OMG! Thank you so much to Babyrazzi reader Lucia for alerting me to these pictures finally being out. I just had gotten in from my son’s orientation at his kindergarten (first official day is tomorrow) and have just been preoccupied.

Suri Cruise

Suri Cruise

Suri Cruise

“The moment the doctor handed me Suri,” Holmes tells Sarkin, “I was just ready. The feeling is indescribable. All I can say is the moment I looked in her eyes I felt like … Mom.” Holmes continues: “She’s a glorious girl. She’s the miracle of our life.”

The whole Vanity Fair article can be found here!

You can buy this exciting Vanity Fair issue September 12th! It will be available sooner (September 6th) in New York and Los Angeles.

The folks at have found an “un-retouched” photo of Suri from the Vanity Fair photo shoot. I don’t really understand that…I suspect some knucklehead photoshopped this pic, because it is a sort of strange picture. See for yourself here.

Gawker has just posted this note to their readers regarding the odd photo of Suri :This is a parody. A parody. The Asian baby photoshopped into this image is not meant to represent the Asian baby shown in the actual image. The baby in this photo is not Tom Cruise’s daughter. As far as we know; the dude gets around. Thank you for your wisdom and understanding.

That’s a relief! πŸ™‚


  1. says

    my daughter looks acctually like her just with green eyes, her name is nasrain, suri is stunning! im serious are daughters could be twins

  2. Pam says

    Okay everyone. I realized I have been blogging the last five so I am now going to retire and have one last thing to say. God bless all of you and I pray that each of you find happiness not necessary like Katie and Tom’s or Brad’s and Jen’s, opps, did I say Jen…I meant Angelina…anyhow, because the reality is…happiness is what you make of it. I’ve enjoyed this post, reading and responding to comments that you have felt the need to share and get off your chests and others that seem very kind and appealing. I am signing off now and hope to return when you seem to have found a better purpose–you are arguing with texts…not people…there is something to say for people who blog one another to the point that it could be considered stalking.

  3. Pam says

    As for the discrepancies in what the press said and what Katie revealed at press time with VF–they need to get their careers back on line, they released photos of Suri on the heels of Tom being fired–Katie has finally trimmed her baby fat and she needs to get back on the circuit–all this is PR and necessary for them to continue with their lifestyles so the “wolves” such as yourselves who have nasty comments and feelings can remain being just that “wolves” with no worth to them whatsoever other than ratings.

  4. Pam says

    Don, there are many reasons why a man may not conceive a child until later in life. If you think about it Nicole didn’t want biological children for whatever reason, he and Penelope weren’t together long enough to consider and then he finally happened on true love. Genetics are weird–it wasn’t his time and now it is and what better time than now when he owns that he is content and happy. Hollywood unions are just as dramatic as they’re careers unless they are savvy enough to stay out of the lime light like some others that you rarely hear about. Why taint his and his lady’s union with a comment such as yours and many others who haven’t (obviously) been so lucky.

  5. Pam says

    You know, we’re all entitled to our opinion. If we weren’t then the world would be an awfully boring place to be in but we need to try to be real with ourselves and realize that when we make insulting comments about someone as innocent as a baby that we must have a problem with…ourselves. What person who is at peace with themselves would look at a picture of a defenseless baby and make comments that could be considered degrading and even worse, comment on the union that brought that child in the world. Joanna, Colleen, and others of you who are so hell bent on finding and picking a bone with baby Suri need to get a life and hope that your own could be remotely as contented as Suri, Tom and Katie’s life has become. When people make those types of comments it only insinuates jealousy. You need to check yourself–you’re heartless and need help.

  6. Pam says

    Re: Posting 16

    Consider her parents to look freaky–they’ve both got dark hair. I think it would have been freakier for her to have swedish blond hair or even red.

    What baby have you ever seen that you can look in it’s face and tell that it is a girl or a boy–my son was mistaken many times for being a girl. Now unless they are wearing their genitals on their forehead, I think it’s hard to distinguish naturally. That ‘s the intent of it all, babies are just naturally beautiful!

  7. Pam says

    In response to post #3. Why in the world would anyone go through the trouble of putting extensions on a baby’s scalp? What were you thinking? It sounds like you were implying that the hair was fake…I have seen many babies with a head full of hair at birth and it is usually babies with the darker shades, hence Suri has a full head of dark lasses–she had no choice, her mommy and daddy have full heads of dark lasses. Look at them, it was inevitable that they would have a baby with a head full of hair and the next time they may have one with short, wispy hair that doesn’t truly sprout until he or she is five or six–the point is the hair doesn’t look fake to me, nothing about the pictures look fake–Tom and Katie look genuinely happy and the baby looks well nourished, nurtured and truly the apple of both of their eyes! I’m more curious about where you’ve been that you’ve never seen a baby with “that much” hair?

