Tom, Katie & Suri Discussed On The Today Show

Here is a video discussing Tom, Katie and Suri in detail.

It is quite interesting.

I have to say, that as the Suri madness day is ending what I am left with is the weird feeling I would have if I were either of Tom’s two adopted children. Tom never put photos of his adopted children and Nicole Kidman on the covers of magazines. Just my opinion. I am sure they feel very loved and all, but when I see these pics it looks as though Suri is Tom’s first child EVER. It is so easy to forget that he has two other children….and I bet that they would have felt a lot better to be included in a “family portrait” for Vanity Fair. Why just Tom, Katie and Suri? Why not Tom, Katie, Suri, Connor and Isabella?


  1. Braydie says

    kelley I just reread my post and I see it sounds like i meant all that post to you. It wasnt lol. just got ahead of myself, the end of the post that was for you is the word endure. the rest of it was to everyone that says nicole doesnt care or isnt a good mother.

  2. Braydie says

    I think Tom C. is gay. and im not kidding. wouldnt be the first time a action hero/movie star had a family had many marriages …then tells everyone hes gay. …kelley …i believe she might of not been pregnant by tom also. I wouldnt blame her one bit , look what katie has to endure…also nicole has never liked to have her kids pics taken…she has said that in many interviews ive seen. doesnt mean she doesnt spend time with her children, nor does it mean katie is being a better mother then she is. what just becuz tom drags her to connors games so she can sit there and look bored outta her mind??makes her now a better mother to them?
    I hope nicole has more children…bio or adopted. she looks really happy with keith and i hope they work out. must piss Tom off that she got married first.

  3. says

    COnfession: I have always secretly wondered if Nic got preggo from someone else and that is why Tom left her. He made a criptic comment once “Nic knows why it happen”. That has always left me wondering.

  4. dori says

    Not only odd but very curious because Tom Cruise has been married several times and had no Biological children. I was under the impression he was impotenet. So who’s the biological father of Suri???????

  5. Jill says

    The only reason everyone is making a fuss over Suri is because she was born into an extremely odd union. People were shocked to find out that Tom ans Katie were dating. People are so facinated and focused on their relationship that it only made sense that the media went nuts when they were expecting a child. Tom has changed a lot since his relationship with Nicole Kidman. They were much more private about their lives. And to be honest, when they adopted their two children, he wasn’t really a huge focus in the media…at least not like he is now. And the only reason he’s in the media as much as he is these days because he’s with a woman who is many years his junior…and of course his crazy antics (ie: jumping on Oprah’s couch)…

  6. DonG says

    What a fake interview. Horizans – horizons aside #29. This child – Scientologist, Christian, Catholic, Jewish, Baptist – whatever -needs to be saved from all. People judge and glory will see due.

  7. Just a thought says

    Nicole Kidman has always preferred to be outta the news. I paraphrase her words, ” It is no bodies business”. I think that people try to make everything a controversy. Seems that if they did not there would be nothing to talk about. In reguards to Tom and Katie, enjoy the baby with them reguardless of how odd the whole issue seems.Either way she will be loved. When they signed contracts with the entertainment companies it was for movies not their personal lives, although that does technically come with the territory. People need to broaden there horizans and try and think of what it would be like to be there in their shoes.

  8. Olivia says

    Just amazing how the majority of comments so suddenly went from trashing tom and katie to trashing Nicole. I’m sticking to my origional thoughts.. TC is weird and Katie is not all there in the awareness department. The baby is cute, all babies are, but that in my mind does’t explain all the weird actions in the last year. AND, either Katie lied about the sonogram to VF or TC lied to People when he first bought the thing. He said it was for him to watch his baby grow and she said it was for her OBGYN because the press bothered her when she tried to go to appointments, one of them lied. AND why didn’t the press taking photo’s bother her when she shopped, but they did when she went or didn’t go to her OBGYN appointments. Ya, Suri is cute, but it is all just as odd as it was before the photo’s became public. .

  9. trish says

    I have to admit i think it oddly interesting about Tom & Katie’s baby. I was a huge fan of Tom’s ages ago and now he is so off track I pity him. Too bad there aren’t earlier pics of baby Suri with them. or did they adopt this baby recently?

  10. mage says

    Sparky, Tom was told years ago he couldn’t have kids. It ended the marraige with Mimi Rogers (who had at least one child later) and ultimately with Nicole since he didn’t believe the baby she lost was his. DNA proved he was the father but by then it was too late. Nicole is a much more private person than Tom is.

  11. says

    Please don’t tell me we are back on the “adopted kids” thing again?
    I will go crazy!!!!!!
    Toms adopted kids were there too….Chill everyone, they “count”.
    I am sorry but I had to…..

  12. Lucia says

    oh…i just saw the pictue of the entire family… so i guess Nicole was ok with it after all… well they seem like a very happy and loving family. how weird it must be for Nicole to see those pictures. Wonder if they (Tom & Katie) get along with her…i hope they do anyhow…nice pictures, can’t wait until i can buy the Vanity Fair here in Florida!

  13. Lucia says

    I think it has to do with respecting Nicole Kidman’s wishes. Maybe she didn’t feel comfortable with them also being in the Vanity Fair spread. We shouldn’t just assume that Tom and Katie didn’t want Connor and Isabella on the spread. Again, there is another parent involved in their lives and we need to respect that. Perhaps Nicole never wanted to expose her kids in magazines, maybe she just wanted a semi-normal life for her kids…but then again, if those were my kids, i’d show them off to the world as I’m sure Katie and Tom want to do with Suri and any parent would actually!

  14. Jennifer says

    Actually there is a photo the entire family (step kids too). It’s the black & white photo of Katie holding Suri standing on table. You can see it at You can actually see all of the Vanity Fair issue there.

