Britney & Sis Get Ice Cream In Malibu

Britney and Jamie-Lynn enjoy some ice cream together in Malibu on August 30th. Britney is positively glowing!

Britney Spears



  1. says

    Did ya’ll catch that presentation that Brit and Kev did on the MTV awards? It was too funny! Perez Hilton has it

    I am really going to stop giving Britney a hard time. She is a silly airhead and I think that because she has had great PR people in the past, that we are setting out standards too high when it comes to her. She is simple (and I will not say country girl here like she does because I think that is an insult to country girls) and we should not expect too much of her.

    That said, even though I have not liked her since the first album, I hope she can stage a comeback, and find her sexy again. And if she stays with Federjerk, I hope he will grow up and act like a man.

  2. Angie in Indiana says

    Wow Carleigh, a good work for Brit? I’m proud of you girl!!!! I know, I know you won’t let it happen again!!! (Just kidding ya) 🙂

  3. Diana says

    They looks so alike as sisters, and this is the best pic that I have seen of Britney in a while 😉

  4. sparky says

    I think it’s so cute how sisters alot of the time have the same walk. Look at the way they were snapped- mid-stride. They have the exact same walk. Adorable!
    I remember the first time I met my older sister (my mom gave her up for adoption when she was young), we noticed that we walk the same!!
    And I agree, she has looked so happy and “fresh” in the pics the past few weeks.

  5. carleigh says

    She looks pretty happy in these pic’s which is good to see! It’s about time! She does deserve some happiness and down time.

  6. sparky says

    what is the attachment to those damn jean shorts? i’m a country girl too, but come on…
    and i think the photogs make a point to get every pic they can of her eating! LOL if they followed me around all day, that’s all they’d be getting pics of!!

  7. nicola says

    I agree she looks gr8, but enough`s enough. Do we honestly need pic of her eatin ice-cream?? Leave her alone 4 god`s sake, let her get on wiv what`s left of her pregnancy alone

  8. kellymay says

    Wow for being due in two weeks with no photoshop (usually not on pap pics) she looks fabulous!!!! Good for you Brit, shine girl!

  9. Angie in Indiana says

    Ok, yes I know I complained about all of the Britney pictures yesterday, but this one is really cute. I think she is really glowing is this one!!!! We could all hope that Sean P is home having some daddy time…….but we are talking about Kfed….

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