Rod Stewart & Penny Lancaster Want Another Baby

Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster want a brother or sister for little Alistair after they marry next summer. Penny, 35, confided her desire to extend her family during an interview on the first Sharon Osbourne show yesterday.

Rod Stewart

The former model, who dwarfed Sharon, 53, when they greeted each other, revealed her nine-month old son was already taking after his famous father.

Penny, who left Alistair at home as he was teething, explained: “He’s so good, an angel, his character is like his daddy’s.

“Naughty, very funny and he brings a sparkle every time. I can’t wait, if I’ve been out for an evening, to see him.”

Asked if she and rocker Rod, 61, who already has seven children, are hoping for more, Penny replied: “Yes, we plan a brother or sister after the marriage.””

The leggy beauty said they were looking at next year for the wedding.

She said: “Probably next summer, June or July. Not in America, this side of the water.”

Rod Stewart

Rod Stewart truly has a flock of children! Impressive!



  1. ashlee says

    Penny and Rod’s son Alistair is very cute.I think they should have another baby for Alistair bto have a younger brother or sister.

  2. Diana says

    That is right, she has a tv programme aired every day here in the UK at 5pm. It is quite good and I think that it will appeal to the UK market as it is so different to everything we have at the present time on our TV’s.

  3. says

    I wonder if Sharron got another talk show and it’s airing in England or something. I had heard they were living there now. I could be completely off base though.

  4. sparky says

    Oh…and does anyone know what Sharon Osbourne show they’re talking about?? I wasn’t aware she had another show.

  5. sparky says

    Maybe it’s just me, but the man is over 60- why the heck does she wanna have more kids w/ him?? He’s already gonna be near 80 when Alistair turns 18. I’d sure hate people askin me if my dad is my grandpa. haha
    She’s too gorgeous- go have babies w/ a younger, hotter guy that isn’t forever stuck in the 80’s!! J/K ..if they love eachother and their kids, that’s all that matters.

  6. Diana says

    I am sorry all Rod fans but he is repulsive!! She is so pretty though and there baby is gorgeous!!

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