Angelina Jolie With Maddox & Zahara In New Orleans

Angelina was snapped with Maddox and Zahara in New Orleans. Where is Shiloh?

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt



  1. who care says

    just be happy that these children are adopted. so what if angelina got her hands full at least i know that there not going to bed crying at night because there hungry in some orphange. so what if she makes mistake. who don’t!!!

  2. says

    Dear TEAM ANISTON, oh iam ever so glad that Brad and Angie found each other. You are the losers! Yes you and your I wanna make a big movie before i have babies. It seems that that is all MANISTON has going for her poor her. yes maniston is cold she reminds me of a husband who went into a bar and asked the barman to give something cold, to which the barman replied, “wait here, I’ll go get my wife”. The bottom line is Brad didnt want her so he went for some one with a lot of personality and less of a chin when will you get it through your thick heads? Wow it also turns out Vince has dumped her. Can anyone blame him. She has an ego bigger than her chin! LOSERS

  3. says

    angie and brad congratulations on starting a beautifull new familly may God blessed ur familly amen …peace and love to u all amen ,bye….

  4. Adrianne says

    I think a lot of people here need to disregard the media and start with the facts. FYI, Angelina has always been rail thin, there’s never been any doubt about this. Also, Angelina had been a US ambassador long before Brad came along and no one scrutinized her as being pretentious then did they? As for her motivation to adopt children regardless of where they’re from, that’s her choice and no one can say a damn thing about it. The fact is these kids are most likely better off in a home of hers than in poverty stricken and disease ridden countries regardless if she totes them around the world with her. How much more unstable is that really?..It takes two to wreck a marriage if it is in fact the truth that its based soley on Brad meeting Angelina. I mean come on does that woman really have that much power and influence over men that they would drop their wives based on chance? Lastly for someone to actually says, “Maybe it is because who their MOTHER is that I can?t stand these kids” is tasteless to say the least.

  5. ola says

    Angelina Jolie is a gross looking street hooker gain some weight and stop being a whore with your co host idiot!!

  6. Lea says

    I don’t know what the deal is with “The ANGELINA JOLIE” fiasco. She is NOT EVEN PRETTY!!!! And she looks boney gross. It doesnt matter if Jennifer and Brads marriage was over her stink looking self had no right to spread her twigs to officially make it over. She needs help.

  7. dori says

    Angie, You’re probably right if it wasn’t her it would have been someone else. The marriage was already in trouble no doubt.
    I just feel so bad for Jen who seemed to have gotten the shaft so publically. And all the denials of an affair in print when all the pitures showd something else. Don’t you just want to hate her?
    The odd thing is this.. she’s probably a nice person.

  8. braydie says

    You know what…I dont blame angelina. Brad was the one that was married. Blame his ass. I also believe that both parties are better off without eachother. Its done and we’ll all see how long brad and angelina actually lasts.

  9. Angie says

    Dori, I really appreciate your point of view and thank you for replying in a dignified and reasonable manner. I do think that Jen and Vince are a bit more than friends, but that is between them. I’m lucky, in that I have a devoted husband who has no desire to go elsewhere. I cannot imagine the pain Jen went through, but I do compliment her on how classy she has been the whole time. I honestly believe that if Brad hadn’t fallen for Angie it would have been someone else. Men don’t go looking if all is well. So many possibilities on why but they do.
    I still believe firmly that the children are loved very much and I give Brad credit for taking Maddox and Zahara as his own. If it was simply lust for Brad and Angie I do not think he would have bothered wanting to be their father. Honestly, if I had the means, when my daughter is off school in the summer, we would travel to as many places as possible to see the rest of the world. I believe that everything happens as it is supposed to. People view Ang as the homewrecker, but it takes two and Brad is the other half of the equation.

