Tom Gives An Apology To Brooke Shields…Way Too Late!

The following are the details of Tom’s apology to Brooke Shields over the whole Matt Lauer post-partum depression antidepressants brouhaha. It hardly seems heartfelt though…more like something one of Tom’s PR people put him up to because this all happened A LONG TIME AGO! Seems like too little too late if you ask me.

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes

Brooke Shields told Jay Leno that she received an apology from Tom Cruise this week for his public criticism of her use of antidepressants to treat postpartum depression after the birth of her first daughter. Shields told Leno that Cruise apologized in person on Thursday. “He came over to my house, and he gave me a heartfelt apology,” she said. “And he apologized for bringing me into the whole thing and for everything that happened. And through it all, I was so impressed with how heartfelt it was. And I didn’t feel at any time that I had to defend myself, nor did I feel that he was trying to convince me of anything other than the fact that he was deeply sorry. And I accepted it.” Cruise’s spokesperson also released a statement about the apology, saying, “It is true that his friendship with Ms. Shields has been mended. He has not changed his position about antidepressants, which, as evidenced by the black label warnings issued by the FDA on these types of drugs, are unhealthy.



  1. Braydie says

    No lyric was the one that said it were not doing anything but discussing it lol. BUT yes too funny mental pic:) !! E.T. LOL

  2. carleigh says

    Wow that mental pic is too funny! Picture Katie in an ET suit……..OMG……….LMAO…….I need to stop..I’m being mean..oh well people know I’m a bitch anyways so they expect it and I gotta givem’ what they want right? LOL

  3. carleigh says

    I know your laughing Braydie…me too. It’s just not that hard to counter sucha easy target…people just leave themselves wide open…and of course that’s my cue here! LOL

  4. Braydie says

    lol…all i gotta say is lol…lyrics got me at a loss for words …that doesnt happen to often lol. carleigh…i cant even type im laughing hard……

  5. Lyric says

    I believe Tom is on viagra…thats why his ass didnt have kids until they came out with it 😛 BUT he cant be telling no one becuz’s he dont believe in that $hit ,, hehe. No wonder NIC ( love ya girl) cheated on his freaked out, munchkin lookin, alien wannabe a$$. You all know he is probably just the FREAKIEST in bed….Making Katie wear a alien suit and $hit…FREAKyDINK

  6. dori says

    I’m addicted, what can I say? The posts are too funny and the cat fights are even funnier. Can’t stay away. Just like you!

  7. Braydie says

    dori ~~ go up to disclaimer and write to babyrazzi to report me. they wont do anyhting though. so go at it.

  8. dori says

    How do we report a person on this website who finds somekind of joy fighting with everyone.It’s difficult to stay on track and have a intelligent conversation with certain people singling out others to start fights.
    Is there a way to report this person?

  9. braydie says

    meg…I would really love to Move on but… I dont want to.
    He’s a crazy little man…that has NO business telling women that. he Is a movie Hero as you call him ( i wouldnt say super) HE IS NOT A DOCTOR. Ill give him rights to say things like that as soon as he pops a watermelon out of his penis head.

  10. NancyP. says

    I normally don?t leave comments either, I just like to read them, but the garbage that is being said by Braydie is just ruining this website! They are just the ramblings of a woman that obviously needs help. I do believe that Braydie probably leads a very empty life and gets off on attention?even negative attention! Everyone, please JUST IGNORE HER. Don?t reply to her nasty comments. That?s what she wants! When she realizes that she?s just making an incredible fool of herself, she?ll go away and this will once again be the enjoyable website that it used to be! I know it?s hard not to bite her bait, but she?s kind of like a pesky little bug?swat at it and it will keep on coming back, ignore it and it will eventually go away

  11. meg says

    Whatever! Leave his personal life to him—he also needs his own privacy and the right to his own personal opinion. He being a celebrity doesn’t mean you can “always” peep in to his personal life anytime…he is also a human being needing a breather and the right to live as he should. He is a Super Movie Hero, so, just watch his movies and separate his personal life from the roles he is taking/leading!!! Treat him as a person with all the rights as stated in the preamble and get on with your own life…

  12. jen p. says

    2of myown , who r u to call braydie any names? I believe she had valid points & tom c. shouldnt of dragged brooke s. into his delusions. ur a idiot if u think his opinions on ppd are ok . ive been reading things u write & it seems you are going after braydie because she called you on ur bullshit. I hardly ever write anything I just like reading the things that are said & I think braydie is a smart woman , she says it like it is. u sound like ur a kid & need to get some education on things. ur the idiot.

    tom c. is a man I believe needs to have control …with everything. If he cant control it he finds ways to destroy it. Im sure kate knows this & is scared to leave.

