New Pics Of Gwen Stefani & Kingston

Gwen was snapped out and about on September 1st and 2nd with Kingston. I love the binky (or as my daughter would call it..num num!) in her perfectly manicured hand! She rocks! And Kingston couldn’t be any cuter!
Gwen Stefani



  1. Mrs .Jennings says

    Kingston is a very cute baby with a super good lookin mom
    and kinda hot dad i’ll give him a 5 I hope mine and shanes baby is like that.

  2. Braydie says

    I agree diana. Shes always worn her lipstick like that and she shouldnt have to change becuz shes a mother. and believe me if you think she looks like a crack whore…you have NEVER seen a crack whore. cuz its not like gwen.

  3. Gwen says

    He is so cute. craliegh what r u talking about, at least he is wearing pants? did the camera check him pant less?

  4. Diana says

    I think as long as those kids are well looked after in a loving and well respected home, that’s all that anybody could wish for. And certainly with their pots of money they will be!! 😉

  5. rose says

    Did any of you ever wonder what these kids will think when they grow up and see pictures of their mothers and fathers parading around like idiots? I mean let’s think of how Britney’s Sean will feel when he sees pictures of his mother parading around like a truck stop whore or how about Suri seeing daddy Cruise lambasting Brooke shields because she suffered from post-pardam depression–great message for a little girl– or Maddox learning about how Mom and Brad got together. I know self-respect isn’t high on the hollywood priority list, but someday these “cute” kids will grow up and then what…..

  6. Ann-Marie says

    sorry Diana, but I have to agree with Rose. That red lipstick has got to go. And who cares if Britney has 2 babies back to back- that has nothing to do with why he doesn’t wear shorts or pants. Any way who cares really

  7. Eli says

    he is the freaking cutest hollywood baby ever!
    i want to see more pics!
    it also kinda bugs me that there are no pics of gavin holding the baby.

  8. Diana says

    Rose – Gwen looks great with the red lippie. She is that good looking and beautiful that she can get away with it and carry it off perfectly.

  9. CJK says

    That little guy looks so much like his Daddy! Gwen is georgeous!!! The epitome of what a mom should be!

  10. rose says

    It’s true that kingston is cute, but his mother needs to stop wearing that ridiculous crack-whore red lipstick.

  11. Leah says

    Britney has had babies back to back shes a great mother..who cares if Sean P doesnt have any pants on.

    Gwen and Kingston are cute!!

  12. says

    Ya thats great start thinking like that already…like the world isn’t full enough of sick thinking. Boyfriend/Girlfriend, come off it they are just babies. It is people like that, that go up to kids in grade school and say,
    “How is school going? Do you have a boyfirend/girlfriend yet?” GROSS. These are just kids, LET THEM BE KIDS!!!!

    Also Kingston is a very cute little baby. All of the lastest Hollywood babies are very cute, must be something in the water! 🙂

  13. shiloh and kingston says

    I think Kingston is a very cute child I wonder if Shiloh and kingston will be boyfriend and girlfriend when they grow up

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