  10. jodi says

    Rose- I apologize if you felt I was personally attacking you, that was not my inttention, however I would like to address your comments to me. First I was not accussing you of calling her a bad mother I was refering in general to those on this site and elsewhere who accuse her of being a bad mother, however you do seem to suggest you don’t think much of her mothering skills from your accesories comment. I also was not trying to say that my childhood was the only right childhood to have I said that I was sure that there were benifits to staying in one place just as there are benifits to living in many places. However, what I was trying to say was that you should not judge something as bad unless you have experienced it for yourself. I know I do this sometimes to people who have not travelled and try not to. I knew a lot of kids growing up who didn’t like the lifestyle, and chose to stay put once they became adults. That said, now as adults, they all belive that they were lucky to get the chance to do things that not a lot of children got to do. However, I belive that kids will do that no matter where they grow up (hate somthing as a child and then as an adult looking back realize it was not all bad). I was simply trying to point out that stability does not mean staying put in one place, that it means different things to different people, and unless you know these children you cannot possible know whether they belive they have stability in their lives. Your right my perspective on life is based on my experience as is everyones perspective on life because it is our experieces that shape those perspectives. From your perspective she is travelling too much, from mine she is not. I don’t believe I said anything on this site to you that warented a personal attack from you I simply wanted to give MO on the subject.

  11. Nicki says

    I’d like to address Dori, at least on section of your comment. How can she be trying to repair her image, since she has been with the UN since 2001????
    According to all accounts, tabs and personal statements, they weren’t together (tab pics until Apr, 04) and Jen filed for divorce in March after they announced thier split in Jan. 04. So if she was doing all this since 2001, how could it be to repair her rep??? Just the media focused on it since they “got together”.
    And by the way, NO woman can break a marriage up, there has to be major problems to begin with. Likle how can Brad be on location for 2 movies and Jen onl,y visited for about 2 weeks in that time. Which was almost, total 1 year and 3 months. Her show ended during the first year of his 1st movie. So why doesn’t a wife with all those millions, go visit her hubby????
    Something else was wrong, and until they actually address it, noone wil know, but it is fact and mentioned in interviews from both.

  12. dori says

    I’d like to address angie on her comments about the two people moving on. Jen has not moved on and she does not have a new love and life, she has a new friend and is a broken person from having Angelina steal her husband and ruining her marriage from what I have seen and heard. Agelina has a reputation and history of falling in love with her leading men and this time she broke up a good marriage. Who can resist a sexy beauty like that? She could look beyond her own co stars for relationships don’t you think. But whats done is done and no one can go back now.
    I personally will never forgive her or see her as a slef promoting do gooder to try and save her image. Remember she turned doen Oprah for a chance to help in Africa recently. She only does work to promote her own image and defer the public from hating her homewrecking abilities. I see her for what she is.

  13. says

    I knew she would get BORED playing house..Now all these kids she has collected will be the ones to pay the price. Jez, she is the most selfish person in the world, she needs to get a grip. I can see exactly what is going to happen in this family tryst of hers, but I will save you all from an I TOLD YOU SO, later.
    It’s not going to be a happy ever after. I will say that.

  14. says

    She is exposing her kids to unnecssary dangers, especially in places like Africa, do you know how violent and how many diseases places like that have. You want to travel fine, but she should use her head, she puts those kids in harms way for her own selfish reasons. Angelina needs to learn to leave things alone and think about her kids first. SHE IS A HOUSE WIFE NOW, she chose it now she should START ACTING LIKE ONE!!!

  15. rose says

    Jodi–Wow, it’s evident that your entire perspective on life is based on yourself and your experiences. That’s to say that any (and all) of your opinions come from the ego-centered perspective of the mighty “ME.” That said, i’ll continue. First, i never accused Angie of being a “bad mother,” and second, I never said traveling was bad for children nor adults; in fact, i believe that we all need to travel more, it might make us more of a likable and empathetic nation. HOwever, there is a limit, and, I just think that angies jet-setting is a bit much, that’s it. As for you, glad to hear that you’ve travelled the world and glad that your parents afforded you that opportunity, but really, becoming so defensive on this ridiculous site makes me wonder how cultured you really are…..