  13. 2of myown says

    Tom Cruise had a right to his opinion…just like how that idiot Braydie has a right to hers!

  14. dori says

    Tom had no right to say anything about the subject in the first place ,because he’s not a woman! and has not given birth! What does he know.
    Second the only reason he aplogized is because he got himself in deep doodoo for opening his big mouth . Do you believe he would have apologized if he wasn’t fired from paramount? This is just another publicity grabbing ploy to save his career.
    I use to love this guy honestly …I loved this guy and now , forget it. I don’t want to see his face on the big screen ever again. He makes me sick.
    After seeing him lay into Matt Lauer on TV and so arrogantly stating he is a psychiatric specialist, I thought he needed the couch himself.

  15. says

    You are right Braydie. I don’t think anyone believes that Proxac cures PPD, therapy and time is supposed to do that. Prozac helps these woman deal with the symptoms. I didn’t have PPD, but if I did you bet your butt I would do or take whatever I needed to in order to be there for my child.

  16. braydie says

    that was my point…brooke got the help she needed by whatever means that would help her. she did the right thing then got branded more or less a druggie for doing so. T.C. still feels the way he did about the drugs she took but apologized to her for bringing her into this? W/e he needs to learn that women need more then vitiamins and exercise to have PPD go away or lessen. He will never go though PPD he wont ever have to deal with that so he should shut his crazy mouth about subjects he doesnt know about becuz there will be women that will actually listen to him and go off whatever their docs gave them and then what? More dead kids, more dead mothers. all becuz of him.

  17. Libby says

    Personally I think to little to late he should have never opened his big mouth in the first place Brooke like many other Moms had the courage to get help before she did something horrible to her daughter its too bad that children have to die because our society thinks everyone can be a great Mom without help

  18. says

    I agree, the Dr’s should have been held accountable as well. Sure, they could not go home with her and make her not have kids, but they could have reported her.

    As for the husband, he got her help many times, and each time they would send her home when the insurance ran out, hello? It’s called mental health, you dont have to have insurance to get help.

    The father also kept her isolated and moved around in to these remote place so that he could live the life of a missionary, which is good. But leaving his wife alone all day when she was mentally incompasitated and he had been warned by the Dr.s was poor judgement. SHe was isolated from her family. He was all she had besides those kids and he was not there for her. He has a resposiblity to care for those children, and if that means getting them away from your wife until she can deal then that is what you have to do, you certainly shouldnt continue to get her pregnant when you know that her Drs said that each time she gets worse and worse. It breaks my heart. I do feel sympathy for Andrea she will have to live with those images for the rest of her life.

  19. braydie says

    im not sure either…he did try to get her help many times. he should have put her in a metal health place for eval. though..he did have that right as her husband knowing that she was the way she is. Its not all his fault…i mean she did it and he didnt knwo she was going to, but on the other hand, he did know she was not all there too. and yes i know the story very well also. I would ALSO say her doctors were at some sort of fault here too. they knew what she was capable of and even said she shouldnt be alone with the children. alot of people were at fault here. I also get upset about this story, and on the other hand i feel sorry for andrea yates. she told people she was sick, she told her doctors she would hurt someone or herself. it seemed no one would listen to her and in a blink of a eye 5 children were dead. its sad.

  20. Lisa says

    blame the man, blame the husband….that is soooo wrong. This crazy loon drowned her 5 children on her own-disgusting. Men are not just sperm donors and need to be held accountable for many things but this one, I don’t know.

  21. says

    Braydie, your assesment is correct, she is nuts. Which is why she is sitting in a mental institution where for now at least, it looks like she will spend the rest of her life. Have you read the stories? I’m sure you have. It is shameful to me that her husband was not charged as an accesory. He ignored the advice of at least 4 doctors who told them not to have any more children. I am sure that it was heartbreaking news, but he sentenced those babies to death as far as I am concerned.