  8. Pam says

    Suri is absolutely “drop dead gorgeous” She has the likings of both her mommy, whom we all here in t-town are so proud of especially those of us who saw Katie bloom and blossom during her high school days of stardom and her daddy, whom we have watched over the years and loved. No offense–but she looks much like a miniature Tom even though we can see Katie in her–those eyes are definitely daddy’s. Congratulations Tom and Katie—she is beautiful and I can see in both of your eyes that you know it. She is definitely your little Madonna, love her and continue being blessed!

  9. Braydie says

    Lyric~~~ lol…your actually kinda funny…in a weird kinda way… anyway, Im done with the name calling on this post.. everyone knows where i stand on calling innocent babies names.

  10. Lyric says

    Cindy , DAMN EVERYONE THINKS YOUR KIDS ARE JUST THE CUTEST?? lol maybe their saying that to shut you up about them. hitlers kids….
    All you haters need to stop calling this baby ugly. Suri’s is more then beautiful.
    BRAYDIE, GIRL you gave IN???? NOOOOOO….tell that ho off…she got nothing on you. TEll her shes a babyhater one MORE TIME !!!!!

  11. Beatriz says

    CINDY___#130….. What is wrong with brown eyed babies??? My kids are all brown eyes, brown hair and they are adorable, not just because they’re mine, but they are very beautiful hispanic children… Having blue eyes and blonde hair doesnt make them any cuter than the rest….

  12. Braydie says

    hmm ANOTHER question joanna? i thought all you have asked is ONE question about me? what business is it of yours IF I do come on here when I want. im a slag now huh? i guess its better then a baby hater.

  13. joanna says

    im not a slag like u braydie. is this all what u do? cum on here 24 hrs a day? seems that way! think u need to get out!

  14. Braydie says

    joanna~ lol why dont you go to a park and call all the kids ugly there…see how many mothers knock your teeth in. πŸ™‚ if you have any that is.

  15. Braydie says

    Nope i dont shut up. and I do hope that my attitude will reflect in my childrens lives. and cindy didnt call suri ugly or that she looks like the devil did she. wow just becuz ONE person says she doesnt think shes cute means she was agreeing with you 2? no it doesnt. she thinks her kids are cuter and you know what I think my sons are cuter then suri. but that doesnt mean i think shes ugly. is your name Carran now becuz post 34 is hers. and i dont see how it pertains to me at all. so yea im sure people are actually wondering how you came about that conclusion lol. you 2 need make your own site….like baby-hater-r-us…hows that for malicious?

  16. joanna says

    at least someone agrees. braydie, ur the one with issues girl id get em soretd b4 ur kid grows up n sees what a bad attitude of a mother he’s got!

  17. Cindy says

    I don’t think she’s that cute and I’m not saying that because I’m jealous! I can’t go anywhere without people telling me that my two kids- both with blond hair and blue eyes- are adorable!

  18. Beatriz says

    She is stunning!!!! She resembles the both of them.. You people need to get a life.. She is soooo beautiful. Have you nothing better to do than accuse them of lying about anything??? Then we wonder how rumors start… Ignorant people like you guys!!!!!! I think she looks like them both, but if she didnt??? So what, there are plenty of kids that look nothing like one of the arents, that doesnt mean anything. And the asian thing?? Whats that about??? Are you saying they made this whole baby pregnancy thing up and adopted?? Come on now!!!!! Let’s get a life people… She is a beautiful lil girl, and she resembles both of them… God Bless Her!!! And people don’t be mad your kids are not as cute…

  19. courtney says

    i think she looks like tom too right now but my friend had a baby and it was IDENTICAL to her and then 5 months later she looked exactly like her dad so who knows suri could blossom into a little katie!

  20. Braydie says

    ok Sue….are ya having fun pretending to be me? wow lady you need to take a break from the comp i think. oh yea……IM PREGNANT !!!! lol:P

  21. Braydie says

    Sorry I’m such a bitch-hormones! Everyone knows I’m pregnant! I repeat it over and over in almost every single comment I make.

  22. Braydie says

    sue, i wouldnt talk …shes not the one being a total jackass of herself like you are on all the posts. Im happy we piss you off that much about our personal posts that you think you can make us upset if you type them all out again??? yeah right…like we all couldnt read them the FIRST TIME. dumbass….

  23. DIANA SWIGER says

    Congratulations on your beautiful daughter!!! Enjoy her every day. They grow up too fast!!