  16. dori says

    I agree that the kids are lucky to have been adopted and have a loving home, I myself have 2 adopted children from other countries.This is not new my kids are 19 and 21. I am glad to see people realize all children need homes. But when I see pics of them I don’t see the smiling happy family. She’s always got this death grip on Maddox and Sahara always looks confused. And Angelina never smiles. This does not look like a happy fa,ily to me. They look stressed out all the time. Look at all the other pics on this web site. All smiling happy moms and children. I’m sorry but a picture is worth 1000 words. So hail the great Brad and Angelina but don’t be so quick to praise them as parents. Something here isn’t exactly right.

  17. Angie says

    I really need to make a point here. BEFORE Ang ever was near Brad, 6 years ago, as a barely known name, she traveled to Cambodia, met Maddox and adopted him. Not for publicity, not as a prop. I believe she genuinely wanted to care for and love him. The little guy went from just Mom to a sister, a new Dad, and then another new sister in just a years’ time. At his age, it is going to cause more outbursts and I am sure that both parents have their hands full with three children in and of itself. Slam me if you wish, I am speaking as a mother of a daughter I gave birth to and three children that I was blessed with through marriage. I have been there and I know what I am talking about. It is critical that the children get equal time with Mom and Dad so that the family itself can be close and loving. As for the not smiling, having cameras constantly snapping away when you are just trying to be with your children has to be frustrating. I can imagine that Shiloh is not exposed because of the noise and lights, something that can really frighten a small baby. I respect Angelina and Brad for trying hard to just live as any family has a right to live. Unless you are on their speed dial and know what brand of soap they use, attacks on their personal lives are simply baseless. Interestingly, Gwen Stefani is photographed constantly with her son and she rarely is smiling. No one comments on her not smiling or her parenting skills. Is it because she is married to the father and didn’t ‘bust up’ a supposedly fairytale marriage? Fact is, men and women cheat because they are not happy with the situation they have at home. Who knows why. It is strictly the business of the couple. Jennifer has moved on with Vince, and no one thinks it is anything but wonderful. Ang and Brad are constantly slammed almost two years later. Enough is enough. Whether you are ‘Team Aniston’ or ‘Team Jolie-Pitt’ is up to you but it does not change the basics. The divorce is final, both are with new loves, and both have moved on.

  18. jodi says

    Like I said in my previous post you are using your own narrow definition of what stability is. I lived in England, France, Spain, Greece, Tunis, Kenya, Thailand, Korea, Australia, and Canada as a child (and many more since then) and never once did I feel unstable, I only hope that I am able to give my children a similar life. You feel that it is cruel to deprive the children of staying in one home. Well I look at my friends who have never been out of North America and feel that they are deprived and thank god that I grew up the way I did. I get it not everyone has the ability to travel with their kids, or don’t have a job that involves traveling, or simply don’t want to, but that doesn’t mean that that is the only correct way to raise a child. By insulting her parenting skills simply because she takes her kids with her when she travels (as oppossed to leaving them in the care of a nanny) you insult not only my parents but the many others who travel in the same way be it for work or pleasure. I don’t pretend to know if Angelina is a good mother because I don’t know her (none of us do I might add). However, in my opinion to say that she is a bad mother because of this one aspect is being small minded. This lifestyle isn’t for everyone and when the kids are older they may setle in one place and never leave, but at least they are getting the chance to experience these things now so they can make that decision for themselves, and either way they will be richer for these experiences.

  19. rose says

    Jodi, Diana–don’t get me wrong, it’s great to travel, but there’s a limit. It’s not a big secret that children need stability, that’s not to say they can’t travel at all, but i think ms. jolie pushes the limit with her kids. It just makes one wonder how much of an accesory they are for her.

  20. Diana says

    Kelly – I do know what you mean in the eyes. Never noticed it before but you are right ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰

  21. says

    I was looking at Zahara and she has Angie’s eyes. Now don’t get me wrong, I know she is adopted, but does anyone else see it too?