  15. Nosy says

    Do any of you guys really know about whether Nicole is seeing her kids or not??!!!You guys obviously do not have anything else to think and gossip about!Shut up….

  16. Vicki says

    I agree that maybe Tom should try to include his other children a bit more too but have you thought that it might be the more private Nicole who is not keen on them being splashed across magazines ?? After all they are her kids as well !! I dont agree with Toms scientology beliefs but Suri is a beautiful baby and im sure she’ll be a stunner when shes older just liike her mummy – everyone just leave the alone !! xx

  17. Lisa says

    speaking as a stepmom of 2 with my own child as well most of our pictures have all 5 of us, some only have 3 of us. I think VF knew the world wanted to see Suri and that is why she alone is on the cover. I have had portraits done with me and my daughter as my stepsons mom has done with her and her sons. I also have had portraits done with all 3, who gives a damn. The sad reality of divorce/second families is that the kids whose parents are split can not be with mom and her new second family and dad and his new second family all the time. They are split between the two parents. It is up to the parents ( and any step parents involved) to make sure that the children know that no matter where they are they are “home” and loved and special!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Kelsey says

    You said it Marie! The only way we “know” what is going on in these people’s lives is through the media. What if Nicole talks to her children on the phone every night? What if she is working right now and living with Tom is the best situation for the children? What if she is an outstanding mother but the magazines just choose not to snap pictures or report it? Do not judge someone thinking that you know the situation. We are outsiders and none of us are personally involved in their lives, so we have no right to question one’s role as a mother.

  19. marie00 says

    No one knows what happens behind closed doors, so unless you know them personally you can’t be so arrogantly judgmental on circumstances you know nothing about. I am not a perfect mom but I strive to be. I don’t know this chick Nichole personally but you know some of us need to check ourselves before we throw out our opinions out there like that. I hope none of us have to be judged and labeled as bad mothers or mothers that don’t care becuase of someone’s “assumptions” based on limited information. Don’t mean to ruffle anyone’s feathers.

  20. Ali says

    All I can say is shame on you web Mistress for the above post as mos of he comment agree with me here.

  21. says

    I hope it is not true that Nicole does not spend time with her children. When they were still together and even just after the divorce she seemed like such a loving mummy.

    As for this post, I think our Web Mistress was a little harsh. I can tell that she was trying to protect the integrity of adoption, but I think considering that she may not have actually seen the magazine yet she was jumping to conclusions.

  22. Carole says

    Beautiful pictures…no matter who the subject matter is! The photographer has a special gift in snapping just the right pose for that natural presentation! I, too, wonder why Nicole Kidman seems to not be very “present ” in her children’s lives. Unfortunately for her, “appearances” is what the public has to go on! Perhaps the children have chosen to live with their father because they have friends and like their schools? Who knows with pre-teens and teens? It must be some kind of binding agreement between Tom and Nicole…cannot even imagine what went on between those two for a mother to be so, apparently, uninvolved in her kids lives.

  23. tina says

    there wasn’t the hype around toms other kids as there is around suri, it was a different era 13 years ago

  24. sparky says

    Thank you for the link KellyMay..I hadn’t seen half of those pics…the link from the first post was all messed up and most of the text was covered w/ huge pics.
    The pic of the kids w/ them is gorgeous! I will have to go out and get the issue once it hits stands so I can be better educated before I open my gob!! LOL I have seen pics of them w/ the older kids..just didn’t know what the relationship was. I didn’t even know that the kids live w/ him not Nicole- news to me. Sorry if I sounded cruel- I didn’t see the whole spread or get to read all of it. I will be sure to next time before I give an opinion!! Wasn’t tryin to start controversy!

  25. PaGirl says

    I Watched Larry King Live & Saw all Of Suri Cruise’s pics as Well as snaps Of bella & conner with their baby sister ,did anyone ever think they are oldre now & maybe they don’t want to be having photos of themselves splahed on the front of a major magazine. According to the Editor Of vanity Fair they are a Happy Family & I’ve seen Tom & Katie At almost all his older kids soccer games without Suri ,Hes raising Them & They live with Him & I Think Katie Makes a Great StepMom To them & I’m sure they Feel Loved.Tom is a Good Father & Nicole She doesn’t see them as often since they don’t live with Her .

  26. KellyMay says

    I was taken back too when I read what our web mistress wrote, Connor and Isabella were involved and they do have pictures with Suri in the VF article. Kate Holmes and Tom Cruise have had a very public relationship, very different from Tom and Nicoles relationship. Nicole didn’t want to be public as did Tom at the time. Wow, I hardly think what was written here was fair.

    I have read numerous reports on how involved Kate is with her future children and how much she loves them as they love her. Like has been posted above, Nicole certainly doesn’t spend as much time with those children as Tom and Kate do, they can’t hide from the cameras it’s well documented. So sorry you feel that way…

  27. Kristin says

    Kay, I think they were talking about the portrait, and the children not being included in that.

  28. kay says

    Obviously you didn’t read the article. The article talks about Bella and Connor. Annie Lebovitz or however you spell it took their individual baby pictures too. Stop trying to create controversy where there is none.

  29. Kristin says

    I dont’ think Nic can have children, I do know she miscarried. Anyway, it seems as if Nicole just up and left her children. Weird, but being a mom myself, I couldn’t be away from my children like she is….

  30. sparky says

    I totally agree with that (even Britney had a great photo spread w/ her new step-kids). Hopefully they aren’t treated like they don’t exist in private as well. It can’t be easy being the kids of 2 insanely popular, rich, successful parents like Tom and Nicole, but top it off w/ being adopted. Seems like they got brushed aside when mamma Nicole got married, too.
    Does anybody know why they didn’t have their own kids? Is Nicole not able to?? Just wondering.

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