Take A Peek At Britney's Baby Registry At Petit Tresor!

OMG! It’s Britney’s baby registry at the posh Petit Tresor baby boutique! It could be fake, but it is very fun to look at. Check it out here!

Britney Spears

“Oh, it’s not a fake, she’s having a baby shower soon and has told friends that they can order gifts from the site,” a source tells the Scoop, adding, “It’s not like she’s expecting her friends to buy everything for the baby. She’s already spent like $30,000 at the store.” And the accessories and furniture strongly suggest that, as rumored, Spears is expecting a girl: although the chandelier features little airplanes, there’s a preponderance of pink and frilly goodies among the merchandise.”

I had not noticed before the hilarious text on this pajama that Britney is playfully sharing….it says, “Lock up your daughters!”

Britney Spears

How gorgeous is this Dupioni Silk Bassinet featured in her registry for $1,100.00?

Britney Spears

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  1. says

    There is no reason she had a section except to keep her girl parts like a girl instead of a woman.
    It never really is too soon for a VBAC, after 7 weeks the incision is healed, and as long as you are getting proper nutrition = http://www.blueribbonbaby.org = you will make new muscle fibers during your pregnancy.

  2. Cathy Viviano says

    All of these celebrities are having babies. I think it’s wonderful. They should be thankful to God about that!

  3. Pam says

    Congratulations Britney on baby boy #2! He and Sean will be soo close! Have fun with them, it’s like you have twin boys that by the way—you can dress real cute. Now wait a little while for the girl and you will have a wonderfully carved family. Now the real fun begins! Watch Sean regress and demand his attention–good luck lady, your work is truly carved out for you but this too shall pass. No time for drama with someone who doesn’t want to grow up.

    The VF shoot was beautiful! It epitomizes the beauty of pregnancy.

  4. ashlee says

    I had a c-section booked for the birth of my son and twins but then i ended up having them natral.

  5. ashlee says

    I think Britney is gonna have a girl by c-section.lol.Because there is a lot of pink and not a lot of blue unless she dosent know the gender and those were the things she liked for her baby.But hopefully she has a girl so she can have 2 kids from each gender.

  6. impeachBush says

    Her 1st was C-section & only 12 mos. ago. Too soon for a Vbac, as scar/incision would rupture in labor.

    2nd, her mom supposedly scared her away from normal delivery, as being too painful.

  7. Ann-Marie says

    KellyMay- I agree with you, I saw the other 2 registry’s that were under Britney Federline and they were for boy things. I think they are trying to play with our minds. I have had 2 c-sections, the second one was a little better than the first but only because I knew what to expect. As far as her buying those porcelain dolls maybe they were for Kori her step-daughter. I guess what it boils down to , we won’t know until her baby is born. Cheers for a healthy baby!!!

  8. beth says

    let’s say this registry is for real. doubtful, just like kellymay said, would she register under “kfed”? unlikely. but if it’s real, maybe the airplane chandelier is for sean p? who knows? maybe sean’s baby sister would be giving it to him as a present? (so he didn’t feel left out of the presents? like britney doesn’t buy him things already, right?)

  9. Angie in Indiana says

    LOL Kelley, its safe to say I don’t think it is hormones, as much as I like Brit, I think the lip think is annoying……maybe she is just hormonal!!! 🙂

  10. says

    Diana, my cousin had a beautiful bassinet from when her husband was a baby and I just loved it. To me, the things that have history are far more beautiful then any 1100 dollar bassinet. I hope you are blessed with the joy of baby just as soon as you are ready.

    I’m going to be mean for a second. We see so much of Britney, that something is really starting to irritate me. That stupid pouty lip expression. Maybe i’m hormonal, but I wanted to gag when I saw her making that face again. She did it several times durring her interview with Matt Lauer and it gagged me then too. It’s such a blatant attempt for some kind of attention……ok i’m done now.

  11. Diana says

    That basket is so very sweet. My husband had a basket like that when he was born and it has been passed down the generations!! I can’t wait to use it when we have kids 😉

  12. nicola says

    I love the baby stuff 4 girls. I can`t wait 2 av a girl. Dress her in little silky outfits. The moses basket above under “Britney” is gorgeous, very girlie, perfect 4 her

  13. Angie in Indiana says

    I am pretty sure that Brit had a C section for Sean P. So if that is the case and she did not want to to a Vbac, then it would be standard procedure to book a section.

  14. Fleur says

    Wow- are there really celebs who book a c- section to get their baby delivered instead of giving bith the natural way just for the sake of convenience? I can hardly imagine… I found that operation to be very painfull.. But maybe other people have different experiences. anywayzz., sorry guys, that wasn’t the topic here in the first place, was it? That Dupioni Silk Bassinet is to die for! Brit has some good taste 😛 If only I was famous and had a lot of money…

  15. Mumba says

    So I hear she has a c-section booked for early september, I know she had one first time round, was there any reason for that or was she just another one of these celebs who are too posh to push?

  16. KellyMay says

    There’s two other links to registries at Petit Tressor on ONTD, it’s registered undered Britney Spears/ K Fed(would she register under Kfed), the others are registered under Britney Federline (boy stuff) and Britney Federline/Kevin Federline (mismatched)

    I do love that bassinet, it’s gorgeous!

  17. says

    I need to make her kind of money! Some of this stuff is really cute. I am glad she is asking for a Britax car seat, I guess she has learned her lesson, lol.

  18. Angie in Indiana says

    Hmm, if it is a real registry then there sure is a lot of PINK on it!!!! maybe the rumors of a girl are true!!!!

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