you to say you havent. I have 3 boys I adopted because my brother and his wife were drug addicts, and they died becuz of that. I believe kate is doing everything she can to stay away from drugs. No one here knows her including me and when ever i see a picture of her now shes with her daughter. All of us knew she was doing drugs…even before that picture came out. and no one that knows her cared enough until that pic came out to say anything to her, or they shunned her which i believe is sad. Yes she did drugs…ALOT of models have or arre STILL doing them… give the girl props for trying to stay away from them. there isnt no new pictures of her and Pete Doherty, everyone is assuming their together when i dont think they are.
    and to the person that said that this person shouldnt have kids… thats just plain stupid to say. i know of alot more worse things parents do to their kids besides being pictured doing drugs. I see it EVERYDAY. I had a case just 2 months ago where a father of a 4 year old boy pimped him out for drugs. The little boy happened to die in one of those “sessions”. Because of past experiences I get very involved in drug cases involving children and I dont know kate but I do know she takes a drug test every month, to show not only her jobs but her family shes isnt on them.
    also her daughter WAS taken away and put in the fathers care. however they didnt have enough proof to charge her. (even though everyone knows what is was she was doing) so her daughter was put back in her care without the father contesting it.

  12. Lisa says


    As a parent who loves and protects my children I most certainly do believe that who you bring into your life, who you bring into the little life of your child is a top priority and does reflect on you as a parent. Boyfriends, girlfriends, etc…

  13. kelly says

    I think unless you know kate as a mother first hand you should leave her alone. just because she has been in this indusrty since she was 13 years old and has been dragged into drugs doesn’t mean she does not love her child!

  14. Lisa says

    same thing with Courtney Love and her custody of Francis Bean. If this woman is still going out with the heroin addict Doherty then shame on her. I read a long article where the reporter followed or should I say tried to follow Pete Doherty for a few days and he has scorched burnt fingertips from free basing and did drugs repeatedly in front of this reporter and had irrational, unsafe belligerent behavior.

  15. says

    Look a glorified case of how being a celebrity buys you a break. Ok, so they could not arrest her because that could have something other then an illegal drug that she was snorting up her nose, but someone should have taken that child away till her home could be cleared as drug free. She wasn’t in the US right? Does anyone here live in the country that those pics were ran in? Is there not some sort of child protective services there, or is she really THAT untouchable?

  16. Diana says

    I am so surprised that child is so beautiful after all the drink and drugs her mother has consumed in the past. Sorry, but she is a bad role model and not even that beautiful. I hope she stays clean and off the drugs though for her sake and the childs sake.

  17. says

    I am sorry but is that last woman on earth who should have kids!!!! I have seen kids removed from homes for a lot less pressing reasons, how can she do what she did (drugs, partying etc.) and according to reports is still with that Dorherty guy and still retain custody of that sweet little girl is beyond me!!!!


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