Heidi Klum & Leni In Beverly Hills

Too sweet! Heidi seems like such a down-to-earth, loving mom! She seems to be totally chill and relaxed on her outings with her children and even lets Leni enjoy some time admiring a cute dog!

Heidi Klum
Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum



  1. Diana says

    Rose ,I know it isn’t my business, just a comment and sorry if I offended you by it!! x I just don’t think she has done anything wrong particularly and is just going by doing her very beautiful selfs business in her own way. Good luck to them 😉

  2. rose says

    Diana, my friend, what I offer this world is none of your business, but it’s certainly more than a smile and 10 words. ANd so what if you see her with her children, I see my neighbors with thier kids looking happy.

  3. Diana says

    Rose – she probably doesn’t have any more than you or more to offer to this world however she is happy and contented and boy she looks good too!! At least we see her with her kids and she always looks so lovely too.

  4. rose says

    PosT #6: I’m interested to know how you found out that Heidi Klum’s two children, one a toddler and the other an infant, “couldn’t be happier” for their mother. Did the children tell you this? Secondly, a loving husband and two children doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s a real bore to watch. I mean come on, can this model turned producer she say anything else other than “we have the best and the worst designs here. One of you will win and the other will be the loser.” Seriously, other than repeat this phrase ad nausem and look pretty while saying it, what does Miss Klum have to offer the world?

  5. says

    I was thinking that the last picture looked like Leni was in trouble too. I was thinking more along the lines of Leni “but why not?” Heidi: “Because I said so thats why”. lol

  6. Diana says

    Rose – how do you know that she is brainless? Jude I had to laugh at your table cloth comment. I do have to disagree as I love the dress, but it did make me laugh 😉

  7. CJK says

    To post #4…. Why would you consider a woman who has turned a career of modeling into that of being a producer of a hit show, all while having two children and in the process of having a third, a “pretty, but brainless woman”? It seems to me that she has a husband who loves her and two, about to be three, children who couldn’t be happier for her.

  8. sparky says

    Looks like Leni is gettin’ chewed out for somethin’ in the last pic. Heidi was probably, “We don’t touch the nasty, smelly puppy. We smile, look cute, and keep walking.”
    LOL J/K
    I want that dress- it looks so comfy!

  9. rose says

    Here’s another example of America turning a pretty but brainless woman into the icon of contemporary motherhood!

  10. Jude says

    I wonder why she is so chilled and relaxed? I don’t suppose that is the nanny pushing the buggy in the background? Sheeesh!

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