UPDATE: Victoria Beckham NOT Pregnant With Fourth Child

UPDATE: (The following is being reported by People magazine, but you never know with these celebs!)

Despite the latest reports, Victoria and David Beckham are not expecting another child. “She’s not pregnant,” a rep for the couple tells People magazine. “It’s as simple as that.”

The 31-year-old former English soccer captain had allegedly confirmed to a Spanish video paparazzo that his ex-Spice Girl wife, 32, was pregnant with their fourth child. The couple are already parents to sons Brooklyn, 7, Romeo, 3, and Cruz, 1.

A source tells PEOPLE that Beckham, who plays for the Real Madrid soccer team, was signing autographs and simply misunderstood what the female paparazzo was asking. He thought she was asking, in Spanish, how Victoria and the babies are, when in fact was asking how Victoria and the new baby are doing.

Still, a source close to the family says the couple, who divide their time between the Spanish capital and an English mansion – dubbed Beckingham Palace – north of London, plan to expand their brood.

“Victoria has always wanted a larger family and especially would like a sister for the boys, but the time is not right just yet,” the source tells People magazine.

“She’s doing designing work, there is a perfume, sunglasses and a TV show in the works,” the friend says. “There is just too much going on for her to consider becoming pregnant at this time.”

Story reported earlier:

David Beckham confirmed that he and wife Victoria Beckham are indeed expecting their fourth child. When asked by paparazzi in Spain if the rumors about Posh being pregnant were true, the soccer star said, “Si [yes],” and smiled. The British power couple have three boys, Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz.

This is a pic of Victoria leaving the Nobu restaurant sometime in August

Victoria Beckham


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  1. emma says

    victoria beckham is beautiful and cute but there is something in her face maybe her nose and mouth place which need fixing!!!!!!!!!!!anyways as if i care or u care but david beckham can care dont u think!?

  2. dori says

    she looks so anorexic
    I can’t imagine how she could go through a pregnancy
    I believe you have to eat to have a healthy baby don’t you?

  3. dori says

    wait a minute you guys the article says she’s not pregnant but would like to add another child to the brood.

  4. braydie says

    this woman makes me sick…literally. I cant see how she is even healty enough to have another child. maybe she doesnt smile cuz her teeth are rotting away from all the puking….just a thought. she always looks as though she just sucked on a extreme sour gummi worm.

  5. sammy says

    wow I don’t know which victoria you guys are looking at cause she is not the gorgeous role model that some people percieve her to be. To me she was o.k looking, you know back in her spice girls days, but now ugh ugly. One more thing no one should wish to have a c-section cause it is supposed to bea last resort method not a first choice method, and I believe everyone should try having their children naturally, you know without an epideral.

  6. Vicki says

    I thought how can she be preggers when she was pictured drunk a few days ago ??! That would have been really irresponsible !! Still, I hope she has the little girl she longs for soon xxx

  7. Diana says

    Marti – I am sure that she doesn’t smile because she is so insecure, and yet she is a beautiful women. She just needs to eat a little more. She looked far better when she was in the Spice Girls!! 😉

  8. Marti says

    That woman needs to EAT and SMILE! 🙂 She has a handsome husband and a beautiful family, yet I very seldom see her smile in any of the pictures I’ve seen.

  9. Susie says

    In reference to being a good role model,……… I was referring to both Posh and Becks for working hard and being family focused, not to mention all the good work they do for charity.
    I agree, she is rediculously thin!
    Shame… it just goes to show ,you really cant have it all!

  10. keppa says

    It’s just been confirmed that david made a mistake and victoria’s not pregnant. he thought the reporter said “are victoria and the babies ok?” when she actually asked “are victoria and the new baby ok?”

    so, nothing left to fight about, for now at least.

  11. Ann-Marie says

    I heard that they really wanted a girl (shock) and that THEY heard if they had sex standing up that they would conceive a girl. They have lots of money have they heard of sperm seperation????. Best of luck to them

  12. JSEE says

    She truly is the best looking pregnant woman alive (after Angelina Jolie) and I only wish that I could have four kids and look that good. I do hope she gets a girl!

  13. says

    Tina and Emabb, I had an Epideral and have had zero back aches. I think that is an idividual thing. I know people who have had bladder problems from the trauma of a vaginal delivery, and I do know people who have experienced back problems after an Epi so I know it is one of those things that can happen.

    Emabb, I know you are scared, I was terrified and secretly wished for a c-section too. Once you are in the moment you will feel better. The reason why, is because your body was MADE to perform this function. If left alone your body could techically do it without you doing anything. You should talk to your doctor about your fears. When you go in to labor be VERY vocal with your nurses (they are the ones there for the majority of the process). Epiderals are not the enemy. Many women go in to this thing thinking they do not want meds and end up taking them anyway, and it does not make them cowards or bad people. It is what they are there for. Your Dr. can explain the risks of an epi. Most of them time the risks are related to pre-existing conditions, so if you are healthy and dont usually have back problems you should be ok. Like I said though talk to your Dr.