  24. carleigh says

    OH Joanna whine, whine, and more whine..ya want some cheese with that whine? Your just a bitch who tries to start crap on here and then you try to defend yourself by saying “I have a life”….yeah right and it’s just so interesting, fun and fulfilled that you have NOTHING better to do than to bring your pathetic opinions and ramblings here to this blog because YOUR SO FULFILLED and WORK so much and so many hours….like we care! Do yourself a favor state your pathetic, one sided, vicious opinions and SHUT UP about anyone else! I think we all know how pathetic and lonely you are to be trying to defend yourself by saying “Oh I work and LONG hours” right! Your just a desperate little wanna be out for attention! BOO HOO get off the nipple honey the real BABY needs the milk!

  25. Alexis says

    I think Suri Cruise is the cutest baby ever and I also agree with “baby hates” the thing about the age of Suri and other babies is just wierd because it’s like they just had the baby and it’s already one year old.Like Heidi Klum’s baby Henry,she just had him and he is already one year old now.

  26. joanna says

    have i got the hint yet diana? i dont spend all my time on the pc, i do actually go to work and work quite long hours so dont go sayin have i got the hint yet, i aint u, who obviously clearly thinks i have nothin else better to do.

  27. Braydie says

    nicole kidman was pregnant right before they divorced, but she had a miscarriage. who said he couldnt have kids? I hate tom C. as much as the next person but I believe that Suri is his. Hes been married as many times as J. LO and she doesnt have kids yet. maybe marriage doesnt just mean children….look at jen and brad.

  28. dori says

    The baby is cute but I have this nagging feeling he’s not the biological father.
    He’s been married several times and never had a biological child…why now???
    I think it’s strange.
    The baby looks a lot like Katie.

  29. audra says

    I think this child is beautiful. She does look like her parents and will look more like them each day. I can’t believe people can bad mouth an innocent child like some of you are. I have been trying to have a child of my own for yrs and would give anything to have a happy, healthy, beautiful baby like Suri.

  30. carleigh says

    I don’t think it’s that Suri has such a massive amount of hair just as that it’s probably pretty dark, long and thick and it just looks like she’s wearing a baby toupee or she is a cutie!

  31. Marie Angel says

    I just love her! I don’t know what all of you expected, but you should just know – she’s a regular baby just like all others. So you can’t expect her to be Godess. But I think she’s a one very cute baby trough.

  32. Diana says

    Braydie – listen, all quiet on the western front from both Kiana and Joanna! Do you think they have got the hint?! πŸ˜‰

  33. Braydie says

    joanna havent you heard?? IM the most hated…DONT TRY TO TAKE MY TITLE GIRL! Ill throw down and kick some ass πŸ™‚
    anyway…no one likes to hear that innocent kids talked about that way. I would stick up for any child …including yours, If I heard anyone talking about them in this way. Suri isnt ugly…but she might not be the cutest baby either. all mothers think their baby is the cutest and no one will change that. the fact is …babies cute or not…are innocent and shouldnt be called names. Girls now adays should have a feeling of self worth and shouldnt be told their ugly or that they look like the devil. This is the place kids come to most (internet)and at one time or another im sure she will come on her million dollar comp and put her name in and see what it says about her. I would if i was her. If it was your daughter would you want her to read that shes ugly and looks like the devil…and she hasnt even done anything to deserve it but be born?? im tryin here joanna, to see your point of view, but I just cant agree with anyone that calls innocent children ugly. I have said things that I look back on and think I could of said that in a better way. Instead of saying shes ugly, maybe say something like I dont think she is the cutest celeb baby out there instead. not to fit in….but to not be seen as a baby hater.

  34. Lisa says

    I think she is beautiful though my daughter was born just one day before Suri and I have two other kids, this child was not three months old in this picture if she was I stand corrected and WOW that is the biggest most developed looking three month old I have ever seen.

  35. joanna says

    just becuz ive said i dont find the kid cute? im the most hated person on here? yeh my daughter isnt ugly but im not gonna say that i find other kids cute, who plainly arent, just to fit in. there are kids what i find cute, just not suri! so carry on writin these messages coz it really does not bother me.

  36. braydie says

    2of myown~~ well we havent agreed on ANYTHING lol but I have to say I was thinking the same thing as you wrote in post 100.
    joanna ~ bitch this bitch that…is that the only word in your vocab? and again you didnt answer not ONE of my questions. I guess i have issues becuz i believe you and her ARE the same person…and will continue to.
    If you do happen to have a child….i hope you change your opinions on how children should look …or your kid will be the one with ISSUES.

