Denise Richards & Daughters Exceed Cuteness Quotient!

This is just super cuteness in my opinion! These are some somewhat recent (don’t know the exact date) photos of Denise and her girls (Sam is two-years-old and Lola Rose is one-year-old) at LAX.
Denise Richards

Denise Richards

Denise Richards

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  2. Braydie says

    I think her girls are cute… I cant see alot of HER in them though…all i see is charlie. from what im hearing richie isnt with her anymore. probably got sick of all the drama.

    I.e. steve irwin. I have met him, about 4 yrs back in new york and he was such a great guy! He actually made me blush, and thats really hard to do lol. I couldnt believe when I heard about his death. to the ones that think he put his son in danger…he didnt. their backyard is filled with crocs, bob was/is going to be at the zoo everyday. they have to teach their children about them or they WILL get hurt. Just like teaching your child that a stove is hot. He knew what he was doing he had people standing by and Its a tradition for that family to do that. My honest opinion of it is I could never allow my 1 month old to be any where near a croc. but I havent grown up with them all around me either.
    I wish the best for the irwin family. terri,bindi, baby bob, and father irwin. rest in peace steve.

  3. Marie Angel says

    I knew she’ll have a girl. It was obvious by her belly. It’s a pity I haven’t wrote it before. But all my friends know I was right. If you want to know the sex of your future baby(or friend’s), you can just send my your photos in sideview. Better 5-7 month. 99% guarantee.

  4. Angie says

    Team Aniston, I have always thought the same thing about the girls being dead ringers for Charlie Sheen. Sam is him with blonde hair, a striking resemblance to say the least. Lola looks a bit more like Mom, but as she has gotten older her Sheen looks are popping out!

    RE: Steve Irwin. I cannot say how devastating his death is. I loved the man and his commitment to education of wildlife and his utter devotion to Terri, Bindi, and Baby Bob. His son was in no danger and the entire event was blown way out of proportion due to the fact that Michael Jackson dangled ‘Blanket’ from a balcony and it was at the same time as Baby Bob’s public blessing. Steve was not stupid, and he presented Bindi the same way when she was born in 1998, without a whisper. A man who was born into croc life and had such a powerrful mentor and teacher in his father, Robert Irwin, Steve would have given his life to protect his children, his beloved wife, his cherished mates that were with him on that day(13 total, direct quote from Mrs. Terri Irwin) who were all there for safety. My heart breaks for Terri and the children and I can only hope that the public reaction and comfort offered soothes a bit of the pain.
    Rest in gentle peace, Steve. You are beloved by many and our hearts are broken that you are gone.

  5. kelly says

    i think denise is a good mom what she does in her love life doesn?t affect her ability as a loving mother!

  6. kelly says

    i think denise is a good mom what she does in her love life doesn’t affect her ability as a loving mother!

  7. Diana says

    Nico – that’s a bit harsh to call those kids ugly! 😉 Or any kids ugly for that matter.

  8. Diana says

    Impeachbush – I think Steve Irwin was stupid to do that, but apparently his father had done the same with him when he was a baby and he knew what he was doing. The baby was fine, and looked well cared for. I am sure that he wouldn’t have put himself or the baby in danger unless he knew what he was doing. Plus, he died of a stingrag attack not a crocodile attack, and he worked with crocs so much of the time. Very sad I think. He leaves his lovely wife and two beautiful kids. Rest in peace Steve! 😉 Denise looks gorgeous in these pics and I love her glasses 😉

  9. impeachBush says

    I used to feel for Denise, until she flagrantly shacked up w/Heather Locklear’s guy. Travelling to Europe w/him & leaving the kids.

    Re. Steve Irwin, I can’t get that terrible image of him dangling his baby in front of the crocodile. How could a father, or mother allow that?

  10. Janice says

    I give Denise Richards a lot of credit for walking away from an addicted, abusive husband even though they have two children together. I walked away from a similar situation but my husband was severely mentally ill. I did it because my children come first, just as Denise did. I wish Denise many years of happiness, serenity and love.

  11. KellyMay says

    Denise looks good!

    OH MY GOD, Steve Irwin was killed by a stingray! OMG, that’s heart wrenching! I remember watching the crocdile hunter so many times and seeing the joy he had and shared with his family! Wow the world has lost a great man, rest in peace Steve!

    Sorry I am really saddened by that as I know many will be but he did die doing what he loved best!

  12. Spohien says

    Those children are gorgeous! So is Denise


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