Heidi Klum Enjoys Playtime With Leni & Henry

Total cuteness! Pregnant Heidi Klum enjoys some playtime with 11-month-old Henry, and 2-year-old Leni, in a Beverly Hills sandbox Friday.

Heidi Klum

Could Leni be any cuter? She looks so much like her Mom!

Heidi Klum

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  1. courtney says

    its so touching to see heidi care for henry as much as she does leni and to see seal care for leni as much as he does henry….what a beautiful family! the 3rd baby will just make everything even better!

  2. Kristin says

    what a wonderful family they are. Heidi and Seal set such a great example, especially since Seal loves Leni like his own

  3. Farrah S. says

    Heidi looks really good and Henri is adorable, Leni is cute
    they make a beautiful family and Seal.

  4. KellyMay says

    Yes I saw a lot of beautiful mommies too on the Emmy’s!

    Heidi cute yes bit I would love more variety…

  5. babyhates says

    It’s Heidi watch again ! You know what about pictures for the EMMY ?????? There was sooo many beautiful mommy’s !!!!!!! Did anyone else see it ??? I love Marisky !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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