  37. 2of myown says

    Ya know…I can’t help but wonder what the “body language experts” say about the Cruise family photo on front of Vanity Fair? With baby Suri “locked” in Tom’s jacket, it’s like Tom is saying “Hey! This is MY baby!” and then poor Katie Holmes is off to the side, looking over Tom’s shoulder saying “Umm..hi. She’s kinda mine, too!”

  38. EMMAB says

    joanna leave us a link with a picture of your imaginary baby on and we can all say how hideous and revolting it is. bet you wouldnt like that now would you. one of my friends cannot have children and would give anything for one no matter what it looked like then scum like you can have them and bring them up horrendously and talk like you do on here around them. its wrong your sick in the head

  39. Diana says

    Joanna – your just plain nasty and rude. I would go away. I believe you are in the minority here. If you are going to swear and use horrible language then go away πŸ˜‰

  40. joanna says

    i do have a daughter i dont have to prove fuck all to you. fair enough if u wanna believe me n kiana r the same person, i dont know the girl ive never met her but if ur sad enough to think we’re the same person then uve got issues, BIG ISSUES!!!!!

  41. braydie says

    kinda funny your posts are back to back again Joanna/kiana. Need a imaginary person to back you up ?? how do you see me being a “12 yr old brat” in my post 92?? what just cuz you dont know your movies you think you can put a label on ME?? you say try acting and bein like a mother…..want me to be your mother?? cuz thats how it sounds….anyone besides Joanna/kiana agree that it sounds that way or is it just me? I dont have to act …like you do…I actually have kids.

  42. braydie says

    Just becuz other children look diferently then yours doesnt mean they look like the devil…OMG really looks like the Omen??? you mean damian? The Omen was a movie not the character. saying shes not that cute and then saying she looks like “the Omen”?? 2 diferent things and you sound dumb.

  43. kiana says

    look at her, she looks like the omen, she is not at all cute, this is just what i think, my two kids are beautiful they look nothin like this and yeah i am a loving mother id do anythin for my kids!

  44. Diana says

    Kiana – tell me why you think the baby looks like the omen? You call yourself a loving mother and call another baby hideous. Hopefully your coldness and horrible attitude towards this baby doesn’t reflect on your children. Yes, express your opinion, but at least have something positive to say. If the baby is a product of Tom and Katie’s she was always bound to be beautiful.

  45. kiana says

    that baby looks like the omen, she is hideous and if ppl dont like me sayin that then thats fine, but iam entitled to my opinion and will express it no matter what i think!!!!!!!

  46. carleigh says

    Hey squiril00 whatever! You can kiss my ass and I will say whatever I want. It’s call having an opinion so why don’t you state yours and shut up about me. I have been blogging here for quite awhile and won’t censor myself just because of YOU! I can be nice or be a’s my prerogative and choice! I can bash that freakin’ Tom Cruise physco babbling, cult loving weirdo if I want to…’s MY CHOICE not yours. If you don’t like my post to bad either go somewhere else or don’t read my posts…pretty simple and self explanatory I would think for someone of your obvious intelligence.

  47. Squirl00 says

    CONGRADULATIONS Katie & Tom on a beautiful lil angel. Nice to finally see her. Also, Carleigh (#37) just because you chose to be rude doesn’t mean your judgement is right. “Helen I am not always a bitch but I will not hold back on saying what I think and if someone doesn?t like it there?s nothing I can do?” Ya there is … its called self control. Keep in mind, this comment area is for seeing the baby pics of Suri and not for bashing the parents.

  48. Sue says

    Suri is revealed. Who cares ? Just another baby, 10 fingers and 10 toes, healthy. BIG DEAL we all have them. Unfortunately for her Scientology kept her hidden. Probably will not see the child again for years. Peace be with Suri and family.

  49. Lozano says

    I think that Suri is a beautiful baby and obviously everyone in the Cruise family thinks so too! I wonder if the press/public will back off now? We/they put so much pressure on them to reveal their daughter by constantly saying and continually implying a catalogue of terrible things, now I wonder how much further pressure will they have to endure. No one seems satisfied… those in the beautiful baby camp will now hanker for more photos and photo opportunities and those in the ugly baby camp (and there is no such thing, by the way) will now just keep on stirring up the (obviously untrue) rumour that this baby is either of ethnic origin and/or not their birth daughter. Rubbish. She has her father’s profile and her mother’s looks.

    Like a number of people around the world, I am not a massive fan of Tom Cruise due to his seemingly controlling behaviour, and agree that as celebrities he and Katie have opened up their lives for public comment. They don’t really have the right to complain about the lives they lead (they seem to be leading quite charmed ones) but the life of their daughter should be beyond all this bickering.

