Britney Rumors Abound As Britney Nears The End Of Her Pregnancy

Britney rumors abound as she is closing in on her due date! I am so excited for her! She looks fabulous and seems great (after seeming to go through a few rough patches). One rumor was that she would deliver today via a scheduled c-section at UCLA Santa Monica Medical Center, another was that she was due on Halloween, and another is that she plans to name her baby girl Jailynn. It would represent a combination of Britney’s father’s name (Jamie), Britney’s mother’s name (Lynn) and Britney’s sister’s name (Jamie Lynn). WOW! Well, we’ll see. Best wishes to Britney for a wonderful delivery and healthy baby!

Britney Spears

And yeah, this isn’t the best pic of Britney, but hey…she is going for an cover Taco Bell excursion and is 8-months pregnant. Why does Taco Bell have to be so good? Cindy Crawford used to say that she craved Taco Bell when she was pregnant.



  1. kyra says

    I think she is a bad role model and her sister is too.She is so gay and she has a horrible voice.I never watch Jamie’s show anymore.

  2. says

    hey britney!!!!! i hope youll be fine!!! and please dont entertain any gossips ok? i know you can live within yourself.take care always ok?more blessings to you idol!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. says

    hey britney!!!!! i hope youll be fine!!! and please dont entertain any gossips ok? i know you can live within yourself.take care always ok?more blessings to you idol!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Ann-Marie says

    I heard Britney had another boy, and she might be naming him Christian Michael. congratulations , all the best

  5. bennette says

    man… every single person on here sounds completely ridiculous. you know nothing about this person, other than what the media feeds to your feeble minds… and you feed on it like vutlures… picking apart, scrutinizing… get a life, man. didn’t your momma ever teach you, if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it at all? she’s a human being and has to answer to no one… -I love looking at the pictures on here… but the cruelty to each other and britney is retarded.

  6. carleigh says

    Sue if you were dumb enough to actually drive YOURSELF to the hospital you need to have your head examined. Don’t you know the dangers you put yourself as well as OTHER innocent drivers on the road???? You could have had or worse yet caused an accident. The scenario’s that I am having are just atrocious! Maybe next time call a cab, take a bus, train, whatever method needed to get yourself SAFELY and in one piece to the hospital….driving yourself is just asking for trouble.

  7. says

    Let her eat Taco Hell if she wants too. I drove while I was preggers, all the way up till when I delivered. Don’t think I would have driven myself to the hospital durring contractions, that would have been a little tood daring for me, I couldn’t walk through mine, much less drive. I say girl.

  8. jen says

    whatever, i think she looks, cute. why not a little
    taco bell? you get to eat whatever crap you want when
    youre pregnant, and i think she did a good job this time
    around not getting too big

  9. says

    Okay, sounds good.
    Team Aniston – BOY
    Sue – GIRL

    We’ll see, add your names if you like.
    I don’t know what we are betting for but we’ll see! Have a good day

  10. Sue says

    Driving in late stages of pregnancy ? My son was due 7/8 and born 6/23. I worked full time with a 45 minute drive one way until 6/18. I also moved into a new apartment on 6/15 and on 6/22 went to the beach only to go into labor and deliver my son the next day. I DROVE myself to the hospital – probably without a seatbelt.

    TEAM ANISTON – hope she’s having a girl but with her luck probably another boy. I’ll go for the girl on the bet, though.

  11. says

    Ya’all need to give this girl a break, like sparky said maybe she was reaching into her pocket. We know she is young and has made mistakes, but why can’t we all just be happy for her. THERE IS THE UNWRITTEN RULE:
    Have a good night everyone!! 🙂

    Well anyone care to start a bet with me…I think she is having another BOY!!!
    *what do you think?????

  12. sparky says

    I’m 8 mo. pg and I don’t remember anyone telling me I’m physically handicapped and I can’t drive a car..hmmm…that was a strange comment, but maybe it’s cuz “you ain’t country”…hahaha!!
    I know when I go through the drive-thru, I have to take off my seatbelt to give the good folks their money and grab my (disgusting yet satisfying) food due to the bowling ball sized baby belly that gets in the way.
    I’m sure it’s really hard to think of cruel things to say about Brit that hasn’t already been said, but come on…..

  13. mandi says

    Wow, indeed. Only trailer trash would use a name with “JAIL” in it. Besides, isn’t her sister’s name already Jamie Lynn?? Oh how original (*sigh)

    Why is she driving at such a late stage in pregnancy?

    And WHY is she not wearing a seatbelt? Yes, I’ve seen other pictures of this event and she is NOT wearing the seatbelt in those either…

  14. PaGirl says

    Hope she has A Healthy baby & if anyone finds out the name boy or gir? post it ,I Think Britneys made some bad Choices with Sean But I Hope with this new baby she’ll choose to make better choices but I Don’t know according to Matt Laurs interview She doesn’t think she did anything wrong saying”Were Just Country” ,I Hope she changed that attitude & I Do Wish Her a Happy healthy baby & Delivery & Just Think baby Sean Will Only be 1 Year apart From His New Little brother Or Sister. Even if its a boy I Think she should name him Jamie ,I Like that Name & the girls name you posted too Jailynn was it? Anyway I’m sure she’ll choose a nice name after all Sean Preston is an Adorable name. Goodluck to them all.

  15. says

    I wish her a safe and healthy delivery. But like I said before I am betting she is having another BOY!!!! Can’t wait to find out. 🙂
    Have a good one.

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