    When it comes to having children men are on the outside looking in, and yet the largest number of antiabortionist are men. I’m not doggin anyones personal opinions on this, I just think that it is terrible that men sit on the sidelines and women bare the bront of punishment when something as simple as wearing a condom could have helped this woman maintain her mental state and spared thie lives of those babies…………ok I have to stop now because this always gets me so upset. Have a nice day everyone, hug your baby when you get home or do it right now of you are with them. Somewhere right now a baby needs love that won’t be able to get it….

  22. braydie says

    why didnt he tell the yates woman before she drowned all her children that all she needed was vitamins and exercise to beat her PPD?? how many of ya think it would of worked? I dont agree with ONE thing he said how PPD should be treated. He’s a man that believes he has to control everything and that includes how certified doctors treat patients. I feel for the women out there that actually took his “advice” and just ran around the block and took some vitamin c….i hope they didnt hurt themselves or their children. As for brooke…she has treated her PPD how it is… a temporary mental illness, and wasnt shy about telling people what she went though to get herself back. Its people like T.C. that make mothers hurt their children or themselves. Who knows what could of happened if Brooke didnt get the help she needed by DOCTORS… Tom C. is a joke and everyone is finally seeing that. even him.

  23. Ann-Marie says

    he probably apologized about the meds, because he now has to take anti-depressants for being fired from paramount.

  24. Olivia says

    My spam filter excluded an e-mail from titled Tom Cruise finds inner peace. From the same site address were listings for finding meaningful jobs, getting life on track and such. There were several. Does anyone know if Scientology rmakes a practice of recruiting through spaming

  25. mage says

    Thanks for the reminder to take my meds today.

    I am glad he appologized for his behaviour. They can have differing opinions, but his actions were uncalled for.

  26. Olivia says

    I agree with you. She is far more forgiving than I. I am afraid my first thought would have been, “What is this a joke and looked for Punked cameras? Amazing how he suddenly is so sorry after the paramount anoucement. To me this makes him an even bigger jerk. I’d of slammed the door in his face and no way would I have accepted his panic induced sleazy way too late of an apology. What a worm.

  27. braydie says

    OHHH so nice of him to apologize…..LOL … NO. what would of been nice is if his crazy ass wouldnt of bought her into this in the first place! I think katie DOES have PPD and is prob. on the same meds. that brooke was on. wouldnt that be ironic?! If i was brooke I wouldnt of bounced his crazy ass out using her dang couch.

  28. CJK says

    I also feel that support for the mother is the key for treating post-partum depression. By “mother”, I mean the “pre” and “post”- partum mother! While I don’t believe that drugs to treat ADD/ADHD are obsolete, nor do I believe that every post-partum mother should rely on conventional medicine to get her through. Every woman should seek the method that suits her best!

  29. KellyMay says

    I recently watched Tom’s interview with Matt, I am glad I actually watched it. He did bring Brooke Shields into it as he really shouldn’t have and he asked forgiveness for that. As a medical professional I feel his points are valid (and big business didn’t like it, God forbid people stop taking pharmaceuticals it’s all about money). His argument about treating ADD/ADHD with amphetamines, I agree with Tom 100% that’s not right. Number one prescribed med for children, huh oh and the most abused? And we really question what is happening to society. We live in a very corrupt world and drugs are not the answer, Tom is right in the sense that they are just bandaids.
    What did happen to eating healthy and exercise?!? He experienced a newborn firsthand, it is tough but I too don’t believe a bandaid helps, support is so important. Brooke voiced many times how alone she felt, where was her support?

  30. carleigh says

    I think Tom Cruise is having a BIG dose of reality! It’s about time pompous Tom took his foot out of his mouth long enough to eat a piece of humble pie! Maybe Paramount dumping him was so traumatic he has learned to finally keep his mouth shut and stick to things he knows best like controling women, making some lackluster films and his wacko cult! It’s about time he shut up! Good!

  31. Joanna says

    I don’t care what Tom Cruise said about postpartum depression and I think it’s nice to ask for forgiveness and be forgiven. If his movies are good i’ll watch them.If every other movie at the theatre sucks i’ll watch his, cause usually his movies are good.

  32. Emersen says

    This is a good thing, no need for hatred in the world. I don’t think it was too late, it was the right time. I can understand Cruise’s opposition to psychiatric drugs and he won’t stop believing that their symptoms are dangerous and they are, so it’s not like he meant to be a jerk to Shields, he was vehemently opposes these drugs and the promotion of their use. I think we should move on to the Kamikazes and the terrorists and the real merciless unforgiving people of the world. We should stop instilling hatred in each other.

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