    Suri does exist, she is normal, she is exceptionally beautiful and obviously well loved. Congratulations to them all.

  50. says

    Suri look very cute and beautiful smile. She is happy her life with Tom & Katie.. People said that Suri looking like asian face. Yes I have a son looking like asian face. My hubby and I are Latin. Our son looking like asian face so he grew up like normal and looking like daddy. That is normal baby face change later on…. Please do not bad talk about Tom & Katie and their lovely daughter. Let them happy and peace family like us.. God Bless them smile… I pray for them peace family and happy family.. Good luck to them…

  51. jodi says

    The kid is cute, can’t stand TC but Suri is
    cute. One thing I have to say though is was TC trying to mimic the very famous and popular Linda McCartney picture of Paul holding their daughter under a leather jacket, or was that ab accident. Because all i think about when I see that cover pictures is how unoriginal it is.
    Howver, like I said in begining the kid is still cute.

  52. belle says


    For your information there is not freedom of speech in every country in the world. You obviously dont bother to read or listen to the news. Judging by what you have written and the way you have written i cant say i’m surprised…!!!

  53. Angie says

    As one of the biggest peeps on here wondering what was going on with this kid, seeing these pics is nice and all, and the baby is certainly pretty, but still I am bothered by something. In the cover pic, Tom has her covered in his jacket so we only see her face. The second pic shows only his face and hers. The third shows only her upper body on Katie. Isn’t it possible that something is amiss below the waist on this poor child? I don’t think that as much of publicity whores as Tom and Katie have been from day one prevented them from ‘protecting’ her from the press. Also, ANYONE who claimed to see her before now always emphasized how ‘normal’ she is. And the timing of these pics is very suspicious, due to the whole Paramount thing.

  54. Tom's a Weirdo says

    Unusual & striking looking baby, in the photo where she is lying on her mother’s chest, she does look a bit oriental, it’s that black hair and the slanted shaped eyes that give her that kind of look. She looks like a healthy contented baby. I can’t stand her father though, I’m surprised the earth has not been knocked off its orbital path by his enormous ego…he’s not much of an actor. A legend in his own (weird) mind…

  55. braydie says

    yes the kid is cute….however i dont see how she can be “compared” to another child. all kids are cute and shouldnt be compared. really all. I believe my baby is the most gorgous baby in the whole world…( he won cutest baby in a contest at our mall today πŸ™‚ ) but i would never sit and compare my child to anyother kid. like i said before the way your all talking theres going to be fights and arguements within a week πŸ˜›

  56. Stacey says

    Suri Cruise – a beautiful, healthy child. I am shocked at how much controversy this baby has brought among this website. Agree with U nicola.

  57. nicola says

    Belle, a little of ur post had stuck out at me, “u all av 2 live in a COUNTRY where there`s freedom of speech”…. I think the word ur lookin 4 is WORLD, not just the USA r allowed 2 speak their minds, please rephase..I`m not avin a go, but i think the world`s devided enough as it is wivout little things as stupid as this addin 2 it.

    Suri = 1 adorable baby

  58. Vanessa says

    GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS! I can’t believe the spawn of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes is sooooooooooo GORGEOUS! I can’t believe my eyes, that baby is GORGEOUS! SHE LOOKS LIKE A DOLL!

  59. says

    It’s okay you guys, they are saying Suri is ugly because their own kids must need a pork chop around thier neck so the dog will play them. They are just jealous that Suri is the picture of perfection.

  60. Lisa says

    true not all babies are beautiful but Suri Cruise, as much as I hate her dad, is definetely beautiful

  61. belle says

    Hey, everybody is entitled to their own opinion and everybody should respect that. We do after all live in a country where there is freedom of speech. Face facts – not all babies are cute or beautiful…..

  62. Emily says

    regarding post #57 when she said if someone said your baby was ugly you’d punch their lights out. Ya, ya’ll would probably do that. So…..have you seen the video of the dad leveling the kid who cheap shotted his son. How do you feel about that dad doing that? Sure as hell if someone said my kid was ugly, I’d smack that comment right off their stupid face because to a parent their kid is beautiful no matter what!

  63. TEAM JOLIE says

    SHUT UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I mean really. Get a life all of you!!

  64. Lisa M says

    Everyone has been waiting on pics of little Suri and now that everyone is seeing them everyone is either saying its not her or the pics have been photoshopped..My god..Its just a baby..Let it be..Yes Tom is a weirdo but I really like Katie..Tom has warped her pour little brain..But even if the photo’s were photoshopped the baby is really pretty..