  22. braydie says

    ok well i guess i misunderstood ….we were talking about Mad so i assumed you were also. thanks for clarifying

  23. says

    Braydie, I reserve my judgement on a babies looks till they are a little older because there are a lot of them the (I) think look funny when they are newborns and then they are great beauties. My niece had a little scrunched up face and bruises on here head and hair all over her forehead, but in a couple of months she was absolutely gorgous. As As I said, a lot of babies look like little old men.
    Also, just so you know, I do not guage how attractive something is against someone else, or contrast and compare. Why are you acting like there is something wrong with not thinkine all babies are these beautiful little cherubs. Read What to Expect the First Year. Also read the First Five Years, but the Acadamy of Pediatrics. Both of those books have chapters telling mothers not to freak out when the little angelic cherub they were expecting comes in to the world lookind bloated and cone shaped. I am telling ya, it is common place that not all babies look pretty.

    To their moms dads, sisters uncles and other people who love them they may be completely without fault. That doesnt mean the rest of the world has to think so.

    I get your point on the kids growing up and looking back at hateful things that may have been said, but I don’t think that’s really going to be that big of a deal. I siad what I said earlier, because people were telling another person to go away, and I dont think that is right. You and I have disagreed plenty, but I would never tell you to go away, I don’t own this site.

    I re-read your above post, and so I wanted to say that usually babies start showing their real beauty when they start to develope awareness of the world. When they start to smile and interact with people and things. Usually about 6 months. I don’t compare them to each other to make a judgement though, I think two babies can be equally beautiful for competely different reasons so I could never do that.

  24. Diana says

    I agree Jodi – to experience the world and to go to new countries is an amazing experience. We have in this world for a very short time and if you have the resource to travel with kids why not? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  25. jodi says

    One more thing, those people who say this is a terrible life to put upon a child (the constant moving) is insulting the many of us who grew up in this life. If you didn’t experience it for yourself then you cannot possible understand how amazing it was. I get that I cannot understand what it is like to live in one place and I am sure that it has its advantages. However, I never lacked stability in my life, my family provided that and to assume that you need to live in one place to have stability is silly.

  26. jodi says

    TeamAniston 2 said that she is making these children live a circus life. In what way? If you mean the traveling around then I disagree. I lived in 10 countries by the time I was 12. Everywhere from Australia to Tunisia, and I loved it I would never trade that for anything in the world. If you mean the media circus well that is hardly her fault if anything it is our fault for wanting pictures of her. I think that she did a very noble thing adopting these children. I spent time in both of the countries they were born in and saw some horrendous things, I only wish that more people would open their homes. Finally, I don’t know of a single parent who didn’t set aside time for their older children after the birth of a new sibling, that is nothing to do with adoption it is just making sure that the older children get some undivided attention.

  27. braydie says

    Im not defending angelina or brad I was defending a child that cant stand up for himself….Kids have so many issues growing up about there looks they dont need to come on a public forum and read how there ugly or not so goodlooking….more so since their kids of celebs. i have NEVER said you couldnt state your opinions…i welcome them…but WHY say nasty things about the KIDS? there is NO NEED for it.
    and kelley~~~ you’ll reserve your comment on if shes cute or not til shes alittle older???? What age do you usually compare if one child is cuter then the other? and no its not walking up to them and saying it to them…but the net is going to be here for a LONG time and Im sure these kids everyone calls ugly will read it on here sometime in there life.
    Rose~ i totally agree with you.
    Olivia~~ OMG you havent said one thing about this topic but “Oh Brother, here we go again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Babyrazzi Battle heats up the net once again!”
    If it is ….it is. at least we have SOMETHING to say about this topic. say your piece about the topic and move on.

  28. rose says

    Wow, all you guys are so invested in defending this woman as if you knew her personally. WHile it may be great that she adopted two children from poverty stricken countries, and yes, she probably will give them more opportunity than they would’ve had, it doesn’t mean that she’s a good parent. If anything, the constant moving around and lack of stability can’t be too good for these kids, so let’s think twice before hailing her a mother Theresa!

