Sharon Stone Shows Off Her Third Son

You have to give Sharon Stone credit! It can’t be easy to be the single mother of 3 boys! The actress is already mother to two adopted children, six-year-old Roan Joseph and 15-month old Laird Vonne. I’m sure that she has help and all, but WOW! Here she is proudly holding her newest son, named Quinn. He is adorable!

Sharon Stone



  1. Lilly says

    Addoption is one of the biggest acts of kindness. She has the love, dedication an economical independence to give these 3 boys a great chance in life. These are HER sons.

  2. sparky says

    Yeah, adoption is a wonderful thing. I didn’t mean to imply that it’s not. My mom and aunt are adopted and my mom gave up my older sister because she was date raped at 17. They all had far better lives than they would have w/ young, single mothers; that’s for sure.
    I’ve always wondered the same thing about celebs adopting kids -if the mothers or agencies get some sort of “bonus”.

  3. says

    I think everyone here agrees, adoption is a wonderful thing. I just don’t think that how much more money you make then someone else on a list should be a factor. I am sure though, that her money is why she achieved this so fast. A good lawyer and boom…..mommy with a baby due that she is giving up for adoption……plus….greedy lawyer with celebrity client flashing the cash….you do the math.

  4. Diana says

    We have friends who have adopted one little girl and are about to go through the process of adopting another one, mainly because they cannot conceive naturally. It gives those children a life that they would not normally have had if they hadn’t been given up for adoption. I also take my hat off to those people who give away their babies because they cannot cope with them for whatever reason. That must be such a tough decision to make.

  5. Susie says

    Hummm….. I do agree that these boys will indeed have a fabulous life, but part of me cant help wondering what happend to their birth mothers?
    Did they get a huge pay off to give her their baby?
    Its a shame, but hey….. good luck Sharon!

  6. Lisa says

    congrats to these little guys to be embraced into a loving home, but friends of mine have been waiting over 4 yrs for their adoption and they are in a stable 2 parent household

  7. PaGirl says

    Actually I Think its Great theirs Woman Out there Like Sharon Stone Wanting To Adopt Babies Where Mothers Aren’t Ready To be Mothers ,These Boys Have a great Life Ahead Of Them! So everyone wins.

  8. sparky says

    I think it’s sick how they basically just BUY kids. Normal people wait years (after failed attempts to conceive) to get the chance to give a little one a good life and have 2 parents that want to devote themselves to him/her. No, Sharon Stone hasn’t been working as much as she used to in her prime but she does live a Hollywood life and she is very active in her many “causes” and even one movie role could take her away from the kiddos for months at a time. I just don’t get it…
    I can’t read her mind and I really don’t know what kind of a person she is but it strikes me as weird that she just adopted a baby alittle over a year ago and she already has another one. That shouldn’t even be possible. It’s a shame that something as important and amazing as adoption is tainted by money and run like a business essentially.
    But… I wish her the best with the new little sweetie pie. Look at those little cheeks- soooo cute! No matter what our own opinions are, children are a blessing and a joy… obviously he’ll have a very good life; nanny or not.

  9. babyhates says

    MONEY !!!!!!!!!!!! That’s how it works !!!!!!!!!! The more money the faster your name is on the top !!!! It’s stupid and I agree with what you said !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. says

    How old is she???? She should be thinking of these kids not herself. And how is it these Hollywood actors wake up in the morning, and while having a cup of coffee say, “hhumm I think I would like to adopt a baby today”, and before supper times comes along they have a baby in their arms??? ( Yes I realize that it may not be that fast, but you get my point) When some people are on waiting lists for a baby for years and sometimes never get one? How does that work?
    Just Curious.


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