  65. Lisa says

    Having a friend who is asian who married a blond irish boy and had three little girls I can say this baby does not look asian. My friend, 100% Thai and her 100% Irish husbands little girls, they have 3, look asian, Suri does not. My nephew and neice both have similar eye shape to Suri and they are not asian

  66. says

    oh, i think the baby is cute. i’m not disputing the cute factor of the baby.

    but i also think she looks Asian and not much like either of her parents. *shrug*

  67. Lilac says

    Oh my gosh Suri is sooooo beautiful and she looks perfect!!!!!!! She looks like the perfect combination of Tom and Katie and I do not see how anyone could deny that this beautiful little girl is their’s. Congratulations to the whole Cruise/Holmes family on such a wonderful addition to their family. And for those of you who still want to sit her and say awful things…you are awful…she is a sweet, innocent, beautiful baby and how dare anyone say awful things about a little baby. I know everyone has the right to their opinion, but to say awful things about a baby you have to be an awful person. If you don’t like Tom or Katie then say that, but don’t say awful things (that are most obviously not true by the way) about such a precious little innocent baby. It’s people like those on here saying awful things that I’m sure kept Tom and Katie so secretive about their baby. They had to protect her she is their daughter. Wouldn’t you protect your child? I’m sorry if some of you don’t agree with this next comment, but Tom and Katie handled things very well with Suri if you ask me…they protected her and I would have done the same for my child even if someone else didn’t like it. Tom and Katie are on the path to being great parents from what I have seen and read and I wish them and their beautiful daughter all the happiness in the world =).

  68. susan says

    I think baby Suri is very cute and she looks like Tom and Kate.
    Babies are a blessing, and are a gift from God. Every moment counts because before you know it they grow up.
    So Congrats Tom and Katie and all the best.

  69. susan says

    I think baby Suri is very cute and it looks like Tom and Kate.
    Babies are a blessing, and are a gift from God. Every moment counts because before you know it they grow up.
    So Congrats Tom and Katie and all the best.

  70. says

    I’m sure the magazine is the one who came up with the Yes Suri headline. It is a little cheeky and dumb, but I remember hearing the song that it was obviously pulled from. It’s not the cheesiest thing I have ever heard. It’s kind of like the Oppps, I did it again that they use e.v.e.r.y.t.i.m.e. that Britney Spears screws up!

  71. Joycelyn says

    Beautiful little girl…All children are gifts from God and should be treated as such…doesn’t matter if they are White, Black, Asian, Indian, Chinese or whatever…..Tom & Katie are truly blessed to have such a healthy happy child.

  72. nicola says

    How can any of u sit there and slag off an innocent little defenceless baby? Ur sick. That child can not defend herself. Ur all out of order. I think she`s a lovely little girl…

    U knock me sick, she`s a child, it takes me back 2 when similar things were said about Sean P, Britney`s son…. It seems 2 me that ur jealous of these celebs. Whether ur famous, rich, poor or average we still all av the right 2 a quiet lifestyle. This little girl`s gonna av press in her face 24/7. Is this really the way 2 bring a child up????

    Av some respect, u sick, twisted individuals!!!!

  73. Diana says

    I agree with you Emma B. It is just plain nasty to call a baby odd looking, especially when they clearly are not odd looking but beautiful and healthy πŸ˜‰

  74. EMMAB says

    can you imagine if they happened to come on this site (which i doubt that they do but none the less) and saw people saying there child was ugly?? it would be really hurtful and i dont know how anybody can say anybodys baby is ugly!! its downright cheeky and rude-imagine if you saw someone saying that about your baby you would punch their lights out
    i think the baby is nice as are all babies as they are precious. some people cant have babies and would give their right arm for one wether it be cute,ugly have 2 heads or whatever.
    Ignorant pigs

  75. braydie says

    Everyone bitched that they wanted to see this little girl …now in a week everyone will be bitching about seeing her too much now that they’ve finally allowed pictures of her out in the open lol. anyway, i still think T.C. is a ass and what is with that cover??? ” YES, SURI, SHES OUR BABY!” ummm ok, its like they have to make sure everyone knows that its not fake or something. Im sure they could of came up with a better headline for their cover then that….Meet Suri would of done it better.

  76. Fleur says

    I think she has gorgeous eyes and they don’t look Asian to me… She is cute.. Love the hair! And to me she doesn’t look older than what she is supposed to look… The cover photo kind of looks a little creepy to me, but I think that it’s because it’s mostly of Tom… I mean Katie is barely peaking over his shoulder in the pic and then the baby is popping out from inside his jacket. It’s almost like he is trying to draw more attention to himself…

  77. Lindy says

    Suri Cruise is so gorgeous, it makes me sick, I can see why Leah Remini said she is jealous of her. I mean, Suri looks prettier that her own daughter. Sorry Leah, but Suri’s cuter than yours, too bad for you!