  29. says

    I think anyone who wants to comment should be able too, even if someone (or many) don’t like what they have to say. Why would one opinion be more important then the other?

    Also, I’m not saying that these people (famous people on this web site) dont come here and see these things, but I am betting it is not likely. So I think it is safe to say that we are not directly insulting them or their kids. It’s not like walking up to Maddox and saying “hey, you are a gross little kid”.

    I would like to add that I don’t think Maddox is a cute kid. I do think Zahara is though. I think Shiloh is now, but I will reserve comment for when she is a little older.
    I love babies, but for the most part I think there are very few of them that are acutally pretty. Most of them look like little old men, he he he.

  30. Lisa says

    Good posts with good points. I do believe that Maddox changed AJ whole life. I do believe she adopted them for all the right reasons. I think it is lovely to see these two get mommys undivided attention cause I am sure Shiloh takes time away from them, as any new sibling does. I hope that for the sake of the children involved Brangelina lasts (not likely in Hollywood, but we can wish)

  31. PaGirl says

    Hmmmm I Don’t know Why My comment Didn’t Show Up right Away So I’ll try Again As I Was saying I Think Maddox & Zahara Are very Lucky To Have adopted Parents Angelina & Brad They Will Live a Very Good Life! With them as parents! & have no wants ! & How can some people on here Judge Them When We Don’t even Know them??

  32. PaGirl says

    Well I Think Maddox & Zahara Are better off being adopted by Angelina & Brad ,They will live a very good life! How can anyone Judge them When we Don’t even know Them??

  33. PaGirl says

    Well I Think Maddox & Zahara Will Have a better Life because Of being Adopted By Angelina & Brad & How can anyone Judge them We Don’t even know them??? Love to see some new pics Of Shiloh ,I Bet shes Getting Big & Adorable!

  34. Diana says

    Olivia – I know things are heating up!! Quite funny really!! Poor Angelina, she has made mistakes but some people sure like to put her down for doing a good deed. Some celebs can never do anything right. Those kids look beautiful and well cared for. Good on her for adopting them.

  35. Olivia says

    Oh Brother, here we go again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The Babyrazzi Battle heats up the net once again!

  36. maryj smith wilder says

    Whew…team anistion…what ARE you doing in here, if aniston is so important to you? T his is Babyrazzi..remember? I don’t think Jen has any babies for you to goo over. Your language is very provocative…you seem to bait anyone who admires the children of Angelina. This doesn’t endear you or your favorite, Jennifer, to anyone. I can’t imagine that Jennifer Aniston would be proud of your comments in here. You need to clean up your act a bit, please. Please, don’t abuse this very upbeat site with your childish swearing. It’s about babies, so keep it decent, okay? Thanks.

  37. says

    Neanio, You can’t handle the heat get the
    F#!*ING out of the kitchen. We are all just talking here and leaving our opinions. So why don’t you go find some virginal fairy website and YOU GO THERE!!!! Your Holier than Thou attitude is NOT WELCOME HERE, myself and all these other girls know how to take care of themselves. TRUST ME.

  38. Neanio says

    Team Aniston please go and spout your anti-Jolie rantings somewhere else and stop having digs at everyone. I’m sure I speak for others when I say they’re not welcome here. Find yourself a nice Aniston fansite….

  39. Think About It says

    I am not the biggest fan of Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt , but I still say leave them alone! Having a new baby in the family can really make a brother and/or sister feel left out or unloved. Especially when they are as young as Maddox and Zahara. For all that any of you know she could be setting time to spend with them so that they don’t feel that way! I don’t think that it has anything to do with “adopted kids count too” as much as it is, she wants to make sure that Maddox and Zahara know that they are loved too even if Shiloh might get all the attention. As for her showing off her kids, I don’t think that she is doing that at all! So what if she wants to go out in public with her children, give her a break!

  40. dori says

    My question once again is why is this family never smiling? They always look so intense or stressed? I just wonder if Angielina isn’t taking on more than she can handle.