    As for Victoria, I do wish her the best, and i hope that she is healthy enough to carry this baby. SHe looks deathly thin to me.

  14. Jude says

    Emmab – i was in the delivery suite for 58 minutes with my second boy. Gas and air as no time for anything else. He just popped out.Took him home 6 hours later. Lovely.
    PS Just my opinion but I think VB is a right silly cow who needs a good slap.

  15. Jenn says

    I am happy for them, but I do think she is a bad role model. Too many girls are starving to get her body, I think skinny is nice, but you can go too far, and she is too far.

    EMMAB- natural birth is not too bad, I went 42 hours with my son, I spend almost all of it at home, all but the last three hours, you can do it, I would not suggest inducing though. I was with my daughter, and the labor was just 6 hours… OMG so much worse then the 42 with the boy. Just my opnion, but I did not have the drugs with either, and it was very bareable. Good luck dear.

  16. tina says

    congrats to vic and david, heres hoping its a girl!

    i read somewhere that after having a c section it is dangerous to have a natural birth because the uterus scar may rupture, i know women do do it though its called a vbac, but there is also a danger to having repeated c-sections so i wish her luck,

    i have had 3 children (i’m24) my eldest is 4 weighed 8lb 7oz, middle is 2 weighed 9lb 1oz and youngest is 9 months weighed 9lb 1oz and they were fantastic natural births i don’t recommend epidural as it gives u back ache for the rest of your days! but i do recommend gas and air permently in mouth its fantastic stuff, good luck

  17. EMMAB says

    chrissi – i bet it was!! no i will definatley opt for natural first but it still scares me. Its like my mum has said to me though i shouldnt listen to other peoples horror stories at work and the such like as everybodys experience is different. some poeple have said they would rather give birth than go to the dentist then others say it was like near death. x

  18. EMMAB says

    ha ha no i have read some of the wars on here – im not into that for a minute i just like reading them although i had to pipe up on one about britney – that was funny x

  19. chrissi says

    meh there always in the paper for something…. o well. dont get me started

    emmab. i pushed my daughter into the world and it aint that bad, i felt the head then the body gushing out, quite an experience

  20. EMMAB says

    aw dont be daft i wasnt having a go at nobody i just personally think she looks grand and would love to look like that after having had 4 children.
    If she wants C sections let her im secretly hoping i have to have one as the thought of giving birth scares the life out of me!! No i wouldnt have a elective one but if she wants to let her – her children dont look any worse for it do they?

  21. helen says

    well i know someone whose had 2 c sections and the midwifes did say really they would only like you to have 3 c sections so she better start pushing

  22. Mumba says

    She is definately not a good role model, with girls starving themselves to look like her. The only reason she looks so ‘good’ is because she has had a hell of alot of surgery to get that way! Let me guess all her babies have been delivered by c-section too, grrrr I hate the too posh to push thing.

  23. helen says

    shes a thinspiration i’ll grant you that. i like reading about the stars but yesterday i read the front page of a magazine that someone had dinner with her and all they had was a soup and roll for dinner. cant remeber which magazine… sorry emmab, i didnt mean for my last post to come out like that

  24. EMMAB says

    maybe some of the kids in my area should have her as a role model rather than stuffing there faces and playing on there computers. her children look healthy enough to me. she doesnt sell diets and stories to magazines and push how she has lost all her weight like other so called stars x

  25. Farrah S. says

    I am happy for them, whateever you may think of them, one thing you can’t deny is that they are family people and that they have a beautiful family. I wish them the best and much happiness always.

  26. helen says

    how is she a role model? girls are starving themselves to be like her. she needs to get her piorities right if she wants a girl, and to be a role model to the girl, then maybe she should eat and not starve herself

  27. EMMAB says

    i think its great!! they obviously really want another baby. i think all the people that slate her are just jealous. Im 4 months pregnant and hope i look as well as her afterwards. Bit skinny but none the less she looks so well groomed. People diss Britney for looking a mess and i bet the same people will come on here and do the same to Posh for looking glam!! Its silly everyone looks nice because of the one same reason that prob we come on this website for – they are carrying children they will really love!!

  28. EMMAB says

    I think its brilliant and i think Posh always looks brilliant and all the people that slate her are probably just jealous. Im 4 months pregnant and hope that i look as nice as her afterwards. Granted she is a little skinny but i would swap her!!

  29. Susie says

    I love Posh and Becks, they are fantastic role models.
    I just really hope everthing goes well with the pregnancy and fingers crossed, this baby is a little girl!

  30. gina says

    great another stupid name for them to pick…they ain’t no power couple in my eyes, just people who need publicity for every little thing in their lives

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