  78. lucy says

    she is such a beauty!!!those eyes,that hair, she is precious. people, please dont pick on the baby. tom is a dream boat and katie is beautiful. you’re all just jealous

  79. PaGirl says

    Just saw all the pics of Suri Cruise on Larry King Live! Adorable! Adorable! Adorable! they are soo happy ,such a happy family bella,conner katie,tom & Suri Best To you All & Congrats on the Upcoming Nuptials!

  80. Jenn says

    OH MY GOD!!!!!! Some of you prople are totally aweful! How can you sit there and talk crap and insult a baby! She is a BABY! She is as cute as can be, and I am sure a lot of you are parents, how would you feel if someone said are you blind, this is the ugliest baby I have ever seen! It is dispicable some of the things you guys are saying about a little baby. SHAMEFUL!!!

    This is a beautiful baby, percect combonation of the two, lay off people, like Thumper says, if you cannot say anything nice don’t say anything at all! Very simple, don’t you think????

  81. says

    OH MY GOSH, another BEAUTIFUL Hollywood baby, she is by far the best looking baby so far, I too agree that blue eyes and dark hair and a beautiful combo. They look so happy, I am so happy for them and I wish all the best to BEAUTIFUL little SURI CRUISE.
    AAAWWW, I just can’t get over how sweet she is!!!!
    All the best Cruise Family.

  82. Tess says

    Disappointment. Odd looking little girl. Not what I could call cute. At least she has pretty eyes. She looks to be too big for her age and she needs a haircut.

  83. cj says

    I know that everyone has their own ideas about what makes a person attractive but……..she is a child and all children are a gift and should be treated as such by everyone!

  84. nico says

    ARE YOU ALL BLIND….the kid is UGLY and the hair is totally hideous. Slate me all want..i’m just bein honest..

  85. sparky says

    I don’t like the cover picture..something about it creeps me out. It looks like it was a pic of T & K looking down at something and they photoshopped the baby’s head in.
    She is cute of course; she’s a sweet little baby. I envy the blue eyes and dark hair…mine all look like their daddy, blonde/blue…wish one of them woulda kept the beautiful dark hair they were born with.
    Now the question is…are they gonna start bringing her out in public w/ them on all their little excursions??

  86. Sas says

    I think she is beautiful and looks like both Tom and Katie, but in the last pic she looks like Elvis!!

  87. Olivia says

    Katie said in VF the purchase of the ultra sound was for her physician’s use because of the difficulty with the press when ever she went to OBGYN appointments?????? Didn’t Tom origionally say he had pruchased it for himself to keep an eye on his child’s progress? I seem to recall this site having a great many comments regarding Tom purchaseing it for his personal use and that it was pretty odd. Did the press taking photos only bother her when she went to OBGYN appointments, but not when she was shopping? I must say, there may now be a photo of Suri, but in my mind it does not end the confusion, nor does it answer all of the questions that have been brought to light on this site by babyrazzi readers. The sudden apology to Brooke, the flowers sent to the view, the VF cover, Katie’s statements in VF, all on the heals of the Paramount statement.. It seems a bit too convient in my mind.

  88. KellyMay says

    Sorry Carleigh, that was from the gawker site as well as a few others I’ve read! I see our web mistress updated!

  89. kristan says

    I’m so happy to see Suri! I think she’s a beautiful little girl with a wonderful head of hair! I can see both of them in her and it made me so happy to hear Katie stick up for themselves and the baby (“you can’t talk about my baby like that). That made me very happy for some reason.

    It’s wonderful πŸ™‚

  90. carleigh says

    Kelley May…where did you see that or what was your post #31 pertaining to?? Just wondering. Helen I am not always a bitch but I will not hold back on saying what I think and if someone doesn’t like it there’s nothing I can do…it’s JMO is all and just like you I am entitled to it. I just don’t like Tom Cruise and I think he’s a strange one.

  91. krystal says

    Yes, Suri is trully a beautiful baby, and I think she is blessed to have a head with such beautiful hair.

  92. KellyMay says

    As far as the untouched photo, a public apology has been issued! That was not Suri Cruise,
    ” A Special Note to Our Readers (and the Vanity Fair PR Department): This is a parody. A parody. The Asian baby photoshopped into this image is not meant to represent the Asian baby shown in the actual image. The baby in this photo is not Tom Cruise’s daughter. As far as we know; the dude gets around. Thank you for your wisdom and understanding :

  93. maryj smith wilder says

    We should run a survey about who she looks like most…because, to me, she is her dad all over again. Nice work when a baby can remind people of both parents! I agree with whoever said, “let’s be happy we’ve seen her, and leave them alone”. She is adorable, and like them or not, so are her parents.