  41. TEAM ANISTON2 says


  42. AJ Fan says

    Some celeb mothers boast about losing weight within 3 week… Jordon for instance. 4 months after the birth is a lot more reasonable. Don’t forget she will have a lot of help, personal trainer, diet plans etc so it will be easier for her than a lot of mums to get into shape quicker. I think she looks fine.

  43. Diana says

    Angelina looks in good shape, if a little tired. I take my hat off to her. It is wonderful that she has adopted and given new life to those kids ๐Ÿ˜‰ What a blessing that is.

  44. braydie says

    really why do people say the word “enlighten” for ?? you really didnt enlighten me at all. ok since you like you talk for me, I guess i can talk for you….”since you and I both know you dont know this child how can you assume by pictures that hes annoying or spazzy? how do you know if he doesnt have manners??? just because he isnt the cutest kid in the world like apple rocco or coco…doesnt mean hes like the way you THINK he is. all you see is PICTURES… you dont know this child nor do you know if those other children you named are so well mannered or non annoying. I believe since you hate angelina that you dont like her kids. That DOESNT give you a right to talk bad about them. also get over what??? IF you dont like what I say back to you after you say things like you say. as a matter of fact i do know of terrible 2’s and preteens… but you DONT. get over yourself…thinking you can tell how a child is just from a picture…

  45. AJ Fan says

    IMO Maddox is a darling, both sweet and beautiful. In fact in various polls he is nominated as being no.1. the cutest “Hollywood Baby”. I think they all look gorgeous in those pictures.

    Angelina looks STUNNING as usual and her kids look lovely too. It would be nice to see pictures of Shiloh but we’ve already had a couple so what more can we ask for?

    That she goes out with one child and not the other does not have to have a hidden meaning and is not automatically some freakish publicity stunt. Angelina will be photographed regardless of which child she leaves the house with.

  46. rose says

    Is everyone nuts here? THese are just people, like you and me. If anything, Angie isn’t looking too great. It took a mere 4 months for her to start looking like a rail thin heroin addict again. Why is this considered good?

  47. carleigh says

    I don’t think her kids are any more beautiful than any of us mom’s on here who love our kids and think they are the most beautiful things in the world! How in the world can anyone here make the assumption that Maddox is a spazzy, hyper or misbehaved little boy just because of a few pic’s OMG???? Who cares he’s Angie’s kid not anyone elses and if he’s spoiled, precosious and a bit unruly hey…isn’t that all little kids at his age at some time or another? I know mine are far from perfect and all kids have their days as do we as parents…lol. Zahara could use some grooming though her hair looks a bit mussy.

  48. says

    I think Angelina was just trying to prove that “ADOPTED KIDS DO COUNT TOO!”
    And I am not “picking” on a child, your right thank heavens I don’t know this kid nor have I ever spoken to him…thank heavens, but there are some kids who would get on my nerves and pictures of that kid the way his personality is portrayed looks like a spoiled brat. Kids are kids but sorry to enlighten you they are not all perfect 100% of the time, ever heard of the terrible two’s, and pre teens? It was my observation on Maddox, so u can sit there all high and mighty “innocent this and that” but you and I both know the truth…all kids at SOME POINT in their life have moments when they are annoying. That was all I said, you see other Hollywood babies and they are so sweet and beautiful, (Coco, Apple, Rocco, etc.) You never pics of them like you do of Maddox, that kid is either pouting or being spazzy. You would think with all her money she would teach him some manners or pay someone to do it. That was all I was saying, I never said I want to see any harm to this family, just that that kid annoyed me. So get over it!!!!!

  49. babyhates says

    Ahh why don’t people leave them alone… all the TEAM MANISTEN fans are still jeaolus I mean it’s been almost 2 years since Brad left MANISTEN ! Also why should she bring a 4 month old to a toy store if she wants to spend time with her other children ! I mean really I didn’t take my 4 month old when I wanted to spend time with my other kids !!! Geeeessss let’s all stop the judging of a mother and her kids !!!