  94. helen says

    Its good to hear you say something positive about them Carleigh for once…you put a smile on my face.

  95. helen says

    Awwwwwwwww!!! She is the cutest baby I’ve seen for a while and worth the wait. All the best to them.

  96. carleigh says

    She’s a real cutie pie! I still think got Tom hired Mini-Me to put on a toupe though…kidding. She’s pretty and all that hair is just gorgeous! She does have her dad’s eyes but lets hope she doesn’t develop his weirdness.

  97. BritishMumma says

    She is absolutely gorgeous, that hair is fab!
    Hmmm yeah at the so called ‘un touched picture’ what a load of bs! At last I can get on with my life now I know what Suri Cruise looks like! Lol

  98. Lisa says

    I think she is cute. i think the other photo, the one you “wont see anywhere else” is the photo, that is photoshopped. its very very obvious, since i use photoshop all the time

  99. jen says

    click on the so-called un touched photos of the cruise
    family, eww, now THAT would be a reason why they hid that kid for so long. depsite that, im still dissapointed
    i mean, the kids cute and all but I was expecting a third eye or something. whatever “tomkat” still creeps me out

  100. PaGirl says

    Oh My Word! Shes Sooo! Cute!!! Look At that Head Of Dark Hair! Wow! Suri Is One Adorable Looking Baby ,I Think She Looks Like Katie! Congrats To Them ,All babies Are cute & then theres exceptional cute ones & I Must say suri is an exceptionally cute baby!!!!!

  101. slyn says

    I’m sorry but I’ve seen much cuter babies, I don’t get why others always drool and ooohhh ahhhh over “all” babies. Some are just freaky to look at.

  102. Lisa says

    My daughter had tons of hair, she could wear baby barettes in her hair at the hospital (and it never thinned out). I do not care for TC but have to admit she is one cutie pie and looks like Tom/Katie

  103. Pika says

    Jenn- That’s from an old song title–“Yes,Sir, That’s my baby”. It’s a pretty old song……lol
    I think Suri’s cute as a button. What a great age.

  104. Marti says

    Suri is a beautiful baby and her parents look terrific! People just need to leave them alone, now, and let that little girl be raised in peace & love!

  105. Vicki says

    Awwwww !! What a cutie !! I have 2 say though she has soooo much hair LOL I think she looks the spit of her Daddy. Best wishes 2 all of them. xxx

  106. Jenn says

    CUTE CUTE CUTE!! But dose anyone else think that the headline on the magazine is a little odd? Yes, Sure, She’s Our Babay! Vanity Fair sure chose a odd saying for the cover. Maybe it is just me. But way cute, and Tom’s eyes, also I agree with J, come on y’all, just be pleased to have seen her finally, no more bad talk!

  107. Leah says

    Omg she is soo beautiful!!

    Her hair is soo cute! and she looks like Katie except her eyes are Toms!


  108. J says

    Right on Julie, I agree, I hope people will stop now saying there is no Suri. SHe is beautiful, dads eyes!! My son had hair like that, way too cute. ANd dear lord people who are hating, what did you expect, it is a baby, and leave them alone with all the bullcrap accusations, photoshop!??? come one, you guys wanted pictures, here they are, lay off!

  109. says

    Neither one of them could deny that child. I hope these pictures will put to rest conspiracy theories about them having not given birth.

  110. KellyMay says

    She’s gorgeous and there’s no doubt her hair is real! I have seen many babes myself with tons of hair, sure makes it fun for mommy! Babes with lots of hair tend to look older.

    I am so happy to finally have seen her!

  111. Julie says

    She is really cute. The hair is amazing! I’m not a big fan of Tom and Katie, but I do hope they can now have a little peace and the speculation about Suri can be put to rest.

  112. tina says

    she is so beautiful, eyes and nose like tom but rest is katie, and my niece had more hair than suri at that age! but my daughter had none! it depends on each individual.
    but she is gorgeous

  113. babyhates says

    She looks big for a 4 month old…….. Ummmm also the other sites are talking about how this shot was a month ago soooo she would have been 3 months old…… ummm there’s also talk about how much photoshop had to be done…… I mean she’s cute but it’s still weird!

  114. Angie in Indiana says

    All the anticipation…..and I feel a little let down. I mean she is a pretty baby, but after all of the hype, I don’t know what I was expecting, but I’m not really impressed.

  115. Lisa Drew says

    I think Suri is gorgeous – My little girl also has dark hair (although a lot less of it!) and blue eyes so I’m a little biased but I love the combination.


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