  50. dori Ancer-Skolnick says

    Going around in public showing off your children doesn’t make one a good mother. I don’t want to pass judgement but I am still not convinced that Angeliona has these children as more of a pub;icity stunt than an honest will to be a mother.
    I feel the same about her charitble causes. I think it’s all for show. I am not impressed.
    I never see the children smiling or her either for that matter.

  51. braydie says

    TEAM ANISTON ~ I never said I was a saint but I guess if you see me that way then more power I guess. What right do you have to say anything about a CHILD? THAT YOU DONT EVEN KNOW OR HAS EVER EVEN HEARD SPEAK AT ALL??? see i can write in caps also. I also belive that when you have kids of YOUR own….not just nieces or nephews or god children….a actual CHILD that is yours…you will think diferently about saying things like that about another one. So now your saying angelinas kids are disgusting…. WOW, you said it not me. I dont like brad and angelina, and i dont have NOTHING good to say about them, however I would never pick on a innocent child. no matter if its a free country or not. Its morals and i guess you dont have any.

  52. Pie F says

    I have been an avid fan of this coupleand I have been reading everything about them. I want to get in touch with them. Could you help me get their email address so I can communicate with them? What about their phone number? Thanks and God bless.


  53. says

    NO I DON’T HAVE TO, ITS A FREE COUNTRY REMEMBER. The kids annoys me thats it, It not like I was saying harmful things. I said the kids irrates me and I am entitled to that. Then again maybe it is who the kids MOTHER is…ya thats probably it!!! When you can’t stand someone it is easy to find fault in every aspect of their disgusting life!! Bye
    So too bad Saint Braydie and Saint British.

  54. says

    It is a free country and I don’t have to keep it to myself!!!!
    Okay Saints, to say that is BS, I know kids are kids and I said I do not wish any ill to them, but the kid irrates me. And for you to say “I don’t like comments about kids” HELLO no child has ever gotten under your skin? I have god children and neices and nephews that can drive me mental at times, its kids, THAT IS THEIR JOB!!!!
    Maybe it is because who their MOTHER is that I can’t stand these kids. Ya thats it…ITS THE MOTHER!!!!

  55. braydie says

    angelina really needs to learn how to do black hair. Its frizzy and unkept sorry but Z’s hair could look alot better. i can say this with fact. she sis a cute lil girl though.
    TEAM ANISTON ~ as much as i cant stand angelina or brad…. i really dont like to hear bad things about innocent kids. “looks like” doesnt mean anything. Im sure you wouldnt have a smile on your face if there was cameras in your face everytime you went outside. Hes a child….you dont know him and just because you say JMO 3 times doesnt make it right. If he drives you crazy …keep that opinion to yourself…
    i think angelina looks half dead, with the greasy looking stringy hair and how skinny she is. Her head is WAY to big for the body she has.

  56. says

    Not that I wish anything bad on these people, but I have to say Maddox annoys me he looks like a spazzy, spoiled brat, I don’t know what it is but from the get go…this kids drives me crazy!!!!

  57. says

    Where is Shiloh?
    Is she trying to make a point or something????
    “Adopted kids count too!”
    Don’t even get me started about this woman…UGH!!!!
    Have a good day everyone! ๐Ÿ™‚

  58. Christina says

    Why does she always look like she did her hair in a wind tunnel?
    Kids are adorable though!!

  59. Farrah S. says

    i love angelina and brad and their family, she looks great and the children look so happy and adorable

  60. sophie says

    angelina you are awsome you were great in
    Mr.& Mrs. Smith and doug was a cool director
    what was your part

  61. Me says

    How come celebrities never get “big hips” after having a baby? They are always so damn tiny, what’s wrong with the rest of us?? They have to be starving themselves!

  62. Donna says

    Wow, it’s hard to believe Angelina had a baby several months ago! Shelooks fantastic and Mad and Zahara are adorable…love the little pigtails!

  63. Angie in Indiana says

    Hmmm, I don’t know what it is, but I am not a real big fan of this family. I don’t wish them any ill will or anything I just don’t go crazy over seeing pictures of them. But glad we are getting new pics!!!

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